the t.a.r.d.i.s

Capaldi has said, “the 14th Doctor is someone we’ve seen on the show before.”
Both Capaldi & Moffat teased 13’s “regeneration” in Lie of the Land.
Why have 2 ‘Masters’ in one season, at the same time?
Both Capaldi & Moffat have said on several occasions that this regeneration would be unlike anything seen before…
The 13th Doctor 'realised’ he’d seen his face before, and it was finally revealed that Time Lords CAN choose their face to help them remember certain things.
What, or WHO, could fit all the clues laid down by Moffat & cast?

Doctor, Meet Newt - DW/FBAWTFT Crossover pt.1

Requested By : @sweetdreamcollectorposts Part 2 should be posted in a week or so

Summary : Doctor and Reader get into an argument, what happens when Reader has a run in with a sneaky niffler?

Word Count : 1,685

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Fandom: Doctor Who

Pairing: 11th Doctor x Reader

Warning: N/A

Writer: danncrack

Requested By: fblalala2

Request:  please may I have either an one shot/ or prompt with the 11th doctor based on Y/N wearing something of his and him getting flustered because he has feelings for her. to be honest, i think your work is great so i have total faith (that’s my name) in whatever ideas you come up with :) 

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So I honestly 100% believe Ms. Frizzle is actually River Song, I mean just look at her, her antics, her mug shot and her hair is close to similar. Honestly? a time traveling, space traveling school bus….more like River stole another T.A.R.D.I.S. with a functioning chameleon circuit.

So my Professor was talking about how phone booths are obsolete technology that nobody has use for anymore and I KID YOU NOT the sixty-something, super serious Business Mathematics instructor popped his head in the door and yelled, “DOCTOR WHO HAS A PHONE BOX!” And on his entire trip back down the hall you could hear him shouting, “Gallifrey falls no more!”
Day. Made.

sm0lii  asked:

What was the first painting you made, that you were happy with(not like stuff you made when you were little)btw I love you and your paintings

I think that would be either of these..

I think Gandalf fucking beard took me about seven years to paint, so I was really proud when I actually finished it, and I only cried a little. TuT

The T.A.R.D.I.S one was one of the first times I tried to paint something like a galaxy thingy… the start of a new era!!

Also you’re way to sweet and lovely and I love you too! ♥


‘So, are you ready?’ the Doctor asked, the excitement obvious behind his voice as he pulled one more lever and the T.A.R.D.I.S. stopped.

‘Where are we?’ you asked, watching as he quirked an eyebrow. You chuckled, rolling your eyes and instead saying, ‘When are we?’

He beamed. ‘Why don’t you have a look?’

You could feel the excitement rising in your chest. You dashed towards the doors, only pausing before you opened them to look back over your shoulder at the Time Lord. He nodded slightly, encouraging you.

You pulled open the doors and felt your breath hitch as you spotted the familiar backdrop of your favourite city. You recognised the houses, the way that people were dressed. You’d done so much research on the time period you knew the little details of it, and you were shocked to see what you’d read was now there before you. It was as if you’d stepped into one of the books, the research having been sound.

‘Oh my gosh,’ you said, feeling the Doctor stop a little to the side of you. You turned to him, beaming. ‘Thank you.’

He held out a hand. ‘Shall we?’

You nodded, grabbing the proffered hand.

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  • Me,three days ago: honestly I don't give a single fuck who the doctor is this time around, I haven't watched doctor who in three goddam years and would die before I speaking to a wholocksuper of whatever the fuck it's called.
  • BBC: its Jodie Whittaker. It's a woman.
  • Me, tattooing the t.a.r.d.i.s on my own ass: I never doubted we would be able to turn the page. Old sins are forgiven. Steven moffat who?? Dont know him. I'v always loved this show.

‘  It was obvious for Donna that the Doctor liked you. But it looked like you just couldn’t get the hint. So Donna pulled you aside and decided to talk some sense to you.

   Donna: Y/N, I know that you are oblivious to these kind of things, but surely you had noticed that he always touches you.

   Y/N: Well, yeah you know to make sure that I stay close and so that I won’t wander off. I’m sure he grabs your hand when we start running too.

   Donna: I’m not talking about that kind of touches. I’m talking about how he always touches your cheek and replaces a misplaced hair behind your ear, or that he wraps his arms around you whenever someone gets near.

