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i’m just another casual artsy type, currently living in Canada!

i really enjoy musicals and indie or foreign films, and messing around with watercolours. i play a bunch of instruments, but not very seriously. an odd amount of things in my room are from IKEA or they’re houseplants.

my music taste is all over for the most part (i’ll try anything from classical to synth pop) and i’m always open to suggestions. i like the 1975, Oh Wonder, The Kooks, Tom Rosenthal, The Front Bottoms, P!ATD, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Two Door Cinema Club, Les Cowboys Fringants, etc.

i’m applying for an exchange to France this year, so it would be really cool if i could make some European friends, but i’m open to befriending anyone! i would love to practice my French or even start learning a new language.

i’m really invested in making friends because i kind of suck at it, so i’d like someone who would put as much effort into the relationship as me. i hate it when people never answer my texts or don’t put any effort into the conversation. you don’t have to be deep or anything, but please have some curiosity. if you don’t like me after a few weeks, i really don’t mind; but PLEASE don’t waste my time. i’ve invested time into people, letters into people and it’s hurtful when they stop responding.

i’m looking for people ages 15-16, race/sexuality/gender doesn’t matter as long as you’re curious and talkative. i want to do snail mail, but would prefer it if the other person would be willing to send the first letter. i’m open to facetiming or snapchat calls once we know each other well.

my tumblr is @cutieohwonder so just message me on there and we can get started!

((I got two asks for the same thing, so here we go! Now, note: I did write something similar to this already. This link goes to a post I made about Sole’s spouse being made into a Courser, but that’s not quite the same thing as a synth, so I chose to write something new. But feel free to check out the previous post!))

Some time after Sole made it into the Institute, Father informed them of a… new project, that he had been working on. After creating the child synth version of himself, he’d sent agents to the surface, to recover some of his dead parent’s DNA. Using that, he managed to have a synth version of them created, memories intact and all.

Father insisted on having Sole and their companion present for the synth’s ‘awakening,’ when he otherwise refused to have Sole’s friends in the Institute at all. He wanted to show off, or so it seemed. Pressing a button, the intercom buzzed, and he sent for the synth. Soon, Sole’s spouse walked into the room, dressed in an Institute jumpsuit with a hesitant expression on their face. “Sole…” They synth took a slow step forward. “It’s really you?”

Cait: She had to physically bite her tongue, a sour expression on her face as she observed the meeting. She hated the Institute. Hated every damn bit of it. Hated the snobbish, educated voices of the scientists, the yellow eyes of the Gen 2s, the subservient words of the Gen 3s mopping the floors. She hated how fucking clean it was, how any speck of dirt or dust was cleaned away before you could spit. Were these people not human? To not have dirt or profanity or laziness - it was unnatural. As Sole’s spouse stepped into the room, she grit her teeth, her right hand curling into a white-knuckled fist. She couldn’t help the glower she gave Father, nor the rising anger heating her blood. How could anyone do this to someone? To their damn parent? Cait had no love lost for her own parents, but Sole… Sole deserved better. Better than Shaun, who just kept smiling and watching, observing the meeting without a word. If Sole weren’t here, if they didn’t need her… She’d show ‘Father’ just how they did it up in the Commonwealth, and wouldn’t stop until either she or he was dead.

Codsworth: Oh… Oh no. What? How could-? What-? Words failed the Mr. Handy, who only watched in stunned silence as Sole reached forward to greet their spouse. Their spouse who wasn’t their spouse, and yet… They had their memories, didn’t they? But they were a synth! They were made, in, in a- in a factory. Made by computers, by robots, by other synths. He saw the looks of want, of need, of desperation and uncertainty that passed over his employer’s face. What a conundrum. He could only imagine the suffering Sole must being enduring that moment, no doubt reliving all the traumas, the moments of their spouse’s death. He just- If only- A thousand wordless feelings plagued him, all crashing together in a storm of code and commands. The line between programming and genuine emotion blurred, and Codsworth trembled when the synth approached him. He couldn’t bring himself to say hello, and turned away when they met his eyes.

