the swearing mime


Wilderness Peggy Carter Part 7

And finally we have the awkward and ugly silly photos that I will regret posting. I fell like they all deserve captions. So click if you would like to see them, but beware there are swears. 

Thank you again to the ever lovely voldemrtsnipple for the photos, it was a lot of fun!

Pavani the Dragon Lady

Another one of my character designs for my comic Against the Wind. Pavani is one of the supporting cast and also best friends with Xia. Maybe one day I will actually show of my main character, but I think I’ll need a better scanner for that.

To describe Pavani a little: She is very silent and sometimes viewed as cold or stuck up. In reality she is just shy, and stubborn. She does not open up to people quickly, but once you’re her friend then you’re set for life. Few are as protective and caring as Pavani. Whether you are her best friend or little sister she will be truly devoted to you. She may not joke much, but she does have a great sense of humour and is a lot of fun. There are a lot of thoughts going on in her head and that often keeps her distracted.


So I found a bomber jacket and some aviators to spruce up my Captain Marvel Cosplay for Fan Expo this year.

The first photo is inspired by Joe Quinones cover of Captain Marvel #10, The two biggest differences being the setting and the canadian flag that is not completely stitched onto the jacket yet. I thought about getting a U.S. flag patch but decided I really wanted to be a Canadian Carol Danvers, and I’m sure there is an AU somewhere where she exists. At the very least I can be the AU where she exists.


So I just decided what I’m going to put on the back of my vest.
This is just a basic plan. I think the logo is going to be made out of fabric the red and blue will probably be patterned. The flowers and scribbles are just filler for the moment until I can raid my mom’s fabric collection this weekend. The words will probably be made with fabric paint. I’m excited.


The Importance of Representation
By Emily Norry

So this is my latest drawing for university. Thr project was a self portrait that had to reflect our identity and distort the figure in some way. When I considered my identity I considered people and characters that I identify with. Naturally Captain Marvel was one of my first thoughts. Carol Danvers is someone I relate to in many levels for her strength and fearlessness but also for her struggles and the times when she is at her lowest. Also as someone who has cosplayed as Carol more then once I hae even adopted her identity. I had a lot of fun with this piece. The portrait is done in ink and the comics are done in ink and watercolour. All panels are based off of the art of Emma Rios and Dexter Soy. While the cover is of course based of the work of Jamie Mckelvie.

Please enjoy Carol Corps