the sweater bandit

anyway one of my favorite Yatesbert things to think about is the process of them falling back into a relationship after all their time apart, because of course the feelings are still there but they’ve forgotten so many of each other’s little ticks and quirks.

Abby’s tearing her apartment apart looking for a particular sweater, getting more and more frustrated, until she turns around to see Erin looking guilty, wearing that exact sweater pulled up over her nose.

and all the memories come rushing back to Abby, of Erin “borrowing” sweatshirts for weeks at a time in high school and Erin taking sweaters with her whenever she spent the night in Abby’s dorm room. and it’s half sweet nostalgia, because Abby loves seeing her clothes on Erin, but there’s also some genuine irritation.

“seriously?” she says. “you’re still doing that? it’s been how many years, do you still not own any of your own sweaters? you’re just gonna keep stealing mine like a, a sweater bandit?”

“I like yours,” Erin says defensively. she’s blushing like crazy inside that sweater, though. she mumbles something else Abby can’t make out.

“what’s that, sweater bandit? couldn’t quite catch that.”

“I said I like yours better because they smell like you.” Erin’s face is all but burning now, but she sneaks a peek at Abby.

Abby’s heart melts, and for a second she can’t find any words. “well,” she says finally, her voice a little softer. “you’re lucky you’re cute, is all, or I’d be really pissed off about that. I’m just saying.”

and Erin heaves a huge sigh of relief and snuggles down even deeper in the sweater. she’s never going to stop stealing them, because they smell like Abby and home and everything she’s been missing for so so long.