   Y/N: Are you- Are you implying that he likes me.

   Donna: No I’m implying that he loves you.

   Doctor: What are you two girls talking about?

   Y/N: Nothing really…

   Donna: I’m gonna leave you two alone.

    She winked at the Doctor and walked in the T.A.R.D.I.S.  

   The breeze made you shudder and the Doctor shrugged off his coat.

   Doctor: You need this more than me…

   He placed his coat around your shoulder and you licked your lips. His eyes darted from your lips to your eyes and back at your lips. he murmured ‘oh what the hell’ himself and without a second warning he crashed his lips to yours. After a split second you kissed him back.

   Doctor: You have no idea how badly I wanted to do that….  ‘


Imagine being Clara’s girlfriend, Sherlock’s partner, and a Winchester and then somehow getting them all (SuperWhoLock)  to have Thanksgiving dinner with you.


Fandom: Supernatural, Doctor Who, and BBC Sherlock

Gifs aren’t mine.

You were placing all the meals onto the long dinning table in your house that you and your girlfriend Clara lived in together. You sighed as you smelled something burning. 

“Clara what did you burn this time?” You asked her as you leaned onto the doorway staring at her as she got out the pie from the oven with a frown and threw it into the trash.

“The pie,” she grumbled as you giggled at her and walked up behind her hugging her from behind. 

“Dean would call you a sinner for that, but luckily I made both pecan and pumpkin pie.” You chuckled turning her around and kissing her on the lips. “Now all we need is to set the utensils onto the table and we’ll be done.” You told her pecking her on the lips once more and handing her the utensils as you went to your shared room to change into a more formal attire. 

After changing you got Clara her clothes and made your way down stairs to give them to her. She thanked you and went into the bathroom downstairs to change. She came out and you smiled at her and complimented how beautiful she looks in her dress which caused her to blush and you to giggle at her reaction.

“So who did you invite?” Clara asked changing the subject.

“My brothers and Castiel and also Sherlock and John since they have nothing else to do,” you told her, “and you?”

“Just the Doctor since I don’t think he has ever been or had a Thanksgiving meal before,” she told you as you clenched your hand at the Doctor’s name. You always seemed to get jealous of the Doctor even though you never met him. You just didn’t want the alien taking your girlfriend away with his magical blue box.

As Clara was about to say something the doorbell rang and you quickly rushed to the front door. opening it only to see your brothers standing in front of you with Castiel behind them.

“Hey guys,” you said hugging your brothers and then Cass. Clara stood behind you in confusion since she’s never met your siblings or the angel, but she knew what your family did for a living so that was out of the was in introductions. “Clara this is Sam and Dean, my brothers. Sam, Dean this is my girlfriend Clara.” you introduced as they all shook hands. “And thats Castiel, our baby in a trench coat.” you told her as Cass just nodded towards Clara following the Winchester brothers inside.

“Wow (y/n) your place is pretty nice.” Dean compliment sitting down in the dining room with Sam and Castiel following.

Another knock came from the door and with just a few steps you had been in front of the it and opened the door which gave a small creak. the door had revealed your oh so friendly neighborhood sociopath and army doctor.

“Hello (y/n),” John greeted hugging you as you hugged him back. Sherlock also greeted you, but he didn’t hug you and just invited himself in which John had then apologized for his rudeness.

As you had introduced everyone and were about to sit down and wait for your last guest you heard a wheezing sound coming from your right. Everyone looked over to where the sound came from. Only to seen a blu police phone box appearing out of no where.

“What the hell?!” Dean yelled as he and everyone else stared a gaped at the T.A.R.D.I.S.

“Doctor!” Clara yelled in excitement as she hugged the man who had stepped out of the police box.

“That’s not possible. Something can’t just appear out of thin air.” Sherlock started to talk about how it was impossible for something to appear out of nowhere.

“Oh shut up Sherlock.” John told hid friend. Sherlock was about to protest, but John just glared at him which got the consulting detective to shut his mouth.

“Hello everyone, I’m the Doctor,” The Doctor introduced himself bowing.

Sam and Dean were still stared dumbfounded by how the Doctor had arrived. “Wait, What? How? But…” Sam was to confused to even for coherent words.