Curie: At first, she was overwhelmed by the cleanliness and advanced technology of the Institute. She knew all about technology Pre-War, and the Commonwealth as it was now lacked most modern luxuries. But the Institute… Why, it had everything! Everything and anything you could imagine. But her mood turned solemn as she remembered why she and Sole had come. Ah, yes, the synth. She observed them curiously as they emerged, taking in every aspect of their appearance. So this was the individual that Sole had married! Interesting. And so sad, too. Her sympathy soon drowned out her curiosity as she watched the tense, pained interactions between Sole and synth. A strange sense of guilt washed over her. She was a synth. The body she inhabited now had been made by the same man who created the person standing before them. Confusion and uncertainty made her stand off to the side, lingering in a corner with her hands clutched to her chest. For the first time, she questioned if in this case, science had gone too far.

Danse: Sole’s friend or not, the only chance of him entering the Institute would be after his exile from the Brotherhood. He tries not to look impressed when they enter the Institute, but on the inside, he in awe, in a grudging sort of way. Though that feeling leaves him when the scientists introduce themselves. Ah, the synth! they say, and their eyes run over him in a way that sends shivers down his spine. In the Brotherhood, he was reviled, but this…? This sensation of being… subhuman? At least Maxson valued him enough that his true identity warranted a violent reaction. But here, to these scientists, he wasn’t worth the air he breathed. He felt Father’s eyes on him as Sole’s spouse entered the room, the man’s clinical gaze gauging his reaction. He stared Father down, refusing to give him the satisfaction. Shaun soon averted his eyes. During Sole’s introduction to the… other, synth, Danse felt more uncomfortable than anything, standing awkwardly off to the side. The love in the other synth’s eyes, the pain emanating from Sole… how could he compete with that? What could he do?

Deacon: He took careful note of everything inside the Institute, mentally writing up a report for Des. His stomach twisted in knots at the sight of so many poor Gen 3s, forced into acting as virtual slaves for creators that threatened recall at any small misstep or act of disobedience. Stay calm, Deacon. Gotta stay cool. He gave Father a pleasant smile as they entered his office, leaning against the wall in the corner and staying out of the way. He played the part of faceless companion as Sole and the synth made their awkward introductions. Dull, aching pains pulsed in his chest as sorrow struck both Sole and their spouse. No witty comment rose to his lips, no glib remark designed to ease the tension. He couldn’t bring himself to touch such a sacred moment. No, instead he just lingered in the corner, watching Father from behind the dark lenses of his sunglasses. Sole would ask him for his opinion when it was safe to talk. What his opinion was, he honestly didn’t know. But in the meantime, he’d get as much information as he could. Fuck that Father guy, by the way. Total jerk.

Dogmeat: It smelled funny in here. Smelled wrong. After a lifetime growing up in the Commonwealth, where almost everything reeked, all the new smells bombarding his nostrils confused him. The Institute smelled like antiseptic, and chemicals, and laundry detergent. Of metal and oil, and fresh-cut grass. He didn’t like the strange, probing glances of the scientists. And when Sole went up to an office, and someone new entered the room, Sole got all tense and unhappy and upset. Dogmeat looked up with a whine, snuffling his nose into their hand. He didn’t like being ignored by everyone. Who were all these weird people? Why did everything smell funny? Why was Sole sad?

Hancock: He stuffed his hands into the pockets of his coat, giving the passing Institute scientists a toothy grin. They recoiled at the sight of his burned, peeling flesh and yellowed, half-rotted teeth. A sick, venomous pleasure burned up his spine, heating up the back of his neck as he took out his frustration on the nosy scientists. Maybe this wasn’t the best time to be picking fights, but he’d at least get a kick out of seeing them gag. Better to laugh than get angry. As Sole’s synth-spouse stepped into the room, he stood proud and strong at Sole’s side, offering his wordless presence as comfort. Father did not take to Hancock, but he ignored the old man’s narrow-eyed look, keeping a faint smirk on his lips as Sole met the synth. It was all real touching, that was for sure. But Hancock didn’t trust a lick of it. The only reason you’d made a thing like that, a synth like that, was if Father wanted to manipulate Sole. And he wasn’t gonna let that happen. Shaun can do and say and make whatever the fuck he wanted. John Hancock would take him on without hesitation, if push came to shove.

