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My boyfriend and I skateboard together all the time and we're always sweaty afterwards so we go down to this really secluded beach to swim (aka the stoner beach) and last night we brought blankets and laid down on them and talked forever about everything. Then we started making out and he put his hand down my shorts and started rubbing my clit, then fingering me. I'm super ticklish too so he held me down and rubbed me all over; I screamed so much and some Pokemon go kids almost found us 😂

TriWaco moments

1. I saw @txcannon at transition before the race.  He told me he had dropped to the sprint.  I’m probably the worst tumblr friend ever because I told him that was disappointing…. right before the race.  Sorry G. He is also the reason I have signed up two years in a row for it.  He told me about the race last year and it conflicted with another race my club does.  But he was persuasive…. and look at us now.  I think we’ll be doing Waco every year.

2. I get misty every time I hear the National Anthem at races.  What can I say, my dad raised a patriotic daughter.  The Olympics are always a cry fest.  It’s coming tumblr.

3.I had a memory of the race director speaking to me after my DNF swim last year.  He was so kind and encouraging.  He told me to come back.  I did :)

4. Not a single woman passed me on the bike (and no I wasn’t the last woman).  I passed some people.  I passed some men.  But this one man kept going back and forth with me.  For the longest I was chasing and I’d always glance up and see how far ahead he was.  And then it popped in my head.  I am literally chasing his a$$. Truly, while he is aero that is all I see. And then I got distracted.  How wonderful is it that I get to look at mens butts and its perfectly acceptable.  And then I think about it in reverse.  They are looking at MY marathon booty too.  And then suddenly…. very self conscious.  

5..  The 50 year old I wrote about on the run…  That man has my relationship goals.  The run route was an out and back and he saw his wife on her out while he was on his back.  They stopped and kissed, exchanged a quick communication and then kept going.  I smiled and just said “lucky”. He goes on to tell me that they kinda train together and they come to the races together with no expectations.  Their motto is - “Don’t drown. Don’t wreck. And don’t sh!t your pants.”  I told him I’d have to remember that.  I am more convinced than ever - the next someone in my life has to be an endurance athlete.  I want my moment out on the course.

6.. “are those your shoes making the squishing noises?”  Why yes it is.  Am I not a great distraction? Bet you aren’t thinking about the heat now.

My head is still hurting.  I’m still being sensitive. I came home yesterday and looked at my results.  I wasn’t pleased with them.  In fact I became quite irritable about it.  You see, I’ve been training really hard. The training is for me and no one else. I’ve trained hills exclusively since Ironman.  The bike course was flat.  I could have gone faster on the bike.  My run split was a 13 minute mile.  Considering how much I walked.  I have to be ok with that.  But here is the thing,  When I went and looked at my age group ranking - I was 2nd from last.  And that hurt. To put in all this work and still be back of the pack.  And for a moment during my little pity party I started asking myself why I even do this.  I’m not good at it.  I have swim anxiety. I’m not a natural cyclist and I’m a slow runner.  Why the hell am I doing this?

This is why it’s not good for me to have expectations-  Not with others and not with myself.  I have a sprint tri this weekend.  And I somehow need to shake this self criticism off.  But someone better help me if my standings are the same this weekend.  


Eyebrow makeup for trichotillomania

The first picture is the current state of my eyebrows. The second picture is with my brows drawn on. I put the makeup on at about 8:30am this morning, and the second picture was taken at 10pm tonight right before I washed it off! And I went swimming underwater, went bike riding, walked to a pizzeria to get lunch, and walked my dog two times, all over the course of today and it was about 90 degrees outside!!! My makeup lasted almost 14 hours (and probably would have lasted even longer had I not washed it off), and withstood water, exercise, and heat!

I used this New York Color brand waterproof pencil (third picture), which can be found at Target or Walmart. Then I just brushed some brow powder from this e.l.f. brand eyebrow kit (last picture) over the pencil to soften the look of the pencil; it can be found at Target or CVS. Each product is only about $3, so they’re both really inexpensive!

This is pretty much my everyday brow makeup routine. If you have any questions, message me and I’ll try to help the best that I can! I hope this helps people with trich who may be struggling to find products to cover up their missing eyebrows. :)

Last week some cucumbers were ready and now today my first orange sport pepper is ready.  My nerdy excitement over home grown veggies continues!

In other news I think my body is starting to get used to this earlier start time each day which began when I joined the swim team.  I find myself really ready to crash around 9pm at night and even though I had no swim team today I woke up shortly after 5am without an alarm and was ready to go. 

