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The Incident

I wrote this while sitting in jury duty with the help of @scaredofrobots and something the old women at the front desk called ‘The Incident’ where someone arrived to jury duty wasted. Of course I took their tale and spun it into a jily fic. The formatting on tumblr is weird and FANFIC is probably better to read. 

“Please take a seat.” The woman at the front desk handed him a badge that said JUROR in red, “the orientation will start in two minutes.”

First of all, Sirius Black had a hard time believing that he’d been called to jury duty in the first place considering that he was best friend and confident of the Judge, James Potter. Sirius assumed that if he helped James organize his Pokemon card collection that meant he was exempt from all jury duty prospects. Unfortunately, the summons had arrived in their mailbox and James had delivered it to Sirius at the kitchen table with a conceited grin. James took to calling the summons ‘bring your best friend to work day’. Sirius was more apt to calling it 'governmental conspiracy’.

James’ smug face followed Sirius into the juror room. On the screens above there were flashes of his face, along with a short bio about him. The woman at the front desk, Cheryl, eyed Sirius’ tattoos with a frown as he left the front desk to sit down.

Sirius thumped into a chair beside a redhead wearing an exasperated grimace. She was talking on the phone rather angrily.

“This woman at the front desk told me that this could take all day so if you don’t hear from me I’ve asked the supposed murderer to murder me.”

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anonymous asked:

Hello could you please write a minhyun fanfic about him and Y/N being on we got married (and later on starts dating irl?) thank you (ps, i love your minhyun scenarios so much)

omg WGM :o hahaha ngl i was never a big fan of WGM even though two members of one of my favourite groups have been on it, but i tried my best! i’ll write anything fluffy for minhyun lmao Sorry about the wait!

A continuation of this will be up next which is from another anon’s request!! 

Hwang Minhyun WGM!AU 

Originally posted by woojinnies

  • ok so lets give you a bit of background to set the scene 
  • you’re an idol, but originally you were going to be an actress except you really liked dancing and singing so your company was like ‘why not both?’ (think female version of Ong)
  • You became a fixed MC on a music show last year so you’ve been able to meet a lot of people
  • Popularity-wise, you’re pretty well liked, you’ve never had any scandals or issues
  • Plus because you’re bi/multilingual so you’ve been able to further expand Hallyu internationally, and yknow everyone loves a bit of patriotism 
  • So this is why you were extremely uncertain about being on WGM
  • It’s a show that puts you in the spotlight
  • and kinda tries to brand you with this false image, and if you don’t fit that image the public tend to be like wtf is wrong with you
  • WGM could be a make or break for the virtual couples who participated on the show
  • You had heard from other celebrities who had been on WGM about how strange it was, like just the whole concept of a “virtual” relationship wasn’t something you’d ever been too keen on
  • So you were skeptical and it didnt help that your company hadn’t given you much warning about being on it
  • They just said to be prepared for the invitation over the next week or so
  • So when the red mailbox appeared outside your dorm along with a bunch of MBC camera staff you realised they hadn’t been kidding
  • You had read the letter outloud for the cameras;
  • “To my soon-to-be virtual wife, our first meeting place will be at the xxxxxx Building tomorrow. Before we meet, I’ll give you a big clue as to who I am, I wonder if you’ll be able to guess! I’m in an idol group, and I’ve debuted twice…I look forward to meeting you~ <3″
  • You read the letter again, absorbing all the information….
  • “EH? Tomorrow??” 

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