the sweetest man on earth

Christian Yu x Reader: Let Me Explain - Chapter 1

Chapter 1: These Seoul Streets.  | Chapter 2: Uninvited Guests |

Chapter 3: Confrontation | Chapter 4: Who Would’ve Thought?

Word count: 3159

Series type: Angst, Smut (in later chapters) & Fluff.

Warnings: Mentions of alcohol and sex and bad language. 

Additional Characters: DPR LIVE (Dabin) and mentions of other artists/fictional characters.

Rough summary: Christian is your boss but also your best friend. You both have feelings for each other but his way of living complicates your relationship.

A/N: For the people who were waiting for this, thank you for your patience. I struggled a little writing the series. Also keep in mind that English is not my first language, therefore there might be some spelling/grammar mistakes. 

You were part of the inner circle now. At least that’s what one of your best friends Christian said when you signed the 6-month contract. He called it a try out contract. You would still be known as yourself, the only thing you had to do was paste DPR before your own name to get more recognition for DPR itself. You weren’t mad at the contract, so why not? Anything to help out a friend who you also happen to have a crush on. At least that’s what you thought until it actually happened.

As a well known choreographer in Seoul, South Korea you worked with a lot of artists and ‘underground’ dancers.

You’ve choreographed for the big 3 so your name was out there. Everyone in the business pretty much knew who you were. You managed yourself and stayed out of the drama filled party scene which made you well respected by many in the industry.

It’s not that you hated clubs, you just hated when people’s nasty true selves would come out after a few shots. You mostly observe how handsome and successful idols would take advantage of their fame to get their pick of the night, without the public or their beloved fans ever finding out.  

It disgusted you, and the fact that men you’ve worked with would try to butter you up to take you home with them disgusted you even more.

You were used to it by now, the “No thank you’s” would come out of your mouth at least 20 times a night. Sometimes you even had to swat some hands away, and still you are here, just like every other weekend for the past month since you’ve signed your contract. It was your job to be with the crew whenever you could since you were a part of it now, but tonight you were not having it. You were tired and frustrated with your boss. Christian had been acting indifferent with you lately, it was almost as if your friendship before this whole business deal was non existent.

You were seated in the VIP area of one of Seoul’s most prestige clubs because your now new temporary boss had a special deal to book tonight with another artist and it also happened to be that artist’s birthday.

“So you’re the DPR dance department now, you’ll choreograph for the girls in our mv’s and other clients that might want to work with you, you still get to do your own thing just keep in mind that since we manage your scheduling now we take 40%”

“40? Christian I don’t know; I manage myself just fine you know.” You bite your lip looking at the contract in front of you.

“We’ll make it 30 then. The thing is to make us a package deal, if they want you they have to want us to shoot the mv too, and also I can’t just not pay our manager, feel me love?”

Love. He always calls you that.

You roll your eyes at his slick way of negotiating. “Fine. Just don’t forget that I’m the one doing you a favor with this.”

He gave you his mischievous smile. “How could I ever forget that?”

Yeah… How could he ever forget that?

If there’s anything you regretted more in life than signing that contract was the fact that you were here. At the birthday party of Kim Yura, a rookie artist who was about to debut under YG Entertainment. Christian would hit it big time if he scored a deal to direct her first mv, since her debut was highly anticipated. You had been working on her dancing with her, which she was terrible at. You never really hit it off with her. Mostly great friendships formed between you and your clients, but Yura was different. She was selfish, cunning and arrogant. Making it difficult to work with her as she never admits her wrongs. Besides all of that, she had a thing for Christian as well.

Signing the contract didn’t only take 30% of your original payments, but it also shone a light on Christian in a way you’ve never seen before. You were happy seeing him once or twice a week when your relationship wasn’t work related, but now that you see him almost every day, you also got to see the girls, partying and the alcohol making you wonder how he still had a functioning liver.

You couldn’t wait for the next 5 months to pass so you could get back to your own routine and try to start to forget your feelings for Christian. Even though you wanted to hate the way he treated you at times, you couldn’t. Because he was the sweetest man on earth before you knew him like this. You still hold on to those old times, low key hoping you could get back to them when your contract ended, but you knew that you just had to get over him as a whole when your business ties were broken.

