the t.c.h.i.k

t o k i  d o k i



Camp Camp Characters as shit my friends have said
  • David: I am one with the tree
  • Daniel: Well damn it's just poison drink it you pussy
  • Gwen: I'm going on 2 six-month vacations
  • Max: *strums guitar as loud as possible* ALRIGHT LISTEN UP BITCH
  • Niel: It's a matter of science and fuck you
  • Nikki: If we die my name is going on the gravestone first ok bitch
  • Erid: *leans back so far on their stool that they can't be seen* So cool
  • Space Kid: T H A T S A F R I C K E N S T AR
  • Harrison: I can make all the fucks I give DISAPPEAR
  • Nerris: *regretful dungeon master noises*
  • Nurf: The only reason I pack pineapples in my lunch is so I can torture somebody with them if need be
  • Preston: So stop acting like a Heather Duke bitch, and start acting like a Conner Murphy. DEAD. *a group of theatre kids stand behind him, screaming.*
  • Mr. Campbell: Oh shit the FBI
  • Jasper: Hit me with a truck I'm already dying

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Mischief walked sluggishly toward Shy before immediately hugging him. "I cant lie to you..I feel like complete garbage. Is it ok if I stay here with you? Please?"

*blinks, then smiles, wrapping his arms around Mischief and nuzzling him* O-of course, d-darling. We c-can just…rest together, alright? *hums softly* T-thank you for a-admitting that to me, I’m v-very proud of you, I k-know it’s n-not easy to do, so I’m h-happy you did, love. *kisses his cheek* C-come on, darling, lets j-just rest together, e-enjoy the time, alright?…

A is for Alcoholism
B is for Benzos
C is for Childhood
D is for Dad
E is for Excistental crisis
F is for Fucking strangers For Fun
G is for Gin
H is for How did I end up like this
I is for I can’t remember
J is for Joint twins
K is for Kisses
L is for Lying
M is for My fault
N is for Nononono
O is for Oh my god make it stop
P is for Pagant
Q is for Questions no one will answer
R is for Raw
S is for Supressed memories
T is for Therapy
U is for U know who
V is for Vandalism
W is for Wrists
X is for X marks the treasure
Y is for Young
Z is for Zodiac

I was tagged by @everyone-is-gay (thanks Jo!) to do the “my url playlist”. Here we go!! 

I tag: @deathbystylesss @orangesippyz @babyangelouis @sweetlouist91 @stylesbeliever @icantevenanymore @chicagolarry @louislyrics @constellarry @heck-to-the-nah @onabedofhomemademash @we-always-hold-on @ha-larry-us @fellforlou @la-dure-realite-de-la-vie @iflhcouldfly @flamboyantommo @jimmytfallon

H - Hail Mary by Tupac

A - As We Lay by Shirley Murdock

Z - Zero to Hero from Hercules (don’t judge me lol)

L -  Lett Å Være Rebell I Kjellerleiligheten Din by Karpe Diem (still don’t know what this song is about but it’s lit)

O -  Only You by Joshua Radin

U - Underneath by Adam Lambert

L - Love on Top by Beyonce

O - On the Floor by JLo

V - Very Special by K. Michelle

E - Eh Eh Nothing Else I Can Say by Lady Gaga

C - Caroline by Aminé

H - Hymn for the Weekend by Coldplay

I - Immigrants (We Get the Job Done) from Hamilton the Mixtape

L - Love Me Like You Do by Ellie Goulding

D - Drag Me Down by One Direction

*shooting myself out of a canon into the abyss of the hudson* I  W A N T  T O  M A K E  A  C O N N E C T I O N   W I T H  A N O T H E R  H U M A N              B E I N G

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which words or phrases would you associate with each letter of the alphabet? sorry if this is weird

It’s legit 11:15pm I apologise for my brain rn

A- Apple
B- Baekyeol
C- Changki
D- Danisnotonfire
E- Elephants
F- Finland
G- Geography
H- Horses
I- Ice
J- J-Hope
K- K-Pop
L- Kim Myungsoo
N- No Mercy
O- Opinions
P- Powerless (by waterparks)
Q- Queen Elizabeth
R- River Severn
T- Tae
U- I Need U (by BTS)
V- Tae
W- Worldwide
X- xXx Return of Xander Cage
Z- Zero for Conduct (by Block B)

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okay so lemme just say jin. jin seems like the type to grab your hips while he kisses you and tangles his hands in your hair while he fucks your mouth (hiGhkEY thiNk hE Is t h i C C aF) i feel like he completely worships ur body then destroys it k bye but srsly how do you think jin would be in bed bc i really don't think he'd be vanilla


ok i definitely dont think he’d be completely vanilla but i imagine he’d be a bit… softer than the other guys? like he’ll get into some kinky shit if u ask him to but i think he’s the type to be v careful & gentle abt it at first u kno what i mean??? if u ask him to be rougher he’ll 100% do that but like hes deffo the type to check in on u and afterwards give u lots of cuddles and make sure ur ok

