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Greatest/sweetest ranking of BL movies/series that you don't wanna miss!!

UPDATED: As of April 4, 2017 !!!!!
Hi guys!!! been addicted by Bl movies/series/webisodes/ and even short movies and these are my rankings of it from best to worst xD

  1.  Takumi-kun series movies - especially series 2,3 and 5. A big DaiMao fan here xD
  2.  Love Sick Series 1&2 - PerWin, PhunNoh, and OmMick are my ships
  3. ***HIStory webseries: Obsessed - the title says it all! if you loved Gloomy Salad Days and loves a whole lot of kiss scenes then you will definitely love this! very nice chemistry next to my beloved DaiMao <3
  4. ***SKAM - oh shocks whoever told me to watch this is an angel! love love love love it to the max! who knew norwegian Bl can be this good?
  5.  Make it Right the Series - Very Funny and Sweet!! Kyaa! TeeFuse and BookFrame are my OTPs very much like Lovesick!
  6. ***Uncontrolled Love 2 - the directors are very mean. i really thought this was a sad ending…but it was not! love the possessiveness the kiss and the after credits <3
  7.  Love love you (Love’s Coming 2) - haven’t watched this yet, but the trailers are just, ooommph! If ever you have a copy PM me XD
  8.  Like love Series 1-2 -I love the uncut scenes the most. And the story gets better xD
  9.  Junjou Pure Heart - sweeeeteeest ever!  really, those awwww moments xD
  10. ***Fanatic Love - Game themed BL coming through! I loved the side characters especially the sister <3 Must watch!
  11.  Waterboyy the movie - a must watch especially to those fans who have been missing love sick series xD Ngern-oppa is sooo hot here.
  12. Uncontrolled Love- Finally, Master x Servant BL!!! the uke is soo cute and seme is sooo possessive can’t wait for the second part!
  13. ***My bromance:the reunion - this is the series remake of the movie my bromance. and thank goodness that in the first season nobody dies! a different conflict altogether but still the same plot.
  14.  Counter Attack Web series - QingYu for the win xDD. they are sooooo married. I also recommend their photoshoot sessions, more kissing scenes than the series xD loving the doctor’s cow licked hair, kawaiiii xD
  15.  Addicted/Heroin Web Series - Sweetest punk I ever watched really. I wish for uncut scenes! and I demand a continuation!
  16. ***Ame to kisu - Love this movie! it made me read the manga and you will love how cute the uke is and how the story was very well portrayed in the movie
  17. *** The right man - there are only a few BL movies/series who would portray the love of a parent and their worries. i loved this film because other than the love story unfolding, the relationship between the mother and the son progresses too <3
  18. Yandaixie No.10- honestly, the story has a lot of promise! it was very good but I didn’t like how the first season ended being them still in bad terms…then hearing that there won’t be a second season!!!! or so i heard.
  19. ***SOTUS - hazers! hihihi. if you’re ooking for a cute-tsundere uke then this is what you’re looking for! it has the all goody kissing scenes and a very good college plot. very recommended
  20.  Love’s Coming - Nai x Gump xDDD
  21. Love Place 2(Shiawase no Katachi)- A continuation of Love Place 1. Finally an English sub that I’ve been waiting! Typical BL story, most of the time you can read in a manga but you can feel the characters feeling very deeply!
  22.  Grey Rainbow - Has every thing I want in a BL,marriage, sweet moments and even a kid! and it also has something I didn’t like…death! why!?!
  23.  Doushitemo Furetakunai - the story is great and is really based on the manga. Loved the characters. this is my first BL ever just forgot to post teehee :P !!!
  24. ***HIStory webseries: My Hero - so this is one of the ghost themed BL. Comedic. but I do not like that the ghost girl experienced all the sweet moments using the boy’s body. oops spoiler. BTW the seme is sooo hot *wink*
  25.  To you for me–chocolates - I laughed at this BL so much. It really portrayed the case of miracles to two people that should be in love. wonder when it will end?
  26.  Paternity Leave - you’ll love it, Mpreg xDD
  27.   eCupid - movie about the greatest app for semes who take advantage of their uke’s love xD
  28.  Just Friends? - hottest and sweetest forbidden love I have ever watched!! sadly it was tooooo short for a very good plot movie xD
  29.  Udagawachou de mattete yo - sooo cute! as in supeer!!! one of the best live action next to Doushitemo Furetakunai <3 <3
  30. ***HIStory Webseries: Stay away from me - brother’s theme! yehey! though I wished for more sweetness. the eyes of the uke seem to catch my attention a lot in a not so okay way. but I STILL LOVED IT.
