the sword fighting one not the bottom left

I had a Zelda Dream

Of course, it was about Breath of the Wild. 

So, in my dream, I somehow got the Switch and the game before anyone else. I was playing it and doing several mission with my best friend in multiplayer (yeah, that’s not fucking happening with Nintendo). So, we were exploring and I found out there were several puzzles that were the same and required shining light on them with mirrors (cool cool). Later on, during a playable cutscene, a voice spoke to us. My friend said, “That is not Zelda”. To which I said, “Yo, what if that is fucking Fi talking to us through the Master Sword?!” Then suddenly, we had to cross this huge gap in the castle’s support beams. The voice said, “Use me to hop across (Link doesnt have the sailcloth because this is a flashback cutscene). And wouldn’t you know it, the Master Sword levitated Link across the gap! Da fuck?!?!

Anyway my dream then cut to us exploring Zelda’s castle. It towers into the sky. My friend goes in and explores deep into the castle. I however take the left corridor and look off into one of the doorways that lost its doors to see a fucking greenhouse with every edible vegetable and fruit that Link can use. I immediately thought “Hell yeah!” and “Shit, Ganon boss fight”. I continued walking and soon reached the bottom of some stairs. While everything else looked like it would crumble as soon as you touched it, the stairs seemed very sturdy. 

Like the rebel I am, I didn’t take them. Instead, I walked behind the staircase and noticed a door. It was for the servants to use and I decided to use it too.

And that’s where my dream ended. IF you stuck around to read all of this then….you get a star? I don’t know.