the sweetest girl ever

Honestly like the most unrealistic part of Supergirl is that Kara doesn’t have an entire gaggle of female friends because she is TOTALLY that friend who always has a hair tie and texts you on Friday night to see if you want to come over and bake cookies and will bring you chocolate and give you a back rub when you’re on your period and writes heartfelt happy birthdays on facebook like basically Kara is the sweetest girl ever and literally any girl who ever met her would cling to that friendship like her life depended on it

Hᴀᴘᴘʏ Bɪʀᴛʜᴅᴀʏ Eᴍ10.14.16

MM characters be like

Yoosung: I don’t know what my GPA is and at this point I’m too afraid to look

Jaehee: If my job sucked any harder than it does now, I’d orgasm

Jumin: I speak 3 languages - Korean, sarcasm and real shit

Zen: Not sure if I’m a narcissist or actually awesome

Saeyoung: Laughing at memes everyday, doing nothing, because I have depression

V: Look at all these things I can’t see

Vanderwood: Clean ur room

Saeran: Oh, I pissed you off? Suck it up buttercup

Rika: Sometimes you have to go insane, to outsane the sane

Echo girl: I’m the sweetest bitch you’ll ever meet

Sarah: He’s really good-looking and he thinks I’m super cool

MC: Oh boi 3 am chats n feels seels the deels

Top 10 Shoujo Anime Recs ❤

1. Ouran High School Host Club - My favourite anime for a variety of reasons, all these amazing characters,amazing show, and i heard season 2 is coming out soon….(the manga is great)

2. Kamisama Hajimemashita - Imagine you’re walking down the street and declared a land god with a hot fox familiar, well,,,,

3. Kaichou wa Maid-sama! - A cute protective alien meets cute boy hating maid 

4. Fruits Basket - An older anime but still who wouldn’t want a zodiac boy (manga 10/10)

5. Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun - Is it a crush or are you a fan of my mangas? Research?!!

6. Kimi ni Todoke - The girl from the ring is the most pure sweetest babe ever and kazehaya is everyone’s dream boy (Its a misunderstanding lmao)

7. Yamato Nadeshiko - This girl has a dark side,,, and blood loss

8. Ao Haru Ride - Inner monologue: Look how much i can eat, why am i always running into you? (Please read the manga too)

9. Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji - You are now my dog now thank me

10. Inu x Boku SS - You want me to do literally everything you say? thats fine (HIS EYES!!!) 

11. Lovely Complex - Did I say 10? I meant 11. She’s tall, he’s short; can i make it anymore obvious

  • Mike: El Byers, you are the sweetest, most beautiful girl I've ever met. Whenever I look at you, I feel like I'm about to collapse because you're so pretty. You're so caring and understanding, and even though you don't talk much, I hang onto every word you say to me. I think... I think I'm falling in love with you.
  • Eleven, wearing sunglasses and walking backwards while finger gunning at him: back atcha friendo

I just really wanted to draw little Winter… I think she’d be the sweetest little girl ever  ❤

Villains with a heart - Hades

dark red pomegranate seeds catch between his teeth while he watches her from his realm of the dead
he had been a boy once, a simple mortal, not a god out of cold, marble skin and melancholy
he had been in love once, with a girl dressed in purple and the sweetest laugh he ever heard, sweeter as the juice of pomegranate seeds
but she used her smile like a razor, cut through his ribcage with the tiniest precision and left him bleeding on the floor
he had been a boy once
but now, he was a god
and gods never love


AU: Kara and Lena go to the William McKinley High School. 

Kara is the sweetest girl ever and an active member of the glee club. She notices Lena Luthor and decides to recrute her. Soon the introverted student discovers a place where she won’t be judged because of her surname. In the meantime, she falls in love with Kara. She asks her to prom by singing her All of Me by John Legend. Before saying yes, Supergirl reveals her her secret identity. At that moment, Lena chooses to become a DEO agent to be able to protect her lover. 

Don’t Stress (E2-Harrison x Reader) Imagines [PART II]

It’s been days since you told Harry about your pregnancy, and he’s been avoiding you since. Just being away from him causes you a lot of stress - mentally, emotionally and physically - so Jesse decides to do something about it…

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There was a knock on the door.

Setting down the wrench and grabbing a rag, you wiped your hands clean and peeked over the edge of the Speed Lab’s Command Center. There, standing in the doorway, dressed in a flowy blue shirt, black skirt and a red cardigan, was Jesse Wells.

You couldn’t help but smile.

Jesse had been one of the sweetest and most talented girls you’ve ever met. She’s always been supportive of you and Harry’s relationship, which was a definite plus for you.

Especially these past few days when she noticed a change in communication with her dad. As far as you could tell, she didn’t know what you two were arguing about and - really - you’d rather keep it that way.

A part of you feared that you wouldn’t know how else to react if she ended up hating you too.