  31.   Two Weddings and a funeral - I loved the comedy aspect of it. It mainly focused on the life of gays and how the ‘two weddings” conquered it with love. but why Tina !?!?! why ?!?!?!
  32.   My Bromance - I love the on-relationship scenes but I just hope the ending was not when one dies. I bawled for this one,it’s like rising you up,then pulling you dooown,why!?!?!?waaah! But the story was really good!
  33.  Happy together - loved the couple sooo much! being 6 years together, those fights and make-ups seems like a typical married life 
  34. Oppressive Love - half-horror and half BL and they actually became a couple! to bad the older brother had to possess him…ooops spoiler ;-P
  35.  Ai no kotodama 2
  36. ***Bad romance the series - another side story BL but because they started the series already together and the ending was so sweet so it is okay.
  37. ***I’m here our twelve years is a reincarnation legend - short shounen ai chinese BL. if you’re on to watching just the sweet, innocent stuff, then this is good for you :)
  38.  Takuya and Joon jae “the lover” - you may be a bit disappointed because it is missing some smexy moments like kissing and “you-know” but the story is great with lots of laughs and sweetness. hoping for season 2 
  39. ***Love Complex - this is a thai series but the BL part is a side story and doesn’t develop much though it is still on the first two episodes. some of you may not like it because it is on a side story but promise, the main story is very funny.
  40.  Docchi mo Docchi - may be low budget, but that romcom theme was perfectly executed xD sooo funny xD
  41.  Itsuka no kimi e - loved the story so much. It was like reading Junjou Pure Heart again xD soooo cute! Wishing for more kiss scenes though. 
  42.  Ai no kotodama 1
  43.  Seven Days Monday-Thursday, Friday-Sunday - perfectly executed as of those of the manga
  44. Hollyoaks (Ste and Harry) - lots of problems; closet gay, HIV, parents are against, even teachers then there are also cocaine involvement. wut?! haha but the story and how they still get back together is what makes it great. 
  45.  Diary of Tootsies - Very very funny!! as in very funny! but they left Gus and Top’s story hanging, which is what I’ve been waiting…sigh
  46.  Fujimi orchestra live action - it’s like the BL version of Nodame Cantabile. the movie needs a sequel. it’s not that they did not end up together but the movie ended with the seme still pursuing the uke xD 
  47.  Go go go G boys - very funny, packed with hot bishies. Last part after credits is a must seen
  48. Farewell my ghost boyfriend - short movie. I’m not on vote on the new ship. i still wish there was some kind of miracle for the ghost. huhu 
  49.  Love Place - I preferred the part two (2) than the first one, more Bl action, though it is still not translated
  50.  Boku no Kareshi wo Shoukai Shimasu - was hoping for more kiss scenes xD
  51.  Gloomy Salad days - ep13-14 only. Hidoku Shinaide story, bully and the bullied. You’ll be hoping for more.
  52.  Love of Siam - honestly, a good plot, really. It just needs some tweaks on that bad ending,urgh. Hoping for season 2 to change it.
  53. I’m yours - a one-sided love of a robot to a human and he’s quest to help the guy to achieve love. it was badly cut, I don’t know. it was missing some parts when I watched it so I am still heavily confused.
  54.  Love next door 2 - Watched XD but still looking for subs. but very promising especially in terms of comedy and hotness.
  55.  Mr x and I - First Season: First and Second story only, the other two has horrible ending, I advise this to those who do not wish to see a sad ending. Second Season: Loved the ending, hated the hetero guy, urggghh
  56.   Princess Princess D - actually, this is a live action adapted from a shoujo manga. full of fanservice and crossdressers and will leave you laughing at the clichès and corniness. 
  57.  Love next door - the story escalated quickly and the ‘love’ (sweetness) I was searching for was too short in the plot.
  58.  A Pair of Love - so-so xD
  59.  Time line - Watch the first couple only, and/or the last one. never ever the second one, it still gives me goose bumps till now
  60. Me my familiar people - uhhh…actually I didnt quite get the story. it was soo confusing. its like he has s*x to another then I don’t know maybe his bestfriend too?
  61.  Teacher and student - because I was expecting that light, romantic theme I was deeply disappointed by that twist as it turns out to be too psychological. One of my least favorites next to Kindan no Koi. 
  62.  Kindan no koi - simple……i hated it. the plot twist at the end was just tooo much, really, too much. Still a good movie though, but definitely my least favorite.