You’ve taken care of him on his drunken nights countless of times, he also tried to fuck you on those nights countless of times but despite your feelings for him you were at least smart enough to kindly decline and put him to bed. He only did that when he was shitfaced with alcohol, and the day after he wouldn’t even remember.

He would always text you with a fucked up “Thank you for getting me home, love”

Lost in thought you take a sip of your non alcoholic cocktail when Dabin approached you putting an arm over your shoulder.

“Wuz poppin” he says giving you a quick kiss on the cheek.

“Just…sipping on this, minding my own business” you answer playing around with your straw.

Dabin knew you like the back of his own hand, if anything good came from your contract it was your friendship with him.

He chuckled. Looking at Christian who having a laugh with Jay and Loco.

“Is he still being a dickhead?” he asks leaning his head on his hand looking at you.


“What do you mean who” he chuckled.

“I’m not talking to you about him, you’re like brothers” you say taking another sip avoiding eye contact.

“So, does that mean I can’t keep secrets. Come on you always tell me when things pop off” he says looking at you with a pout.

“You’re just thirsty for drama” you say pushing his face away.

He chuckles and so do you. “No y/n, I actually care about you, you know that.”

You give him a reassuring smile looking into his sparkling eyes.

“Y/n” his voice made you look up immediately, and so did Dabin, his expression was a lot more relaxed than yours. You met his gaze and stayed silent.

Christian looked at the two of you ready to say something but he closed his mouth again before he did.

You could tell something was bothering him, you just didn’t know what yet.

“There’s a lot of people here who want to meet you, instead of sitting here all night, why don’t you make an effort to talk to someone” he said a little ruder then he intended to.

You raise your eyebrow at him. Ready to rip that fucking piercing out of his nose. “If these people want to talk to me so badly then staying in once place makes me more approachable doesn’t it?” you give him a cold look slamming your drink back on the table a little harder than you intended for.

You got up avoiding his gaze turning your back to him. “Dabin if you don’t mind I have to pee.”

Dabin chuckled and waved his hand signing for you to go.

“What’s up with her” Christian frowned watching you walk away.

“Ah, you know her, this just isn’t her thing. I guess the work stress makes her a little more agitated today than usual.” He calmly says shrugging trying to mend the situation.

Dabin was always in the middle of you two. He knew you had feelings for Christian and he also knew that Christian always complicates things when it comes to you because Christian can’t deny that he has feelings for you too. Christian tries to acts like he doesn’t, but he does and to Dabin it has always been obvious, but not to you.

“Then she should have thought twice about signing that damn contract” Christian said sitting down next to Dabin. “What is she even drinking” he said sniffing into your glass.

“Probably apple juice or some shit man I don’t know” Dabin chuckled leaning back into his seat.

“She just…frustrates me.” Christian says sighing.

“In what way? Sexually?” Christian shoots Dabin a glare which he simply laughs off.

“I just want our relationship to go back to the way it was you know.” Christian says removing his cap and ruffling his hair around with his hand.

Dabin sighed crossing his arms. “I think that makes two of you, just go talk to her.”

“Not tonight” Christian says throwing his head back, playing with his hair a little more. “I have to make sure I get this deal with Yura and her agency”

Dabin relaxed state vanished. He knew you hated Yura with every fiber of your being. She was a trainee but acted like she debuted 10 years ago, only because she’s from YG. You always nagged about her to Dabin, saying she was more stuck up than G-Dragon could ever be in a 100 lifetimes. Then again you also didn’t like her because Christian was extra flirtatious around her. Reeling her in with a debut mv would mean hitting it big time for DPR making them more well known to the bigger boys in the industry. You understood to some extend but Yura was enjoying the attention too much to your liking, especially for a rookie with a dating ban.

“What are you going to do” Dabin asked wide eyed.

“I don’t know man I might hoe out a little bit.”

Dabin scoffed. “What else is new.”

“Like you haven’t” Christian raised his eyebrow at Dabin’s sudden annoyed expression.

“You keep talking about how you want to mend things with y/n but then you keep fucking these girls it just doesn’t make sense.”

“Who ever said mending things with y/n meant being in a relationship with her.”

“Man that’s bullshit and you know it, if you do this tonight with Yura and y/n finds out, it’s end game for you.”

