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I hc that curse a lot, yet don't when something real shitty happens, like stubbing your toe. You just say shit like "SON OF A DONKEY'S UNCLE" or "DANG DABIT HARD ON TABLE" maybe even "HOLY FUDGE ON FIRE". My personal favorite: "STICK UP MY BUTT"


Pool (Reader x Matt Murdock)

Word Count: 1351

Summary: Reader and Matt couldn’t get lunch due to their hectic schedules, so Foggy decides to take it into his own hands. the sequel of “Elementary”. Read part one here

A/N: OKAY so hopefully this makes up for lost time. I was in desperate need of some Matty

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Developments - August 8, 2015

More good news for The Sisters Grimmoire!

I just finished the very last spell for the main portion of the book this evening, leaving us with 71 (good heavens that’s a lot), count ‘em, SEVENTY-ONE original spells and charms for our first volume.

Did I say “first volume”?

Why yes. Yes I did. Because we’re already planning the sequel, you see. So many other fairy tales, so little time…

But first things first. We’ve got to get this baby compiled, formatted, and published, and we’re still hoping to be able to do it by Labor Day. It’s going to take a bit of ass-hauling to accomplish, but the bulk of the work is done now. From here, it’s just editing.

So…further updates as events warrant!

Here’s a little something to tide you over:

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