This is an edited list XD those with *** are newly posted as of April 4. Will update for more lateerrr! Ask me for links if ever you are interested xDDD hehehe

harry potter challenge ϟ

summer’s coming, which means more time to hide in ur room and play with photoshop. here’s a 60-day challenge to keep u dry-eyed and occupied.

5 ϟ favorite female characters
5 ϟ favorite male characters
5 ϟ sweetest friendships 
5 ϟ inspiring quotes

4 ϟ best spells 
4 ϟ favorite pairings 
4 ϟ magical creatures 
4 ϟ headcanons

3 ϟ best/worst villains 
3 ϟ magical objects 
3 ϟ hogwarts professors 
3 ϟ lines that weren’t in the films 

2 ϟ next-gen characters
2 ϟ spots in hogwarts (ie: library, black lake, ravenclaw common room, etc.)
2 ϟ heartbreaking character deaths
2 ϟ wizarding families

1 ϟ favorite scene 
1 ϟ hogwarts house
1 ϟ favorite film 
1 ϟ favorite book

insp: (x) and (x)

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Hi, hello! You're my hero! I started watching Supergirl because of you (and it's really, really good; thank you so much for that alone)! But also, I'm in an acting class and we had to find dramatic scenes and so I was like why not Supergirl, and I did it and there was a casting director watching us, and he really liked it, so now I'm in a short film?? Basically, I owe any success of mine to you, so thank you so much!!!!


oh my go shgsjd ok no for real that’s seriously amazing wow!!! i mean though, you GOTTA def take some credit for yourself, you got cast based on your talent and YOU GOT A ROLE! all i did was spam lol but truly i am so happy to have helped in any way oh man you’re very welcome 

Jared Imagine: Accidental kiss

Originally posted by mars-avenue

Your P.O.V.

Being Jared Leto’s friend wasn’t easy. Especially not when he was filming his role in Suicide Squad. He was the Joker and it got under his skin, because the role really became a part of him. I couldn’t help but to find it hot.

Jared and I had been friends for a few years after we met at a movie premiere. I was an actress as well so we had things to talk about. I really found him the sweetest guy ever. He had such a big heart and so did his bandmates Shannon and Tomo have as well.

But now I was supposed to pick him up so we could spend some time again. I hadn’t seen him in three weeks and it was hard. I had to admit that I had a crush on him and it wasn’t good at all because I felt like he wasn’t into me like that at all. I sat in my car and looked at the studio where they were filming a scene for Suicide Squad. It was like I was waiting to pick up Joker. The thought made me giggle. Jared was nothing like Joker, maybe a little dirty and he had a twisted mind sometimes, but he was so kind and gullible. He could never kill a human being unless he absolutely had to.

After a few minutes I saw a man walking over with a jacket on, the hood covering their head. I squinted my eyes and barely believed my eyes as I saw Jared. He had green hair and his skin seemed white. Hadn’t he washed off his makeup? Where were his eyebrows?

‘’Hi’’ He smiled as he sat into my car and put on the seat belt. I stared at him with surprise written on my face. ‘’Holy fuck’’ I breathed out without thinking about it. He was smoking hot ,but he looked so different. Suddenly I saw him smiling because of my reaction. ‘’Well that’s one way to say hi’’ He snickered happily. 