Christian opened his mouth to say something but Dabin shut him right up again.

“y/n is loyal, funny, hella cute and super hard working. She always puts up with your shit, she takes care of you when your legs won’t carry you anymore, yet you’re out here fucking around, knowing she has feelings for you, which you do too, even though you always try to deny it.”

Christian closed his eyes at his best friends’ hard words. Dabin was right. He was. But he wasn’t ready for a relationship. Not now.

“The timing just isn’t right” Christian replied.

“So you’re just going to lead her on until you get your head out of your ass?” Dabin says raising his eyebrows.

Christian opened his eyes in a millisecond looking Dabin straight into his eyes with an angered look.

“Fucking around is fun and all. Until you lose her man. You have to sort shit out with her. Rather sooner than later.” Dabin eyes shoot up when he sees you walking towards the table again. “Don’t sleep with Yura cause if you do, I will tell her. I’m on her side with this one Ian.” Dabin says seriously.

Christian just nods burying his face in his hands. Not knowing how to process everything that was just said to him. He only ‘fucked around’ because he couldn’t be with you. Other women distracted him of the fact that he couldn’t be with you. Not only would you turn out to be the girl who fucked her boss, if word got out. But it would also cost Christian his credibility as a boss with female employee’s.

You approach the table and feel the tension, wondering what happened in the time you were in the bathroom. You cautiously sit down next to Dabin on the other end of the rounded sofa. “Uh- I just ran into Dean. He said he wanted to talk to you” you tell Dabin. He nods getting up. “I’ll go find him”

Fuck. That’s not what you meant. You make eye contact with him. You tried your best to make your eyes scream. “Don’t leave me alone with him right now” but Dabin ignored you and Christian completely, making you wonder even more what the actual fuck happened while you were gone.

Christian lifts his head looking at you. His facial expression was soft and so was his voice when he spoke.

“Are you tired?” he asked scooting closer so you could hear him better over the loud trap music.

He put his hand on your thigh to comfort you, showing you he was trying to be sincere for once.

“I’ve been more awake.” You reply not making eye contact.

“I’ll take you home if you want, I didn’t take into consideration that you worked all day today before I made you come here.” He says removing his hand from your leg while sweetly putting a strand of hair behind your ear so he could see your face better.

You look at him, confused as hell, but you tried not to let your facial expression speak for you. This Christian reminded you of the old Christian, the Christian you fell for.

“I-“ you purse your lips together again reconsidering his offer.

“I’ll go home by myself, it’s just a 10-minute walk from here to my apartment, I’ll live.” You say getting up, but Christian grabs your wrist before you could walk away.

“No, it’s 2 in the morning, I don’t want you out on these streets alone in this outfit, at this hour, I’ll walk you home and then I’ll come back here it’s no big deal.” He says getting up.

You say your goodbye’s to everyone explaining you had a meeting planed tomorrow morning at YG. Dabin kissed your cheek like he always does, telling you to text him once you get home, even though Christian was walking you home.

The walk home was silent; it wasn’t an awkward silence though. Both of you just didn’t feel the need to speak. Just being like this together again was a huge step in the right direction for the both of you. After a few minutes your heels made it harder for you to walk on those damn tiles, so like you always used to do, you linked arms with Christian, stabilizing yourself on these Seoul streets.

Christian looked at you surprised when you did. You didn’t even realize him looking at you because you were too focused on trying not to trip.

“Don’t tell me I have to carry you” Christian said jokingly to lighten the mood.

“I’m good like this, just make sure not to let go of m- FUCK” you almost landed face first onto the sidewalk, but luckily Christian grabbed you by your waist, making sure you didn’t fall down. In the process of almost falling your heel broke, as it was stuck in a hole in between the tiles.

“Fuck y/n be careful” Christian says startled, still holding your waist.

“Nooooo my fucking shoe” you say in an annoyed baby voice, throwing an aegyeo filled tantrum as you take off your expensive as fuck nude Valentino pump looking at it with an almost tearful pout.

Christian bursts out laughing grabbing your face and pulling you into a hug. You bury your face into his chest. Your heart was racing like crazy.  “You’re so cute.” He simply stated caressing your hair. “I’ll buy you new ones, don’t be sad for too long okay.” He chuckled into your hair, kissing the top of your head.

