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Popping in for a visit- Oof || Closed Rp


It had been quite some time since the ball, and while she had wanted to dance with her new friend, it seemed the fates and Omni had different plans. So she decided to pay the other a visit, hopefully he wouldn’t mind as she snipped a portal open before stepping through. What she wasn’t expecting was running smack into the Septarian’s back, a noise of surprise leaving her as she stepped back to rub her nose.


mama!era baek jamming to “My Lady” even before it is officially released for my sweet doll @flawlessbaek


“I want you to know that I appreciate my fans every day of my life. It is your presence, your faith and your loyalty that has given me great strength during difficult times, and it was you who inspired me to work hard and deliver, I owe you. Over the years we became a family. You are all my family.”   – Michael Jackson ♡

Funny OPM!AU ideas for Genosai (because I don’t have time to write ‘em but that doesn’t stop my brain from thinking about ‘em)
  • sengoku-japan!AU feat. ronin!Genos and bonze!Saitama, in which basically Genos lost the daimyo he was serving under as a samurai and the feud he should’ve protected during the ferocious attack of an Oni so he started a desperate hunt with the help of the onmyōji Stench, who was searching for that same Oni, too. Stench gave him a possessed katana, imbued with demonic power, the only weapon effective against Oni and demonic creatures in general. And then he meets Saitama, this wandering and messy bonze with the greatest spiritual power (now my head’s imagining crossovers with “Saiyuki”, I CAN’T) Genos has ever seen, who exorcises ghosts and demons without batting an eyelid. He’s kinda upset, because there’s nothing exciting in roaming alone across a domain wrecked by wars and monsters’ raids. So Genos starts following him and at first Saitama is really upset but it seems the more he travels with the ronin, the more they meet strange and new people and find themselves involved in strange but interesting adventures (yes, every kind of adventure you want to imagine ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)). Bonus if: Genos has problems controlling his katana and risks being overpowered by its demonic powers.
  • the-caves-of-steel!AU feat. daneel-olivaw!Genos and elijah-baley!Saitama, inspired by the first novel of the “Robot series” written by Isaac Asimov, in which Saitama is a private eye (LMAO) not very well-versed in deductive reasoning but very good at going unnoticed thanks to his ordinary appearance. He’s also a good observer and very quick to analyze people’s behavior, in order to find real motivations behind their strange manners, like Lightman in “Lie to me”. So in this AU he’s more a (catching-you-with-)One-Glance Man than One-Punch Man I’m a sad person, I know. One day a space ambassador is killed, while he was in the vicinity of the crime scene, so he’s questioned as a witness by police in the person of Genos, one of the most advanced and efficient cyborgs, freshly employed in the department. Genos quickly recognizes Saitama’s skills, tho, so he humbly and formally requests his help and even if Saitama’s not very accustomed to teaming up with someone, he ends up accepting, because he wants to find the culprit. Conspiracies will be discovered but also things will happen (yes, those things, too).
  • LOTR!AU feat. frodo!Saitama and sam!Genos, here we can do interesting things, mixing the corrupting power of the ring with suggestions from evil!AU’s Saitama, who’s both the only one mentally and physically strong enough to bear the immense burden of the ring during the Fellowship journey but he’s also tempted by it. Also, honestly, more than the plot here I’m interested in Genos cheering for Saitama as much as Sam does for Frodo in the books. I want the angst, the drama, Genos telling Saitama that one day stories will be told about his deeds and Saitama answering back that those stories had better talk about Genos’ courage and abnegation, too. And I want weeping Genos saying “Don’t go where I can’t follow you, Mr. Saitama!” to an apparently dead Saitama, because I’m TRASH.

[TRANS] 160313 宋语轩_JACKSONG’s fan account of Jackson buying him a meal: Jackson hyung was eating lunch and I was waiting for him outside. When he came out he said he bought this for me and told me to eat it well. He said I’ve worked hard 😭 I feel like the world’s luckiest/most blessed person 😭