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A blushing Yokozawa just might be my kink… Seriously - just how adorable can this man get? Usually so gruff and tough but underneath all of that is one of the sweetest and dedicated guys around. Even though he got friendzoned he stuck around just because he wanted to be near the guy he loved; and then when love eventually came around for real, this happens - blushing!! Lots of blushing!! I’m dead…

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Yaaaaahoooooo!! /o/ Could you write some fluffy ~ Romantic ~ and maybe a little nsfw HC for my baby Todoroki -with a female s/o-? Please! ;; I'm almost killing for new things about him and I loved the way that you understand him!!! Thank you so much and good work, love ;)

Ahhh thank you! I really enjoy writing him so its good to know that I write him well!! 

Relationship HCs:

  • super dense when it comes to romance, like he doesn’t understand someone likes him and he’s the type of guy who still doesn’t understand even after a confession
  • Like, he’ll have a crush but if they confess to him he’ll think its too good, like why??? So he’ll just assume they meant they enjoyed being friends with him
  • BUT that doesn’t mean he is still like that after, like he can already read his s/o pretty well before they get together but now he understands them better and he understands why they act a certain way around him when they didn’t use to act like that (like get flustered around him and such) 
  • One of the sweetest guys ever, an absolute gentleman 
  • Will take a while to initiate the first kiss, unless his s/o already kissed him first then he’ll shower them with kisses (usually in private)
  • Likes to give s/o gifts, usually small things that reminded him of them and he’ll make sure to tell them how it reminded him
  • Accidental romantic, like he’ll blurt out really sweet compliments out of no where, he doesn’t even think about it, they just happen
  • LOVES cuddling with s/o (cuddle HCs here)
  • Likes to hold hands, both in public and in private, especially when they’re walking home together
  • Just loves being around his s/o, doesn’t matter if they’re just sitting around, he just loves having them with him

Now for some nsfw (under the cut!)

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Got7 Imagine: Jackson as University / College Student
  • Requested by Anon
  • Got7 X Reader
  • Order from eldest to youngest member
  • YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW OFTEN I IMAGINE THESE 7 BOYS AS UNI/ COLLEGE STUDENTS. THANK YOU FOR YOUR REQUEST! Also, I feel like I’d over-write for each member so I’ll put this into 7 separate posts!
  • Inbox / Requests are OPEN
  • Masterlist

University AU list: Mark | Jaebum | Jinyoung


  • Second/ Sophomore Year
  • Major in Fencing at the Physical Education/ Sports Department
  • Student Ambassador
  • Excellent Grades
  • Best friends with Mark from the Science Department and Bam Bam from the Arts Department
  • Known around campus as the sweetest guy alive by females and the everybody’s bro by males
  • How he commutes to campus: Usually jogs or walk but will take a ride on Jaebum’s car if he’s running late
  • Everyday outfit: All black athletic wear, nike or adidas
  • Class Schedule: 8 am to 2 pm classes because he has early morning practice with the fencing team
  • At school during at the crack of dawn and lasts until afternoons practicing at the gym, in a lecture, or on ambassador duty in the offices

During Class:

  • Takes his seat right by the middle row, usually right in the center of the hall
  • Has a pen and one piece of paper, usually at the very bottom of his bag
  • Tries to take notes but scribbles hieroglyphics because he can’t catch up with the speed of the professor
  • Gives up and type notes on his computer instead and gets distracted by social media notifications
  • Hands in his assignment on time; fulfills the minimum and tries for maximum (even if he struggles)
  • Sits with his friends and usually gets distracted every 5 seconds
  • Has habit of breathing heavily and drumming his fingers if the class gets boring
  • Starts off sitting properly at the beginning of class and has his upper body laid flat on the table by the end of class
  • Always arrives just after the professor steps in because he was too caught up with morning practice

During Breaks:

  • Can be seen around the cafeteria or at the school’s common area with his friends (the rest of got7)
  • Usually, has caesar salad with shreds of chicken breast with organic green tea
  • From time to time he has a cheat day and has a burger with chips/ crisps/ fries
  • Always tries to talk to Mark even if Mark doesn’t reply
  • Talks to Jaebum and Youngjae as well cause they all live together and share house chores
  • Occasionally goes out with Bam bam and Jinyoung off campus to have grilled meat
  • If he’s preparing for a competition, he’d be in the gym practicing
  • If he’s particularly free that day he’d go play basketball with Mark
  • Other times he’d be working at the offices as the uni/ college’s student ambassador
  • Helping out mostly undergraduates and freshmen around campus
  • Tries his best to answer any questions students have about their career path
  • Low-key on the side promoting his beloved organic products

During Exam Season:

  • This boy will be panicking
  • Asks his hyungs, noonas and friends to tutor him
  • He will disappear for a good few days to study
  • Hella stressed and you can tell from a glimpse
  • So stressed that he’ll neglect food AND sleep if necessary
  • Speaks out loud to himself while studying to help himself remember things
  • Has his hair up in a ponytail to stop it from falling over his eyes
  • Stubble Jackson at the very peaks of exam season (reference to Law of Jungle for accurate depiction)
  • He shows up to his exams hobo style and ALL BLACK
  • “I am attending the funeral of my grades.”
  • Checks grade or GPA updates every day during the holidays
  • Thanks his mom and gives a speech to celebrate the world, when he finds out he scored flying colours on most his exams

How he handles on-campus admirers:

  • Thinks himself as unattractive or not desirable when there’s a flock of Jackies everywhere (like boy, please, be more confident)
  • If he’s approached with a confession, he’d be very flattered and humbled
  • Also would politely decline if he’s not interested, tells admirers that he has other goals in priority and that he wouldn’t mind being friends instead

How you meet him:

  • It was at the beginning of the uni/ college break when you meet Jackson
  • You visiting the offices, hopefully, to rearrange the clashing class schedule for your next academic year
  • It was pretty much your second time in the office aside from the time you had your interview there
  • The office was empty besides the one guy dressed in FULL BLACK by the desks
  • He had his back facing towards you
  • “Excuse me—”
  • You slip into the office and touch the guy’s shoulder
  • “ARGH!” “AHH!”
  • He jumped up at your touch and screamed that resulted in scared you
  • The two of you just kind of looked at each other and burst out laughing
  • “Hi, sorry for scaring you just now, I’m trying to look for the program advisor. Any idea where they would be?”
  • “Actually, _______ is currently in a meeting. But, I can try to help you out. I’m Jackson, one of the many student ambassadors here.”
  • Jackson smiled at you and pulled out a chair, motioning you to sit next to him
  • “So what exactly do you need help with?”
  • “I just need to rearrange my schedule for next semester/ quarter. I have a night class that’s clashing with my part-time shift.”
  • “Oh okay, that’s quite simple then. I’ll do it for you cause the meeting might take a while.”
  • You then went on into telling him what classes you’d need to change and got business done. You thanked Jackson and left for home and enjoyed the rest of your well-deserved break/ holiday
  • For the rest of the academic year, you’d always run into Jackson in the offices
  • You guys gradually become really good friends
  • You also grew to help around the offices, and people thought you were a student ambassador at some point (when you were not)
  • Fast forward to the end of the academic year, it was the end of your last class when you find Jackson waiting outside
  • “Hey!”
  • “Hi, Jackson! What are you doing here?”
  • He hands you a sign-up form for the student ambassador program
  • “Came to hand this to you. Figure you should actually become part of the team since it’s been a while you’ve been helping out now.”
  • “Haha, I should. Thank you for delivering this to me! Got anything planned for later since it is now officially holidays.”
  • “Nothing, but I would want to hang out with you.”
  • “We see each other all the time, Jack! Classes and at the offices?”
  • “I want to see you outside of school and the offices for once.”
  • Jackson smiles cutely at you and boy you know it’s gonna be the perfect way to start your uni/ college break

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(Jackson looks like a polished but cute af high schooler here HAHAHA)^

accelerate; 4

pairing: reader x bts

genre: literally everything, college!au, fuckboy!bts, asshole!namjoon

warnings: piercing, outting?

author: admin m

Cursing the sun for wrecking your restful sleep, you slipped out of bed slowly, rubbing the sleep from your eyes. Gazing in the mirror, you noticed the slight scar formed by the failed piercing. An idea popped into your mind at once, and half an hour and a slice of toast later, you were out the door.

The tattoo and piercing parlour was sleek, all black walls and marble floors. You had called in before leaving, and had heard that one of their piercers was available for a walk in. The trip was anxiety filled, but fuelled with the urge to change, and safely this time. You moved forwards to the receptionist, whose red hair splashed against the black tattoos that littered her skin. “Hey! Are you our 10 AM walk in?” Her voice was reassuring as she smiled up at you from her computer. You nodded. “Ah, well, you’re in good hands. We let our trainees do the walk ins, and you’re getting it done by one of our best. I’m Hyuna, by the way!” You smiled at her, the skin around her mouth creased in a constant grin that was so fucking dazzling. “Thank you so much, do I just-?” She nodded at you, motioning at the seat you were hovering over. “He’ll be right out. He’s around your age, but honestly, the sweetest guy I know. Very, very gay though. Extremely. So don’t get your hopes up like I did,” Hyuna sighed, smiling softly and turning back to her screen. Your mind pondered over what the mysterious man could look like. Tall? Short? Littered with piercings or covered in tattoos? Both? Neither? The possibilities were drawn to a sudden halt when the man emerged from behind a black sliding door. Freshly dyed red hair, boxy grin, jeans hanging low on his hips. None other than Kim Taehyung. “Oh, I, wait, what?” You were dumbfounded, not expecting the sweet gay piercer to be Taehyung, the annoying fuckboy with sex rumours surrounding his every step. His smile dropped, and he cursed himself quietly. “Hyuna, you can’t tell people that shit- this chick is my fucking classmate, fuck, she might-“ You cut him off, smiling warmly despite the newfound information.

“I won’t, Tae. It’s personal info, don’t worry about it.” Of course you wouldn’t tell anyone. That would be shitty, and cruel, and unlike him, you were neither. His expression read relief, and he smiled once more. “Well, then, Y/N, off we go.” He took your information as you walked back to the piercing station, his deep voice soothing as you ran over all the ways it could go wrong. “Tae?” You interrupted his rambling. It surprised you that after six of the seven boys for almost a decade, you still barely knew enough about them to write a short description on anything other than their appearance. “Yeah?” He answered, sterilising the needle, and leaning closer to clean the skin around your lip. He chose the side unafflicted by the attempt at self piercing, with a reminder that “If I had to train to do it, you definitely can’t do it half drunk and crying.” You smiled softly at him, before speaking again. “Do the boys know?” Your voice was smaller than usual, timid about pushing at what could be a sensitive topic. He snorted, shaking his head. “I, no. And I don’t want them to. It doesn’t really mean anything, ya know? It’s like, they like pancakes but I like waffles. Except, pancakes are vagina and waffles are dick. And I REALLY like waffles. More than they like pancakes probably. Anyway, no, they don’t, and it’s best that way.” You nodded, giggling slightly at his creative representation of genitalia. Gross, but funny. He smiled at you, and for once, he didn’t seem like such an asshole. During school, he always just let you be, never interfering. All the boys were like that, even Seokjin who was older than you all and graduating sooner. It never bothered you- sure, they were sleazy and liked to sleep around, but they were happy, and if they were happy, that’s all that mattered. Yoongi was the only one who ever bothered you. Constantly following you, trying to bug you in class, trying to gain your attention. He had been the coldest of them all, and for that, you knew he was simply trying to get into your pants. College shed a new light on the boys, when they took a keen interest in you, and Namjoon had asked you out in the centre of the cafeteria. He kept you away from Yoongi, even when you hung out with all of them, because he seemed to have an issue with the boy’s habit of sleeping around. Not that it wasn’t a mutual trait between them all, and you had been too blind to realise Namjoon was just the same.

But it was different now, you didn’t feel angry at them. Not even at Namjoon. You felt almost at peace with the seven boys, maybe even Yoongi and his harsh wording.

You were pulled from your thoughts by a sharp pain, and a feeling on weight on your lip. “All done, see? I told you daydreaming takes your mind off of it.” Tae smiled once more at you, before helping you off the seat and walking you out. You paid quickly, walking out of the parlour sore but feeling accomplished and new. A hand grasped your wrist as you went to walk away. Tae faced you, smiling again. “Y/N, I really am sorry.” He seemed sincere, and you smiled back at him, ignoring the slight ache. “I forgive you, Tae.” He nodded, turning away.

“See you tonight, babe.” He called, smirking and entering the parlour.

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do the 2ps have any redeeming qualities relationship wise?

2p!America: Protective and do anything to make them happy.

2p!Canada: Smothers s/o in affection and he’s very protective

2p!England: Sweetest and cutest guy around. Will spoil his s/o.

2p!France: Can be a bit of a romantic if he gives a shit about them.

2p!China: Spoils his s/o and do anything to make them happy. Drop what he’s doing to talk to them.