He’d be lying if he said he wasn’t overly touchy, but he cherished moments like these with you, as they have become more rare over the past few weeks.

You stood there lopsided, trapped into his hug as your other shoe was still on.

Christian slowly let go of you. “You have to take the other one off too.” He says squatting down. You lift your foot up for him, holding onto his shoulders for support as he takes off your other shoe.

He gives you the other pump as you stand barefoot, not knowing what to do.

It’s just a few meters to your apartment from here, but the industrial iron stairs that actually led you to your front door were what worried you.

“Come here” he says lifting you off the ground bridal style.

“Christian!” you squeal surprised in a hushed tone. The streets were empty but you still felt kind of embarrassed as he carried you to your apartment and up the stairs. You buried your face into his neck while wrapping your arms around his neck as well.

“Here” he says putting you down. You wobble a little when your feet hit the cold concrete, making Christian cautiously hold onto your waist again. You hand your pumps to him, searching for your key in your handbag.

He waited patiently until you unlocked the door and stood in the doorway, taking your shoes from him again and placing them behind you on the floor.

“Thank you” you say yawning covering your mouth with your hand.

He gave you a warm smile. “Go sleep.” He says caressing your cheek with his thumb. You lazily lean into his hand nodding.

“I’ll call you tomorrow when I wake up okay, I think we both know there are things we have to talk about.”

You were surprised but you finally realized why the mood was so dark when you came back from the restroom back in the club. Dabin probably told Christian he was being a dick, and it worked.

You nod. “Okay” unexpectedly Christian pulls you in for a hug again, wrapping his arms around you, holding your head close to his chest. You wrap your arms around him too and you just stand there.

How long was it? Seconds? Minutes? You didn’t know, but to you it couldn’t’ have been long enough.

He let go of you first looking into your eyes. “I’m sorry.” He said giving you one last look before walking away from you.

After you texted Dabin you got ready for bed. All night you twisted and turned under your sheets thinking of what he was sorry for. Of course you had countless occasions listed in your mind of what he could be sorry for but still it didn’t make sense.

At around 4 you finally seem to fall asleep, but only three hours after your phone started to buzz you awake.

Chapter 2 


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pairings: Dylan O'Brien x reader, father!Dylan x baby.

A/N: just a cute, fluff thing that came to me while listening to a song. hope y'all enjoy it! also, I’d like to thank my gorgeous bee @dylan-trash-tbh for reading this for me ❤

word count: 751

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Wouldn’t You Love to Love Her / Kit Walker

Originally posted by itshannahdale

A/N: Based off this anonymous request: “Oneshot where the reader or OC (whichever you prefer) is a virgin and dating Kit, but decides she’s ready, and Kit is just a really gentle lover because it’s her first time and Kit is obviously the sweetest man on Earth?”

I’m not 100% happy with how this turned out, I’m basically shit at writing first time stories, but I didn’t want to completely scrap it and start over and take even longer to put this out. I hope you guys like it! Please let me know what you think.

Next on the list is a James March smut, then part 2 of my last Kai smut, then a new Kai smut. Ya’ll love some Kai, huh? ;)

Warnings: Smut!! Language.

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“What If Someone Sees?” (Rick Grimes x Reader)

This was written for Jessie’s (@grimes-slut) 1k follower writing challenge! Congratulations on 1,000. You’re insanely talented and deserve it, plus many more :)

Word Count: 1,767

Rick Grimes x Reader

Prompt: “What if someone sees?”

Warnings: Language, fluff, smut (dirty talk, slight dom. Rick, hair pulling)

“Rick,” You giggle as Rick’s hands travel up your bare sides, his fingertips leaving you with the slightest of chills. “Stop it. You know I’m ticklish.”

“I wanna take ‘ya somewhere.” His voice comes out low and gruff as his grip on the small of your waist tightens, the white sheets of your shared bed barely covering both of your bodies. “And nah, I like ticklin’ you. You’re cute when you giggle. Don’t hear enough of that these days.”

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A Positive Sign // Mark Tuan (M)

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Pairing: Mark x Reader

Genre: Sad // Smut // Fluff

Summary//Request: Anonymous said: Mark smut/fluff where the reader and him are trying to get pregnant after having a lot of conception issues?