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Helping anon: shy you need this ( hands shy a cold washcloth ) put it on mischiefs forehead and turn the lights off its best to have them in a dark and quite environment

*blinks, nodding* O-ok thank yo-…Oh w-wait, this c-cloth doesn’t h-have water right? Darling d-does not handle w-water well….I c-can have the lights off though, a-and no noises, l-loudness, I k-know that scares him…

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fear(s): Spiders , never succeeding, high places *
C - current time: 8:23pm
D - drink you last had: water
E - everyday starts off: wanting more sleep, the void
F - favorite song: Disturbeds Who
G - ghosts, are they real: Yeah but im not sure if they live like we think
H - hometown: New Brunswicks capital city 
I - in love: Yeah with a lot of things , most are not real
J - jealous of: People who are financially stable and know what they want with their life . Beautiful people. everyone
K - killed someone: Nah I wouldn’t ever hurt some one with out a valid reason
L - last time you cried: This morning
M - middle name: Not telling 
N - number of siblings: None 
O - one wish: Peace of mind finally 
P - person you called/texted last: My dad
Q - questions you are always asked: “why can you draw so good” “why do you put your self down so much ?” “WHY ARE YOU NOT ASLEEP “
R - reasons to smile:  internet
S - song last sang: “Clears lullaby from drmatical murder
T - time you woke up: like 4:20pm
U - underwear color: …… black ?
V - vacation destination: Japan, England  
W - worst habit: Existing (same) Scratching off my nail polish. and picking at my sholder scars 
X - any x-rays you have?: too many to count 
Y - your favourite food: Ice Cream .
Z - zodiac: Sagittarius and Tiger  

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What are the symptoms of ADHD besides hyperactivity? All I've been exposed to is stereotypes of what it's like to have ADHD and I want to learn more!

well here’s what it’s like for me

  • feeling like you need to Do Shit All The Time
  • like, literally every second
  • if you aren’t stimulated for even a second you’re incredibly bored
  • boredom is literally painful
  • it’s worse than death
  • worse than e v e r y t h i n g
  • feelin that sweet Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria™ any time you get teased or insulted
  • when you’re listening to music you always tune it out eventually
  • not picking up on social cues At All
  • actually, what are social cues?
  • can’t regulate attention
  • not interesting = not worth paying attention to
  • hyperfocus for hours
  • did i forget to eat again
  • The Thoughts go from point a to point g in less than one (1) fuckin sentence
  • *someone says a thing* what *person repeats thing* what *person repeats thing again and you still don’t hear them but dont ask what again in case they think ur weird*
  • or, alternatively
  • *someone says a thing* what *person starts to repeat said thing; you reply less than a second after they start*
  • using subtitles all the time so you don’t have to go back twenty times to determine What The Fuck someone said
  • “sorry i tuned you out for that entire sentence can you repeat that”
  • needing e x t r e m e l y s p e c i f i c d i r e c t i o n s
  • tfw that thing u were working on falls apart and u cant redo it bc u already did it and that would be boring
  • long blocks of text are Extremely Hard to Read
  • ur fuckin brain works 12 times as fast as everyone elses. for every ADHD person it’s somethin different. for me it’s puns. ill choke on my own laughter at a pun an Entire Second before anyone else even gets it
  • The Leg Bounce™
  • Disassociation
  • that ADHD feel when you
  • ^^ that one is a True Marker of an ADHD person. only ADHD people understand.
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A- are you single?
B- birthday?
C- crush?
D- did u get ur first kiss?
E- easiest person to talk to?
F- favorite song?
G- good at?
H- hair color?
I- in love?
J- jealous of?
K- known as?
L- longest relationship?
M- middle name?
N- number?
O- one wish?
P- person last texted?
Q- question always asked?
R- reason to smile?
S- song last listened to
T- time you woke up?
U- 3 biggest wishes?
V- violent moment?
W- worst fear?
X- ex you still liked after it was ended?
Y- your last hug?
Z- zodiac sign?

  • People using an Ouija Board, 2096: What do you want?
  • Me: t o c r a c k o p e n a c o l d o n e w i t h t h e b o y s
  • People: ...What?
  • Me: s o m e o n e p e e d i n t h e b a l l p i t
  • People: We don't understand! Please, who are you?
  • Me: s h r e k i s l o v e s h r e k i s l i f e
  • People: Shrek? What is Shrek? Is that your name?
  • Me: *the entire Bee Movie script, one letter at a time*