2p!Russia: Well, he would never cheat. He can be a bit of a romantic too but he’s shy about it.

2p!Italy: Very romantic and he will never let anyone disrespect his s/o. Also they’ll never want for anything.

2p!Germany: Loyal! Once he’s in a relationship they are his everything. He’ll drop what he’s doing to be with them if they need him

2p!Prussia: What isn’t a redeeming quality for him? He’s sweet as can be, he’ll spoil his s/o, he’s down for whatever, he’s loyal, ah just so much is good in him.

2p!Japan: Protective. He shows his feelings rather than saying them

2p!Romano: He’ll spoil them and treat them like royalty. He LOVES to see people happy and his s/o is no exception

2p!Spain: He will get them anything they ask for and he is very protective over them. He can also be romantic at times

Revenge (7)

Description: Part 7 of a (kind of) AU Marvel series

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader, Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: smut, angst, fluff, the works


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Last Time:

I sighed, shaking my head. I knew he was right. We wouldn’t be truly happy not being together. But if Steve found out, all of us would be totally screwed.

“Gabbie… Please, doll.” He pleaded, taking my hands.

I knew I was about to make the biggest mistake ever as I answered him. “Okay.”

I knew what I did was wrong. I never should have gone along with Bucky’s plan. But on the other hand, I had two of the sweetest, hottest guys to roll around with and love on, and it was fantastic. Other than the fact that I had to hide it from Steve. And that was another huge downside. My mind was at war, and the stress was killing me. Sooner or later I would have to come clean to Steve, and I was really hoping it’d be later rather than sooner.

I sat in my room, reading one of my favorite books, when I heard a knock on my door.

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you look happier (tbjzl)

prompt: based off of ed sheeran’s song happier from his divide album.

warnings: just the usual swearing

notes: i’m sure this has been done by now, but it’s been sitting in my drafts box for ages. just a quick one to say a massive thank you for 400 followers ☺️

p.s in no way is this a reflection of tobi’s character, as i personally think he is the sweetest guy around.


tobi’s pov

29th of november, a particularly dreary day for central london, and not only because it was mid winter. coincidentally it marks the day of an anniversary, and not the happy sorts.

instead, today is a painful reminder of the day y/n left. the heavy rain pouring hard down onto my concrete surroundings contributing to my shit mood is just an added bonus.

at which point i’m positive the day can’t get any worse, running across the road to escape this awful weather is the love of my life, or at least what used to be. directly beside her, the man that replaced me.

i can’t help but feel disgusted as my gaze travels down to his broad arms. she’s literally 100 ft away, wrapped in the arms of another after only a month of being apart.

flash backs from the worst day of my life fall upon me. the weather is alike today’s, she stood there at my door screaming profanities in my face, each of which physically pained me. “i can’t believe you would do this tobi, this is fucking low especially for you” she spat. i couldn’t defend myself, i had no right. i had broken her, when it was my duty to protect her. “please baby-” i step forward feeling the instant rejection as she takes a step back.

“don’t touch me, especially after you’ve been with her” the twists of her words stinging like a knife inside my chest.

she can’t help but let a tear stain her cheek and i’ve never been in so much agony knowing i inflicted such pain on her. “i’m not excusing my actions, but i’d never have kissed her if i was sober. you know i don’t drink y/n! i had been missing you so much while we were in boston and the boys wanted me to let lose, have a beer or so.”

“don’t you dare put this on me tobi. i fucking missed you too, more than you’ll ever know. but instead of going out drinking do you know what i did?” her usual soft tone non-existent, yet it was hard to miss the brokenness that her voice was laced with. i looked to my feet, too embarrassed to make eye contact with her.

“do you?” y/n began, “i spent every night apart watching videos to hear your voice, or your vlogs so i could see what you were doing. instead of shoving your tongue down a drunk bitch’s throat did you not think that maybe you could have called me? a text even? you know what tobi, i’m done. i’ll always love you but i can no longer be in love with a man who doesn’t respect me.”

“y/n baby”

“you no longer have the right to call me that” she snapped.

“please! wait until the storm is over. i don’t want you out there in the rain, it’s not safe. we can sit inside and talk things out, you can even yell at me for the next few hours.” is what i should have said to her.

but instead i let her run out into the rain, get in her car and drive away from me and our possible future.

because of me feeling sorry for myself, instead of chasing her down and begging her to forgive me, the sight in front of me unfolds. her with him and not me.

“you look happier” i hear myself silently whisper as i take notice of him making her laugh. her smile twice as wide as what it used to be with me.

I hate myself, how could i not. because ain’t nobody hurt her like i hurt her, when it was my job to make sure she was protected.

yet at the same time ain’t nobody will ever love her like i do.

i follow them to the bar, i know i should give her some space but i can’t believe i’ve seen her again and she’s looking so much better.

i take a seat far away in the corner out of view. minding my own business, i slip in the group chat my current situation.

you: i’ve seen y/n, she looks good. happier even

s: that’s good bro

v: did you speak to her?

e: where are you now?

you: i haven’t spoken to her but i may have followed her and some guy into a pub. clearly doing better without me fucking her life around

j: you’ll get there too buddy. don’t hang around and make yourself angry

i slip my phone back into my pocket disregarding josh’s advice. i take a swig of the beer i’ve ordered, as i place it back on the table i come to a realisation. how much i’d been drinking. how drinking was the cause of this.

no wonder i was happier with her.

no matter how hard i try to avoid looking at her with him, it’s virtually impossible. the words ‘she look happier’ running repeatedly through my mind. it was already hard not to think of her every second, with everything reminding me of y/n.

i need to stop this, it isn’t healthy. as i make a move to exit our eyes catch for nearly a second and the happiness i saw within them second earlier drains.

“baby you look happier, you do” i mouth before slipping back out into the rain.


Title: Gorgeous

Words: 1879

Pairing: Tom Hiddleston x reader

Warnings: language

A/N: Okay, so this is my first Tom Hiddleston one shot. I got inspiration for it yesterday and I really hope that you’ll like it :) I was even thinking about making a series from it, but I’m not sure…

Your name: submit What is this?

You were watching the landscape in front of you. The wind was blowing lazily and it felt like the time isn’t moving. The wind was gently moving your hair.

It was a cloudy morning, but even though the view was gorgeous. The sea was spreading in front of you and you could smell pine trees around you.

It was a bit chilly and you could feel goosebumps forming every time wind decided to move the air around you.

You closed your eyes, enjoying the moment.

To be honest, you’ve been waiting so long for this weekend off. To be with him, alone, away from the world.