A/N: This scenario contains smut and talks about conception problems - but it has a happy ending, I promise :D

As Mark gently trailed his soft lips across the naked skin of your chest, you held your breath tight in your lungs. Your entire body was tense underneath him, worry clouding your mind – making you unable to enjoy the pleasure laid upon you by beautiful husband who was about to make love to you.

For the past year and a half since you had both tied the knot, since you became Mrs. (Y/N) Tuan, you and Mark had planned to get busy – as in; you had both planned on starting a family. The night of your honeymoon was magical, as was your wedding. You had dreamt of your wedding day since you were a child, and Mark made sure that every single one of your wishes were granted – down to the very last detail. You had it all; the dress, the venue, the cake, the guests and the 1 month vacation to a beautiful, private island for just the two of you. Mark had given you his all on the eve of your honeymoon – both of you making love with the full intent of you getting pregnant and beginning your perfect family.

Yes, Mark had given you everything you could have ever wished for. But upon seeing that after many nights of hot, pleasurable and love filled sex that you just couldn’t seem to get pregnant; it made you think that you couldn’t give him the one thing you both wanted the most – a family.

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James McAvoy being a cutie dork and looking at us during The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby Premiere in Cannes Film Festival - 17.05.2014. (Selfie and story here)

{Reaction} BTS Find Out You’re Hearing Impaired

Could you do a BTS reaction where they find out that you’re hearing impaired and they are really nice and sensitive about it? (I’m hearing impaired to the point where I almost needed hearing aids) its just kinda embarrassing when I have to tell people 🙃🙃 (ps. I LOVE YOUR BLOG SOO MUCH💖💖)

Note: There is absolutely no need to be embarrassed about that. I admire you so much. I hope this reaction is okay ♥ Fun fact for you, I nearly needed a hearing aid as a child because I had really bad ears back then. I still do, but not at the same extent. 

Disclaimer: i don’t own the gifs/ images used. 

Min Yoongi

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Yoongi would be all about making you feel happy and comfortable. That means that he would learn sign language in order to communicate you in other ways. He’d be a little shy using it with you, but would become more confident over time and would love it when you help him by showing him when he has done something wrong. 

Yoongi: “I’m getting better, right? I promise I’ll be fluent one day, {y/n}”

Jeon Jungkook

Originally posted by jjks

This wouldn’t be an issue for Jungkook at all. What matters to him that you’re good to him and that you’re considerate and kind. He would do his best to find ways to learn sign language so he can talk to you in other ways, But Jungkook doesn’t always need to be verbal, and besides, he is always better at showing how he feels in comparison to words. 

Jungkook: *Kisses you passionately*

Hoseok: “Get a room!” *Joking”

Jungkook: *Doesn’t stop kissing you, just puts up the middle finger at Hoseok*

Kim Taehyung/ V

Originally posted by taegxk

Taehyung would be very much more into showing you how he feels and wouldn’t rely too much on words when he knows you’re sensitive about your hearing impairment. He’d be very sweet with you, and would honestly present you with all the aegyo in the world. 

Taehyung: *Aegyo*

Kim Namjoon/ Rap Monster

Originally posted by bangbaptan

Namjoon is already fluent in English and Korean, and now he’s about to become fluent in your countries sign language. He’d be sure to be sensitive of you and how you feel and would ensure that everything he is doing is what you want and that you’re happy with him to do so.

Jung Hoseok/ J-Hope

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Let’s be honest, this man does enough talking for the both of you. But he is the most sweetest man on the earth when it comes down to supporting you and making you feel happy. If anyone dares to upset you he won’t hesitate to shoot them down for it. 

Hoseok: “Can’t you be a little more considerate to people? {y/n} is amazing. If you ever talk to her like that again I will fite”

Park Jimin

Originally posted by hajimajimin

Jimin wouldn’t be phased at all when you told him that you were hearing impaired. He is still the same person around you and still has all of the same feelings for you. When he finally plucked up the courage to confessed to you, he is still the blushing mess he would be if you didn’t have it, and he still loves you, perhaps even more now that he knows. 

