the sylph

Umbral Gates

Domain: Tenebrous Transportation

Function: Creation

 Void grants those of the Creation Classes the ability to create portals to the Furthest Ring itself, allowing them to access it with ease. Though using the Void as a waste receptacle is very useful, the main power of this ability is to create portals to allow for very short traveling times by creating Paths in and out of the Ring. The Player is limited by how the total surface area of their portas, which increase as they level up, thus a mid level Player could either create a single human sized portal or multiple smaller ones. As a side note, anything lost in the Furthest Ring are unlikely to ever be found due to its nature.

 At lower levels the portal’s size would be around that of a basketball, limiting its usage to either disposing of unwanted objects, transporting other objects to other places, whether to grant them to other people or store them away in a safe area, and to redirect or negate certain attacks.

 At higher levels the Player would be able to create portals the size of an ogre, allowing them to use the portals as either a transport or attack option, usually by transporting the target to the Furthest Ring and never pulling them back in. They can also use portals as shields, redirecting attacks away from them and either toward the enemy or into the Furthest Ring.

 God Tier Void Players can create portals of an arbitrary size, allowing them to transport, or dispose of, whole planets if they so wish. They would be able to create a domain within the Ring, one only they and those who can traverse it can access.

 Active - Maids of Void can use the portals in an interesting way, rather than allowing objects to pass, they would only allow certain types of energy. Allowing them to use the portals as a communication device or even as a way to spy on others. Portals created for this purpose can be as obvious or as subtle as the Maid wishes it to be.

 Passive - Sylphs of Void has a natural affinity to the Ring, and can thus use this ability to retrieve anything lost within it with ease. This comes with the advantage of using the Furthest Ring as a makeshift Sylladex, one dependant on their powers yet is probably less frustrating than most Modii in existence.

For a Rage player to ascend

I saw a post recently on how after going godtier you are filled with your aspect, that it changes you.

So I’m doing that now with Rage

You find the mundane excruciating. You have no interest in this, why are you doing it? Repetitive duties, paperwork, the activities that don’t interest you become torture

You never get anxiety again
You lose all of your phobias
Those just… aren’t worth your time anymore

You love more. You have never loved your passions more than before. You care so much it hurts, you feel your soul drag away from your body when leaving loved ones or hobbies.
You hate more. You don’t act out any more than usual, but you can feel something dark and powerful inside of you.

You start to notice your veins. They feel warmer than they should be. When you first feel anger you feel lava ignite inside of you. Molten liquid flows through your veins and you feel it burning.
But it doesn’t hurt.
It sure does hurt anyone that touches you. People get second degree burns if they grab you when you are aggressive.

You don’t realize it at first, but when you are swept into a rage you become a storm. When you grit your teeth and growl and seethe thunder echoes from you.
When you clench your fist purple wisps start floating around it. There’s sparks of electricity as you attempt to suppress your anger.

You notice your stressed breathing isn’t quite the same. It’s heavier, thicker. Trails of smoke float from the corners of your mouth with each exhale. It’s like you are a machine and the fire inside of you refuses to go up or burn out.

When you are alone at night you take a deep, relaxed sigh in an attempt to destress. You notice glints of flames in the dark. You exhale embers.

And that’s what it’s like for Rage players after they ascend

Genndy is a hetero married man who made HIS characters (that you’re not entitled to deciding what happens to them) who are grown-ass adults that can make their own decisions become romantically involved and half of the fandom is just crying about how The Straights™ get everything they want and/or that Ashi is ruined…

…even tho Genndy planned this for a long time and even talked before bout how he wanted his main character to have a girl to travel with cos it’s something he dreamed about as a young boy and isn’t that was a lot of people do, who have OCs? they project themselves on them? was he not allowed to do that with his own OCs?

and like damn, Genndy’s probably just happy to let his most iconic character have a passionate and wholesome moment after nearly dying for the billionth time, but no it’s somehow an agenda of being homo/acephobic or something about how Ashi is only there as a trophy for hetero romance despite having an entire character arc built up and learning to trust someone after having been brainwashed her entire life - like who better for her to fall in love with but a man so positive and full of goodness, the one she was told was nothing but evil and must destroy???? on her journey to find Jack and learning more about the people he helped, how could she not become infatuated learning not only that everything she knew about him was completely wrong, but that he’s an actual legit nice person to admire the strength and bravery of? what’s rushed or forced about that?

if Ashi was a man yall just wouldn’t say a damn thing about her agency or how quickly they got together, and I think it speaks bigger volumes about you as a person if you’re reducing her to merely a romantic device trope only and ignoring how amazing she is and has been as a character who doesn’t need to be rescued like a damsel or that she needs a Dad to teach her like she needs to be infantilized lol

if you stop seeing her as an incredibly great woman just cos she fell for an incredibly great man that’s all on you and your issues lol

and yeah you can criticize and hate the ship all you want, but so much of your reasoning and logic is flawed and I’m allowed to criticize it too

Classpect Phrases

I was in my discord chat, and someone said something that sent my brain into classpecting. I started writing simple phrases for what each class does with their aspect.