You were sick of the game you two were playing. Hiding from friends, family and especially the media. You were more than sick of seeing girls flirting with him, unaware of the fact that he was taken. You knew that he loves you more than anything, he showed you this every chance he got. But you slowly wanted to show this to other people.

You were more than aware of the fact that it would be hard. For the first time in your life you’d be on eyes of the media all the time. There’d be rumours about you and him, speculations all the time. They’d judge the way you’re dressing and the way you’re acting.

But you’d do it. You’d do it all for him.

“What are you thinking about?” a voice from behind you asked and you smiled at his accent. You loved this so much, it was one of the things you adored about him.

“Nothing.” you murmured, not taking your eyes off the view.

You felt his hands wrap around your waist, pulling your back to his chest. You felt safe in his arms. Safer than you’ve ever felt before.

“You know that’s not true.” he told you, leaning his chin on your shoulder.

You smiled into the distance and for a few minutes, neither of you spoke. You just enjoyed each-others company, not caring about anything else.

You were hidden from the world and after months you could finally be who you wanted to be and do what you wanted to do without any fear.

“I wish I could stay here forever. Be with you without hiding you from the rest of the world to protect you.”

You nodded against his chest and as soon as he saw that you’re cold, he took off his jacket and wrapped it around you. It smelled like him. You loved that.

“I… I don’t want to hide anymore.” you admitted, biting your lower lip. You already knew his answer to this.  He was scared that the media will attack you and he promised himself to do everything to keep you away from this.

“Y/N…” Tom sighed. “You know why we’re doing this. Believe me, you don’t want to be judged by the media.”

“I don’t care about them, Tom. I want this, no matter what the consequences are. I’m dying when we can’t be together when we want to.” you argued, now turning to face him.

Sadness was in his eyes, he hated seeing you like this. He loved you more than he ever loved anything. He’d do anything to make you happy.

“This is a huge step, baby.” he frowned, furrowing his eyebrows. “You need to be sure about this, I don’t want them to write anything bad about you. I couldn’t stand it.”

You lifted yourself on your toes, pressing your lips against his. “I’m ready. I know that it will be hard, but I want this.”

He moved a few strands of hair that were in her face to the side and locked his eyes with yours. God, he had such a beautiful blue eyes, you could stare at them for hours.

“Okay.” he gave in, which made you smile. “But you have to let me be next to you, every step of the way.”

You nodded and hugged him tightly. “I love you, Tom.” you whispered in his ear.

To your surprise, he remained quiet, but you didn’t mind much. You brushed it off because he was probably just worried.

You and Tom have been dating for almost half of a year now and you loved every moment of it. You two met at Comic Con. You worked there as a volunteer and he was there as a star, of course. For some reason you two hit off instantly. He was the sweetest guy you’ve ever met and he was around you all the time.

You honestly thought that this will end when Comic Con does, but on your huge surprise, you got his message the following day. Soon a friendship formed between you two and it didn’t last long till you two started dating.

It was your idea, actually, to hide your relationship from the start. You were scared of the media and what people are going to say. But soon you got over it. You trusted Tom more than you trusted anyone in your life and you knew that no matter what, with him by your side you’ll keep fighting.

“I wish we could go swimming.” he sighed, looking at the calm sea.

“You know, we could go.”

“Oh, sweetheart, you’ll catch a cold out there.” he chuckled, wrapping his arms around you once again.

You leaned your head against his broad chest, resting your eyes for a minute. You didn’t see the way Tom looked at you, huge smile on his face.

Damn, she’s so beautiful. He thought to himself. What have I done to deserve a girl like her?

To him, you were a world. Even in a crowded room he could only see you. He missed you while he was away, filming and he wished more than anything for the whole world to know that you’re only his.

But he was scared. You were fragile and innocent, they could crush you in yellow papers if they wanted to. Tom also knew that some of his fans couldn’t stand him with a girl. They would spread hate about you and as far as he knew you, hate like this, for sure wasn’t what you needed.

On the other side, he’d get so much more time to spend with you. You could travel with him and he could take you out for dinners. Tom promised to himself that he’ll always be next to you and that he won’t let anyone or anything hurt you.

“I don’t care. Let’s go for a swim, c’mon.” You pulled him after you to the beach in front of the house.

Tom let out a chuckle and followed you. He couldn’t really say no to you.

You stripped down to your swimsuit, but then realized that Tom is watching you. It’s not like he hasn’t seen you in your underwear or even naked, but you still felt self conscious around him.

You crossed your hands on your chest, a blush creeping up your cheeks. Seeing Tom’s perfect body only in trunks didn’t really help either.

You turned away from him, suddenly feeling like this wasn’t a really good idea. Not that you in swimsuits ever was a good idea.

“Y/N…” you heard Tom’s gentle voice as he was approaching you. “Don’t do that, darling. I already told you that you’re perfect for me.”

His hands found its way around you and he placed a kiss on your hair.

“You’re perfect, Y/N. Your body, your soul… it’s a bless being around you and there’s nothing I love more than being with you.”

You felt yourself blushing even more and avoided his look as he stood in front of you. You knew that he meant every word he said, but you still didn’t uncross your arms.

He took them in his hands, forcing you to look at him.

“Gorgeous.” he whispered, like this was the only thing he knew for sure. “You’re gorgeous.”

Once again, you looked on the ground, not knowing what to say, but then you heard him.

“Say it.”

You laughed and shook your head. “I’m not 12, Tom. C’mon, I’ll be okay.”

You looked at him, thinking that he’s smiling at you, but his face was serious. He meant it. He wanted to hear it from you and as far as you knew him, he won’t just let it go.

“Okay…” you gave in. “Gorgeous.”

Tom smiled and pulled you in for a kiss. “You are.” he whispered as he leaned his forehead on yours.

“Now I heard that you want to go for a swim.” he smirked. “Off we go, Little Mermaid!”

He lifted you up and threw you over his shoulder. You squealed, laughing hard as he walked towards the water.

“Oh, the water is just perfect.” he teased. “Okay, ready? One, two…” On three you landed in the water.

It took you a few seconds to swim to the surface, where you took a deep breath, filling your lungs with air. Tom was near you, laughing and asking if you were okay.

“That’s not funny.” you stuck your tongue out, which only made him laugh harder. “Okay, maybe a little.” you gave in and laugh with him.

Soon he swam to you, pulling you closer. “You have no idea how much I love you.” he told you, pecking you lips after every word.


“Y/N, darlin’!” you heard Tom calling you from the other room. “Can you come here?”

You slowly walked there, joining him in bed. You snuggled close to him and he threw and arm around your shoulders.

