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Nathaniel Gold is a former lawyer that became disillusioned with the United States justice system on both personal and professional levels. To combat the imbalance of power Gold assembles a team staging elaborate cons for clients victimized by those holding wealth and influence to avoid legal reprisal. He finds great satisfaction in using these deceptions to avenge civilians who cannot use the legal system to redress their grievances.

Belle French is a librarian and researcher that has grown tired of being legally restricted from realizing her potential as a hacker. She has never considered herself a criminal but has always longed for an opportunity to help others and really show off all that she can do. Her partnership with Gold proves satisfying in more ways than one.

Sidney Glass is an espionage and surveillance genie looking for atonement. He used his skills to hurt countless innocents in an effort to appease the corrupt politician that kept his heart in the palm of her hand. Sidney is allergic to apples and deathly afraid of snakes.

Marian Lionne is Gold’s martial arts and weapons expert, a self described “professional badass.” When not on the job Marian shares custody of her son with her ex husband. She’s active in the PTA and can organize a bake sale like nobody’s business. She tries to remain friendly with her ex, but it’s difficult knowing that his new flame is the lady that shattered the lives Sidney and so many others.

Neal Cassidy has so many identities he finds himself strangely dissociative with the name and date on his birth certificate. Abandoned by his mother and stepfather at the age of fourteen, his first con is counterfeiting I.D. and posing as an eighteen year old to stay out of the foster system. Neal’s relationship with Gold is strained to begin with and grows more complicated when they learn that Nathaniel is Neal’s biological father. Neal often takes refuge in art, he likes to think his drawings provide some honesty in a life full of lies.

Emma Swan is an expert thief, cat burglar, safe-cracker, and pickpocket. Her prize possession is the yellow VW bug that she hotwired at seventeen. The product of an abusive childhood spent in several foster homes, Emma comes to regard the other members of the team as her family, and for the first time in her life, trusts someone other than herself.

The first stage starts out as a pure electric type- incapable of flight until its second stage. 2nd stage to 3rd stage will be Electric/Flying types. It starts as a slightly humanoid bird-like pokemon and into a full blown swan. 

1. A flightless pokemon that seems to be wearing a mask and a suit of feathers. Even if it were true, no one knows what they look like without such attributes. It carries a feathery cloak around its neck all the time.

2. Gaining the ability of flight, this pokemon can send thunderbolts from its beak. Its wings are tipped like lightning bolts capable of taking in electricity like a lightning rod. This also helps with navigation through storms.

3. This Pokemon can constantly create electricity from the energy around it. Its wings still act as lightning rods and conductors, but it now sprouts two energy ‘ribbons’ from its neck to release extra energy to prevent its body from overheating and causing the pokemon extreme fatigue from overheating.



Behold! Our second gym’s ace Pokemon! Well, three forms thereof, the first or second likely being the ace. Congrats to iris-sempi!

Now, let’s start with the specifics of this line. iris-sempi suggested the first form be purely Electric-type, while the second are third are Electric/Flying (and must be, since our second gym is Flying-type). Is the typing of the first form fine by you fine folks?


POLL: Second Gym Ace First Form Typing

1. Yes, it should be purely Electric

2. No, it should also be Electric/Flying

3. No, it should be a different type combination (please include suggestion)

Oh, and while we’re at it, the first form needs a name, so…


What should it be?

Song Tag

I got tagged by @onceuponafairytale ^_^ <333 (thank you for tagging me, love!!!)

Song game Rules: Write the first 10 songs that came up on shuffle (no skipping) and quote your favorite lyric(s) from each song, then tag 10 people.

I’m listening to ‘Curing a Case of the Mondays’ Radio on GooglePlay, so this music isn’t actually mine.

1. More Than a Feeling - Boston - “ So many people have come and gone; Their faces fade as the years go by; Yet I still recall as I wander on; As clear as the sun in the summer sky”

2. Shake It Out - Florence + The Machine - “ And I’m damned if I do and I’m damned if I don’t; So here’s to drinks in the dark at the end of my road”

3. Human - The Killers - “ Pay my respects to grace and virtue; Send my condolences to good; Hear my regards to soul and romance; They always did the best they could”

4. Friday I’m in Love - The Cure - “ It’s such a gorgeous sight; To see you eat in the middle of the night; You can never get enough; Enough of this stuff; It’s Friday; I’m in love”

5. Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting - Elton John - “ I’m a juvenile product of the working class; Whose best friend floats in the bottom of a glass”

6. 1901 - Pheonix - “Counting all different ideas drifting away; Past and present they don’t matter; Now the future’s sorted out”

7. Sweet Disposition - The Temper Trap - “ Stay there; 'Cause I’ll be coming over; While our blood’s still young”

8. Hit Me With Your Best Shot - Pat Benatar - “ Knock me down, it’s all in vain; I’ll get right back on my feet again”

9. The Boys of Summer - Don Henley - “ You got that hair slicked back and those Wayfarers on, baby; I can tell you my love for you will still be strong; After the boys of summer have gone”

10. Everlasting Light - The Black Keys - “ Let me be your everlasting light; The sun when there is none; I’m a shepherd for you; And I’ll guide you through”

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I'm spending a lot more time reading lately.

It’s kind of difficult, because the meds I’m on have totally shot my focus and I keep having to backtrack, and I have to take more breaks than I’m accustomed to because of how my vision goes fuzzy, but I love having access to my ebook reader and as a result, my FULL LIBRARY again that I’m kind of like MUST READ EVERYTHING in case I wind up back in the hospital. :(

Yesterday I read When She Woke by Hilary Jordan, and it was okay. I felt the flashbacks detracted from the narrative, and Hannah just kind of bored me. Her character development didn’t seem believable either, it felt more like a series of sudden epiphanies because that’s where her character HAD to go for the story to work than natural progression. And it bothered me that she never thought of Becca after abandoning her to live with her abusive terrorist husband.

I’d rather have read about the people in the underground pro-choice group, tbh.

Plus, I had to accept that, in a near-enough future where characters make current culture references and people shop at Target, there’s a widely-used ‘virus’ that changes people’s skin colours to correspond to crimes they’ve been convicted of, and people are then released into the general population instead of imprisoned.

A virus that changes your skin colour to correspond to the crime you’ve committed.

Which drives you to insanity and suicide if you don’t get it 'renewed’ at the right time.

In the no-year-given but not at all distant future.

Yeeaaaah. Not buying it.

Reading The Swan Maiden by Heather Tomlinson now, and really enjoying it, so far.

Dear all, I’m happy to announce that my temporary shop is on it’s way! I plan to open it on the 20th of February, but you can check it out right now,you will find the link in my bio. But before that i would like to give two prints to two people! If you’d like to have ‘the raven boy’ or the 'swan maiden’, please share this photo & tag me : ) i’ll announce it on the 14th!

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I have noticed in your blog that you mentioned some mcxace fanfics and I was wondering what they were about if that's alright

hooooooly shit. my time has come to announce myself as mcxace trash who am I kidding you guys all know that already

anyway everything under the cut!!! I’m trying not to spoil much because I want to post these fics at some point, but anon you’re very welcome to send me questions if you got more.

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“She tastes like nectar and salt. Nectar and salt and apples. Pollen and stars and hinges. She tastes like fairy tales. Swan maiden at midnight. Cream on the tip of a fox’s tongue. She tastes like hope.”-Laini Taylo