“Hey,” you greeted, walking towards her. “What’s up?”

“Nothing much,” she shrugged. “I just wanted to see if you needed help with maintenance.”

You raised an eyebrow. “You have a degree in electrical engineering?”

“Who doesn’t?” She asked.

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The Girl Next Door

Jimin only knew Y/N as the girl who lived next door to them. She was pretty in a very average, glance at once type of way. There was nothing about her that stood out in particular, except for her smile. Jimin remembered the first time he saw her smile, it was like a punch to the gut. He thought that there could be nothing more brilliant in the world but her smile. As plain as she was, her smile encompassed every bit of kindness and compassion she had.

She was the sweetest girl he has ever met. She would help Jin cook sometimes and was always polite. She was just so poised and controlled and refined. Sure she was funny and social but there was always a feeling of holding back. Like there was something more she wanted to say or do but never has the courage to. Like right now, she was in his room with him…alone.

She wasn’t flustered or anything, she came in to give him his mail. Jin sent her up since he was running late and had to leave. The other members were also gone. It was just the two of them alone. “Here you go Jimin.” she handed it to him and he took it from her. Y/N noticed Jimin was being very stiffly with her since she entered the room. “Are you okay?”, she asked, her face blank and her voice filled with concern.

Jimin’s eyes flitted up to hers. It happened so quickly, one moment she was standing by his chair looking down at him and the next she was pinned under him on his bed. “You should be a bit more cautious when entering a boy’s room Y/N. Especially when there’s nobody around to help you.” Y/N’s eyes were wide and Jimin reveled in the expression. Her cheeks were flushed and her breathing was heavy.

Finally something, something other than her blank face and brilliant smile. An expression he can keep for himself. A sense of pride and possessiveness flooded him and he kissed her.  It was like the start of a fire, his tongue darted out to trace her bottom lip. Y/N parted her lips and let his tongue explore her mouth. Her hand delved into his thick, black hair and pulled. He groaned into her mouth causing her to moan in return. Their hands were all over each other under shirts, tugging on each other’s pants.

Jimin stopped and looked at her, “Y/N you should leave or I’ll -” she cut him off by kissing him, “Don’t stop.” her words were soft and a little shy but there was a hidden threat in there. Y/N wriggled under him making him moan. Jimin pulled Y/N’s and his own shirt off, Y/N’s hand was on his rock hard chest. Jimin began placing open mouthed kisses on her neck. His lips burned her throat and she moaned loudly as her hands ran up and down his naked, muscled back. She unbuckled his jeans and began tugging it down even using her feet to get it completely off.

Jimin’s kisses began going lower; he kissed her collarbone, the space between her breasts, her midsection. He unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans. He kissed his way down as he pulled her jeans off her long, long legs. He kissed her pantie clad pussy, her toned thighs, her strong knees, smooth calves and delicate feet. Y/N was wet and Jimin was hard but neither was going to rush their sweet union.

Jimin stayed by her feet and reached up to pull her soaked panties off. Her legs were long, toned and smooth Jimin couldn’t stop running his hands over them. “Jimin.” Groaned Y/N, this brought him back, he took off his boxers and put on a condom, he didn’t want to stop to put one on later. He slid up her body and when their naked cores made contact they moaned. He reached behind her to unclasp her bra.

He pulled the bra off and her full, luscious breasts spilled. He caught her nipple into his mouth and began sucking on it. His large hand rested on her right breast and his mouth sucked, licked and kissed her left. She moaned his name loudly; he then swapped to the other breast giving it the same attention. Her hands were massaging his head; his hands left her breasts and ran down the sides of her body.

He kissed lower down to her navel; his tongue went into her belly button her hips shot up. He placed a hand on top of her to keep her down. When he reached the apex of her thighs and placed his mouth right at her core, Y/N nearly shot off the bed. Jimin placed a hand on her abdomen, keeping her in place, while he shifted between her legs, parting them even further and making himself more comfortable.

Her hands fisted the duvet as he increased the pressure of his mouth. When he hit a particularly sweet spot, she squealed, her hips shooting off the bed. Kneading her thighs while she clutched at his thick, dark hair, he redoubled his efforts, using his tongue and teeth to tease the tiny bundle of nerves hidden between her folds. Pleasure swamped her, hitting her like a bolt of lightning and sending her arching up from the mattress with a keening cry.

Jimin slid up her body placing kisses on his way up. Then he kissed her lips, he kissed her so deeply that Y/N felt breathless. Then he thrusted into her, Y/N cried out and dug her nails into his shoulders. He continued to thrust into her, “Oh God.” She said then he hit her G-spot, “Fuck Jimin!” she cried and groaned. Her nails dug deeper into his shoulders as he increased the pressure of his thrusts. “Fuck Y/N you feel so good.” He said, “So hot, so wet.”

