the sword still has a heart on it

I get why people are salty. I’m a little salty too.

But here’s the way I see it, A&E are never gonna stop writing plastic angst, but at least where Killian is concerned, it always leads to good things. It’s been the pattern since season 2. We find out that Killian did a bad thing, or has the potential to keep a big secret, he comes clean either a few scenes later or at most a couple episodes and we get awesome Killian character development, and then we get cute, romantic and awesome captain swan moments

Season 2

1) Zomg, Hook stole Aurora’s heart, so evil, he’ll never be redeemed.

2) Even at the beginning of his arc, when he was still technically a villain, Killian chose to do the right thing and saved Aurora’s heart

3) We got some cute CS sword fighting banter

Season 3A

1) OMG Neal is alive and now Hook is the only one who knows. He’s so selfish, and he’s gonna keep the secret so he can try and trick Emma into loving him He’s irredeemable.

2) Literally, the next scene, Killian tells everyone that Neal is alive, and helps the nevengers to find and save his boring ass. We get the the amazing bridge confession.

3) We get the cute when I win your heart scene. 

Season 3B

1) Killian screwed over Ariel and Eric, in the very recent past, OMG he’s so selfish and he’s never gonna be fully redeemed. It comes back to haunt him in present day.

2) Killian tries to help fake!Ariel find Eric, apologizes to fake!Ariel and we get amazing character development.

3) Killian gets cursed literally because of his love for Emma Swan.

Season 4

1) Oh my god, Killian screwed over Ursula, and now he’s keeping a secret from Emma. He’s so horrible and they’re gonna break up.

2) Reunites Ursula with her father and helps get her voice back.We get the amazing character moments when he confesses that he’s afraid of losing his happy ending. And the brotp scene with Ariel, further showing how far he has come.

3) We get the “Killian’s happy ending is Emma Swan” scene and one of the cutest cs kisses ever.

Season 5A

1) Killian is about to go full Dark One and destroy the town and all his loved ones. 

2) Resists the ultimate darkness, and his ultimate personal weakness for vengeance, and is “being the man he wants to be” and then sacrifices himself to save everyone and goes to literal hell.

3) We get the one of the most beautiful, epic and heartbreaking captain swan scenes of all time, and then Emma goes to literal hell to save him. 

Season 6A

1) Killian holds onto the shears, Omg, he’s taking away Emma’s choice, he is so selfish.

2) Has his adventure with Henry, and he and Henry decide together that they will find another way, he drops the shears and Killian confesses to Emma about keeping the shears.

3) Emma forgives hims, says she would have done that same, and we get a cute reassuring hug. 

Season 6B

1) Zomg, Killian killed David’s father (he obviously didn’t know it was David’s father at the time, it was just some random guy), he’s gonna keep this a secret so that he can marry Emma. He’s so selfish.

2) LBR, Killian is gonna tell Archie, then tell Emma, and then probably go on a quest with the princess squad and Liam II to find a way to break Snowing’s curse, and tell David the truth and apologize and the curse will be broken.

3) He is going to propose to Emma, she will say yes, and everyone will be a big happy family together.

So yeah, I get why people are annoyed by the plastic angst, and it feels like a poor writing choice. I’m not saying it’s a good writing choice, but it has been in the writing of Killian’s character arc since the beginning, and the ride always leads to awesome things for Killian and Captain Swan.

So do I like it? Not really. But am I gonna enjoy the ride by seeing more of Killian continuing to demonstrate how much of a hero he is, and captain charming, and the epic captain swan proposal that we will get at the end of this ride. HELL YES.

So sure, be salty if you want, you do you. But know that it’s gonna be okay, and it will be resolved. It’s all in the spoilers.


…and now their story ends. 

How epic and fitting is it that it is an end where they defeat the man who drove them apart TOGETHER?! And as if the Grim Repear’s heart wasn’t breaking to pieces already Kim Shin’s last words to him are the very same one’s Wang Yeo wanted to hear from him all those centuries ago. 

For the second time, Wang Yeo has to watch as the sword he has bestowed upon his general kills him; the very sword he had given him to make him die. 

For the second time, he has to watch Kim Shin, the man who loved him 900 year ago and who loves him still, die. Even at the end of their story, Wang Yeo is still destined for infinite sadness.

