the swedish chef'


The Swedes + Eller from the Cooking with the Caps cookbook.

  • Mojo is the only one of them who managed to provide a recipe from a family member.
  • In fact, I am not convinced Mojo didn’t immediately scream “DIBS ON MEATBALLS!” as soon as the team said everyone needed to come up with a recipe, and all the other Swedes sulked.
  • Nicklas Backstrom: proud supporter of
  • Nicky’s recipe is a misleading because it actually only involves a single beet.
  • Andre’s recipe probably serves either four people or one and a half Tom Wilsons.
  • Eller’s recipe has nothing to make fun of so all I can do is look at his picture and conclude he and Philipp Grubauer came into training camp with the same haircut, had to rock-paper-scissors over who got to keep it, and Grubi won.
6246. “Why are you making me watch this, it’s…” was what Raven said to Beast Boy, until she saw the Swedish Chef.  She started laughing so hard she couldn’t catch her breath. Tears rolled down her cheeks and she held her ribs. It was such a wonderful sound, that’s when he fell in love. To this day if you ever whisper Donuts in her ear, she still cracks a small smile.

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