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Evak + Nerina Pallot: Junebug

Let’s take off all our clothes and wander through the fields, at night, let’s go. That hour just before the sun comes as magic. It’s magic, oh for sure. (…) How do we know when we met we would feel this? How do we know it would be so beautiful? How do we know we would get so serious? Oh, the Junebug, Junebug…

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this is the softest sweetest song ever i’m just… and it’s not the one he wrote three years ago? it’s literally new? it’s like they’re living a never ending honeymoon phase where despite the arguments and all the things life has put them through they’re still as in love as they were five years ago and it’s soft and calm and sweet and pure



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Bts reaction to their girlfriend sleeping with soft music playing in the background. It's because she hates silence and is afraid when its to quiet so she plays music quietly to help her fall alseep. (This is me. I sleep while listening to BTS)

Kim Seokjin/Jin:

(If BTS songs)

It was a bright morning and Jin had waken up early to make sure he could spend some time with you before he had to go to practice. He had made you breakfast in bed with your favorite food and drink. He was wearing his pink apron which was a gift from you for your three years anniversary. He would silently walk in and see you laying across the bed, snoring and drooling. He would smile, but then he would notice you were playing his song “Oh y/n, aren`t you a sweetheart. I guess we can take a small nap before I go”.

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(If other songs)

He sat the tray on the nightstand next to the bed, he sat down and began singing with his sweet voice, he would put his whole soul into the sining. When you didn’t`t wake up he would chuckle and brush the hair out of your face, kissing your cheek and simply hold you close to him as he sang along with the song or at least hummed as he just enjoyed the moment he had with you. As the sun shined through the curtains he was truly happy “I think that I might never become happier than what I am with you, never change”.

Kim Namjoon/Rapmonster:

(If BTS songs)

Namjoon had been working on a new song for BTS with Yoongi, he had texted you telling you not to stay up late as he would come late home. When he came home he was so exhausted and could not wait to be in bed with you and feel the warmth coming from your body next to his. As he was about to open the bedroom door he heard a familiar voice, he opened the door carefully not to wake you up and found out you were listening to BTS Spring day, he smiled. His hand caressed your cheek “what did I ever do to deserve you”.

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(If other songs)

The door opened with a not so silent he would try to sneak his way to the bed without making a noise, the last thing he wanted to do was to wake you up from your slumber. He put down his bag almost knocking over the lamp in the process, he sighed and sat down beside you, he looked at you, he admired the beauty that lied before him and kissed you gently on the head before smiling to himself “you make me crazy, I cant even go one day without thinking of you and what you are doing. Please be my side for a long time”.

Min Yoongi/Suga:

(If BTS songs)

He would come home from a long day and was ready to just go to bed and cuddle with you. At first he would see you laying in bed snoring and drooling, he would find that so cute that at first he would ignore the music, not really paying it much attention before his arm were around you. He would first be annoyed when he recognized the music “ah, I hear these songs everyday.” but when he saw your peaceful drooling face, he would give out a sigh and simply kiss you on the forehead “You are simply too much sometimes, but I still love you”.

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(If other songs)

As he gently pulled your sleeping body tighter to his, your head on his chest because he knew how much you loved to listen to his heartbeat. He would notice the music playing and would take some time to listen to the lyrics no matter what the language was, he would feel the rhythm and giggle a little by himself. He would simply stroke your hair while humming with the song as he knew you were already fast asleep, he might also had to dry away some drool from your face “you are so cute, why do you do this to me? Hehe, love you”.

Jung Hoseok/J-hope:

(If BTS songs)

Hoseok had been dancing all day and was just aching to cuddle with you in bed and let all his worries fly away. He would lean against the door frame when he noticed that you speaker was on, he carefully walked towards it to turn it of but then heard his voice coming from it, he would smile from ear to ear when he saw how peaceful you looked while listening to his groups songs. He would be so happy that you felt relaxed when listening to their songs, his heart would flutter at the sight of you snoring “Ah, y/n you make me crazy”.

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(If other songs)

He would sit on the bed next to your sleeping body and just simply listen to what you were listening on, he might try to find out what the song was called and get it on his own phone so he could listen to it when he was miles away from you, it would remind him of you when he most needed it. His face would face yours, his thumbs carefully exploring your face as he would hum softly with the song “well, aren`t you the sweetest thing ever. It`s so silly how you can make my heart flutter by doing the simplest thing, I love you”.