Gintama 5 (Season-01)

» » » EPISODE-01

The Amanto, aliens from outer space, have invaded Earth and taken over feudal Japan. As a result, a prohibition on swords has been established, and the samurai of Japan are treated with disregard as a consequence. However one man, Gintoki Sakata, still possesses the heart of the samurai, although from his love of sweets and work as a yorozuya, one might not expect it. Accompanying him in his jack-of-all-trades line of work are Shinpachi Shimura, a boy with glasses and a strong heart, Kagura with her umbrella and seemingly bottomless stomach, as well as Sadaharu, their oversized pet dog. Of course, these odd jobs are not always simple, as they frequently have run-ins with the police, ragtag rebels, and assassins, oftentimes leading to humorous but unfortunate consequences.

Wedding Sword commissions!

This is my very best friend Maria. We have known each other for 20 years and she’s finally getting married with her long time partner!

We met when we were 13 and 14. The very first things she told me back then was her dream to get a real Japanese sword (katana) someday. “I always wanted a sword, even a toy, but my mother was against all weapons”, she told me. When she went to Japan for the first time, she bought a wooden practice sword (bokken) and my oh my, how proud and happy she was about that tiny, brown sword! She still is!

I have decided that now it’s her time to FINALLY get the real deal sword! This is the perfect opportunity to give her something extremely special, which comes straight from my heart! It’s also a special gesture from me to her, as I want to honor her long lasted friendship and pay back all she has done to me in these 20 years. 

Something like this I had in mind

Swords like I have in my mind are around 150 to 250 euro (163 - 273 USD) with custom and shipping fees. So, in order to fulfill her life time long dream, I’m opening special


Unlike the commission money usually, this won’t go to my bills or living, but all money will go to her wedding gift sword. Heck, if I raise enough money I’ll get her wife-to-be a sword, too!

- Full body colored = 50 euro / Bust 30 euro
- Flat colored comic, 3 panels = 40 euro (if you want to order a longer comic, it’s negotiable!)
- Black and white full body/knee high 35 euro / Bust 25 euro
- Flat colored bust 25 euro
10 euro extra for each extra character (so the bust pic in this example would be 35 euro). EXCLUDING COMICS, they can have up to 3 characters. 


  • Payment via Paypal after the commission is done. I’ll let you know my Paypal when the commission is ready. Suomalaiset voivat käyttää myös tilisiirtoa!
  • Waiting time is around 3 days to 2 weeks, more if my work gets busy but if that happens, you’ll be noted about it as soon as possible. 
  • Contact here in Tumblr via note or chat. I prefer chat as we can talk about the order best with it. I can provide my email to you, too. 
  • OCs are welcomed! 
  • All ships are welcomed!
  • All fandoms are welcomed!
  • NSFW is out from option this time, she’d get upset if I drew porn for her sword haha. 

Let’s make this sword dream come true! >:D

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fic rec feb

yuri on ice 

i walk my days on a wire / He’s both fragile and lethal, and he’s the most dangerous thing Otabek has ever let in close enough to touch.

you catch on like a bonfire / It’s one of the best and worst things about Otabek—the way he blurts things out like they’re obvious but still need to be said just because they’re the truth. 

the season of spirits / He did something at the last Christmas party that led Giacometti in Finance to call him “Table Master Yuuri” ever since.

the naming of cats / It sounds mean, and delighted, and Otabek knows that Yuri’s enjoyment of his pain is catlike because he has seen Murka do the exact same thing: dig sharp claws into skin and purr, pleased at herself.

a slow invasion of the heart / “You’re like a knife,” Otabek says, feverish. “A sword. Sometimes I think you have steel where your spine should be.” (just?? fuck me up???)

how to raise a tiger / Viktor pulls out his phone to make a notation in a document titled Yurochka’s Milestones!!

edit sober / “At first I thought you were using old breakup lines, but I really hope you never said that to an actual person.”

clueless / Another sale saved by heroic retail employee Phichit Chulanont!

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one more cause i can't get enough hah!!! Jimon -- “Just leave me ALONE.”

(bitch, please. Just keep ‘em coming. *heart eyes emoji*)

Simon’s a daylighter now. Jace is happy for him. For them, he reminds himself. If anyone deserves light and sunshine it’s those two.

Watching them is like twisting something that’s painfully lodged on his side, though. 

Jace wishes he could avoid them but the situation doesn’t allow it. Both the Soul Sword and the Mortal Cup are still missing and plus several circle members scattered around the globe.  Alec recruits everyone strong enough to wield a weapon. 

That includes downworlders too, now that the ban on them has been lifted.

No matter how hard he tries, he can’t get away from them. It seems like every corner Jace turns he finds them wrapped around each other. 

