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by that low-fantasy wizards logic Harry dresden is a high-fantasy wizard. Do you see that as an inconsistency or do you think the dresden files is really a slightly atypical high-fantasy series?

(With reference to this post here.)

Last time I checked in on the series, Harry Dresden is acting as personal ass-kicker to a godlike elf queen whose day job is beating up Cthulhu, he wields the very fires of divine creation thanks to a boon granted to him by an actual, no-shit angel with whom he appears to be on a first name basis, and he lives on a magic island whose guardian spirit scares the hell out of basically everybody, including the aforementioned god-queen, but that regards Harry as its best buddy. He’s stalemated the Master of the Wild Hunt in a battle of wills, thrown down with Satan’s right-hand man in a fistfight, and once rampaged through downtown Chicago atop a necromantically reanimated T-Rex skeleton commanded by the power of polka.

Exactly what about any of this says “low fantasy” to you?

it’s so cute at the end of me3 how sheppy and garrus can get married and adopt babies and sleep in til whenever because they’re retired. hahaha haha..hah :I

Okay, so… I know a few people were anxiously awaiting this post of THE artbook.
I made an artbook of commissions for my bestie, @ruotaku2for her Birthday!
It consists of a combination of some of our favorite ships and friendships of Overwatch darlings!

Thank you so much to the artists who joined in on this. You’re all gems. xo
Holy crap, I can’t get over the sum of talent that this post is going to contain. 

(Cutting this with a “read more” because it’s so image heavy. Sorry, mobile users! I know sometimes the app doesn’t listen to cut commands.)

Gabe and LuLu by @jellygay
Genji and Zenyatta by @blacksmiley-c

Young Jesse and Hanzo by @minghii

Fareeha and Angela by @misiru

Soldier 76 and Reaper by @outtamysystems

Gabe and Lucio by @blacksmiley-c

Sanzaang Zenyatta and Oni Genji by @gay-cyber-ninja

This Jack and Gabe garbage by me, but I wanted to participate. LOL 

Jesse and Hanzo by @batkatbrown

Fluffy young Jack by @kinkyarkhive

Young Jack and Gabe by @kinkyarkhive 

Gabriel and Jack by @lifewhatisthat

Hanzo and Jesse by @ludwigplayingthetrombone

Jack and Gabriel by @ludwigplayingthetrombone

Zenyatta by @shiraae

Lucio by @shiraae

Talon Jesse by @thelonecoywolf

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Hey, where I can find your effect stars (gif) with your edit here => /post/153925981468/defenders-smoke-bomb-photography

@cpn-america also asked me something similar, so I figured I’d kill two birds with one stone and make a tutorial! 

how to make something like this:

or this:

you will need:

  • photoshop cs6 (or cs5)
  • a basic knowledge of said program
  • the top gif from this post (this is where you get the sparkly effect, so just drag it onto your desktop)

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Don´t have a particular command and now that I see it, all the couples that I like (in my whole life) all are different type of couples lol…

1. Gray x Juvia

2. Natsu x Lucy

3. Jellal x Erza

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4. Roy x Riza

5. Shaoran x Sakura

6. Ryoma x Sakuno

7. Miroku x Sango

8. Inuyasha x Kagome

9. Zero x Yuki

10. Rei x Sakura

10. Yato x Hiyori

11. T.K x Hikari

12. Takuto x Mitsuki

13. Natsume x Mikan

14. Yakumo x Haruka

15. Shuu x Inori

16.  Takuma x Tamaki 

17. Hotaru x Eru

18. Hak x Yona

19. Kei x Hikari

20. Usui x Misaki

21. Sorata x Mashiro

22. Livius x Nike

23.  Tetsushi x Nina.

24. Makoto x Ichigo.

25. Zen x Shirayuki

26. Haru x Ellie

27. Miketsukami x Ririchiyo

28. Kazuma x Ayano

29. Kazune x Karin

30. Subaru x Rem 

31. Ryota x Himiko 

External image

32. Kazuya x Victorique 

33. Hiro x Sarato