I have already gone and got propane refill for my grill.  Funny story here - I have three propane canisters here.  One for my grill.  One for the fire patio table I have and a third as a spare (which a friend gave me when they were moving away and did not want to have in their moving van).  And while I was grilling diner yesterday my tank ran out.  Turns out the fire table was also empty.  But to make matters worse, so was the spare in the garage which I thought was new/full but nope empty and waiting to be exchanged.  So mid cooking chicken I run out (and had to quickly finish them in the oven).  I could not believe I had not exchanged any of the empty tanks - I was sure that spare was full.  So first thing this morning I went and got two of them switched out for now.  Because you all know I do a lot of grilling.

I also got gas for my car, the oil changed and it washed.  So super productive morning and now all of that is done before the real heat of the day kicks in.  And I can just comfortably spend the day inside working on the current illustration project. 

So yeah my morning energy levels are definitely increasing and I like it!


Daily Recap - Sunday 7.24.16
Cardio Streak - Day 6

Sunday we woke up at our place in Jersey, lounged around for a bit before getting breakfast with the family. NJ diner breakfast cannot be beat. I ordered a vegetable omelette with whole wheat toast and potatoes, and ate half. After breakfast we grabbed our last cup of coffee - in my case, iced - and hit the road to head home.

The drive was seamless. We made great time. After a quick pit stop at home and at the grocery store, we were at the marina by 12:30. A couple of friends met us there to check out the boat for their first time. Since wind was very light, we decided to anchor up and do some swimming. Cardio streak, accounted for. I haven’t gone swimming in what seems like forever but it was so much fun. Aside from swimming, I managed to rack up lots of active minutes both on and off the boat, so I’d consider the cardio streak alive and well.

After swimming we grilled up some steaks for dinner to go along with a green salad and a bean and vegetable salad. Add some red wine and it was the nicest meal we’ve done on the boat so far. Fresh fruit and macaroons for dessert, as well.

It was so hot out, but I would like to think that I’m getting better with the heat. It’s still bothering me, but maybe.. slightly less. Who knows.

All-in-all, this weekend was absolutely amazing and now that I’m typing this up on Monday morning, I’m ready to get back to work - both in the office and at the gym. I’m feeling a bit bloated today too which is a reminder to reign in the food intake a bit.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!


Big update.

I got a 10gal tank. My 5 gal got a crack in it last night somehow so I emergency purchased a 10 gal. The tank wasn’t leaking but I don’t have flood insurance. Since I had just done a big water change I used the existing water and added dechlorinated to it. My pretty girl is swimming in luxury now. I also got 4 more ghost shrimp to add to my 4. Now all 8 will help maintain the bigger tank.

I moved the panda Cory to my parents 45gal. I also bought 3 new cories. Now there is a school of 5 (3 Sterbai and 2 panda cories). They are all swimming together and content.

Additionally, my brothers tank just had guppies and he moved them to my 2.5gal starter tank. (I keep it just in case I make an impromptu purchase. So it was already filtered and temp controlled.)

All my fish seem happy and content (Even Spaz). Thanks everyone for all the guidance. Since I’m new to this it really helps. I don’t think I’ll be making any more purchases in the near future. Right now the shrimp, KP, and Gary are content.

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Pretty please #18 for Seijuro from free?

[We are no longer taking prompt requests.]

I thought I would do something festive since it’s the middle of summer. ~Admin Panini

18. “I didn’t think it was possible to love a person as much as I love you.” 

Using a takoyaki stand as cover, you take a few deep breaths while double-checking the obi on your yukata one last time. The cool cotton fabric suddenly feels like scratchy wool. No amount of psyching yourself up is going to work this time. Your brain is fishing for excuses when that familiar mop of red hair catches your eye. There was no running now.

As usual, it takes Seijuro no time at all to spot you. “___-chan! Over here!” he calls, waving frantically.

His exuberant gestures earn him several stares and giggles from the other happy festival-goers. You wave back sheepishly and the grin on his face grows wider as he jogs towards you. When you’re finally standing in front of each other, the two of you realize that no amount of mental preparation would be enough for the real thing.

“You actually wore it,” he smiles, his eyes giving you a quick once-over.

You open your mouth to thank him for his encouragement but everything dies on your lips when your eyes meet his. And to think you were having second thoughts. About him, about yourself, about everything.

“Y-yeah. I wouldn’t have done it without your encouragement though,” you say, grateful that all of the words come out in one piece after hours of rehearsing in the mirror.

“You look beautiful,” the words leave his lips so naturally that you almost believe him. “I knew you secretly wanted to wear one.”