Park Jimin/Jimin:

(If BTS songs)

Jimin had been dancing with Jungkook and came home little later than usual, his neck and back was hurting and he went to take to shower and change clothes before coming into bed just relaxing with his hand around you. He leaned against the door frame and smiled when he saw you “aish, they are so cute” he walked over to the bed and sat down. He heard the song that was playing and a big smile came across his face“ah y/n stop killing me with your cuteness. My only love, the one I want is you. I mean you`re perfect for me”.

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(If other songs)

He smiled from ear to ear after catching his breath after all that squealing, he would put his head next to yours and watch you as you drooled. He would even mimic some of the faces you made in your sleep just for fun and giggles, he would brush the hair away from your face when it blocked your eyes. He would hum beautifully to the song as he memorized every inch of your face “love me, that is all I ask of you” his smile would become wider and wider as he just admired the sweetness of the music and you next to him and only his.

Kim Taehyung/V :

(If BTS songs)

Taehyung was like an energy ball today, he was ready to jump on the couch and have a huge pillow fight which would lead to you two cuddling and being a giggling mess in the end. He came marching through the bedroom door to the sight of you laying there almost dead, but then you drooled and then he knew you were still alive. He would be distracted by your adorable face when he first heard that there was actually music in the room and more importantly his song “hmm, I love you. Never doubt that” he would say as he poked your nose.

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(If other songs)

As he poked your nose he would try to capture some of the words in the song, he would also do a little dance and actually just begin dancing around the room just having a great time. He might even record himself singing the song to your sleeping face as he poked your chin, nose and lips. After loosing all his energy he would lay down beside you and just take you in a big hug, he would start singing the song as he playfully danced with you, waving your arms from one side to another and so on “always look on the bright side of life”.

Jeon Jeong Guk/Jungkook:

(If BTS songs)

Jungkook had just taken a shower and put on some clothes, he was tired and all he wanted was to get some rest. He would walk into the bedroom seeing you already fast asleep, he would notice a familiar tune and would give out a soft giggle when he heard his own voice. He would smile, it was a good feeling knowing that his voice was so calming to you, he would carefully wander and turn off the speaker so that he himself could hold you close and sing to you a sweet tune as he played with your hair “You know I love you, you silly person”.

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(If other songs)

As he laid down beside you and stared up on the roof, his ears would capture a sweet and calm melody. He would slowly close his eyes as he let the music take over his mind, his hand would hold yours as his thumbs carefully caressed it. He would smile to himself, he understood that it made you relax, the song had a romantic yet calm and just beautiful feeling to it. It reminded him of you, he turned over so he could be closer to you and whispered softly in your ear “ You know, I never knew I could love someone like this before I met you”.

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JB Imagine - College AU (Part 5)

A/N - I am absolutely loving this JB college AU, what do you guys think? If there’s any other pairing you want me to include more (like Mina and Jinyoung) then let me know! Hope you enjoy~

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9

“And do you, (Y/N)?” JB’s straightforward question had thrown you off a bit, leaving you rather flustered. You hadn’t at all expected him to confess like that, or even at all. 
“Um, well..” His face sank at your hesitation, taking nerves for a rejection. He nodded and walked away, a disappointed expression on his face. 
“No, wait!” You shouted, grabbing his wrist and pulling him to face you. “Let’s go somewhere no one else will be able to interfere,” you offered as you led him away from the group towards a forested area. 
“If you’re taking me here just to reject me, I’d rather go back to the group.”
“I didn’t take you here to do that.”
“No? Well if you didn’t how come you were hesitating so much to answer me?”
“Because I was flustered! I didn’t expect the guy I like to just come up to me after some other girl has tried to flirt with him and then confess his feelings!”
“You like me?”
“Of course I do, Jaebum. Look at you.” Hearing you call him by his full name made JB smile. The way it sounded coming from your voice warmed him inside. It made his stomach flutter and he couldn’t help but want to hear you say it again and again.