“What is it, sweetie?” you asked sleepily. It was a late evening and all you wanted to do after this long day was fall asleep in the strong arms of the man you loved. That didn’t happen really often and you were looking forward to it.

“Remember our talk in the morning?” he asked and you quickly nodded.

“What about it?”

“Well…” he smirked down at you, but you couldn’t see him as you traced patterns on his bare chest. And damn did he look good.

“I might have done something.”

You shot up, your eyes widening. “Really?” you asked in disbelief. “W-what?”

Suddenly you weren’t so sure about your decision.

“Check your Twitter.” he whispered, smiling.

You picked up your phone opening Twitter. You had a few notifications and 2 new tweets from Tom. You shot him a confused look before opening them.

You smiled and bit your lip before opening another one.

There was a picture of you two below this tweet. Tom was hugging you from behind, big smile resting on your faces. This picture was taken only a few weeks after you started dating, but you could say, for sure, that your feelings didn’t change a bit.

“Tom, I…” you looked at him, smiling like a fool.

“I love you, Y/N.” he replied, when you couldn’t find the right words.

“I love you too, Tom.”

You leaned closer, pressing your lips on his.

You knew that it’ll be hard from now on and honestly, if you knew what’s waiting for you in the future, just because Tom told to the world that he loves you, maybe you’d change your mind. But with him by your side nothing can go wrong. Right?

Okay, so I hope you’ll like it! Let me know what you think about it and do you think that I should make a part 2 to this?

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Can you give me links to your diabolik lovers one shots?? I am on mobile and can't get to your story link. You can put the Hannah ones too, I like her.

Most of my oneshots are at Wattpad so you’ll need an account to read them, but I’ll link them with small summaries and warnings.

Just in case… Do I need to put a warning to not plagiarise or paraphrase for certain types of fans? Just concerned.

Pursuit: Yui Komori 1

Yui Komori attempting to run away only to be caught by Ayato. Mentions past trauma.

Ayato Sakamaki 1

Ayato being frustrated about a certain chichinashi. Light sexual content involving a nameless girl. Some blood drinking.

Kanato Sakamaki

Kanato having a bit of a meltdown after Ayato gives him a cruel reality check about Cordelia.

Reiji Sakamaki 1

Scenario involving Reiji losing someone he loves to a disease.

Laito Sakamaki

Dark Laito giving a sleeping new bride a nasty wake up to a bite on a certain place.

The Triplets

The triplets learning about death when finding a dead girl during their childhood years.

Reiji Sakamaki 2

Somewhat smutty. Reiji tends to a recently whipped bloodbag while being a little pissed off and sexually frustrated.

Reiji Sakamaki 3

Reiji allows a well-behaved bloodbag to get her reward. Smutty.

Reiji Sakamaki 4

Unapologetic Reiji smut. Mentions of past spanking.

Reiji Sakamaki 5

Whipping and Reiji getting slightly perverted.

Reiji Sakamaki 6

Creeper Reiji.

Yui Komori 2

Mentions of past AyaYui. Ayato being a slut with another girl.

Reiji Sakamaki 7

How creeper Reiji “checks out” a potential mate.

Ayato Sakamaki 2

Ayato being a brat. Mentions of AyaYui, story connected to Yui Komori 2.


Untitled LaiHannah 1

Laito comprehending fatherhood. Further in the future.

Untitled LaiHannah 2

More “father Laito”. Further in the future.

Untitled LaiHannah 3

Trigger warnings galore of Hannah summarizing every day life with Laito as well as thinking of Yui’s own situation. Has mentions of AyaYui and ShuuYui. If you’re easily triggered avoid this oneshot. (Or avoid all Laito stories from me since he’s not the sweetest guy around if you’re actually familiar with the games.)

Untitled LaiHannah 4

Obsessed dark Laito, trigger warnings, unhealthy relationships. Horror.

ReiHannah (yes, people requested this taboo pairing while my drabble blog was still running.)

Untitled ReiHannah 1

Obsessed Reiji with a one-sided affection attacking Hannah and taking her blood. No sex. (Felt too weird to do it)

Untitled ReiHannah 2

A requested alternative scenario of after chapter 35 in ITS if Laito hadn’t stopped Reiji on time. Contains non-descriptive sexual mentions. Trauma, pregnancy and a very insane vampire. Easily triggered people are suggested to avoid reading this. I’m not the hand-holding type.

Untitled ReiHannah 3

Broken Reiji thinking about everything that had happened after the events of chapter 36. One-sided ‘love’.


Laito’s WTF Moments

Despite the title, it has all brothers and its pure ridiculous CRACK. Not to be taken seriously. If easily offended or defensive, don’t bother to read. It’s only 14 short stories so far.

My few DL tumblr fics that don’t require a membership to read. They’re considerably much tamer.

LaiHannah 1

Laito trying to be annoying in getting Hannah to talk about jealousy.

LaiHannah 2

Laito summarizing his current life with Hannah.

LaiHannah 3

Hannah summarizing her current life with Laito. Not a pretty or fluffy read.

LaiHannah 4

Laito thinks of his relationship with Hannah and his growing family.

LaiHannah 5

Creepy Crossdressing Laito

LaiHannah 6

Hannah tells an anon what Laito is like in their sex life.

LaiHannah 7

Laito tries to mess with Hannah but she ends up winning. Contains some hair pulling and mentions of past choking and trauma.

LaiHannah 8

Hannah finally kills someone and Laito’s way of handling it isn’t exactly 'normal’.

Other Characters Within The ITS Universe

Reiji 1

Psychotic mad scientist Reiji.

Yui 1

Shuu gets some abuse from his niece Hannah. Yui’s POV.

Ayato 1

Ayato doesn’t know how to 'fix’ a broken Yui.

Yui 2

Yui summarizing what is happening in ITS.

Others Random

Reiji 1

Some smutty Reiji in punishment.

Reiji 2

Smutty bondage/anal with Reiji. (Reader insert)

ReiHannah 1

Tea time with Reiji that ends up with him having a mini crisis.

ReiHannah 2

Reiji being a creeper looking at Hannah changing clothes while sipping tea.

ReiHannah 3

Reiji spanks Hannah literally.

ShuuHannah 1

Warnings for just plain bitchiness and laziness. May contain some mentions of dark themes.

ShuuHannah 2

Somewhat smutty Shuu that thinks he will get his way but Hannah won’t let him.

ShuuHannah 3

Shuu punishes Hannah for what happened in ShuuHannah 2. Involves knife play and violence.