Nick Valentine: For once, Nick appreciated the wear and tear of his body, appreciated the battered coat and hat he wore out of modesty. It set him apart from the emotionless, full-bodied synths manning the service stations, with soulless eyes that made him shiver. All those years, loathing his differences… and now he treasured them. Dropping sharp, cutting comments whenever he could, he made sure to draw as much of a reaction as he dared. He wanted to see them squirm, as something - someone they’d discarded so easily, came back to haunt them. He stood aside, letting Sole face their spouse without a word. He waited for them to look to him, if they did, and then he’d cross his arms and offer a single nod. I’m here, said the nod. And I’m not going anywhere. Nick Valentine was a detective. He’d find out why Father was making this synth, he’d find out why he’d been made in the first place, and… he’d help Sole. Whether they needed him or not, he’d always be ready to lend a hand.

MacCready: The whole place creeped him the hell out. The weird slave synths, the ones with yellow eyes, all the scientists that… acted weird…? It send chills sparking across his skin. He wanted to leave as soon as he arrived. Hell, he didn’t even want to come here! But Sole needed him. Sole needed him. And say what you will about Robert Joseph MacCready - he might be an asshole, but he paid his debts, and he owed Sole a whole helluva lot. So much so he might never be able to pay it all back. Thus, he followed them into the Institute, and kept his trap shut under the curious gaze of the scientists and synths. And when Sole’s spouse came staggering into the office, and Sole looked like they were on the verge of goddamn tears… He kept his mouth shut then, too. What was he gonna say? He wanted to tell Sole, they’re not real! They’re not who you loved! But he kept quiet. He’d give them a piece of his mind afterwards. Instead, he just kept glaring at Father, and trying to avoid the gaze of the two people in front of him.

Piper: Teleporting into the Institute aroused all of her reporter’s instincts. A thousand questions bubbled up on her lips, and her fingers itched for her camera, her notepad and pencil. But they’d all been confiscated as soon as they arrived in the facility, and it drove her crazy. Everyone she passed, she had to resist the urge to lunge over and bombard them with questions. What’s with all the white? Do you guys not like dark colors? Why do you make the synths? Why haven’t you guys come up to the surface? Why kidnap people? Why not tell anyone who you are? Why not help people instead of ignoring them, instead of taking from them? But as soon as she and Sole entered that office, and the synth emerged, her brain fell silent. She could only stare in fascinated horror, in horrified fascination, as Sole and the synth greeted each other. Closing her mouth, she made sure Father wasn’t looking, and reached into her pocket for her concealed holotape recorder. She’d get something out of this, damn it.

Preston: Out of all the companions, out of everyone Sole could’ve brought, he was the only one to question the Institute. The only one not commanded by fear, or respect for Sole. He had respect for Sole, of course, but he also spoke for a small army, and worked to represent the interests of the Commonwealth. He stood by Sole as they greeted their dead(?) spouse, but the meeting only cemented his feelings about the Institute. They weren’t good people. Good people wouldn’t force such traumas on someone, wouldn’t make a good person like Sole suffer for no good reason. As soon as he had a moment, he squeezed Sole’s hand, patted them on the back and promised to talk about it when they had a moment. But he had to do his duty first. Taking Father aside, he raised his chin, calling on all the people he represented and the morals in his heart, and demanded answers. Come hell or high water, Preston Garvey wanted to do the right thing, but he’d at least give the Institute a chance to explain itself first. It wouldn’t be just, otherwise.