Weeks later and you and JB were in a weird state of not knowing where to take things. You were yet to go on an official date together but had shared many cute and intimate moments. You’d had many ‘dates’ where you would sit in the library together and make notes for an essay plan. Often, you would see JB write little notes or doodles into a notebook. He’d hide it from view and would never let you look inside, only sparking your curiosity and making you want to look inside even more. It wasn’t until one day when JB had left to go to the toilet and had forgotten to put the notebook back into his bag. It was just sat there in the table with a pencil sticking out of it. Knowing you shouldn’t, you tried to resist the temptation but you couldn’t stop yourself from picking up the notebook and opening it to the page he had been writing on. There scrawled on the page were little lines of text. Was it poetry? Or maybe lyrics to a song? Not wanting to get caught, you closed it again and put it back in the same spot, hoping JB wouldn’t suspect anything. The little lines you had read didn’t gain any logical search results when you typed them into your phone. JB was clearly writing something that he didn’t want you to see. Who knows what for. Despite becoming closer to him, JB was still the same mysterious person who you couldn’t quite figure out at the best of times.

After a couple of days, JB asked you out on a proper date, seeming extremely nervous to talk to you even if you were both fairly close. He hadn’t told you where he would be taking you except that you should “dress nicely”. He had teased you a bit, saying he didn’t want you embarrassing him with one of your shirts with an obscure book reference on it. But then immediately reassured you he thought it looked cute, in case you hadn’t picked up on his teasing tone. When JB arrived at your flat to take you out, he looked practically speechless at your appearance.
“Wow, um (Y/N) you look amazing.”
“You don’t look too bad yourself, Jaebum. Where are we actually going tonight?”
“Oh, I was going to take you to a little art gallery in town. I’ve been there a few times and thought you might like it there too.”
“Great! I didn’t realise there was an art gallery nearby.”
“It is pretty hidden if you don’t know where to look. Anyway, ready to go?”
“Yep, all ready.”

Spending time with JB at the gallery was amazing. It was better than the classic ‘dinner and a movie’ date since you could admire beautiful pieces of art while talking and getting to know each other. Knowing JB had come here often also gave you an insight to his mind and how he felt. Walking around, he had told you that certain pieces had inspired him deeply. During that time, he had also told you that he wrote music which explained the lyrics you had seen in his notebook. Throughout the night, JB had barely kept his hands off you. The whole time his hand was in yours and he would always be reluctant if he had to let go. This side to JB was entirely new but you liked it. He seemed more vulnerable and soft, rather than the ‘chic’ person he often appeared to be. Jackson would no doubt tease him if he saw JB’s change in demeanor. The thought only made you smile as you could practically envision JB’s blushing face as Jackson pointed out how differently you made him act without even trying.

As the night came to an end, JB dropped you off back at your flat, though neither of you wanted to say goodbye. 
“Jaebum, do you want to come in for a bit? My roommates are all out on some girls’ night and probably won’t be coming home until the early hours of the morning, if at all.”
“Sure. I actually had something that I wanted to show you.” Walking into the flat, you led JB to the living room where he sat beside you on the sofa. He pulled out his phone and some earphones, handing them over to you. 
“I have something I’ve been working on that i want you to hear. You know how I’m always writing in that notebook and I never let you see it? Well, this is the product of that.” Without saying a word, you put the earphones on and let JB press play. The song that played was soft and nothing like what you expected JB to write or listen to but you loved it nonetheless. His lyrics were beautiful and his voice was even better. Once it had finished playing, you immediately took out the earphones and hugged him tightly. 
“Thank you so much, Jaebum. I loved it.”
“I like you a lot, (Y/N) and I know I’m not good at expressing that so I hope you know now from that song.”
“I like you too, Jaebum. And even more so after that amazing song. It’s honestly the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me, thank you.” You looked into his eyes and smiled. He smiled back at you and leaned in for a soft kiss that soon escalated. The apartment was empty apart from the two of you and you were definitely going to make the most of it.

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Hi there! First off, your writing is amazing and you are a cute and pretty person. Secondly, could you write some fluffy and/or funny headcanons for a fem s/o who is pregnant and in a poly relationship with Noct and Prompto? Thanks <3

You’re too kind, darling!!! Thank you so much! I got you on those headcanons! 

I don’t have any personal experience with a true poly relationship. I’ve been a couple’s “girlfriend” before but I dunno that was toxic that was a mess let it stay in the garbage where it belongs (withardyn). IN ANY CASE! I love the idea of Poly!Promtis so I gave it my best shot despite my lack of experience!!

 More under the cut for length. 