Kim Seokjin/ Jin

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Jin would take the opportunity to ensure that he makes sure you’re happy and comfortable with him. He would learn sign language to talk to you, and would make sure that everything he does,you’re comfortable with. Imagine all for he aegyo, and all of the air kisses. (so damn. many. air. kisses) 

I Could’ve Sworn (An Imagine turned One Shot)

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A/N: anything in CAPS is the reader thinking to herself. that is all.  take this as the french mistake i’ve always wanted to write but don’t really have the time to fully delve into.

Characters: Reader, Dean, Sam, Cas

Pairings: None as of now

if you like this, let me know to continue. if not, it’s being scrapped.  and by ‘letting me know’ leave me feedback please. 

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Thank you Zhang Yixing. For being the sweetest man to ever walk this earth. For loving us all unconditionally even when we’re being little shits and asking for too much from you. For always working so hard to show us your best. For your never wavering devotion to your members in EXO. For blessing us with your adorable laugh and dimpled smile. For doing everything in your power to protect those that you love and care for in these difficult times. For being you. Just simply being you. Thank you.

One More Dance - Joker x Reader Imagine

Masterlist | Requests

Prompt: I was wondering if you could do a joker X reader imagine were the reader is in a wheelchair because they lost their ability to walk & the joker takes interest in them I’m in one & I haven’t seen any with the joker I just think it’d be interesting

{A/N} I really hope I did this justice, the idea I got when I read your request was immediately very sweet to me. I hope you enjoy it, sweetie! P.S. I made the reader a girl, you said “them” so I wasn’t sure- but if you’d like me to change that, please let me know and I will right away.

Warnings: Slight fluff.

Imagine being at an opulent lounge in a designer party dress. It’s the most expensive place in town to be, with thousand dollar top shelf liqueurs and liquors, and a live orchestral band. It isn’t your usual scene, in fact it isn’t really your scene at all, but it’s your best friends birthday, and she just had to come.

You watch everyone on the dance floor, spinning and swaying, looking as though they were floating on air and you feel a pang of jealousy. You lost your ability to walk some time ago, and being in a wheelchair now makes you incapable of being spun around on your toes like the other girls. The only thing you can do now is watch and sigh, silently damning your predicament.

“It’s not so bad,” she says to you, knowing whats going through your mind already. “I mean, look at that guy over there, he’s totally eyeing you!” 

Oh, your best friend knew how to get a smile out of you, and you loved that about her the most. She always reminded you that it isn’t so bad, and you always felt better. 

“He is not,” you say, glancing over in the direction she’s looking. To your surprise, he is. His glacial eyes were on nothing but you from across the intimate room. He was staring at you like he’d been stuck in the desert for years, and you were a ocean of fresh water.

You take another look, longer this time. His hair is slicked back and bright green, complimenting his exuberantly pale skin and crimson lips. He’s smoking a cigar, the grey thick smoke surrounding him and his wish-they-were compeers. The smell is lovely to you as it wafts through the air, and you feel as though there’s no one else in the room but the two of you as you let your eyes fall on his again. 

It’s The Joker… you think to yourself, why on earth would he be looking this way?

“Here it’s my birthday, and you’re the one getting ogled,” your friend teases, clearly not knowing who the infamous man staring at you from the table is. “I’ll be back, I’m going to get us some more drinks.”

She leaves, and it’s just you and a half-empty - or half full, as you would call it most of the time - glass of Moet on the table.

It’s as if he were waiting for the moment she got up to leave. He gets up from the table curtly, not bothering to excuse himself from his conversation with the other men. Seconds pass before he’s sitting in your best friends chair, puffing on the cigar now only inches from you.

“Hi there, doll,” he coos.

Unable to grasp what was happening, you stare at him in all his perfection. Up close, he was even more gorgeous. The visible tattoos that covered his face and hands were harsh, but the danger about them covertly excited you.

“Hello,” you finally say, reaching for the glass of champagne before you, wondering where your friend went.

“Nervous?” He asks, lifting a faint brow before revealing his shining metal teeth in a wide grin.

“A little,” you say, all too honestly.

Well,” he started, drawing out the word before taking another puff and releasing it as he speaks, “I was wondering if you’d like to dance with an insane man.”

You can’t help the laugh that his words elicit from you. Shaking your head, you look down. 

“Can’t really do that.” you say, trying to hide the sudden emotion caught in your throat.