Strong: Something… tickled, in the back of his brain, when he and Sole teleported into the Institute. Mutants weren’t always in the Commonwealth, you know, weren’t made there Pre-War like in the Capital Wasteland. No, the Institute made the Commonwealth mutants, pumped them full of FEV virus and released them to watch their havoc from a safe distance. Sole may or may not have known this, and Strong had mostly forgotten, but something about re-entered the place of his rebirth triggered memories buried deep in his mutated conscious. He let Sole meet their spouse alone, not really understanding what it was all about. Instead, he wandered around the Institute under the watchful eyes of some Coursers. And for a moment, for a moment, he thought he recognized one of the scientists. An animal roar tore from his throat, and he lunged forward, clawing a thick hand at the person’s throat. It took four Coursers to subdue him, and Sole had to quickly convince Father not to have him killed on the spot.

X6-88: Father didn’t bother acknowledging him as he followed in behind Sole. He clasped his hands behind his back, taking his place beside the door, no different than a trained animal or piece of furniture. But no one had told him what exactly this meeting was about. So when the synth emerged from the other door of the office, and he realized who they were, who they represent, he fights to keep his expression neutral. A synth? But… It conflicts with everything he’s been trained to think. Why make a synth a… a person? Why make them human? Everything Father has ever said affirms the idea that synths are not human, that they are anything but. But then why make a synth like this one? What makes them different from the ones sweeping the floors, or the Coursers like himself that serve as mindless security. He doesn’t understand, and it frustrates him, but he doesn’t let it show. Can’t let it show, not until he’s sure he’s safe to do so.

X6-88 from Fallout 4

(contains spoilers)

An Institute Courser designed for high-risk assault and synth retrieval operations, X6-88 seems cold and cruel; casually quipping that ‘the world will be better off when the surface-dwellers die out.’

His aura of malice is sensed by the uneasy guards of Diamond city, who have a handful of comments to direct toward him, my personal favourite being ‘Look … I don’t want no trouble for your pal. I know a stone cold killer when I see one.’

And X6 is precisely that – a stone cold killer.

He, along with other Institute coursers, were created for the sole purpose of hunting down their own kind and were trained to be elite killing machines. One of the first things X6 can say to you displays the cold mentality he likely developed during his training; during the Libertalia mission he will stop you and advise that you use the synth recall code on the raider leader Gabriel to ‘reset’ him. If the Soul Survivor says ‘I’m not going to destroy this man’s identity and free will’, X6 will respond ‘it’s not a man, it’s a synth.’

He says it.

This brings up some interesting questions concerning exactly how X6 sees himself. He certainly can’t see himself as an ‘it’ because if he did, he would never have the nerve to walk away from the leader of the institute and refuse to travel with them, as seen when you reach lowest affinity (more on that later). So, does X6 really see Gabriel as an ‘it’? Or does he simply say that because he has to?

Essentially, I think of X6 as the synth equivalent to the human psychopath – and he was conditioned that way on purpose. What we know of courser training is that, according to Dr Ayo, particularly skilled synths are selected and rigorously trained in various fields, and those that pass become Coursers, while those who fail have their memories wiped.

One line from X6 I found rather telling (and quite disturbing) is said when you take him to the Parsons State Asylum. He will say ‘In the institute, mental disorders are a thing of the past.’

This gives the impression that the institute sees mental illness as a weakness – as beneath their pristine, enlightened minds. This rings alarm bells when even the Brotherhood of Steel – the most militaristic group in the game that trains people to be soldiers before anything else, even they acknowledge the importance of mental health as seen in a terminal aboard the Prydwen where it is noted that Danse likely has PTSD and advises that he take time off. (This is particularly interesting here, as we now know that Danse is a synth – which means synths can have PTSD).