Missions are even worse. The smell of Clary’s hair when she stands next to him over briefings is a special kind of torture. But nothing compares to the memories. He knows how silky it felt under his fingers, knows what her lips tastes like and how warm her breath was against his skin.

Jace also remember the maddening pleasure of Simon’s venom running through his veins. The sharp pang of fangs breaking through his skin and what it felt like to be completely taken over. Every fiber in him misses it and longs for it with an intensity that Jace never felt before.

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Eren: Me and Armin are as close as best friends can be. No one has a stronger bond than us.

Mika: Yuu-chan and I are more than just best friends. We’re family.

Eren: We’ve always been together ever since we were kids.

Mika: We don’t need to be at the same place all the time. We’re connected by our hearts.

Eren: Armin would never hurt me. Especially not stab me with a sword.

Mika: Yuu-chan would never stand still and watch when his friends are being attacked.

Eren: Armin is not the one who’s dumb enough not to realize that people are using him as an experiment!

Mika: Yuu-chan isn’t the one who looks and acts like a girl!

Eren: You can’t find someone who’s smarter and more caring than Armin! He does what’s best for everyone and is always right!

Mika: Yuu-chan is the bravest person in the world! He’s so brave and strong-willed that not even a demon could beat him!

Eren: Try putting him in front of a 50 meter tall titan that eats humans, then let’s see how tough he is!

Eren and Mika: *Hiss at each other*

Armin and Yuu: … *Sigh*

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What's your favorite BTVS quote?

why would you do this there are so many wtf

fuck it have my top five:

  • “strong is fighting. it’s hard, and it’s painful, and it’s every day. but it’s what we have to do. and we can do it together.”

  • the whole every night i save you speech because oh my god kill me with a fucking sword tied to a cement mixer its so beautiful and sad and just ugh

  • “i’ve been through more battles with buffy than you all can ever imagine. she’s stopped everything that’s ever come up against her. she’s laid down her life, literally, to protect the people around her. this girl has died two times, and she’s still standing.
    you’re scared? that’s smart. you got questions? you should. but you doubt her motives, you think buffy’s all about the kill, then you take the little bus to battle. i’ve seen her heart and this time not literally, and i’m telling you right now she cares more about your lives than you will ever know.
    you gotta trust her. she’s earned it.
    (dear god I teared up just writing this out shut up i love xander ok?)

  • forgiveness isn’t given to those you deserve it, buffy. it’s given to those who need it.

  • be brave. live. for me.

and i feel like I’m forgetting about a hundred more

send me a “what’s your favourite…” ask

The Flame Grows Stronger (a poem for Brighid)

I gave my heart to her
long ago
and though I have not prayed
not in days, not in weeks, not in months
she still calls to me

I cannot let her go
and she cannot let me go
because she has faith in me
and I find faith in her

She and I forge my life together
a long path, never clear

I am challenging
she knows it well

In one of my hands
she places a sword for the fight,
forged with her love
in the fires of
inspiration and hope
that I cling to

In the other she places her own hand,
and I cling to it
as we walk the path towards healing.

Page of Swords for my Fairytale Tarot deck!

As always, interested in a deck? Sign up here for updates about crowd funding!

This is Princess Parizade from the Talking Bird, the Singing Tree, and the Golden Water (Whew! what a name) as the Page of Swords

The Page of swords is young and clever, with all the gifts at their fingertips. They use their intelligence and wit to cut to the heart of the matter and are true with their feelings, but are still untested.

Here, Princess Parizade has disguised herself as a man, fought through trials through cleverness, and saved her brothers. Even so, she still has a number of adventures in store for her (Which does include gaining a private army, but does not include marriage)

I love her and her story! I’m glad I got to put her in

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Write a Drabble: Defend for Caterina ❤️❤️

Quellys would dip and dodge around the attackers, leading them through carefully measured steps, rapiers ringing together in a symphony that promised a tale of blood and victory. One of the three men would finally fall as Quellys thrust her sword forward, hitting him square in the heart and sending him to the floor. 

At the sight of this, the two other men would run, dropping their blades and scurrying off like rats. 

“Fiends!” Quellys would cry after them, tossing her sword away and scowling after them. “How dare you attack a Rose! With only thorns and beauty as her defense you have picked far too dear a mark to my heart. I shall hunt you down and cut you like weeds from my garden!”

Quellys would hop down from her perch, landing before Caterina and offering a dashing smile. A few seconds would pass before Quellys fell over laughing. 

“I don’t know…I think Chet would still be better for this than me, he has this way about it.”