‘’You look like you came out of a movie’’ I told him and then managed to control myself. ‘’Well it’s not so far away from that’’ He winked cheekily. He had makeup around his eyes, but it didn’t look bad, not at all. I leaned closer to see see every detail he didn’t wash off. I bet he just wanted me to see it. Lucky me! ‘’J’’ I whispered as I saw a fake tattoo on his cheek. I loved him as the Joker. ‘’Hey Y/N-’’ He started and it startled me since I was so close. I squealed and lost my balance, landing straight onto him. Jared fell back so he was leaning against the car door with me clumsily on his chest.

Just as I looked up to see if he was okay, he looked down and our lips touched harshly. My eyes widened and I froze on the spot. Oh my gosh what the fuck happened? Quickly I pulled back and felt how my face turned into a shade of crimson red. Jared seemed surprised as well, but then he smiled somewhat darkly which was strange. But my mind was tangled on the fact that we accidentally kissed.

There was a knock on the car window and it caused me to get back onto my seat and Jared sat up straight. He looked out of the window where no one else than Will Smith stood. Dear God no. Based on the look on his face, he saw us. Jared opened the door and I wanted to disappear because of my embarrassment. ‘’You forgot these’’ Will told Jared and handed him a pair of keys. ‘’Maybe I left them on purpose’’ Jared said with a lower voice and I knew he was in character. Will chuckled and then looked at me.

‘’Hey Y/N, I know you guys are like making out in the car and all but watch out. You got the clown prince of crime there’’ Will joked and then walked away. Fuck no..

‘’You’re blushing like a tomato’’ Jared pointed out like nothing had happened. It just made me blush more. I turned to look at him and I noticed that he seemed fine about it. ‘’Well duh, Will Smith saw that’’

Let’s just get into the full Christmas spirit by looking at some of the sweetest moments from pieces of Jaspar vlogmas 2014 which was when love happened

Can you put on the present I bought for you?

Joe and I are about to film our special scene

It looks like a romantic scene because I got my arm like this

“looks like a romantic scene”

sure, it only looks like this

ain’t no love in the air here

Look at this domestic cuteness

Joe really likes to do close-up shots of Caspar

For Christmas I just want some reins to put them on Caspar

Calm down there mate

Caspar’s smug face after his massage prank on Joe :’)

I’m so annoyed

Nice annoyed face you got there

Anyway, this was very random and not a proper analysis, more like random shots, but if you enjoyed it give this video a thumbs up I might do a part 2!

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Hi! I love your 'things I wished we'd seen' post. I was curious though about the marshmallow deleted scene? I never heard about that.

Hello! @those70scomics and I spent ages trying to find the original post (quite a while ago now) but to no avail :O 

I read about it on the zenmasters fanforum page, and it’s a scene from 5x25. If you remember, Jackie gets Hyde and Kelso to collect firewood and promises the one who collects the most the prize of feeding her marshmallows. I remember the original post said that later in the episode their seats have changed, suggesting that they did actually film the scene. I think I’d happily give - maybe not my left arm, but a couple of fingers - to see it. 

@those70scomics has a comic based on it here, and it’s the sweetest thing ever :D

Hetalia Actor AU Headcanons 3

Oh god she’s done another one…..

- Germany’s actor is the least serious of them all, he makes up about 80% of the outtakes.

- North Italy’s actor is older than South Italy’s actor.

- When it comes to interviews, Norway, Sweden, Belarus and Switzerland’s actors are by far the best. They are the complete opposite of their characters and are incredibly charming and charismatic when it some to dealing with the press.

- Sealand’s actor is actually England’s little brother, England’s actor always feels really bad while filming their scenes because he has to be so mean to him, even though they both know it’s fake. He dotes on him like crazy in real life to make up for it though.

- Ukraine and Belarus’ actresses are also sisters, Ukraine being the older of the two by three years. Though neither are related to Russia’s actor.

