the sweetest man on earth

I drew Thomas Sanders an Inksona!
He is heavily designed with the color Pink in mind as he is the happiest and sweetest man on earth!

Since he may not fight alot, the Splattershot Jr.’s special weapon, the Bubbler, lets his nearby allies hop into the fray and take out the enemies for a short amount of time!

This is probably one of the best things I’ve ever made and I’m happy to dedicate it to my role model Thomas Sanders!

the world: cristiano is so serious all the time does he even know how to loosen up all he cares about is himself what a jerk

cristiano: says he likes his fake pet dog because it’s always quiet and laughs like an idiot, calls his son my love, danced when scored goals, take pictures of his lunch and tells his fans to stay healthy, says he loves his fans like everyday, is the sweetest and kindest man on earth but everyone ignores it

Lee Pace is one of my favorite actors.
He’s good at acting as the sweetest man on planet Earth,or the meanest one; he can make you think “Oh Lee,stop it or I’ll cry til the end of my days” or make you smile of real happiness.
He is one of those -I suppose- underrated,or probably just not really noticed- actors I hope one day young actors will relate to when aspiring to be great at what they’re doing.
He amazes me. Always.