Subaru 1

Subaru interaction with Hannah. No shippiness except for some LaiHannah in the end.


Will not link ITS since most my story followers know where to find it. Sorry for taking so long in answering this. I hadn’t realized how much I’ve written for DL 😨.

Fix You (Part 2)

Originally posted by chatoyance

Warren Worthington III x Reader

Fix You (Part 2)

Author: Morgan

Prompt: Could you do another Warren x empath!reader where Warren gets into a brawl with a stereotypical jock in a restaurant because the guy kept making disrespectful passes at the reader (even though she is obviously dating Warren) and Warren wins the fight but is hurt more emotionally than physically bc the guy called him trash and a freak and worries again that he doesn’t deserve her but she uses her powers and words to calm his fears and heal his injuries and cute fluffy stuff like that?

Note: There are so many things ahead of this, but I’m having Warren FEELS. And also, I wrote the first part like a few days ago, so I may as well write it while it’s recent.

Part 1:

“You really need to stop getting into fights,” you sighed, walking into your bedroom. Warren was sitting on your bed, several scrapes and cuts all over his body and tears in his eyes. You knew how he felt. Hurt. He always seemed to. But you didn’t blame him. Not this time.

You and him and some of the others were at the mall, sitting in the food court when some very rude teenage boys started to flirt with you, despite the fact that you and Warren were holding hands and he had one of his large feathery wings draped over your shoulder.

Then they proceeded to tell him all sorts of things that weren’t true. That he was a freak, that he didn’t deserve you, that you were too good for him. You knew none of those things were true, and you hoped he did too, but he still fought them. And while he had won, he still felt like he lost.

“I know,” he sighed, shoulders hunched. His eyes met yours briefly before finding his feet. His legs were spread in front of him, and he was leaning back on his arms.

“You know the drill. Shirt off.” You instructed. He nodded silently, tugging the black Metallica shirt over his head and dropping it to the floor. How he managed to put on clothes with his monstrous wings was still a mystery to you. “Look at me, Warren,”

“(Y/N)…” he trailed off, eyes wandering anywhere but to yours.

“Warren,” you kneeled on the bed, swinging a leg over his and sitting on his thighs.

“Why do you care about me?” he asked, tears threatening to spill from his blue eyes. “I’m so reckless and damaged and my temper is…not the calmest. My own father didn’t want me, why should you?”

“Doesn’t it make sense that the boy with the most pain ended up with the healer?” You smiled softly, your hands finding his cheeks. He visibly stiffened as your healing chills ran through him. The bruises and cuts on his face dissolved to nothing, his black eye fading to normal.

“You deserve better.” He murmured. “I’m a f-”

“If you say freak, so help me God.”

“It’s true.”

“No. It’s not.” You shook your head. “You’re not a freak. You’re not a monster or anything else. You are the sweetest, kindest guy I’ve ever met. And yeah, you’re a little rough around the edges, but you’ve been through a hell of a lot.”

“Yeah, but-”

“I love you, Warren,” you interrupted him. His eyes widened slightly and he closed his mouth, wings twitching.

“You what?” he asked, a hitch in his voice.

“I love you to the moon and back, and I wish you could see that.” You confessed. Tears streamed down his cheeks. Tears of relief, of unexplainable joy. Warm emotions radiated from his chest.

“I love you too,” he sat up and pressed his lips to yours. You kissed him softly, meaningfully. When you released, he laid back down on your bed. You laid on his bare chest, hands gently stroking his muscles.

“I’ll always be here to fix you.” You told him. “Always.”

“I know,” he hummed with content, his large hand running through your hair. His wings wrapped around you, keeping you safe and warm. “I love you so much.”

“I love you too.”

Heart Like Yours (James Potter x Reader)

A/N: Based on a request for a James Potter and Ravenclaw reader who is best friends with Moony imagine. Hope you enjoy! :)

James Potter was and always would be an insufferable, self-absorbed idiot. He always had to mouth off to everyone around him and tell them how amazing he was. You absolutely could not stand him, but he sure couldn’t get enough of you.

Being a Ravenclaw, you figured you would rarely see James. Being Remus Lupin’s best friend, however, ruined that. James seemed to be everywhere you went, even if you weren’t with Remus.

“Y/L/N!” A loud voice yelled from the Great Hall when you walked in. You physically cringed, ducking your head and attempting to rush to your table. A large hand firmly grasped onto your arm, pulling you back into the person’s chest.

“James!” You squaked, ripping out of his hold. He merely laughed, crossing his arms over his chest as he watched you with a smirk.

“Come sit with us, love,” he requested. You rolled your eyes and began to walk away when he grabbed onto you again.

“What is it, Potter?” You quipped, face beginning to turn red with anger.

“What’s got your knickers in a twist, Y/L/N?” He joked with a wink. You let out a huff and clenched your fists.

“You are so lucky that I’m not a fan of hexing people, Potter.”

“But, love,” James began with a wide grin. “I’m already under your spell.”

Your face turned bright red from embarrassment and you rushed away from him, his laughter echoing in your ears. All you wanted was for him to leave you alone. If Remus was there, James wouldn’t have had the opportunity to say those ridiculous things. He never knew when to stop.

It wasn’t until one of his pranks on you had gone wrong that he finally realized how awful he was being.

“I left my book out by the lake,“ you sighed as you walked with Remus to the Gryffindor common room. You had just spent the afternoon outside with him enjoying the nice weather, but had left your book under a lonesome tree.

“Do you want me to go with you?” Remus asked as you began to head back outside.

“Don’t worry, Moony,” you smiled at him. “I can take care of myself. Don’t wait around for me, though, I should probably go back to my own common room.”

The last thing you expected to happen when you reached the tree was to be lifted into the air with magic. You had briefly heard a familiar voice say a spell before you began to float upwards, your back smashing into a branch which caused you to fall to the ground.

“Y/L/N?” You heard the person call out in a surprised voice. You let out a groan and rolled over so you were facing up, the world spinning as your head throbbed.

“What did I ever bloody do to you?” You seethed as James’ face appeared over yours. He looked worried, his teeth digging into his bottom lip and his eyebrows furrowed. He carefully helped you sit up, watching as you swayed.

“I thought you were Snape,” he explained.

“And that makes it okay?” You argued, going to stand up. You began to stumble, James pulling you into his side before you could take any more steps. He wrapped an arm around your waist and began to lead you back to the castle.

“I’m really sorry, Y/N,” he apologized as you walked along. “I really didn’t think it would be this bad.”

“You obviously didn’t think hard enough, Potter.”

“What should I do?” He asked as you made it inside.