- Before he joined the cast, Switzerland’s actor had absolutely no idea how to handle a gun of any sort.

- Canada’s actor is actually quite cheeky, when his back is to the camera during a scene he pulls faces at the others to make them laugh. He does this off set too, America and Turkey’s actors join in sometimes. Much to the annoyance of the director.

- Seychelles’ actress is also a model and is fairly new to acting, she’s much older than a lot of people think and is easily the most glamorous member of the cast. She also has the sweetest personality and is always attending charity fundraisers and doing whatever she can to promote them along with Liechtenstein’s actress.

- Before Hetalia, Belgium’s actress was huge on the Musical scene. Performing in Dutch translations and the original English versions of famous musicals and even some animated film dubs, she still manages to fit in the occasional off-Broadway show every now and again in between filming episodes.

- Taiwan’s actress is incredibly shy when it comes to talking when not reciting her lines, she’s very quiet off set and looks ups to China’s actor as a big brother figure (and he in turn looks out for her like she’s his little sister) she’s also the selfie queen and loves to take pictures, her instagram is loaded with photographs of the cast and the set of Hetalia.

There! Part 3. I really wanted to include the ladies more, since they’re so goddamn fabulous and all.

1 (X)

2 (X)

4 (X)

5 (X)

Oh My God, You’re In Love

Pairing: Jensen x Reader
Words: 1018
This is my one shot for @one-shots-supernatural‘s SPN Hiatus Writing Challenge. The prompt this week was “Oh my god, you’re in love.”

Originally posted by poorbeautifuldean

Jensen’s Point Of View

           “Hey, Jensen!” Y/N waved to me from where she was sitting with Jared and Misha on set. I had just filmed a scene with Mark Sheppard and was finally getting a break to hang out with the rest of the cast for lunch.

           “Hey,” I smiled at her. I couldn’t help but smile when it came to Y/N. She was the most beautiful, sweetest girl I had ever met. Spending time with her was the best thing I could imagine. But when it came to admitting my feelings for her, I was so nervous and scared that I couldn’t do it.

           “How’d it go?” Jared asked.

           “Fine,” I said, sitting down next to Y/N, “Mark went to go see the baby,” I said, “He’ll be back in a little while.”

           “Such a good daddy,” Y/N giggled.

           “I’m a good daddy,” Jared said.

           Y/N looked over at Jared, “Yes, Jared, you’re a good daddy too.”

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Movie Magic: Twilight scenes from one of the most beautiful and classic films ever made, Disney’s ‘Cinderella’ (1950)

“Cinderella you’re as lovely as your name, Cinderella you’re a sunset in a frame,

Though you’re dressed in rags, you wear an air of queenly grace,

Anyone can see a throne would be your proper place,

Cinderella, if you give your heart a chance, it will lead you to the kingdom of romance,

There you’ll see your dreams unfold, Cinderella, Cinderella, in the sweetest story ever told.”
Meet your new Superman! Tyler Hoechlin Talks Taking Flight and Wearing Tights on 'Supergirl'
This fall, Teen Wolf star Tyler Hoechlin heads to The CW’s Supergirl, suiting up in that iconic spandex-and-red-boots combo to take on the role of...

This fall, Teen Wolf star Tyler Hoechlin heads to The CW’s Supergirl, suiting up in that iconic spandex-and-red-boots combo to take on the role of Superman, the cousin of Kara Zor-El (Melissa Benoist).

The California native, 28, was first introduced to the Man of Steel as a kid watching Dean Cain on Lois & Clark with his family, and he counts Christopher Reeve as his all-time favorite portrayal of the chiseled hero. But Supergirl will be introducing its own version of Superman, with the actor aiming to “honor the tradition of the character, without really emulating” those who came before him. EW caught up with Hoechlin during his early days of suiting up to find out how the actor is making Clark Kent his own:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What can you tell us about your audition process?
TYLER HOECHLIN: Honestly, it was the strangest thing — there wasn’t an audition, which I count my blessings when that happens because that is not always the case. I had a great meeting with [executive producers] Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg [in June]. I had been told that the meeting would have something to do withSupergirl, but nothing really specific. Halfway through, they brought up the idea of introducing Superman to the show and asked if I’d be interested. I said, “Yeah, absolutely. I’m obviously a fan.” We had a great talk just about the character and what we found fascinating about him. I feel like we were on the same page and had similar taste. I believe that was on a Monday. On Friday, we got a call with the offer, so it was very quick. It was very flattering, and I wish every job came about that way. It’s not always so easy.