Her giggles would fill the empty room, the sacks of flour that made up the ‘attackers’ lay slightly torn on the floor. 

“I will say though, some of your best work yet.”



[Spoilers][Discussion] Some love for a few very cool creatures in Breath of the Wild

Breath of the Wild ha no shortage of remarkable moments. Killing your first Guardian or Lynel. Buying your own house (yes you can do this in other games, but it’s still cool). First leaving the Shrine of Awakening to see the sprawling world of Hyrule laid bare for you. Riding on Prince Sidon to gain access to Vah Ruta. Taking a trained horse from a Bokoblin. Finally getting enough hearts to draw the Master Sword. So, so many great moments in this remarkable game that I could sit here for hours detailing all of these moments. But a few moments really stand out to me as being worthy of serious discussion: the dragons.

Zelda has had some dang cool dragons in its history (and a few that weren’t as cool in Skyward Sword). Valoo and Volvagia stand out. Having said that, the dragons in Breath of the Wild are some of the best. The first that I encountered was Farosh. I decided that I was going to head to the Lake Hylia region because I had just glossed over it earlier. Well, I started climbing and I eventually entered the Faron region and just plopped down next to a lake. Seconds later, a bright light emerges from the lake. Imagine my surprise to see a dragon, glowing green, emerge from the lake! Majestically, it rolled like hills through the sky, emitted light and lightning as it approached a spring across the jungle. Luckily, I wasn’t so dumbstruck that I didn’t think to take a scale from it, but holy cow, was I amazed.

The next dragon, though, was the one that really impacted me. I was chasing a memory near Naydra Snowfield and I remembered seeing something on top of Mount Lanayru when I was in Hateno Village earlier in the game. Spontaneously, I decided to go to the top of the mountain. I was shocked at what I saw. I saw a purple dragon covered in Ganon’s Malice curled around a statue of the Goddess. She appealed to me to free the dragon from the Demon King’s clutches. At first, I was worried that the dragon would fly down the mountain. It was a long way down and I didn’t want to lose my spot, but the game, as it usually does, forced me from my comfort zone and I pursued Naydra the dragon down the mountain. It was an amazing experience. As the snow lightly fell down with a light piano to match, I began to glide down the mountain in hot pursuit of this contaminated dragon. I pulled out my bow and carefully aimed at each of its eyes. The entire time, I was thinking to myself that this was a truly remarkable experience. When all was said and done, I concluded that this might be one of the most impactful moments in any game that I have ever experienced.

I still have yet to encounter Dinraal, but I kinda wish that I had encountered it before Naydra because, in spite of how awesome Dinraal likely is, it probably won’t be as cool as Naydra. I have seen it off in the distance and hope to encounter it soon, though. Critics might be inclined to say “This game doesn’t reinvent the wheel for open world games.” Perhaps they are right in the sense that something you can do in BoTW is sometimes something that exists in Skyrim or Assassin’s Creed or even Dark Souls. However, having played through much of the game, I can honestly say that BoTW offers something that these other games lack: the joy of discovery. Finding something in Assassin’s Creed is essentially meaningless because climbing a tower tells you where every point of interest is. There is no “Ubisoft Tower” in Skyrim, but much of the world is samey so uncovering a new location doesn’t carry the same weight. With Breath of the Wild, I get the joy of uncovering something new, while simultaneously gaining the feeling of awe as it is almost always something that is unique. This is perfectly encapsulated by the dragon encounters.

TL;DR: The dragons in this game are simply magical and are a perfect encapsulation of just how magical this game really is. What have been your favorite discoveries? Your opinions on the dragons? What are your favorite moments from the game so far? Don’t spoil the ending (I haven’t beaten Ganon yet), but leave any topic for discussion in the comments section below.

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*pushes everything off your desk*

Y'all need FAHC Kings.

King Geoff Ramsey, ruling his kingdom with an iron fist, not letting anyone threaten his people or his rulership.

Duchess Jack Pattillo, the advisor to the King, helping him plan their courses of actions.

Duke Ryan Haywood, the King’s personal assassin, keeping the rebellion down and the other assassins dead.

Lord Michael Jones, the head of the army and one of the best sword fighters in the kingdom. Hotheaded at times, but his heart is in the right place, and he has excellent militant strategies.

Lord Gavin Free, the nicknamed “Little Brother” of the King. He elegantly spins a web of lies with his seemingly magic tongue.

Sir Jeremy Dooley, Lord Jones’ protégé. He is a quick learner and can do nearly anything he attempts. He never backs down from a challenge.