Muse: “Blank(s) is very very weak, but I understand everything about it/them, and I have to use it/them to create and raise an army against a common foe. Blank(s) will do everything in its/their power to help me succeed.”
Lord: “Nobody else can Handle Blank(s) Like I can, so I have to take absolute control, despite Blank(s) being incredibly powerful, and have always been against me, trying to stop me.”
Page: “I learned I dont have enough Blank(s), so I have to build it/them from scratch.”
Knight: “Blank(s) is/are something I hate about myself, so I put on a mask of (opposite of Blank) to keep people from knowing I have Blank(s)”
Seer: “I know a lot about Blank(s), but I have to keep myself from being distracted by (The opposite of Blank.) In order to grow and become useful.”
Mage: “Blank(s) is a/are bitch(es), but I am learning to make them/it my bitch(es).”
Sylph: “Blank(s) is/are dying, and I have always understood how it/they work(s), I have to save it/them.”
Maid: “I have to work backwards against Blank(s) to build more of it. Blank(s) will have to be fixed for this to work, but Blank(s) is working against me too.”
Bard: "Blank(s) have/has always abused me, and I have grown calloused and hateful of it, but it will soon explode in a magnificent way in myself.”
Prince: “There has always been so much Blank(s) around me I have begun destroying it wherever it shows up, but I had to learn that everyone needs a little bit of Blank(s)”
Rouge: “I always gave everyone all my Blank(s), But I have to learn it’s okay to take some Blank(s) for myself.”
Theif: “I have a natural thirst for Blank(s) and will always strive to get more, however, I had to learn not to starve my allies of Blank(s), so It doesn’t come to harm them.“
Heir: “Blank(s) has always been a large part of my life, and I always understood it/them, but I have to help it/them grow in others, because Blank(s) needs to help us grow.”
Witch: “I have grown up underneath a great being of Blank(s), however, the basis of Blank(s) needs to change in order for anyone to have a chance to survive, and I have to change it/them.”

deltapairofsocks  asked:

Why do you say Hope is the strongest Aspect? I could see other aspects being able to beat it quite easily. Say Light the more you innately know the less belief there is. A good light player could potentialy trick a hope player into not believing in them selves eradicating ALL OF THERE POWER.

Oh buddy. 

You are thinking about this totally the wrong way. That is to say, you are thinking about this the way any sensible, reasonable, well-adjusted person should think about it.

Hope is not a sensible, reasonable, or well-adjusted aspect.

For a normal person, believing something is based on evidence. You see the evidence, you come to the conclusion. For example, “Ah, that chair over there is blue! I know this, because I can see it. With my eyes.” If it turns out the evidence was faulty, or that evidence goes away, so does the belief. “Oh! I thought the chair was blue, but you turned the lights off and now it looks white. It must have been a blue light. My mistake!” A Light player (or hell! even Void or Mind players!) could handle that easy and take them out just as you described.

Hope does not work like that. Hope works the exact fucking opposite of that. Hope takes the end goal first and then finds evidence for it. Hope decides the chair is fucking yellow and will pull out six different degrees in batshit to prove their point.

Which is a fucking. bitch. to try to fight against. 

Ever argued with a little kid who wants their own way? Ever argue with someone who insists that they’re the reincarnation of Jesus? A cultist or a racist or a narcissist or hell, literally anyone who refuses to see reason? You can’t win arguments with Hope players, because Hope players are off their collective rocker and we will. not. budge. 

Hope players will read A Series of Unfortunate Events and be certain of an upcoming happy ending. Hope players will look at the fact that Homestuck is over and still expect Nepeta to come back. Hope players can watch the seconds tick down until certain death and know that they’ll be all right, without reason, without evidence, not because it’s sensible but because it’s us

If you actually believe something, it doesn’t feel like belief. It just feels like that’s how the world is. You believe the sky is blue. You believe you’re a human being. You believe you have certain limitations and that things are the way they are for whatever reason. A Hope player is powerful because they see a completely different world that relates in absolutely no goddamn way to ours, and they can have a million different people telling them they’re wrong for a million different reasons, but they’ll drag their version of reality into ours and plant over the top through nothing but force of will. 

There’s only one truth. But there are an infinite number of ways to be wrong, so god dammit a Hope player’s gonna compile every fucking one of them into a single cardboard tube and thwap you over the head until you admit they’re right.

It doesn’t matter if they actually are right. What matters is they won’t stop thwapping until you admit it. Until reality itself fucking admits it.

I hope you never actually have to go up against a Hope Player. We are terrifying and cannot be stopped. God would not have mercy on your soul, for there would be no God outside of the one the Hope player fucking decided for you. We are the strongest aspect.

We. *thwap* are. *thwap* the. *thwap* strong-. *thwap* -est. *thwap* as-. *thwap* -pect. *thwap*

Hope this helped! ^U^

Event: Home At Last

“HOME!” Sylphy seems relieved to see the path to Lavender’s house… no…not just that, Lavender’s home was Sylphy’s home. He was happy to the the path to his home before him. He began to walk slowly, but then began to go faster and faster until he was running. He then halted in front of the door and stood frozen before it.

“How am I even gonna begin to tell Lavie what I’ve been through…. he’s gonna ask…. I look totally different. This is gonna be hard to explain….well… I just can’t hide forever. Lavie and everyone’s probably worried sick over me and Fennie…well time to see your daddy and everyone else.” He shifted Fennel to one arm and knocked on the door loudly a few times and then went back to holding Fennel. He took in a few deep breaths trying to think of how he was going to tell Lavender what happened. Where they went and how he had…..oh stars.