I mentioned earlier that X6 can’t see himself as an ‘it’, despite how much the Institute scientists have likely told him so, because if he did he wouldn’t walk away from his boss and refuse to travel with them. This happens when you reach the lowest possible level of affinity with him. He will state that you are acting against the institute on purpose and say ‘I don’t know what would make you do something like that, but I sure as hell won’t be a part of it.’ He keeps his cool, but his characteristically eerie monotone breaks off and gives way to a supressed but still detectable anger.

This is evidence that X6 is wholeheartedly loyal to the Institute, but I don’t doubt he must have conflicting feelings with how the humans who run the place see the synths – see him.

He says himself in one of his high affinity scenes ‘I’m not great with words. I’m more comfortable shooting people than talking to them.’

A killing machine, not designed to feel empathy nor mercy. But we see that he is capable of admiration and friendship. When X6 finally admits he looks up to you, he will immediately follow it up with ‘before you give me shit about going soft or getting all emotional, just let me finish.’ Here his monotone nearly disappears, and he speaks in a far more casual tone than normal, but it also underlines that this man/synth has been told again and again that emotion is weak, that he is an ‘it’, and that expressing himself means he’s ‘going soft.’ I know the first time I heard his max approval speech my jaw hit the floor because he sounded like a person for the first time.

X6 also confesses that he didn’t initially think much of you, but that he followed your orders ‘because I had to.’ But he then drops the monotone completely and says ‘Holy shit, was I wrong about you.’

If you respond by joking with him and ask if he’s only saying these things to get a promotion, he’ll say ‘haha, I’m not that subtle.’

Once you max out his affinity he will sometimes greet you with ‘What can I do for you’ in a light tone that gives the impression he’s smiling. On the other hand, if he’s left your side due to low approval and you approach him, he can snap ‘why the hell would I want to talk to you?’ If I’d seen a fan write him this way prior to exploring his character myself, I would have scoffed and thought ‘that’s too out of character.’ But the truth is it’s not – he simply wears a mask most of the time, like most human psychopaths, not allowing it to fall until he’s close to you.

His final talk reveals a very different aspect of his character, and shows that he’s not just the emotional cul-de-sac that many fans understandably view him as. He has personality and character and depth, just like every other companion.

X6-88 needs more love.

anonymous asked:

What about companions reacting to a nonbinary sole explaining about their gender?

Of course! There are infinite variations of how people headcannon their Sole’s and I love all of them ^_^

Ada: “Of course. Just make sure to inform me what you would like to be called and I will reprogram my identification list so that it matches what you are.” It didn’t have to be more complicated than that.

Cait: She was perplexed. All her life she’d only heard of guys and girls. If there was someone, they didn’t make themselves known. But the way Sole was descibing themselves… it sounded like her. She never truly fit in with either gender. As the words poured out of Sole’s mouth, she began to feel a special kinship with them. A feeling of internal belonging she never felt before.

Codsworth: Already knew long before Sole came to him about it. He had been in charge of keeping records of all kind in the house and there had been plenty indicating Sole’s gender, and their hesitance to make it known for fear of retaliation so Codsworth made sure to always remain respectful but not confront them about it. Instead he whirred happily “Oh goodness, I’m glad you decided to tell me master. I am honored!”

Curie: Smiled softly as Curie always did and gently took Sole into her arms. Sole was shaking. Having come from a traditional family, they had never spoken to anyone about not fitting in before. Sometimes they felt like a girl and sometimes they felt like a guy but it wasn’t a lie like they’d been told their whole life. Curie understood. She could feel how scared Sole was just talking about it so she made sure that Sole understood that they were safe and she’d love them as they were.

Danse: Baffled at first. There were more than 2 genders? How come no one ever told him? He’d never experienced it himself so it took some extra explaining but he was incredibly dedicated to understanding for Sole’s sake. They accepted him as he was, when even he didn’t know who he was, so he was gonna make sure to do the same.

Deacon: He chuckled as he put his arm around Sole. He had never identified with someone more in his whole life. He just never thought Sole would feel the same way. Maybe that’s why they got along so well, both never truly feeling like either gender defined them entirely. It freed them to moving about the world as fluidly as possible. Deacon knew he chose them for a reason.