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more details on my movie theater Job™:

-i’m REALLY glad i worked earlier today and not tonight when beauty and the beast opens. i ZOOPED outta there so FAST
-i’ve been doing walk throughs (checking the theaters) and 3 times today i walked into Kong Skull Island, saw brie on screen, and as i left i said “that me brie”
-checking ID’s is NOT fun… today i carded a 40 year old womandhdhskhsjzhdhs
-before i fall was playing today to NO ONE and at the part in the movie a grimes song started playing so i stayed for like half a minute just to dance
-one day i answered the phone and this guy just said “Yeah how much Are Movies?”
-of course song to song isn’t gonna play in town. of course. i wanna die
-there’s more but i can’t think of anything right now so this is all you get

i am physically and mentally prepared to go around to everyone’s doorsteps and preach like a jehova’s witness about how “love like you” is maybe the sweetest and most heartfelt victuuri song to ever exist and i would like to thank not only god but also jesus that both su and yoi were able to exist in the universe at the same time to produce that fantastic combination of thematic elements. thank u for coming to my ted talk.


I just wanted to tell you that your the greatest thing to me and I wanted to make sure that you feel the same for me.

@ichschmeckemusik n anon: have this Promptis warm up sketch, as demanded by you good folks of the internet :’D these two are about 80% of the requests I get lol Not that I mind, I enjoy drawing them a lot! gives me a good opportunity to explore all their facettes.

Today, we have teen!promptis accompanied by the lyrics of an old German song that I rediscovered yesterday. It’s called “a compliment/Ein Kompliment” n it’s like the sweetest n most innocent song ever n it just screamed teen!promptis to me :)

Music to write Torn by

Just after I’d delivered the second draft of Torn - in the end there were three drafts plus two short “production drafts”, where only tiny changes in dialogue were asked for right before they locked it as a shooting script - I found myself emailing with our brilliant exec producer Juliet about the various processes writers have to get a draft done.

I told her that for me, it was imagining how the actors would look and sound doing and saying certain things, and music. Always music. I know some writers who prefer silence and they BAFFLE AND CONFUSE me. I can’t do it. To me, silence is just a huge void of “Why can’t you type anything? / Why have you just typed that load of shit?” That still happens regardless, but with my headphones blasting something, it’s not as crushing. I told Juliet that I had a long playlist to write to, and certain songs for specific characters and moments, including the one I listened to over and over and over again whilst crying at 2am trying to write one scene. (No, you don’t get a prize for guessing which scene yes obviously it was that one.) I’d like to share that playlist with you now, and talk a little about how it connected the characters for me along the way.

(Skip down to the first video below & play - it really kicks in after about 2 mins)

When I got the WB job, I started on a playlist almost straight away - if I recall, the night that Ep 1 of S4 had gone out. Now I’d met the new characters, and seen the new style of shooting, I went to my iTunes (30,000+ tracks all stored on an offline PC running on XP and iTunes 9 - FUK U APPLE MUSIC YOU ARE NEVER REPLACING MY RARE TRACKS) and started throwing in music that said this one thing to me -

- running through the city at night, surrouded by lights.

Didn’t have to be running as a wolf, just needed that rush, that feeling. This netted me 5 or 6 tracks. I tried to stick to recent-ish things (circa April 2016), and mainly British artists. Anything with energy, screaming “city!”. Then I got corny and searched every Wolfblood related word I could think of - moon, howl, wolf, run, teeth, etc - to see if that threw up anything good. (More on that below.) This was a start, and was what I took up to the writers room in Salford. (On that journey, I also played the hell out of Try Everything from Zootropolis, which I had seen the Friday before. I especially played it on the tram out to MediaCity basically so I could arrive there for the first time like Judy Hopps.)

When I got back from the room, I worked on the playlist, adding a few more tracks (the full Aurora album was out by now as well and was the kind of thing I buy & love anyway) over the next couple of months while I was waiting for the real work to start. So, by the time August rolled around, and my story outline was locked… I. WAS. READY.

I try to avoid too much existing film music on a playlist because generally it’s already got a strong connection to something visual, but an exception was the opening track on my list, from the 1979 movie The Warriors. I know a lot of people who grew up with this film, but I only saw in a couple of years ago, when the full score was released on limited CD, and that’s where this track is from.

When I made this my opening track, it was merely to set mood. Creepy city night moving into propulsive action. But when my story changed in July and my opening became the scenes of Emilia, Madoc and Hafren stalking the city… OHMYGOD can you imagine more perfect music to write that too? And when they filmed those scenes I was there and could hear this music in my mind as I watched them walk. Magic.