“Thank you,” you reply, “And thank you for putting up with me.”

The sound of his laugh is a husky caress that makes you blush. “It’s not ‘putting up with you’ when I genuinely like you.”

You’re thinking how lucky he is to be able to get away with being so blunt about his feelings. There are no mixed signals, no mind games. There’s something so pure about the way he loves that draws you in every time without fail. It’s what made the last five years such a living hell. The more time you spent with him, the more you wonder why you broke things off with him just before graduating. You blamed it on his dedication to swimming, but that was another excuse.

After enjoying the festival’s various stalls and games, you and Seijuro make your way to a spot to watch the fireworks. There’s a comfortable silence as you both lean against the wooden barriers that overlook the hill.

Seijuro closes his eyes and lets out a content sigh before turning to you and your puzzled expression. “This was a good idea,” he nods.

“Yeah, it’s been so long since I’ve been to the summer festival,” you agree, thinking back to the last time you stood in almost this exact same spot with Seijuro almost five years ago. “I had a really great time.”

“Whoa, don’t talk like the night’s over already. We haven’t even watched the fireworks yet,” he ruffles your hair affectionately, laughing at your pouting face. “And you haven’t even given me your answer yet.”

Right. That. The proposition that the two of you had agreed upon when you spontaneously reunited for the first time since the breakup. He asked you to go to the summer festival with him since it was a particularly fond memory of his from your relationship. Just as friends. And after the breakup, you haven’t been to one since. The only condition was that by the end of the night, the two of you had to decide whether or not you wanted to rekindle your relationship.

“You know, I never stopped thinking about you, about us,” he admits, his gaze staring at both nothing and everything. “I didn’t think it was possible to love a person as much as I love you.”

“Can I give you my answer now? Can we just pick up where we left off?”

That’s all the answer he needs before he pulls you into a tight embrace, as if letting go will mean losing you again forever. Above you, a flower made of lights blooms in the night sky.

Magisterium headcanons: a day at the beach

- All of them making volleyball competitions

- Celia being the last of them to go to swim because she thinks the water is cold

- Jasper and Celia learning how to surf

- Tamara and Celia looking for shells

- Tamara using the shells to make a necklace

- Call and Celia having the skin red as a tomato, Celia because she has a sensitive skin and Call because he got slept out of the beach umbrella without sunscreen

- Tamara and Call walking along the sand holding hands

- Aaron drowning everybody when they are in the water, especially Jasper

- Jasper screaming like a girl every time Aaron drowns him

- Jasper creating big waves to fend off Aaron and to torment Call

- Tamara waterskiing

- Celia making enormous sand castles and later replicas of monuments like the Eiffel Tower and the Liberty Statue

- Call hating to wear sunscreen

- All of them discussing to see who is the first to use the big float with form of orca that they have bought the day before (Tamara won)

- Call flying next to the gulls and sometimes chasing it

- Aaron chasing the beach umbrella when the wind takes it away

- Call and Tamara kissing underwater on the quiet several times

- Jasper and Aaron making fun of them when they discover it

- Aaron and Call hunting crabs and small fishes

- Call and Tamara going to dive to the reefs to see fishes, corals and small water elements

- Jasper being stung by a jellyfish

- Call adopting the jellyfish and naming it “Squizzy”

- Tamara drawing in the sand

- Jasper making the water to surround Tamara’s drawings

- Call losing the fear to wear swimsuit in public little by little

- Call saying phrases of Finding Nemo and Finding Dori all the time, especially “Shark Bait Ho Ha Ha!” and “Just keep swimming”

- All of them whit a lot of sand in their swimsuits at the end of the day

swim along

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by laefu

one thing’s for sure - an orphan is the last thing Keith wants to be.

Words: 2246, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

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Does it make sense to suddenly have a strong aversion to wanting to swim? My friends will randomly ask me to swim but sometimes I just strongly do not want to. It's usually a compilation of things like the pool water and the after effects like wet hair and wet bathing suit texture, but sometimes I can't explain it. I've tried explaining it but my friends say I'm using my Aspergers as a crutch and I just don't want to have fun with them.

If they are asking randomly then then that is likely to be at least part of the problem even if you do sometimes enjoy swimming. Autistic people usually like to prepare for events, and struggle with last minute plans.

In particular something like swimming can require quite a lot of planning and worry:
- being prepared for the sensory aspects of a wet swimming costume, wet hair, temperature, etc.
- being prepared for the noise and crowds of the pool is busy.
- taking along a towel, a swimming costume, potentially extra clothes if you wear your costume there, money for entry, money for a locker, thinking about transport.
- being told you’re too slow at getting ready if your sensory issues make it harder to get dressed again afterwards.
- worrying about whether your things are safe wherever they’ve been stored.

