the sysem

Title: Close Call
Character: Peter Parker
Prompt: 61

Peter and you had long since made it a habit to walk home together after school. You lived on different floors in the same apartment complex, and the two of you used it as excuses to be in each other’s company longer.

“Hey, I’m gonna take the train today, you wanna come with?” You tugged off one of your headphones to ask him, but Peter seemed distracted by something else.

“Oh uhm, I’m gonna have to pass today. I have to do a thing,” Peter was already crossing the street away from you before he turned around for a brief moment to give an apologetic smile you had gotten far too used to in the last couple of days. “I’ll call you later though I promise!”

You watched him sprint away before you could even respond. Ever since Peter got his internship with Tony Stark, it became the thing his entire life revolved around.

And at first, you were completely overjoyed and proud of him, he just seemed so happy. But soon after, it felt like Peter wasn’t doing anything if it wasn’t for the internship.

But you’d never tell him how his sudden absence in your life upset you. You couldn’t take something away from him that he cared so deeply for. Instead, you just got the hell on with it.

Fortunately, it was becoming more and more easier to be content with your own company.


Peter quickly ran into an alleyway to pull his spider suit out his bookbag, shedding his school clothes and suiting up in record time. Webbing his bookbag somewhere secure, he then took off to the top of one the buildings to scope out for any trouble.

However, like usual, it was only small things. Peter returned a runaway dog to it’s owner, helped a blind man find his wife whom he lost in a crowd, and stopped another bike theft.

Peter pulled off his mask, sitting on the edge of one of the taller buildings with his legs dangling over. He had gone back to grab his things from the alleyway before resting on the building. He remembered his promise to call you, but just as he was about to grab his phone from his bag, there was a shout from down below.

Peter tossed everything back into the bag and slung it over his shoulders, putting the mask back on he then took off to find the noise.

He was expecting to find something like a theft or some sort disagreement between the city people.

Nothing could have prepared him for what he did find.

There was a few people surrounding a shop that was selling television screens on the front window. Flashing on the screen was a breaking news story about a crash within the metro sysem.

Apparently a train had derailed an hour or so earlier and stations were just getting word of it.

Peter was about take off again but then he remembered that you said you were taking the train home today.

And the train that derailed was the one you always took.

The news station didn’t have word of any casualties yet, but there were more than dozens of injuries among everyone on the train.

Panic finally settling in, Peter sprinted into the closet place he could have privacy and quickly dialed your number. His hands were shaking so much that he kept pressing in the wrong numbers.

He ripped off his mask and started to put his normal things back on while the phone rang.

“Please pick up, please pick up.” Peter quickly murmured as he momentarily took the phone away from his ear to pull on his shirt.

There were a few more rings but then it went to your voicemail and Peter found himself letting out a strangled cry when the same thing happened the other two times he tried to call.

“(Y/n)! I’m heading over to your place now, if you get this before I get there please, please call me!” Peter shoved his phone into his pocket and started running as fast as he could to the apartment complex.

He didn’t even bother with the elevator, your place was on one of the lower floors, so Peter ran straight to the door to the stairs.

By the time Peter got to your door he had worked himself up into a complete nervous wreck as his subconscious thought every worse case scenario for this particular situation.

He probably knocked five times more than he needed to, but his desperation to see your face, to see that you were alive and safe, was blocking most of his common sense.

When the door opened and you looked at him with a puzzled expression, Peter could only stare at while his eyes began to tear up.

“Peter? What’s the matter with you, I tried to-”

You were silenced as Peter tossed his arms
around you and pulled you into what was possibly the most bone crushing hug you’ve ever received.

His arms were wrapped securely around your neck and he had his head tucked into your shoulder while a couple quiet sobs escaped him. “I saw that there…that a train had derailed, and I thought- I thought you might have been on it!”

Now all of his strange behaviors made sense.

Peter used his sleeve to wipe away his tears as he sniffled. “Look, I’m really sorry that I haven’t been around much lately. But, I promise I’ll try to make you more of a priority and I’ll follow you everywhere because I thought you were dead and that was an awful feeling that I don’t want to go through ever again.”

Your hand came up to brush the hair at the back of his neck as you tried to console him. “I’m fine, I promise! After you left I decided that a walk alone would do me some good so I bailed on the train.”

Peter’s hold on you grew tighter as he let out a bitter laugh. “And you never answer your phone, I hate that about you.”

You smiled. “Why don’t you come inside, I can make you something to eat.”

Peter felt you try to move away and he shook his head. “N-No, I just want to hold you for a little bit longer. It still hasn’t sunken in yet.”

You nodded and simply held him back. “You’re such a worry wart, Peter Parker.”

“I don’t care, please don’t ever do that to me again.”

Tbh i think Bakugou has like the shittiest taste in humor like everyone thinks he’d like physical humor or like clever humor but really he cracks tf up at really bad pick up lines and the worst puns and like embarrassing dad jokes (also on a sidnote is very ticklish) but like just imagine Kirishima and Kaminari saying bad pick up lines to each other one day just for fun and Bakugou lets out an accidental giggle and the whole bakusquad goes :o!!!!! And launches a full on attack of shitty jokes that make Bakugou laugh uncontrollably to the point where he snorts which makes him laugh even more and now the entire class is in on making Bakugou laugh his goofy laugh (they even have a point sysem bonus points for every snort, wheeze, or tears)

acommonrose  asked:

Do you have any suggestions a good sysem for a Narnia-style portal fantasy RPG?

I’ve always been partial to the 1980s sci-fi-esque strand of YA portal fantasy, and for that you could have a look at Tales from the Loop. For something more conventionally Narnian - i.e., more of a low-key fantasy travelogue punctuated by occasional setpiece fighty bits - my first impulse would be to adapt something like Ryuutama. It’s not directly about portal fantasy, so you’d end up having to reflavour most of the classes to suit the kids-from-another-world conceit, but the activities that occupy the bulk of gameplay are very much congruent with old-school YA portal fantasy.

so, I have some questions about the wizarding monetary system

  • gringotts is said to be the only wizarding bank, so I have to wonder, like. are there implied outpost branches across the world (or at least the country) or do they literally mean the only wizarding bank, because that is sooooo messed up.
  • I’m guessing there’s no wiring/accessible accounting possible, so that means if you are a wizard with money in the UK, your money is in gringotts. so if you like in freaking scotland guess what, you gotta fly down to london to pick up the equivalent of cash. 
  • imagine what it’s like for wizards living /outside/ the UK, if there really is only one wizarding bank. I refuse to believe american wizards took this lying down, that there isn’t a wizarding banking system in switzerland on par with the muggle one, that egyptian and indian and chinese wizards would let english bankers be the center of their banking system. like, fuck that noise.
  • if there is a accessible account/mailing system at least, imagine the mail theft–attacks on owls carrying money and precious goods. maybe there’s a portkey system that operates like an ATM??? does a goblin apparate to your location if you need to make a withdrawl??? I’ve got to know
  • why is your monetary system still based in gold. where are you getting the precious metals with which you can not only back your currency, but keep it representative. are wizards the guys running local TV ads promising cash for gold? how is this possible
  • how did you acquire this monopoly on gold and silver? give me the stories of the hand english wizards had in the sprawling search for gold across the world. there’s obvs a deep history of wizarding mercantilism here and I need to hear it
  • 1 galleon = 17 sickles, and 29 knuts = 1 sickle. this is the most goddamn confusing monetary sysem I’ve ever encountered, and there are only three pieces of currency. what in the fuck