“And why not?” He asks, his tone harsh.

Looking away now, assuming this is some sick joke. “Listen,” you start, before you’re suddenly being swept out of the chair and into his arms.

Unsure of whether you wan to scream or smile as he carries you out onto the dance floor, you stay quiet, already calculating a plan to get out.

“You can do whatever the hell you want to, doll face,” he says, almost annoyed before holding you up in the middle of the floor as the band swings to their own music and the couples on the floor get lost in each others eyes.

“What are you doing?” You ask softly, now staring into his blue eyes.

“I asked you to dance, and you didn’t answer me.. So I took it into my own hands.”

You can feel his arms wrapped around your frame as he holds you up with ease, your feet on his as he begins to turn with you. Your heart begins to beat quickly against his chest, and all you want to do is hold him forever. This may be the sweetest gesture from the sickest, most twisted man on earth, and it’s all for you. You catch yourself smiling up at him as his eyes rest on yours.

“There’s that smile I’ve been dying to see..” he growls, and you feel like his breath of fresh air after being suffocated. 

“I could see that pretty, little, smile until the day Batman finally sticks me in Arkham for good.”

phil lester everybody;

-the fact that his smile can literally brighten ANYBODY’S day

-how caring he is towards his fans, he makes sure that they are happy and that they are safe.

-when people say ‘phil is only famous because of dan’ no, if it wasn’t for phil dan wouldn’t even be on youtube right now.

-he is honestly the sweetest man on earth, and he gets slept on

-when he says something innapropriate but acts like he had no idea what it meant

-we talk about heart eyes howell constantly but whenever phil does the 'love eyes lester’ thing it’s honestly he most precious thing in the world

-he tries his hardest to notice as many people as possible because he knows that will make their day better

-how much he cares about dan is something to be spoken about more

-his eyes are the most beautiful thing on earth, i could sit and stare at them for hours

-as much as we want him to he refuses to swear in his videos because he knows there are young people watching and he doesnt want to set a bad example

-when he won an award at the bonca’s but wouldnt accept it unless dan was there with him

-on top of all the things i’ve mentioned, he’s a literal sunshine, so when these youtubers are stealing his video ideas and not giving him credit, just think twice.

-and as a whole, we should all just appreciate phil because he’s truly a blessing to us all


Prompts 13 & 30 - Henry Turner
“I might have had a few shots.” “I love you.”

Request: “13 & 30 for Henry turner please! :)”

Word count: 359

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korealchemist  asked:

Hello and how are you doing? I was wondering if you could do some headcanons for Germany, France, and Canada as fathers or if their s/o was pregnant? If not, I understand, have a good day and I wish you the best of luck!!! Please and thank you!!!


-This man is promptly nervous about becoming a dad at first.

-He’s so excited honestly.

-He’d help his S/O with anything they needed because come on they’re literally growing a small human being woah 

-He would be a very protective dad. His child and his S/O would be his weakness. 

You bet your ass he’s going to be the king of dad jokes later on. 

-When his baby is born he’d be too scared to hold them at first, but once he did, he would just melts and cry.

-He’d have everything planned out, everything ready. Down to painting the baby room, or setting up a college fund.

-He’s a cool dad.


-He’s been a parent before, so he knows relatively what to do. 

-He’d be beyond excited to be a Papa again.

-This child is going to be so spoiled goodness gracious. 

-He’s more of the chill parent, but he’s internally worried. What if he messes up? What if he isn’t a good dad?

-All those thoughts seem to melt away once he meets the baby.

-He would be very involved in his child’s life and enjoy every second of it. 

-From feeding time,diaper changes, to little adventures, the little giggles and moments he shares with his family is nothing but special.


-This man is the sweetest man on earth I stg

-He would cherish that child with every ounce of his soul. 

-He’d help his S/O with anything they needed.

-Late night cravings? He’s the man coming home with anything they needed.

-After the baby was born he’d help out tons no matter how tired he was.

-He’s the chill dad honestly 

-But no one would ever hurt his child that’s a NO NOPE

-Lots of pictures taken so he has them late on to look at when they grow up.

-He’s so gentle and sweet and just harbors so much love for them.

-Just a proud dad.

-Admin Strawberry