“So your the Doctor?” You asked the mad man with a box.

“Yes that’s me, and you must be (y/n)?” The Doctor asked cheerfully walking up to you and holding his hand out for you to shake. You took it and shook hands. “And you two brothers must be the Winchesters right, and the man in the trench coat is Castiel I presume?” The Doctor said walking up to Sam, Castiel, and Dean. He then turned to Sherlock and John. “You must be the great Sherlock Holmes and that must be John Watson, the army Doctor.”

“How do you know who we are?” Sherlock asked as he started to deduce the man.

“I’m a Time Lord from Gallifrey. People call me the Doctor, I call myself the Doctor, usually everyone else calls me the Doctor.” He rambled on abut him being the Doctor till he got stopped by Clara jabbing him in the ribs with her elbow.

“Well are we going to eat or?” I asked as i motioned towards the food on the table.

The Doctor clapped his hands together as everyone sat down again.everyone was about to eat till Castiel said, “Could we please say a prayer to my father before we start eating? It is tradition after all, is it not?” Everyone looked at each other agreeing. Dean and Sherlock being slightly displeased about it since both of them weren’t really the religious type. 

After the prayer Castiel had said and all of you saying amen everyone started to dig into their food. Sam and Dean were already scarfing down food like there was no tomorrow and Dean kept on taking food that Sam was about to reach for.

“Dude,” Sam said in annoyed tone as Dean took spoons full of mashed potatoes.

“Oh shut up Sammy there’s plenty of more.” Dean motioned towards the bowl fool of mashed potatoes. When Dean put back the spoon into the mashed potato bowl Sam was about to reach for it, but Sherlock snatched it before he could. Sam protested, but gave up and reached for the turkey and then the cranberry sauce.

Everyone was eating joyously till Sherlock and John got into an argument. “Oh shut up John!” Sherlock yelled at his best friend as everyone looked at the bickering duo. The argument became more heated audit just made the entire table uncomfortable.

“Oh, were going there.” Sam said looking down at his food like it was the most interesting thing in the world.

“Oh, crap,” Dean said taking a sip of his beer as he watched the argument with an amused smile on his face.

You uncomfortably sat in your seat as you looked back at your food. “Oh my gosh, look its food. I love food,” you said as you tried to lift up the atmosphere, and after a finishing word from John the argument ended. Leaving the atmosphere of the room tense.

Till Clara broke it, “How can you eat so much (y/n)?” she asked you as you just shoved turkey dipped with cranberry sauce into your mouth.

“I’m a growing girl,” you told her shoving more food into your face. As the rest of the table chuckled and the room became more cheery with chatter.

After eating all the main courses Dean stared eagerly at you. “Yes Dean there is pie.” You got up and went to the kitchen to get all three pies. You had gotten one just for Dean knowing he wouldn’t be satisfied with just a few slices.

You brought out the pies trying to balances them, only for Clara to appear out of nowhere and take one out of your hands and placed it infant of Dean who already stared to shoving the pie into his mouth, but he stopped when he saw everyone starring at him.

“Could you eat that any faster?” Sherlock asked him in an unamused face.

“No,” Dean replied slightly embarrassed going back to eating still at the same face as before.

“It sometimes surprises me how you humans can eat so much,” the Doctor said as Castiel agreed with him making small talk.

You and Clara both set the pies onto the table setting them down and everyone taking a slice besides Dean who was still scarfing down his.

You smiled seeing everyone so close and happy. You even saw Sherlock smile slightly at something John had said. 

“So Doctor what is it with the police box and Doctor what?” John asked the alien.

“Just the Doctor and that,” the doctor pointed at the T.A.R.D.I.S., “is the T.A.R.D.I.S. also know as time and relevant dimension in space.” He finished.

Yeah you could say it was a pretty interesting Thanksgiving.

My (Fake) Boyfriend. Tenth Doctor One-Shot.

Title: My (Fake) Boyfriend.

Pairing: Female Reader x 10.

Prompt: Anon:  10×reader,its xmas&y/ns parents always ask where her bf is so when she goes 2 there house 4 xmas she takes the doc as her fake bf. 2 make it convincing they have 2 kiss. After visiting was done & they were in the T.A.R.D.I.S the doc kisses her again.

Triggers: None.

Enjoy :3

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