the symptoms of my insanity


Book Trailer: The Symptoms of My Insanity

What are the symptoms of my excitement-induced-insanity over today’s publication of Mindy Raf’s THE SYMPTOMS OF MY INSANITY? So many symptoms I can’t list them all (I am very, very excited) but here are 3:

1) I’ve been bouncing on my ball nonstop. It might even pop. I hope it doesn’t. (Also, yes, I sit on a ball. It’s fun.)
2) I have spilled a full Nalgene. Twice. I was gesturing grandly and with glee. Twice.
3) I went on webMD to see if these symptoms meant anything. Here’s a clue, “ball” means something different to doctors…

Anyway, as you can see, exciting stuff. None of it as exciting as THE SYMPTOMS OF MY INSANITY pubbing today though! 


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