Lady Lindsay Jones, the heir to the throne. She is nearly as wise as the King, but still has a lot to learn before she takes the throne.

Lady Mica Burton, Ryan’s student in the art of killing. She adds a new way of deception to their arsenal, and is one of the most dangerous ladies out there.

Lady Steffie Hardy, she runs all the behind the scenes activities. From being in charge of the staff at the castle to checking to make sure no poison comes into the castle, she’s a busy woman.

Sir Caleb Denecour, the castle’s apothecary. He believes in the traditional ways of recovery.

Sir Trevor Collins, Sir Denecour’s inhuman assistant. He doesn’t believe in the traditional ways, instead believing magic to be better, despite how many times Sir Denecour points out that people are living just fine without magic.

Lord Kdin Jenzen, one of the oldest “humans” alive. With centuries on Lord Jenzen’s side due to having DNA shared with endermen, Lord Jenzen is the smartest person in the castle, and maybe even in the Lands.

Sir Matt Bragg, he’s the castle alchemist. He makes the apothecaries’ potions and the assassins’ poisons, and can do everything in between, with a little time and the right ingredients.

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How long would you expect a fight to the death between sword wielders to last? i know you'd want to get it over with as soon as possible, but those one hit kills you see in tv shows aren't real, are they?

Not always, but swords are quite fast and lethal; single strike kills are quite possible. Having forty inches of high quality steel run through your heart or throat can kill you on the spot.

Even a glancing blow has the potential to seriously impair a limb. So, a strike to the arm or leg followed with an immediate kill is quite plausible. Also, bleeding to death is a legitimate risk, even to an extremity hit (particularly in the thighs and upper arms). In which case they could still bleed out in under a minute, depending on where they’re hit.

Generally speaking, most forms of media seek to draw out combat. You want to play the scene as long as possible for the audiences’ entertainment. We’ve talked about this before in a lot of different contexts.

This applies to gunfights, sword duels, hand to hand… it’s everywhere. In the real world the most important thing is to make sure your enemy is dead before they can kill you. In entertainment the most important thing is to make sure your audience gets to see the fight.

If you want to get an idea of how fast real sword combat could get, I’d suggest looking at competitive fencing. It’s not what historical combat looked like, but it should give you an idea, especially when dealing with light blades like the rapier but more specifically the epee. European sword combat became progressively faster as time went on when it came to dueling and the epee is essentially it’s pinnacle. As a spectator sport, modern fencing requires both electronic scoring and instant replay just to tell what happened. Depending on how fast you want it to be in your narrative it could be quicker than the eye can follow.

When you’re setting up a duel for film there are a few things you can do to make your life much easier. The most important thing is to simply slow down your actors. This extends the fight, and it makes the fight watchable. At full speed it can be legitimately hard to follow most forms of combat, including sword dueling. This also makes it safer for your actors, because they’ll have more time to react and more control.

You can move the blades outside of the actors body lines. We’ve talked about the importance of this in combat before, but for choreography, it gives your audience a clear picture of what’s happening, and it helps your actors to time their actions off one another. This also leads to a lot of non-guard stances that make little to no sense from a practical standpoint, but look great on screen.

The second thing that can make your life a lot easier with staging duels is having the actors parrying constantly. This allows you to extend the duel theoretically indefinitely. This also provides the opportunity for cosmetic injuries, like a nick to the cheek or arm. It’s probably worth mentioning, a nick to the forehead isn’t cosmetic, because it will get blood in the victim’s eyes.

On screen, the threat of lethality can help maintain tension in long duel sequences. The reality that these characters would have been exhausted 10 minutes ago doesn’t matter. When the time comes to end the sequence it can happen on the spot.

When you’re writing a duel in prose, things are a little different. The visual padding that makes a movie sword fight memorable works against you. It doesn’t matter if your characters are on top of a crumbing tower in a northern tundra with snowy mountains in the distance. It’d look cool as hell, but your audience is interested in what your character is experiencing. In the duel, that’s their fatigue, pain, what they’re doing, and what their opponent is doing to them. Where your characters are, when it’s not immediately relevant, will kill your pacing.

Put another way, in a visual medium (comics, TV, film, even to an extent video games) the images are the substance. What the audience sees is important. In written text, what your character experiences is what’s important.

What this means is, when you’re writing you want to keep your duels short and punchy. Set the stage before the fight begins. You can still have your grand tableau. But, when the focus changes to killing, that is the most important thing for your character until after they’re no longer in danger.