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[Not Another Happy Ending] This is a vid I edited with some scenes from the film “Not Another Happy Ending”. Roddy, Iain’s character, is the sweetest! Totally adorable. And so freaking funny! Literally got me laughing out loud! I love him dearly. Iain did a wonderful job. He was nominated for a BAFTA Scotland Award for this role. This is just a taste - I recommend to watch the whole film.

Book review: Everything Leads to You

Author: Nina LaCour

Pages: 307

Published: 2014

Genre: contemporary

This book is the sweetest story. Honestly, the sweetest, most tender, most beautiful story ever. In a way it made me feel like when I first read Anna and the French Kiss, it’s a sweet and great love story with stunning settings.

As a film lover, this movie was just so perfect for me. The love of films is such a magical thing and this book captures it so perfectly. The art aspect of films is my favorite thing. I’m the friend who’s going to be noticing the costume design and lighting and how a scene transitions into another. I’m that annoying friend who can’t help but comment while watching a movie. This book is about people like me, Emi is like this, but incredibly genius and creative and just so good at what she does. Emi’s love for films leads her to the perfect movie, the perfect settings and eventually the perfect girl.

This book had so many great aspects, POC characters, LGTBQA characters, supportive family, loyal friends, romance and acceptance, working hard and achieving your dreams, having confidence in your abilities, being strong and letting go of the pain and the past in order to see a better future. It shows the beautiful side of relationships and the basically the beautiful side of us humans. Isn’t that what we fall in love with? The best parts, even if we know the ugly parts exist too, but we accept them because we love all the parts of that person.

Emi is such a great character, so secure in herself, her wants, her dreams, her hopes, her destiny. She doesn’t doubt herself or her desires. She doubts her abilities (even though she’s a genius and so young), but she works hard and it pays off and everyone else can see how good she is at what she does, her passion and love for the films. She’s a bit of a hopeless romantic and even though she’s being hurt before, she has enough hope inside to let herself believe again and fall again. I loved that about herself. Ava is such a beautiful character too, she’s very cinematographic in that way, lonely, a bit broken, but recovering, trusting again, falling apart and getting back on her feet. As we see her through Emi’s eyes, we see a beautiful girl with so much pain, but a world of happiness at her feet right now. They’re both such beautiful characters, tender, sweet, brave, strong and inspiring, Emi with her hard work, talent and hope, and Ava with her hard past and her new future.

I loved the setting. It seems like such a glamorous but lovely, slightly hipster, artsy setting. The old glam of the film industry, mixed with the new cultural places, plus all the thrift shops, cafés, studios, Toby’s apartment. Everything is so visual and so easy to imagine and love. This book does such a good job of making everything feel like a film, Emi’s settings, Ava’s story, Los Angeles.

This book made me cry so many times, tears of sadness and pain, tears of melancholy and yearning, tears of happiness and hope. I just loved it so much.


“The best things aren’t perfectly constructed. They aren’t illusions. they aren’t larger than life. They are life.”

“You could say that most of my youth was spent around movie stars. And Audrey Hepburn is probably the sweetest, most natural and lovable woman I have ever had the pleasure to work with. You couldn’t take a bad shot of Audrey—she was incredible. There was a beautiful innocence about her and she was always happy and smiling around people. She not only lit up a room, she warmed it, too. This was shot in St. Tropez—back before the film industry wanted control over everything. When you could just be on set snapping these amazing candid shots. Audrey was filming Two for The Road, and one scene called for her to be thrown into a swimming pool, playfully. What people don’t know is she had a fear of water. There were frogmen standing by to reassure her she wouldn’t drown.” -Photographer Terry O'Neill