It’s not fair for your friends to accuse you of using your diagnosis as a crutch, rather than recognising that being autistic does make some things harder or less appealing - if you thought it would simply be fun then you’d likely want to go, so clearly the things that bother you are significant enough to prevent you from taking part.

You could try asking your friends to so specific things to make it easier for you to join in such as planning swimming trips in advance, going at a certain time of day, being patient with you when you’re getting ready etc. You could also offer alternative plans that you can also enjoy with them, or think up ways you can all go somewhere where they can swim if they want and you can do other things (picnics by lakes you can swim in for example).

Today was the last day of swim lessons and My swim lesson kids all brought me cards and cookies and a rose today! I honestly started crying! They all gave me big hugs at the end and said they loved me and they would miss me

Yesterday I was talking to one of the kids’ grandma and she offered to bring me a bottle of the expensive Neutrogina(idk spelling) sun screen that she hadn’t used before. I said, “sure that would be awesome!” Today she came in with a huge unopened Costco package of the stuff and gave it to me!! It was really sweet!

Rick and Morty Dropped an Epic Season 3 Fight Scene Animatic at Comic Con

External image
Rick and Morty

The first word from Rick and Morty Season 3 is here, and it’s covered in rodent blood. The Rick and Morty panel at San Diego Comic Con apparently had a packed house, and visitors probably got to see a whole lot about our animated alcoholic anti-hero, Rick Sanchez. Luckily Adult Swim has dropped a tidbit of the next season for the rest of us, and holy shit is it awesome. 

When last we left Rick, he was strapped head to toe inside an a galactic prison complex, which you can explore on Instagram here. He had just given himself up for the betterment of Morty and the Smith family. “Hurt” by Nine Inch Nails was playing. It was a sad moment. The new clip is nothing like that. Dozens of fan theories have sprouted up about if and how Rick will escape, but this clip implies that it may involve turning miniature and impaling, slicing, and bashing the living daylights out of a horde of rats. Watch the glorious footage below.

More information about Rick and Morty Season 3 will likely disseminate in the aftermath of the panel, but we’re happy with our bloodbath for now. Keep up to date with Rick and Morty news on the Adult Swim website.


The Painful Secret Behind Rick and Morty's Burps

The ‘Rick and Morty’ Hotline Lets You Vent Your Season Finale Woes

'Rick and Morty’ Adds 20 New Worlds to Instagram

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Swim, casual, and evening wear for my sole survivor, Grey! I only just got the game yesterday so I don’t have any armour for her here, but I’m excited to see how it plays out. Grey used to be primarily a makeup model before being forced out of the industry after an accident that put burns on her face, and now she’s figuring out guns and how to fix settlements. She’s not the best, but she tries.


Thursday AM - Gym’D - Biking & Swimming

After the rain caused a rest day last night my quads actually felt 90%normal today. I woke up without the alarm, but I forgot to pack my gym bag last night. I almost… .almost used that as an excuse not to go to the gym today, BUT I did anyway. A voice inside my head just said, “You’re going.”


I didn’t get on my normal stationary bike; I got on one closer to the door in hopes to be able to reach the pokestop. Ugggg. It was so close yet so far!!! I caught some random ones while I was busting out miles on the bike in between Facebook browsing sessions.

16 miles in just over an hour.


After last session where my sore quads were like rocks dragging me to thr bottom of the pool I was not looking forward to the pool. I mean, I am never really looking forward to the pool, but this time I was even more leery.

I felt better in there though. My legs actually helped push me forward. I could still feel some drag, but I’ll take it. Decent swim this morning. 4 laps breast stroke to warm up and then 6x6 laps crawl for 40 laps total. (1000m)

That other picture is a real life pokemon I found on the steps leading up to the gym. I didn’t catch it or anything though. Happy Thursday everyone!! Find a reason to high five someone or if youre so inclined give them a pat on the butt. Or both. Go crazy. Have a great day!

Thank you @375tohealthy for tagging me! 

1. Are you a morning person or a night owl? Morning person 100%. Although I’m trying to be both…as my bf is a night owl and nights with him are the funnest and most amazing ^^ 

2. What is your favorite personality trait in others? Kindness and sincerity. I had to put both as they’re extremely valuable to me.

