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Rebrand the World!

I read an article about how fantastic it is that Steven Spielberg was brought on to direct “Ready Player One” because he was the only person who could unite the world’s most powerful brands, allowing the characters to talk about popular media and make cultural references and, you know… speak like modern human beings.

(Artwork above by Noah Whippie)

If you don’t have Spielberg’s clout and money, making a film seems like a legal minefield.  In a world where corporations own trademarks on things like architecture, public landmarks, and words, what does one do when shooting a post apocalyptic movie set in Los Angeles; a city that marketing barfed all over?

The Answer: Rebrand the World!

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Sylph of Mind, please?

The Sylph of Mind is one who heals the aspect of mind, which mainly involves choices. This individual fixes things you messed up with your past actions and can improve upon the you to better impact the choices and decisions may make. This is a class that may have a large part in whether the session their in is successful or not with their powers.

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A story about the child Gustav and I kidnapped by accident (Part 1)

It was a quiet evening. It wasn’t raining but rain is the aesthetic of my adventures so let’s just say it was raining.

The storm pattered down droplet after droplet as I called out my move.
“H6. I’m going to fuck up your H6.”
The ‘german hunk’ of a hipster cop laughed, “That is a miss, my man.”

I casually put another white Miss into the slot as my partner made his move.

“I’m going to take a wild guess here, Syph. B3, C3, A3 and D3.” he laughed and sipped on his drink.

I stared at him, confused and angry. That mother fucker and his telepathy. He sunk my battleship.
As I started to put in the red pieces, my blue phone rang. This is the dubbed “Case Phone.”

I answered it casually, as always.

“Yello, Josh here, the call is now being recorded and anything you say can be used against you in case you turn out to be a monster, wuzzam?”

The voice on the other line crackled due to shit reception, or Nightmare presence, take your pick. I’ll try to make this coherent.

“Bri… fa-…. my neig-… their dau-…my ass…Cultists…”

I got the gist of it. I replied with a “Gotchya fam, oh em double-you.”

I looked to Gustav, who was already loading his weapon bag and gave him an assuring thumbs up. Easy case, simple job, the usual. I went over to the closet and pulled out a black robe and plain white mask I had bought from a Party City before they sold out due to a local cult. Now I knew the bastards that did it. That’s how you can tell, just snag the order list from a party store and if any cloak and mask sales are over twenty five, you have yourself a cult.

Had I known this case would change my life, I still would have taken it, because I made a promise to this stupid ass witch that I would help people in any way I could, but had I known the specifics, ohhh boy.

I would have brought so many more guns.

Alex slept with syph nurse

who slept with george 

who slept with meredith

who slept with derek

who slept with addison 

who also slept with alex 

who slept with izzie

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who kissed lexie 

who slept with mark

who slept with callie

who slept with arizona

they are all related……. that’s actually creepy

and alex is most named on this list if you count sleeping w/ lexie

actually george and alex are tied cuz of callie

and lexie slept with jackson who slept with april

anonymous asked:

in my story the races are based on the elements - fire, Air, water and earth. would there be a problem with having races a certain skin colour? for example the race of fire people (salamanders) would be black and have fire powers. the race of air people (syphs) would be very tanned and be able to control the air around them. is there anything wrong with this idea?

Elemental Powers Based on Race

Sounds cool. I don’t think it’s necessarily wrong to have certain elemental powers per race. I’m curious as to your explanation for it, though. Did whatever power or event that instilled the powers within these race give it to a specific race or ethnic group? Was it a regional thing, such as a natural event effecting certain groups of people in a certain region? Do the powers themselves influence their appearance?

Sort out the genetic aspects of this concept, even if it’s merely “the gods gave fire powers to the Salamanders who are a people of dark brown skin.” And if the element in question has/had some significance to these people, it’d add a layer of depth to why they have these powers.

To avoid making a monolith of your PoC as all looking as one, I suggest you add physical diversity within your groups of people as well. There may have various shades and undertones of brown and black skin even within the Black Salamander race. Check out the skin tone guide for resources there. There’s also hair and features to consider, those that are common to the race and the many distinctions within.

~Mod Colette

-The helping hand of a Dragon Trainer- (Lance / Syph Role-Play!)

The day started fresh. Dawn cracked, sunlight piercing through the shadows which remained after the night sky turned. The morning breeze started sweeping through each blade of grass and each leaf dangling from the trees. A few leaves had reached the end of their purpose, and the stem which connected to the branch had grown weak to the very point of breaking, causing the leaves to fall and with a dying, however beautiful colour. It was the start of Autumn. 

Knowing and having to met the young girl, Syph, Lance had decided to spend this day proficiently and give her another visit, seeing if she would love a helping hand for the day. Lance was indeed interested in getting to now the best kinds of all breeding centres, and he couldn’t help but grin at what this would mean for, Syph also, knowing she’s one of, Lance’s major fans but an idol to her since she was young. 

Lance wasn’t alone on this journey to the Daycare. If anything, he wouldn’t avoid a chance in the world to be travelling with his mighty companion, Dragonite. The pair are the dynamic duo, and the pair are so very well known nearly globally also that people know Dragonite as, Lance’s best. The two had survive many hardships and trials, and nearly enough, the whole of their lives together. The bond couldn’t have been better for them both.

As, Lance and Dragonite travelled with each other onwards to the Daycare, he thought back to the reason and prime achievement that, Syph mentioned was her drive for keeping such a magnificent Daycare open to one and all. Her Grandfather taught her nearly everything, and in which, this reflected on, Lance also. He lived a similar life style compared to, Syph, being taught by his Grandfather but more towards the goal of being the inherent ruler of the Dragon clan in Blackthorn as the Dragon Master. He wasn’t alone during then, since he had Dragonite with him, who was but a Dratini back then, and he also had his best friend and dear cousin, Clair. The times weren’t exactly easy, but rather rough living. It never faulted, Lance from his objective and goal however, and even though the two hasn’t exactly spent the most comfiest of times together, he and his grandfather respect each other greatly. 

Upon thinking back to, Syph which had lead to his own memories, he didn’t realize that the Daycare was next to him now. He and Dragonite had stopped, and, Lance’s right hand had knocked on the front door of the Daycare Centre. 

(( The starter may seem crappy and basic, but I’m getting back into writing. I’ll be better than this in the future so please don’t mind this! Ahah. ))