the sweet hurt


After so many long years, I am coming home again
Walking down on old days, reminiscing us in these serpentine lane
Remember her, running after me carrying a bat to beat me in this very street
And after Tired of running, used to sit at the sill with tensed eyes searching me
I still recall the fight of rainy season between her umbrella and the everlasting rain
As she used to trudge many miles for my school, to rescue me from the cold pain
Whenever I woke up Crying, afraid of headless man in the dream being a little boy
She used to be by me Always and gave me a tight sleep in her lap singing a sweet lullaby
My pain hurts her also, causing a tiny drops sneaking on the corner of her eyeball
Then she used to hug me tight because in it even the eternal sky seemed very small

She was beautiful then and used to adorn herself with her make-up toys
Be it colourful bangles or shining paejeb, clinking it intentionally with elevated joys
Used to be the limelight of any celebration, which everybody longed
And has never been missed a chance to dance in traditional songs

I am home and she age near half a century now
But still hides her wrinkles with beauty cream to look wow!
Some hair is gone while the rest has turned gray
But still dyes and twirls her hair before mirror to make it sway
She doesn’t wear colourful bangles or shining paejeb any more
The jewellery she has now, only migraine, back pain or a never ending sore
She still laughs with me at the old watched movie scenes
And dances with a stick, in old songs having the same old zeal
Her chuckle and native accent still amazes me like an unheard sweetest rhyme
And she is with no doubt the most beautiful women of any time
She is none other than but Mother of Mine
And I ask every time Is God can be of her kind?
Because she is itself of God’s Kind!

—  For my mother By: Ps@chouhan a.k.a starsndarks

nyanjaz asked:

can you do headcanons for kuroo/kageyama + their short girlfriend please ? :3


- He loves teasing his tiny girl friend!  If they ask him to get something for them, he’ll just move it up higher.

- He will scoop them up at random times and loves carrying them around every where.

- Arm rest girl friend

- The size difference between the two of them makes him want to squeal, he thinks that his tiny girl is so very adorable.


- He’s very helpful when it comes to reaching for things in high places.

- He offers a never ending supply of piggy back rides.

- Seeing his tiny girl in his big shirts drives him crazy.

- He is very protective, he doesn’t let anyone or anything hurt his sweet girl friend

Klaine Friday?

Is Klaine Fridays still a thing? In case it is, and because I’ve got a bunch of new followers (hi!!), here are links to a few of my most popular one-shots, for your reading pleasure.
Pillow Talk
Klaine, 2k words, A03.
Kurt asks Blaine what sex was like with Dave (canon-compliant, more or less)

Dancing in the Dark
Klaine, 10k words, A03.
What if Kurt and Blaine’s early sexual relationship wasn’t quite so fairy-tale perfect, but was more like, well, real life? A different look at early!Klaine’s sexytimes journey.

Return to Me
Klaine, 2800 words, A03.
It’s been three months since Blaine was injured, and Kurt still hasn’t touched him.

Five Things Kurt Hummel Doesn’t Have to See
Klaine, 500 words, A03.
Short and sweet, hurt/comfort

ashadeofpemberley asked:

BowlsofSoup!verse- Does Gold ever go out of town? If so, does he bring Binky with him or does he leave him with Belle?

“And here are his bowls. The silver one is for his water, which I’ve provided. He drinks Evian, but, if you run out, then spring water will do. The china bowl is his food dish. He gets an eighth of a cup of food twice a day and no sweets. It hurts his tummy,” Gold lifted a gallon-sized plastic bag out of his satchel and set it on Belle’s kitchen counter, showing her the measuring scoop inside so the portions would be exact. “He has tummy yummies three times a day, but make him sit for them. If he doesn’t sit, then he doesn’t get a treat.”

She nodded, biting her lip to keep from laughing at him and he knew he was being ridiculous, but it wasn’t often he got to take care of someone — never, in fact — that he, well, he sometimes went a bit overboard with Binky.

“And his blue monkey is for naps,” he said, pulling that out of the bag like something out of Mary Poppins. “But he prefers the pirate to play tug of war with and the purple hippo at night if he’s not snuggled up against your shoulder.” He pulled out his doggy toothbrush, his brush brush, and the nail clippers just in case with an admonition to call him if he snagged a claw,  a rope tug toy,  and then the pillow Binky slept on at night, freshly washed since it would be in Belle’s apartment for the duration of Gold’s absence.

Okay, maybe he went overboard a lot, but Binky didn’t mind and he enjoyed spoiling him.

Extra bows, a second collar and leash, the name and phone number of his vet and David, just in case Binky got lost or dognapped.

Gold looked into the bag then looked at her, face pinched. “I guess that’s it. Are you-are you sure you’re okay watching him?”

Belle chuckled, softly, “Yeah, I think I’ve got it. We’ll have lots of fun together. I’ll take him down to the pier and we can watch the seagulls.”

Gold paused for a moment and visualized it, wondering if it was too late to call off his trip. An evening with Belle and Binky at the pier sounded wonderful. He shook his head at himself.  Belle had warmed up to him considerably, but they hadn’t yet reached the stage where he could just…. demand things, like her time and attention.

Funny, because she could ask anything of him and she knew it, but she didn’t. Nothing beyond reason at least. He thought he’d like to spoil her a bit, too, but well, she hasn’t told him he could.

Maybe he’ll bring her back something pretty from Boston. Something shiny and blue to match her eyes. He could say it was a thank you for dogsitting. There was no way she’d be able to refuse then. Right?

She walked him to the door, Binky in her arms and holding up his tiny paw to wave him bye-bye. “We’ll see you tomorrow, then,” she told him with a smile.

“Yeah. Yeah, okay.”

The Importance of Listening

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by Alexlovesdestiel

Stiles has decided to come out to his friends, because he has a boyfriend. If only they’d believe him.

Words: 1172, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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