(There actually seems to be another nod to The Warriors in Ep 5, when Birdie taunts “Wolfbloods, come out to play…” I must ask Ed if it’s intentional.)

Then I had the 30 second title version of Running With The Wolves on my iPod, so it was essentially like listening to my episode start after the teaser (”They think so.”) and then away we go. And yes, my nerdery knows no bounds.

I may skip around the actual order of the playlist now to talk about it, but the playlist linked at the bottom of the post is the order of the tracks on my iPod, so go hit that and enjoy.

First up after the titles, TURN THE MUSIC LOUDER (RUMBLE). This is everything I said above. This is running through a loud, lit city at night. This track gets me so fired up, and though I love love love Katy B & Tinie Tempah’s voices, the extended instrumental was the best one to get my blood going - especially when it was 1am and I’d just cued the playlist for the fourth time that night. When that beat kicks in at 46 seconds <3

Chaleur Humaine was such an important album to me last year. It was an album I got a few weeks before getting the job, which was also the week my grandma had a fall and went to hospital and… all that’s on my instagram, go look. Point being, I *needed* this album last year. So it was obvious some songs would make their way onto the list, and TILTED is just… It’s audio heaven to me. And while I was still finishing Torn, they’d started shooting Block 1, and a video went up of Jack dancing to this in the green room. So when you’re listening to the same thing the cast is, you kind of know you’ve chosen well. “But I’m actually good / Can’t help it if we’re tilted” could almost be a WB motto. We’re not human, but that doesn’t make us bad - just tilted. Later, iT was a song for Jana, “I’m a man now” becoming a stand-in for “I’m an Alpha now”.

Raleigh Ritchie, aka Jacob Anderson, aka Grey Worm on GoT. How talented can one guy be? (Plus he used to follow me on Twitter when he had a seperate Jacob account and we’d talk movies and trade puns a bit.) If you haven’t heard You’re A Man Now, Boy, do it right now (or when you’ve finished reading this). Anyway, these songs keyed me *straight* into TJ. “This is a blue town / And I feel a Gene Kelly moment comin’ on” is sooooooooo TJ. That boundless optimism, even when the world is falling down, that sense of play and fun and joy about being a Wolfblood - more than that, being Terence Cipriani, the one and only. But he still can’t *quite* get it together with Selina, even though he *totally* should, so BLOODSPORT ‘15 got me into their scenes** together, and then when Raleigh is joined on THE CHASED by his real life partner, the amazing Aisling Loftus, that basically became TJ and Selina singing together.

**There’s not a lot of TJ and Selina in Torn, which is a regret, because I love them so much. I did write them some other scenes (while they’re waiting for Hartington, and in the Den at the end) but they were cut for time before shooting. They were nice in isolation, with Selina supporting TJ (he’s still worried about the chip having been in him), then him supporting her after her parents are taken, but they didn’t really contribute to the story, and as you saw, we had quite a few events to blast through in 27 minutes as it was.

ROMAN HOLIDAY by Halsey is almost an odd one out - one of only 2 American tracks on the list, but something about it struck me as right for Torn. “We’ll be looking for sunrise”, and “for now let’s get away” maybe? But it always felt like it belonged there.

The Wolf Alice tracks were the one of two results from my Wolfblood-related word search. Full disclosure - I had the Wolf Alice album and EP but they hadn’t grown on me yet when I put these on the list. That all changed as these songs became essential to the writing. STORMS seemed to fit for both Jana and Matei, as both are being told things by people and wonder the refrain over and over again “Who are your friends, your friends, your friends…”. By the third draft this always put me in Matei’s head. FREAZY became a big Jana song, as she tries to navigate ties and deals throughout the show, but always open to hope “You can join us if you think you’re wild / You can join us if you’re a feral child / Our love is cool”. “You can hate us all you want but it don’t mean nothing at all”, Jana just keeps Jana’ing, like a fucking boss. YOUR LOVES WHORE was kind of an all purpose track to again serve that big city tone, but the more I listened to it, the more the insistent beat and heavy guitars felt like Selina. She could be talking to TJ (”I could be your perfect girl”?) or she could be taking on the world, because she is Selina Khan and she will kick you in the face whilst delivering a cutting comment, then one minute later come out with the sweetest gesture you’ve ever seen.