Dogmeat: Cuddles and kisses! Dogmeat always loves Sole unconditionally no matter who they are (:

Gage: “‘Ey look, boy, girl, nothing, whatever you are I don’t really give a shit alright? You know I don’t like talking about this soft stuff. As long as you can hold a gun and kill shit, you’re alright in my book.” Then he tossed them a gun and winked with his one good eye. For some reason, his response comforted Sole more than a coddling hand could ever have. It’s just they way they were. Maybe that’s why Gage and them got along so damn well.

Hancock: Sole already felt safe with Hancock so they already knew he’d be cool when explaining how they felt like they had a 3rd gender that wasn’t male or female. They were right. Hancock just shrugged like he always did. Sole had seen numerous people come up to him, begging to be in Goodneighbor for such and such reason why they weren’t safe elsewhere because they were different somehow. Every single time, he just shrugged and let them in. He didn’t care. They were living things and that’s what mattered.

Longfellow: While Sole was trying very hard (and awkwardly) to explain themselves, Longfellow held up his hands. “Woah, woah slow down there bucko. Look whatever you kids want to call yourselves these days is up to you. It’s a very different world every day, I get it. There’s lots about every year I don’t know about but I know you how you are alright? If you are two genders then you are two genders.”

MacCready: “Heh, well then I guess it’s a good thing ‘Boss’ doesn’t have a gender either then huh? It’s like I knew this whole time. Can’t pull the wool over these eyes.” He actually had no idea. But he feigned knowledge of it anyway to make it seem like he was so cool and knew everything about Sole before they did. Not wanting to wilt his little ego flower, Sole just laughed and picked up their gun so they could continue sniping distant enemies.

Nick Valentine: It opened the door for quite a stimulating discussion about gender for the both of them. Nick in his synth body lacked ‘male’ parts that humans would discern as male but he definitely was male in his mind. After that, it really wasn’t hard to grasp Sole’s fluctuating gender. Gender wasn’t determined by parts. He understood that now more than anyone. He ruffled Sole’s hair. Sole always made him realize parts of himself that he didn’t know were there.

Piper: It was not long after they met actually. It kind of slipped out naturally. Sole was proud of it. When they were doing the interview for the first time, Piper asked about Sole’s family before the bomb. Sole explained how they were kicked out of the house at 16 for vehemently defending their non-binary gender. Maybe it was that moment that Piper fell in love. Sole was just so headstrong in defending their beliefs she really felt like they could make a difference.

Preston: “You look terrified. Has really no one ever just told you its okay before?” Sole was very scared. He didn’t really understand, it didn’t seem like that big of a deal. Anyone could be anything they wanted to. Was the pre-war world really that different? Pushing their strict notions of the world onto others? Well dammit, he was gonna be that person for them then. He pulled Sole into a tight hug. Something they should have been given long ago.

Strong: “Gender” he spoke slowly as if an alien world. “Why gender matter? Only smash matter!” Strong remembered nothing of his human life, he was only a super mutant and terms like ‘male’ and ‘female’ meant nothing to him. It was incredibly difficult to understand what Sole was talking about because Sole was just human since the beginning.

X6-88: “Human gender has been proven to be non binary a long time before the bombs fell. Like sexuality, gender exists on a scale. Those who have a problem with that are letting their personal feelings get in the way of the truth. Here in the Institute, we have eradicated those menial hate crimes.” He took the moment to jab on the insufficiency of the past and how they’ve moved past that. Really, he was trying to make Sole feel safe, in his own way.


Maxson: When Sole noticed Elder Maxson referring to them with masucline/feminine pronouns, they decided to talk to him aside. He didn’t say a word the entire time Sole explained they’d prefer to be referred with gender neutral terms. When he still didn’t say a word, Sole dismissed themselves before the silence got too awkward. They weren’t sure if he ever really understood what they were talking about but ever since that day, Elder Maxson would pause a second before using ‘him/her’ or stop himself mid word and correct himself.