3. Would you rather be able to breathe under water or fly? Breathe under water. When I was little I pretended I was a mermaid every time we went to the seaside :P also my happy place is under water. I used to take a deep breath and swim directly to the bottom, then let all of the air out so you just kind of float underneath..and I’d watch everything and time would stop :)

4. What was the last book you read? Jane Johnson, The Tenth Gift :) 

5. Did you enjoy the book? YES I did! Also the ending suited me very well and it was the one that makes you feel good :) 

6. Iphone or Android? Windows :P best phone I’ve ever owned. My battery lasts 4-7 days (depending on the usage). And I have an android tablet for certain apps that windows doesn’t have :) 

7. What’s your favorite smell? Lavender. Reminds me of home, my mom and calms me down :)

8. What takes you back to your childhood? Running around for no reason (which is something I do when I’m with my bf and it’s amazing) 

9. Any good dreams lately? Nightmare tonight..well most nights have been nightmares for the past few weeks. 

10. How did you find Tumblr?
 Oooh it was a loong time ago..2010, 2011? I think I saw it in a magazine? Like one for the teens.. and the rest I can’t remember ^^ 

These were amazing! Thank you again :)) 

My 10 questions.

  1. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
  2. Do you do well under pressure?
  3. How do you relax?
  4. Spring, summer, autumn or winter?
  5. If you’d have unlimited amount of money, what would you do in life?
  6. Coffee or tea?
  7. How many languages do you speak?
  8. Would you like to learn more?
  9. What country(countries) have you always wanted to visit?
  10. What’s your dream job?

I ‘’tag’’ @annes-fitblr @come-on-abs-what-happened-here @emilymarkstheworld @getting-fit-staying-fab @jewsquats @mariana-lifts @natty-fit @running-equals-happy @just-run @manda-works-out @workoutinpink @peachesandpushups @swim-run-fun @shapeyoursmile @littlefitberry @wortmaus @ordinary-runner @go-be-wild @fit-strong-balanced @paintitbright @whatisexercisereally @fit-greek-salad @fitnessgeekandcoffeefreak and anyone who is bored and wants to answer stuff ^^ 

I wish you a beautiful day!

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Hello! Idk if you remember me but i am bears order anon and i saw everyone is like we live march again so i tought what bears said us then i remembered. When we saw baby bottle with the bears last time, they wore swim suit. Coincidence? Why not. But i don't believe in coincidences

I do remember you!! And hopefully that works out this time.

Good news

So, two days ago, I was waiting for my vocational rehabilitation appointment when this bearded dude came in. He was looking for last minute help on a roofing project. I was very very close to letting the opportunity by, but then I spoke up. I did it. I got the job.

The pay was $9 per hour. So I worked 4 hours that day, then I worked 7 and a half hours the next day. (My body hurts a lot). All together, I made $104.

Originally, I was going to use it to buy more data on my phone and a swimming binder, but plans changed.

Through out working, this guy thought I was a cis male. I kept it like that and even pretended to be kind of hurt when I hit my crotch with a stick by accident. He called me the “new guy”. But when it was time to cash the check… I guess I forgot Cameron wasn’t my legal name.

I had to tell him my birth name and come out as trans. It was a mess. He acted super uncomfortable and awkward. I decided then that I’m going to use the $104 to legally change my name and gender marker.

It was weird that the dude who only met me the day before tried to talk me out of it and thought he was being nice telling me I didn’t have to, and something about college. (He was sort of mumbling). But what ever, I’m doing it. I’ve wanted a legal name change for three years (or four?). And I have been out as trans for 5 (mom told me).

I am going to be working with him again Monday, and he has my number, so I will still be able to save up for the swimming binder and phone data.


In summery, I am legally changing my name and gender marker.



the alcohol was buzzing in his skin, swimming in his veins and pumping out in his body, his heart helping it along. he’d had so much to drink that night. grill parties were always amazing, they were long lasting and a great way of getting closer to your fellow humans. it’d been a few colleagues this time. grilled steaks, asparagus, ball peppers, potatoes, bread, someone had made coleslaw, too much red wine, even more tequila. god, he was wasted. he shouldn’t have necked that last shot, and he wasn’t even hungry. he’d been eating way too much, he was so full he knew that if he didn’t get home now, he wouldn’t get home at all. he’d have to sleep over at someone’s place and if he knew himself well enough it’d end up being in a shared bed with one of the girls attending the grill party. and he didn’t want that. normally he wouldn’t really have given a shit about where he slept, but something was pulling him back to the flat. something had him return to his home. and so there he was, paying the taxi driver before getting out of the car and fiddling with his long cotten coat, swaying in the non existing wind, drunk off his ass. humming to himself.