I used the other Aurora songs to mainly access Emilia and Hafren. CONQUEROR is basically Hafren’s entire mission statement. Despite being swayed in method by Madoc, Hafren is a pure WB, just like Emilia tells her. That was a really important scene to me - one that never changed from the first draft. I wanted to have a scene that showed just what a good Alpha Emilia has been when she’s not trying to start a fight. Hafren may deploy her aggression very easily, but she’s doing it for very clear - almost innocent, really - reasons. She really believes, and when she howls and raises her fist on the castle, it should be that pure moment of triumph (along with an “oooooohhhh shit” moment equivilant to shutting down the grid in Ghostbusters in terms of WB/human relations). Laura G was amazing, coming to those short scenes with brilliant notes on what they meant to Hafren that completely chimed with my thinking, and I really can’t explain to you just how amazing it was to be up there and see and hear her howl like that.

TILL THE END by Lucy Rose was almost a chillout section in the middle of writing for me. It feels very fresh and optimistic, and can work for any number of characters, including Katrina. And if you want to take the lyrics “‘Cause I want to believe / That I will keep fighting 'till the end / And I should have believed / That you were much more than just a friend” and apply it to what Katrina is feeling after she hears what she does in this episode, I’m not going to stop you…

Katrina is a segue into what I always thought of as the Kafe section of songs, from Florrie through Karen Harding & Little Mix to Hailee Steinfeld. All great modern pop songs that I love and could imagine playing on the radio in the Kafe, backgrounding the long talk the pack have at the beginning. If there’s going to be a day when BLACK MAGIC doesn’t get me feeling upbeat and happy, I don’t want to know about it. Hailee Steinfeld is also the only other invading American song on the list, but the Kafe is a place where that doesn’t feel strange.

After the Kafe section and before Bloodsport ;15, I had another song I can’t add on Spotify -

I have the proper studio version of this, on a sampler for Chlöe Howl’s album that never came out, which is a fucking tragedy because wow. I love her, I loved every song she put out, and this song was sooooo important to the script. It works for Jana and Emilia and Matei… it takes them a long time to trust someone. And now some of those trusts are breaking down, and some are building again. (Howl was the other result from my wolf word searching, but I can’t imagine I’d have gone into battle without at least one Chlöe song regardless.)

The only other song on the playlist I can’t include here is SLOWDIVE by Gemma Hayes, which is an exclusive song I got for putting in an amount of £ to back the album that became Bones + Longing. It’s a really beautiful song - it sounds like audio sunlight and green fields, and I used it mainly to write Emilia teaching Matei Eolas. Nothing on the album sounds exactly like it, but check out Bones + Longing and Gemma’s previous album Let It Break for a taste, and because they’re amazing.

For the longest time - before the July story change that landed the Kafe Escape scene into Torn, HEY NOW (BONOBO REMIX) was the only song on the list that represented Robyn. It’s *very* city at night music, and I kind of imagined it being something she’d listen to on headphones in her room, laying awake and thinking of a person sleeping not very far away, and what she was starting to mean to her. It’s one for looking at the rain streaming down your window and hugging your covers tighter.

Another song like that is HEARTLESS. Oh my musical god. Really. This is one of the songs that went on the list that first night. I can listen to it endlessly. It represents everyone, in every space we go to. Kafe, Den, streets, wild. I can even access *Madoc* with this song (And it was important to understand Madoc and his reasons, but I can’t go into that now for spoilers. But I get why he’s doing what he does.) This is simply a key song in the creation of Torn.

Believe it or not, in my first draft, we had a car chase! I know!! Basically Hartington was somewhere else than the gym, and they all piled into Jones’s vehicle to track him on the roads before cornering him. Then everything went down the way it does in the ep now, but still, car chase! Then of course production said we could spend the enormous amount of money the chase would cost on better things, so can they just ambush him as he leaves the gym? But for the time the chase existed, the theme from The Warriors returned in BASEBALL FURIES CHASE to go with it.