He whispered hotly in her ear, Y/N could feel another orgasm building and wanted Jimin to join her. “Jimin come with me.” She said and as if her words were his undoing they came together. When they had ridden out their joined orgasm Jimin whispered, “Shit!” he then rolled onto his side pulling Y/N with him. “What brought this on?” she asked, her voice held her amusement but the question was serious.

“I don’t know I guess I just got so frustrated with you.” Y/N sat up a little to look at him, “Why were you frustrated with me?” Jimin pushed her hair behind her ear and cupped her face, “You’re always so controlled, so calm and polite. I wanted to mess you up but instead you ended up making a mess of me.” His thumb traced her bottom lip and he pulled her down so he could kiss her.

His lips were softer this time. He was more patient this time and just enjoyed the feeling of his lips on hers. He pulled her closer so that she laid on top of him and wrapped one arm around her waist. He pulled his lips away slightly, “I like you. I don’t know how or when but I like you.” his words were sincere and Y/N looked into his dark eyes. They seemed to be conveying a message to her.

She simply stared at him. Then she pecked his lips, “I’m not easy, it’s going to take more than two orgasms to get my confession.” Jimin smiled and turned her onto her back and hovered over her. “Challenge accepted.”

When they finally left the room all of Bangtan were home. They looked at them, V and J-Hope were holding in their laughter, Jungkook was blushing and feeling very awkward, Namjoon pretended to ignore them and Jin looked pissed. “I hope to God that you two are using protection.” V and J-Hope burst out laughing and Namjoon said something about taking Jungkook out for ice-cream and they left the dorm.

Jimin and Y/N were holding hands and refused to meet Jin’s eyes. Jin sighed, “Look I don’t know what the two of you are doing, I just hope that you two are being safe, responsible and you will discuss and inform me on what kind of relationship you are having.” He gave them a pointed look and left while dragging V and J-Hope with him. Y/N looked at Jimin, “So what are we?” Jimin smiled at her.

“If you confess we can be boyfriend and girlfriend.” Y/N smiled, “You have to do better than that.” Jimin pulled her flush up against him, he brought his lips close to hers and said, “Okay say I hate you then.” Y/N laughed a little, “I hate you.” “Again” “I hate you.” Jimin’s lips hovered just above hers and he refused to let her close the gap, “Again.” “I hate you.” her voice was a soft whisper now.

“Again.” “I like you-” Jimin pressed his lips to hers. “Not in the living room!”

Spanish architecture in YOI

This show truly does deliver on everything because we got a kiss, dork parents with their smol and angry son, a proposal, drunk Yuri on a pole, some of Viktor’s backstory (which is honestly the sweetest love story ever), AND SPANISH ARCHITECTURE FOR YA GIRL 

First up, we have the actual love of my life, La Sagrada Familia, and everyone’s son, Phichit 

Next we have the dork married couple in front of the love of my life (it’s just as beautiful during the day as it is at night tbh) 

The Venetian Towers! And Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya!  They really should have visited the Magic Fountain of Montjuïc now that I think about it. Yuri would have turned tf up with the Disney music 







I’ve actually never been to Casa Batlló, and it’s a damn shame considering how much I idolize Gaudí and his work



And finally, my child Park Guell at night

I’m honestly just so proud of this show for delivering on literally every single thing that’s been hinted at this season.  And they really outdid themselves with the Spanish architecture, imo

I’m just really shook because I love architecture so much and Gaudí is my idol (on top of Otabek fINALLY SHOWING UP, the Yurio and Otabek interaction, the Vikturi proposal, and drunk Yuri uno. Those things left me shook too)  

SHINee’s Minho Reveals He Had To Learn How To Smoke For “Two Men”

SHINee’s Choi Minho and Ma Dong Seok appeared on the November 19 broadcast of “Entertainment Weekly” in order to promote their new movie “Two Men.”

During the interview, Minho joked that his natural face did not appear at all in the movie, since it was always covered in wounds and bruises. He also revealed that he had to learn how to smoke for his character, but he brightly added that he quit once filming ended.

The interviewer also asked the two men to describe the sweetest thing they’ve ever done for a girl. Minho replied that he once waited an entire day for a girl, but he was immediately one-upped by Ma Dong Seok, who said that he simply handed over his credit card.

Are you excited to see their upcoming movie?

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What do your 2ps act and look like? (Btw I love this)

Oskar is pretty bitter and rude. However being the son of a wealthy, successful mafia, he’s also very privileged and prideful. Luciano helps brush his hair and get him fancy Gucci clothes. He tags along to all the heists and robberies, and helps Lutz polish all the blades before they’re used.

Annaliese is the sweetest little girl you’ll ever meet. Lutz has fun looking after her when she wants to play dress up in the frilliest pink dresses Luciano will buy her. However she doesn’t hesitate to tattle on anyone who makes her cry and Lutz/Luciano are happy to make sure it doesn’t happen again.