the tabernacle

When Vic played I’m Low On Gas And You Need A Jacket acoustic on the Spring Fever tour, the rest of the band went off stage and my friend, Kalina, wanted to take a picture of Mike. When she did, he looked right up at her and posed for her! We thought it was so sweet he would pose, and hold it, because it took her camera a while to focus. He definitely won favorite person award that night! 


Here it is. Panic! fans break the Tabernacle. This was right after Zack ran out on stage to stop Brendon near the end of Time To Dance. 


let’s sing it out


More goofing off at soundcheck. A nice PIXIES cover coupled with the Jurassic Park Theme.

“Holy fuuuucking shit, it’s a dinosaur. Jesus Chriiiiist, what the fuuuuuuck?"