When you’re writing fiction balancing your needs for to keep your audience entertained and your desire to hew close to reality is necessary. Many of the greatest duels in cinema history from Errol Flynn’s swashbuckling to the Princess Bride aren’t believable from a realistic standpoint. They are, however, extremely entertaining.

At the end of the day, if you are a writer then you are an entertainer. That’s what stories are. Even if you’re only entertaining yourself, the experience is what’s most important. Strike your own balance, learn how it’s supposed to work even if you don’t follow those rules, get a feel for what works well for you, and damn the rest.

But, yeah, you can flat out kill someone with a sword, that’s a thing.


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all she has to offer is her shield
her heart is too scarred by swords for loyalty
his armies have laid waste to her sacred stone
wrought fire and intentions without weight on broken lips
but her shield, strong and swift, for a bloodless victory?
that is something she can offer

“brave warrior, things will be different.”

all she can give are strategies inked in lives
his soldiers’ cries rest still in each keen throat
her wronged plans summon gold to empty eyes
raging tides and sorrow burning marks on bruised cheeks
but her ink, cruel yet cunning, for an empty battlefield?
that is something she can give

“brave warrior, dry your eyes. things will change.”

all he has to offer is a promise
his soul is too hardened by war for deceit
her parchment has hope woven deep in their threads
berry stains and wisdom written softly on wounded mouths
but his promise, ardent and alive, for the hope she brings?
that is something he can offer

“sweet wisdom, things will be different.”

all he can give is strength sullied in blood
her plans cast down chaos from chosen hands
his joyous tears sing triumph from their iron veins
clashing blades and tasting sweet triumph on roaring tongues
but his strength, rusted but ready, for the lives that can she save?
that is something he can give

“sweet wisdom, dry your eyes. everything has changed.”

—  war and wisdom, a.d.

One of my most intricated drawing of mine for frozen anniversary!
So: let me explain the simbology: the center of all is the frozen heart: Anna has a frozen heart,Hans has a frozen heart and Elsa has a frozen hear too(well is the snow queen,plus she act coldly and everyone thought this). But we focus on Anna’s one. Her heart was frozen by Elsa’s magic(that’s why she touch it) and broken by Hans(his sword is in it. Plus touch Elsa’s head,thinking that he wanted decapited her or,as i prefer, he want being king and the symbol of the power is the head of the monarch.) Now look at Anna’s hands: we see her right one took by Hans’s one and we see her left one took Elsa’s one. That’s because:1Hans took Anna in her dream of love at first; 2 is Anna that go finding Elsa to show her love for her.
Kristoff is hugging her,he is the only one that hasn’t a frozen heart and without a sad face. In italin there is a line that says “un abbraccio schioglie un cuore di ghiaccio” (an hug melts a frozen heart). I decided put all the characters in the drawing because i am really affectionated to all of them, i really like how Disney made a story with four amazing characters(they are not really neat and we don’t know a lot of them but hey,is a film for kids) and throw away Kristoff and Hans for me is bad, they are really important! I hope the frozenfour will return in frozen two and the film will be awsome.
So,happy anniversary ❄️

Knife n sword reunion

The former head maid knew she had to pull this off right, if she was ever going to apologize to Youmu, she has to do this the right way, in the right place of course. Which explains why she has done this secretly, in order to step up everything ready for such an event. As the former head maid had everything ready, from candles being lit everywhere, to Youmu’s fave meal cooked and ready for eating.

As for the craving? Well she still has it, but all of her knives are implanted into the wall, in the shape of a heart, with smaller knives spelling out Youmu’s name in the heart. As the former head maid stood outside, awaiting the half phantoms return.

Libra —
darling child, didn’t the gods tell you the mob sees dancers as something of the devil, especially
when their preferred stage is the sharp edge of a sword? few in this world love truth, and fewer still
are fond of things like righteousness and justice. your ability to remain indiscriminate in the face
of contradictory realities and deny none of them is both a blessing and a curse. your mind, I fear,
is the Pandora fate has crafted specifically for you; a beautiful gift that hides such doom and sorrow.
and you are aware of all of this – how you were meant for greater things, with your noble mind
and your true heart, yet on you dance, fighting against the windmills of adversity. how brave you are.
(know that your effort will not go without reward. know that you won’t be forever unloved, nor
will you be forever misunderstood. there will be those whom, like you, have the makings of just men,
and they will understand. keep your eyes open and search the crowd; that is what you do best.)
—  poetry for the signs: the “you’ve done well” edition, L. Schreiber