The third Aurora song, I WENT TOO FAR was always Emilia to me. Perhaps not in lyrics, but in voice and feel. Has she gone too far? Maybe in some part of her mind. But she can relate to the “Crying 'give me some love, give me some love and hold me” part. For all the strength she takes in her pack, she’s so happy to get Matei back. It was a joy to write those scenes reuniting the siblings, and I am so so so happy with the Eolas scene. That’s been the same - bar literally changing one single word - since my first draft, and Sydney blew me away with how beautifully she delivered it. I hadn’t seen anything of that scene until Monday, and … yeah, it’s so so beautiful. Sydney, Jack, the look, the music. <3

The last Christine and the Queens song, NIGHT 52, I used to track the deleted Den scene, which came inbetween Madoc slipping away from the party and his call. Not much happened - it was really Jana, Imara, TJ & Selina trying to figure out a way to do… anything… to help the situation they’re in now. So it was sombre and quiet and though I’m now glad it’s gone (aside from missing the TJ & Selina beat mentioned above), this beautiful track gave it life.

So, it’s late July, and my story now includes a certain scene, and yeeaaahhhhh, gonna need some specific music for this one. Thankfully a couple more albums had come out recently. First, Nothing’s Real, by Shura. How good? Is it even measurable how good it is? And it gave me two songs in particular that seemed really Robyn, who was now so much more important to the episode. MAKE IT UP, with all the talk of waking up in the night, was like a companion to the London Grammar song, but 2SHY? That might as well be the narrative in Robyn’s head in the days leading up to Torn. “It’s taken me so long / Maybe I’m just too shy to say it / We could be more than friends / Maybe I’m just too shy / Too shy.” Wanting desperately to say something but too professional and maybe even hesitant to say it, until one awful event leads them to a very specific set of circumstances. They weren’t outside at the time. They weren’t downstairs, where Robyn could have quickly bolted out of the back door. No. They were up in the flat. One terrible moment, as brutish men crash into their lives, leads them to the only exit - to that window - and that moment, that perhaps could not have happened at any other time. And suddenly something terrible becomes something beautiful…

And that’s where HEAR YOU CALLING by Birdy comes in. It just hit me in the heart. In the music, in the lyrics (“I could take my make-up and put a brave face on” could be a mantra for Katrina during recent events), in Birdy’s beautiful voice. *This* was the song for that moment, and I played it and played it and played it. I left this scene to almost the last in my first draft, as I basically knew what I wanted to do with it, it just needed to be done right. So it was about 2am on the second night of writing when I cued the track for the first time. (I wrote the first draft over two nights in a 24 hour cafe, which is a useful thing Plymouth has for writers. And hey, a few months later I was reading Lucy Sutcliffe’s amazing Girl <3 Girl AND GUESS WHICH CAFE SHE MENTIONS HANGING OUT IN!!111!!)

And then I wrote the scene, over and over. Every line of description, every line of dialogue read and re-read and changed until it flowed with the music, and we reach that moment where Robyn stops herself from leaving, and the chorus kicks in on her declaration to Katrina…

And because Katrina is just a glorious wonderful beating heart of a human being she responds to Robyn with love and *that* **Alpha** ***headtouch*** and that human red red kiss that says come back to me and then Robyn’s gone until they meet again…

Every night when the sun goes down
And I’m left in this lonely town
I hear you calling me, hear you calling me, yeah
Every time that I say goodbye
Every night when I close my eyes
I hear you calling me, hear you calling me

Take me home, take me home, don’t know this place
Are you there wondering if I’m lying awake
Thinking of you?
Take me home, take me home, don’t know this place
Are you there wondering if I’m lying awake
Thinking of you?
Oh, my beautiful summer
How the winter makes me wonder
Where you’ve gone

And then a few weeks later they started using Hear You Calling for the opening titles of Our Girl, but they cut if off before the best bit anyway, so I’m planting the flag in it for us.

And finally, we’re back to the city, literally, with IN THE CITY, the end credits song from The Warriors, that just feels like the end of a very long day - but one where you have hope for the future, which is exactly what our pack need at the end of Torn, and what I needed because hearing this song meant I’d been writing for a couple of hours, and probably had loads left to do, and was about to start the music all over again…

Anyway, here’s the music that helped me with Torn - I hope you enjoy at least some of it!


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Honestly I'm just imagining Viktor, after pining over Yuuri for 5+ years, skating to Still Into You by Paramore, which is one of the sweetest songs I've ever heard. Also, I'm surprised you've never made Viktor skate to La Vie en Rose by Edith Piaf, because that's the most Viktor song I've ever heard.

I love Still Into You so much!