the sword is freaking long

Reasons to love Arno Victor Dorian, protagonist of ‘Assassin’s Creed Unity’
  1. Incredible sense of style
  2. Probably more attractive and good-looking than at least 99.7% of all the existing human population 
  3. Very romantic, loving and loyal
  4. Reads a lot of books 
  5. Probably low-key realizes he’s in a video game
  6. Has arguably the some of the best lines/quotes in the franchise
  7. SassMaster™
  8. Keeps a journal and writes love letters, so probably has beautiful penmanship and handwriting
  9. Bragging rights include breaking out of the Bastille prison during the actual Storming of the Bastille
  10. Has a clear-headed and balanced worldview on the Assassin-Templar conflict (i.e. most probably because he thinks both the Templars and Assassins are absolutely insane)
  11. Makes an eloquent and heartfelt speech on WHY DOGMA IS BAD FOR YOU (again, probably related to him thinking both the Assassins + Templars are insane)
  12. Better Than You, good at Absolutely Everything, but Classy AF about it and not at all pretentious (okay maybe a little)
  13. Has his own Squad #TheBaguetteBoyBand #SquadGoals
  14. Has his own café (perks include free coffee for life)
  15. Made business for said café thrive and revenue increase, in the middle of Paris during the time of the freaking Revolution 
  16. Would rather run from a fight than get into direct conflict because ain’t nobody got time for that
  17. Can master any weapon you throw at him. I mean seriously. Swords? Pistols? Long weapons? Rifles? A freaking GUILLOTINE GUN? Pas de problème.
  18. StealthMaster™
  19. Parkours everywhere because who needs horses, rope-launchers, flying machines, gondolas or carriages when you can basically climb over anything and everything
  20. BFFs with the actual Napoleon Bonaparte, First Emperor of France #connections
  21. Adopts an orphan boy (more like orphan boy adopted him)
  22. Loves both his Dads
  23. Used at least two different Pieces of Eden in his career as an Assassin
  24. Token item is a pocket-watch
  25. Owns a Phantom Blade. Nothing is better than having your own Phantom Blade.
  26. Probably multi-lingual
  27. Sneaks into private parties he’s not invited to … and sneaks right back in when he gets kicked out (‘Arno You Lil Shit’: Part Un)
  28. Steals wine when he runs out of money to pay for it ('Arno You Lil Shit’: Part Deux)
  29. Probably cheats at card games; bets and loses his pocket-watch in the process ('Arno You Lil Shit’: Part Trois, the conclusion to a thrilling saga)
  30. Sasses anyone and everyone he comes into contact with, even people who want to help him, because why not (’Arno You Lil Shit’: The Sequel)