“Leave me alone?” You suggested as he began to direct you to the Gryffindor common room.

“At least let me take you to dinner before you send me away. There’s a Hogsmeade trip tomorrow evening,” he chuckled, letting you steer him to the Ravenclaw common room. “What do you say, Y/N?”

“Would you be paying?” You questioned as you neared your destination. Your friends that were walking down the corridor noticed your presence, calling for you to come over to them.

“Is that a yes? Because if so, I’ll be waiting outside for you before everyone leaves.”

“I’ll think about it,” you rushed out before pulling yourself out of his grasp and carefully walking to your friends.

James watched as you left, his heart beating quickly in his chest at your words. He had been in love with you since second year; you were always with Moony and James spent a lot of time with the both of you back then. It wasn’t until you got older that he came to terms with his feelings and changed his behavior around you. He went from the sweetest guy to a selfish asshole in the course of a year. He watched as you distanced yourself from him, but he pretended like he didn’t care. Afterall, you could never love him like he loved you.

James stood nervously outside of the castle, constantly checking his watch to see if you would show up on time. To say that he wasn’t nervous would be a very large lie. He had spent the entire day drilling Remus with questions about your interests and hobbies. What you liked and disliked. He had to make sure he could impress you and prove that he was more than the idiot you thought he was.

“I bet you thought I wasn’t going to show,” your voice piped up from behind him. James jumped slightly and turned around with a sly grin.

“I knew you’d come, no one ever denies an evening with the one and only James Potter,” he said with a wink. His cheeks burned red, his mind reeling as he thought about how obnoxious he was sounding. “I-I mean, uh… I’m really glad you came, Y/N.”

“I was a little surprised you asked me,” you admitted as you moved to stand in front of him. “We’re not exactly close anymore. At least not like Remus and I, plus, we’re not even in the same house.”

“I don’t care. You’re the type of girl that I’d like to be close with.“

“What about that Lily girl?”

“Lily?” James scoffed, rubbing the back of his neck in embarrassment. “That was a one time thing, a downright mess if you ask me.”

“And you thought you’d try things out with me? Let me guess, you need a rebound girl,” you replied, eyebrows raised as you watched his eyes widen in disbelief.

“N-No!” He exclaimed. “If anything, I used her to get over you!”

“You did what?” You gasped out in shock. You couldn’t believe what had slipped out of his mouth. There was no way the bloody idiot could have feelings for you.

“Ever since Moony introduced us, I’ve been whipped for you,” he told you sheepishly. “Everything you do sends me into overdrive, and I know I’ve been messing things up with us for a year or two, but-”

“So is this a date?” You interrupted him, cocking an eyebrow at him. James nervously nodded, unable to form a sentence in fear of rejection. “I accept.”

“You accept what, Y/L/N?”


The Furry Replacement

- a Niall Horan blurb

You rolled over on the couch trying to make yourself comfy, but it was no use. It just wasn’t the same having lazy Sundays watching telly when Niall was gone. Missing him was a normal thing by now. It was something you had gotten used to over the last year or so, but sometimes it still hit you afresh. He was a busy guy but you were willing to pay the price of loneliness if it meant that when he came home it meant coming to you. Right now he was out on tour. He had been gone for almost two months now yet here you were lying on the couch somehow halfway between a pity party and sulking. You huffed out loudly and adjusted yourself once more. Almost as if on cue your dog, Duke, trotted into the room. 

He was a Great Pyrenees, white as snow and full of love. He was your big baby. You felt a cold nose nudge you several times before you gave in and looked over. He plopped his large furry head right now onto your chest and let out a sigh. It was as if Duke was feeling the same way. You brought your hand up and ruffled up his white fur.

“I know, buddy, I miss Niall too.” The moment Niall’s name left your lips Duke’s ears perked up. He picked his head up and glanced towards the front door. You laugh to yourself. “No, Duke, he’s not back yet. A few more weeks and then we will see him.”

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anonymous asked:

Hello there! I just found this blog and I love it! <3 Anyways...would you please do a scenario of the allies and axis's best friend coming to them in tears?


Alfred: “Whoa…hey it’s okay…here… I have some games? Wanna get your mind off it?”

Alfred is one of the sweetest guys around. No matter where you are or what time it is, he is always ready to help a friend. Even if he has to drive to pick you up across town or skype at 3am, he will do anything and everything in his power to help make it better and get a smile from you again. This means anything from spontaneous trips to theme parks or McDonalds at random hours, all just for you and with tons of hugs and stupid jokes in between. In the end, you’ll hardly remember why you were crying in the first place.

Arthur: “Now, now, start from the beginning…it’s alright. I’m listening, would it help to have a cuppa tea?”

Arthur is more of the sit down and listen type. He will make you a warm cup of tea and *buy* any sweets you want just so you are relaxed and ready to talk it through. His hand will never leave yours as he listens to every word and occasionally will rub your shoulder to reassure you that he is there and ready to help. Once everything is cried out and left out in the open, Arthur will give you that small smile that few see as he hugs you and offers to watch movies with you…and for once you may get to choose which movie.

Francis: “Oh no! Mon ami, why are you crying? What can I do to make it better? Wine, chocolate?”

Francis is the type to sit you down in the living room as he opens the nicest bottle of wine that he owned, as well as a box of French chocolates. Never breaking eye contact with you as he listens to every word that rolls off your tongue, any time he sees you tear up he would have a box of tissues ready for you, as well as open arms for you to cry against.

Ivan: “Whaaat? Why you cry? Do I need to make someone cry? Oh no…come here. Hugs first!”

Ivan would be the man, no matter your size, to pull you into his lap and look down at you as he listens to you, a soft smile always on his lips as he tries to stay positive for you, but occasionally his eyes growing cold as he thinks about ways to destroy whatever had caused you to cry. No matter what his hand would not leave your back as he would pat it every time you would get close to tears.

Matthew: “H-Hey…Are you alright?…Would you like some hot chocolate?…Why don’t you spend the night here…would that help?”

Matthew would immediately sit down with you by the fireplace, a cup of hot chocolate in his hand as he wraps a blanket around the both of you, never asking questions as he looks at you with his full attention on your, nodding every once and a while as he listens, or frowning when you begin to choke up before he moves your head against his shoulder, letting you finish your thought before just talking aimlessly with you to get your mind off of it.  

Yao: “Why you upset?…Hm. Would you like warm food? Or to watch cartoon? Here, sit, sit.”

