the swimming commandments

Trying to motivate myself by making an aesthetic for my upcoming mermaid au. WHY is writing so hard???

Anyway, here’s a mini preview:

The U.S.S. Inflictor appeared first as a cobalt shadow, edges blurred by the millions of gallons of seawater between him and the sunken ship. Not very much sunlight reached beyond a depth of two-hundred meters, any deeper and they would be diving into the dysphotic zone.

Finally, he confirmed for Hux, “I have visual of the Inflictor. I’m coming up on the starboard bow.”

There was a beat, and then: “Damages?”

Finn Storme, Second Class Diver, responded. “I’m seeing significant damage to the hull on the port beam, Sir.”

Ben was already swimming towards command, pushing open steel doors to navigate the narrow halls. It never ceased to amaze him how quickly life in the ocean took advantage of a wreck. From the corner of his eye, he saw the flash of fins as a fish swam swiftly out of view; Ben favored the mission over exploration.

I am so excited to be working on this but UGH. Motivation is momentarily comatose. Anyone have a guess where this is set? 8D

The Great Unknown

Summary: As if it wasn’t bad enough to fall in a random hole in a road and find yourself in Middle Earth, travelling with Thorin Oakenshield and his company, but also get turned into a dog by Gandalf. And when the wizard doesn’t even know how it happened or how to turn you back, you could only hope that this was just a bad dream. But is it?

Pairing: Thorin’s company x Reader

Words: 1942

Author’s note: I’ll be gone a week and a half, so I’m not sure when I’ll be posting next chapter.

Previous chpaters

You ran back to the trolls camp, cursing silently the dwarves. Of course you could forgive them the fact that they didn’t understand you most of the times, but when they did and didn’t care, even mocked at you… Well, that’s something you couldn’t forgive. They were so indifferent that it was actually a wonder none of them died until they reached Erebor. But because of stupidity of certain two and events that happened after that, they lost most of their supplies and the ponies. 

You sneak in the bushes and stop there, getting down. You watch as the three trolls talk about the food, but you do not spot the Hobbit.

“Where are you Bilbo?” you whisper, looking around the camp. You didn’t see him. You sigh and are about to move, when one of the trolls sneezes to his handkerchief and few seconds later he lets out a scream. You lift your head, surprised. There he was, on top of the handkerchief, covered in trolls snot. You lift your upper lip and move your tongue out, as if you tried to get something out of your mouth. The sight of Bilbo covered in snot was disgusting and you felt bad for him.

Then the troll threw him on the ground, as if he was some sort of bug climbing on teenyboppers arm. You wanted to giggle to the thought, but you knew better not to. You didn’t want to get caught.

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Kiss Me With Adventure

been a while since i posted something, and this has been on my file for a while, so here

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Jesse still stares in awe at the room he had scored. It was definitely worth the run in with the door. Sure he had to share it with Rainer since they were short on rooms, but the bed was big enough for both. Once they took off the dozen of pillows and two covers decorating the mattress, they will fit in comfortably and sleep like babies. Rainer enters the room after taking a shower and falls on the bed made for a prince.

“It’s like a cloud, McCree!” Rainer starts swaying their arms, as if they were making bed angels. “Never wake me up.”

Jesse laughs before looking out the glass window behind the fancy curtains. The houses around him look just as the one they broke in to hide until morning. A gang was using these vacation homes around to hide their drugs in backyards and do deals in said houses. Blackwatch got them and now it was just time to wait until morning for back-up and reach the gang’s main hide out. Sure, they had broken into one of these fancy houses themselves, but they were heroes. Like Gabriel said as he hacked the alarm system, they deserve it.

Of course, Reyes had called dibs on the master room, with the bed made for a king, as soon as he stepped foot in polished wooden floor. Which led to his 7 agents run to the three empty rooms. Jesse and Rainer both reached the one besides the master bedroom, they still needed to pair of, mind as well be fair.

“The water is amazing,” Rainer comments, lifting themselves on their elbows. “Should get to it before one of the others calls dibs.”

“Nah,” Jesse waves them off. “I’ve got my eyes set on that fancy pool over there.”

Rainer scoffs, “I don’t think Reyes would like us out at this hour. Could attract attention.”

“I’m pretty sure our dear commander is far gone on his big ass bed. He won’t know shit.” Jesse makes his way to the door. “Meanwhile, I would bathe in the fountain of gods.”

“Good luck, McCree,” Rainer says as they get up to pick up pillows off the way and undo the covers to slip under.

Jesse marches into one of the two bathrooms, ignores Kimura’s complains, and grabs a towel from the cabinet. On his way out through the kitchen to the backdoor, he grabs a beer and snaps it open to get that first sip before going outside.

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I’m so full of cadet bros feels rn.

Like Cody never having pushed Rex the way their bounty hunter teachers did but instead did so the way Rex needed to be pushed, to be pushed by a brother, someone who actually cared. In the way of Cody telling Rex every. single. day that he was worth more than just one more noble death for the Republic. That he could do such great things with that regulation filled head of his. Cody always giving Rex a thumbs up after a simulation run even tho they weren’t in the same cohort, the same squad. Cody grasping Rex’s shoulder briefly as they passed on their ways to their different classes and training locations.

And whenever another of the slightly older cadets would give Cody a look like, “What is it about /him/?”

Cody just smirks, “I believe in that one.”

“Why him? He licks boots like a /dog/, no wonder they call him ‘Rex’.”

And then Cody would chew them out in a manner they never heard before. Shutting them the fuck up and down, purely using words. And the first time Rex actually bore witness to that, he was in awe. He’d gotten into a few fist fights himself with a few brothers when his patience just finally couldn’t take it anymore, but here was Cody, silencing all the doubters and Rex himself without even raising a fist. Cody, who hardly ever raised his voice unless it was to give orders to his squad or discipline and always seemed to have a level head and an easy air, got up in a huff over a younger Cadet who didnt think he was worth squat.

That was the first time Rex ever felt like crying over something honestly..

Magical Girls as Personality Types
  • La Pucelle: ENFJ- Protagonist
  • Snow White: ISFJ- Defender
  • Top Speed: ESPF- Entertainer
  • Ripple: ENTP- Debater
  • Nemurin: ENFP- Campaigner
  • Hardgore Alice: INFJ- Advocate
  • Sister Nana: INFP- Mediator
  • Weiss Winterprison: ISTJ- Logistician
  • Cranberry: INTJ- Architect
  • Ruler: ENTJ- Commander
  • Swim Swim: INTP- Logician
  • Tama: ESFP- Consul
  • Minael: ISFP- Adventurer
  • Yunael: ESTP- Entrepreneur
  • Magicaloid 44: ISTP- Virtuoso
  • Calamity Mary: ESTJ- Executive
  • If you guys disagree, feel free to put your thoughts on what kind of personality they would have ^.^