the sweet life on deck

The signs as early 1990s-2000 Disney shows

Aries- Kim Possible
Taurus- The sweet life of Zac & Cody
Gemini- Hannah Montana
Cancer- Lizzie McGuire
Leo-That’s so Raven
Virgo- Saved by the bell
Libra- Life with Derek
Scorpio- Even Stevens
Sagittarius- Boy Meets World
Capricorn- Totally spies
Aquarius- Does the Cheetah Girls count?
Pieces- The Sweet Life On Deck

I’ve never watched the last episode of Wizards of Waverly Place OR The Sweet life on Deck because i just know there is going to be so many childhood memories, wachting Selena Gomez(Alex) slowly grow in to a young WOmen, and watching London Tipton get richer and richer! ANd if i ever wacht them, ill have to admit that the old disney, is really gone :’(