Yao would sit you down at the table as soon as you came into his house and begin cooking a warm, fresh meal for you, but not before giving you his panda plush to hold onto. As soon as the meal would be done he would sit with you as the two of you eat; letting you talk it over to get it out and out of your system. It would not be long before he invites you to stay the night and spends that night on the couch as you two watch cartoons to get your mind off of things.



Feli: “Here! I have some pasta ready and hugs! I’m ready to help!”

Feli is a naturally happy person, so having his best friend coming to him in tears throws off his groove for all of 2 seconds. He will immediately be all over you with hugs and food as he listens to your troubles and pops out ideas about how to make it better. Feli may need a few reminders that you need to finish talking about it to get it out, but once you get him focused he will be totally fine and attentive.  

Ludwig: “Take a deep breath. Start from the beginning, I can’t help if I don’t know what is going on.”

Ludwig is a very system oriented person and a man who struggles with emotions. His first mission when you come to crying is to get you to sit down and take a deep breath so you can focus and speak mostly clearly to him about what happened. From there he will listen intently to your tale and once you are done speaking he will calmly ask what *you* want and need, before mentioning a few ideas he had. Overall, Ludwig is someone who make sure you get every inch of sadness out before moving on to the next step.

Kiku: “Oh… You’re upset…Would you like to talk about it? Maybe drink tea and watch anime, would that help?…”

Kiku isn’t a very touchy person, but for you he would gently hold your hand to guide you to the living room where he would sit you down with a cup of green tea and listen closely, making a comment or two occasionally, but for the most part stays calm and collected for you, but as soon as you get it out of your system he would draw your attention to the stack of manga he had ready for you two to read, as well as the cases of full seasons of anime, letting you take first pick.

Hope you like it! ~ Admin Jay and Sarah. 

Thank you thank you thank you - you’re all amazing for tagging along for a ride of wildly infrequent and irregular art updates! An eternity ago some of you voted for Isabela for your well-deserved “thank you!“. I’ll try to finish the digital piece I started of her a while back too sometime. 

Thank you, my sweethearts!

LOVEs are the best

I say it all the time but really guys, you are the sweetest most kind fanbase around and I love all the core nu'est blogs that have been around for a while because y'all are so kind and excepting of others. I’ve been into plenty of groups where their fans were very unwelcoming to New fans, but loves far surpass bring welcoming to new fans, you guys just go straight to making new fans feel like family and that’s the best thing on earth and I want to thank you all for that

Bloody hell: Newt fic

Heyyyyy so this is my first attempt at a tmr reader fic, forgive me if it sucks, I've practically read every newtxreader fic on tumblr, so I thought I should contribute!

Summary: Reader got her periods. Need I say more? 

 Warnings: None 

 Rating: uh K+? (No smut)

 “Y/n!? Y/n wake up love, Everyone is almost done with breakfast!”

You groaned and twisted in your hammock. “Two more minutes Newt”

“No can’t do love, We’ve got work to do. Rise and shine yea? tonight’s a bonfire night so finish up work quick!”

You still made no sign of getting up so Newt decided it was time for plan B 

“y/n” he said dangerously to your face, you huffed and turned to the other side.

He smirked and started tickling you. Normally you would have laughed but not today you jumped at the sudden contact and almost fell off your hammock.

“NEWT WHAT THE HELL” you yelled glaring at him, Newt looked a little taken back. This was something he did very often when you refused to wake up and you normally responded with giggles which eventually lead to the you chasing him down for breakfast.

“I’m sorry love, I just wanted to wake you up” he said, his eyes clearly showing signs of hurt. You felt bad for a second but then your stomach gave a horrid twist making you wince. Newt seemed to notice that

“Are you alright y/n? You seem a little”

“Stop talking. please” you replied, you didn’t want to deal with him right now, you weren’t in the best of moods and you were pretty sure you’d snap at Newt again if he mentioned ‘waking up’ or ‘work’ again.

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You were one of the boy’s best friends. This year was your first year out of high school making you a high school graduate, so you decided to spend the summer with your best friends. You guys met online way back when Luke started posting covers and have been best friends since then. Since his first videos you had always had a crush on Luke. He had beautiful blue eyes and the sweetest smile. Although you guys never dated Luke seemed different around you. He was always very sweet to you calling you “darling” any chance he got. You assumed Luke also had a crush on you but you never had the courage to take your friendship a step farther.

 You and Calum were sitting on the couch sharing a blanket watching t.v.. Calum was on one end of the couch while you were on the other end, Calums feet on the left side of you while your feet were on the right side of him. Luke, Michael and  Ashton decided to go out tonight doing who knows what. Calum was  flicking channels when you saw the picture on twitter. Luke was walking out of a club with some other girl you had never seen before. The worst thing about the picture was that they were holding hands. Tears started pooling in your eyes as you threw your phone onto your lap. Calum noticed and looked over at you with raised eyebrows. 

“(Y/N) whats up?” Calum asked you moving his hand under the blanket to rub circles on the top of your foot. You looked up at Calum and that’s when he noticed the tears. 

“(Y/N) whats wrong babe?” Calum moved his hand to your leg. You wiped your eyes with the back of your hands and sniffled.

“Cal, you know how I told you like forever ago that I have a crush on Luke?”

“Yeah that was like a year ago, I thought you got over that.”

“Well I haven’t gotten over it and look.” You picked up your phone from your lap and showed Calum the picture of Luke and his girl.

“(Y/N)” Calum said looking at the picture, pressing the power button on the phone and placing the iphone on the floor beside the couch.

“Cal, I thought he liked me. I thought he genuinely liked me.” Beginning to cry again Calum scooted over to your side of the couch,sitting next to you getting in between you and the back of the couch. Calum put his arm around you while you put your head on his shoulder. He was rubbing circles on your shoulder with his thumb trying to soothe you.


“What?” You asked in a half cry sniffling your nose.

“You know, I’ve always had a crush on you.”


“No I really have. I’ve liked you ever since you started watching our videos and commened great stuff. When we finally saw you at a show you just looked even better in person.”

“Calum Hood” You said in a stern voice no longer crying. Using your shirt you wipe your face clean of any saltwater that was left.

“Darling” Calum said back to you mimicking your tone of voice.

“Stop saying that just to make me feel better.” You told him now looking up giggling.

“I am not joking I’m being 100% truthful to you” He said looking down at you.

“What I’m trying to tell you is that I kind of really like you, who needs Luke. He has who ever she is and I have you.” Calum hugged you tight.

You smiled at what he said. Calum was cute, he was sweet and he was always there for you. Not that the other guys were but Calum was special. 

“Are we together now (Y/N)?”

“Yeah Calum, we are.” You said snuggling your head into the crevice of Calum’s neck.