ONE OK ROCK Mighty Long Fall Live at Yokohama Stadium (fan report) 14th September 2014

I won’t mention the facts elsiechapman​ has already written in this post.

It was my first time going to OOR concert. I was crazy enough to work the whole summer after passing the finals to afford going to such a live. And it was absolutely worth it.
We arrived with my friends to the Stadium at 14:00 and it was late as almost all the items of the merch were out of stock (And I wanted a towel and a black bandana :c), I was upset so I headed to search for my Japanese and Korean friends that I was to meet, I walked the stadium around 3  times and finally found MiNTO@OORer and のりわかめMLF2days余韻 who presented me beautiful cards. Then I walked again to find Negi-chan (葱侍@9/14 ONE OK ROCK) and others but it was in vain. After all I just went to wait beside my sector queue. C2 sector was the last to go inside, but I was in front of it, so I could see the boys clearly.

  • The instrumental part was cool since it sounded like old school rock
  • Before performing Be the light Taka said his speech as always, about the fact that this song is about dreams and fulfilling them. Then he told to the audience not to be stupid and wish for such simple things like: “I want juice”, so everybody laughed.
  • The cover song A Thousand Miles was played by Ryota on a synth and Tomoya on a xylophone. Taka said it was a favourite song for him and Ryota. So even though this was a pop song, it was special.
  • After doing his flipping, Ryota touched his nipples, meaning he’s hot, it was really funny.
  • Also Tomoya and Ryota argued about who was the first to leave the stage, then laughing settled on Tomoya.
  • I didn’t like Heartache at first but after the gig it really stuck in my head. The performance was beautiful and they made something like karaoke (the lyrics were displayed on the screens for everybody to read)
  • They changed their clothes before the encore on merch t-shirts with cut sleeves.
  • Tomoya said his “Yokohamaaaaa” and asked if everyone was okay, the audience answered “Yeah”, so Tomoya replied that was the only thing he wanted to know (incredibly cute and happy as always)
  • Toru smiled a lot and said his usual final “Arigatou!” really loud and sincere
  • Taka came up close to Toru REALLY a lot. He also was mocking at him before doing the wave. He said something like: “Eh? Leader-san is going to make something? Impossible! He usually says and does nothing!”
  • Before Decision photos with European and Asian fans were placed on the screens.

I was in front raws of my sector so cameraman was shooting me a lot. I’m afraid you’ll be able to see my red, sweaty, ugly face on the DVD. I’m really sorry for that :D I hope it will be cut out since this live was for Japanese fans. 

I started crying when Taka was doing his speech before The Beginning because this live meant a lot to me, and it was hard to get through so much things to have 2 of my dreams fulfilled (going to Japan and seeing OOR live). After the live I just ran to my friend and hugged her, we were hugging and crying for some time so that Japanese fans stared at us like we were crazy but then smiled and tried to hug each other too (It was funny and cute to see :) )
Thanks much to every tumblr oorer who supported me along the way, especially Jenn!! ♥
Hope all of your dreams may be fulfilled soon too.

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I know it doesn't fit into canon... but there's still a part of me that doesn't fully believe Danse is a Synth. Like ... it would have been ridiculously easy for Quinlan and others aboard the Prydwen to set him up if they wanted to. Even the 'syth' component could have been planted on his person. Or rather I guess it'd be cool to see a story where it's discovered that Danse is not a synth and was framed so he'd be killed

You know what? I totally agree with this and find it completely plausible.
Someone - I can’t remember who it was - but someone a while back made a post saying what if Danse *wasn’t* a synth but he was set up:
A) to test Sole’s loyalty to the Brotherhood
B) because Maxson was jealous of Danse and Sole because let’s be honest the sexual tension between them (whether you play as a female or male sole) is through the goddamn roof.

It would be interesting to read a fic or something where Danse wasn’t a synth at all. Bonus points if Sole ever found out about it…