the swan house

Each house as: a kind of bird
  • Gryffindor: parrot – remarkable individuals, energetic, everyone wants to befriend them
  • Hufflepuff: pink flamingo – funny as hell, lives in group, a ton of worthy anecdotes about them
  • Ravenclaw: peacock – beautiful and original, an artistic inclination, iridescent changing colors
  • Slytherin: swan – something of a reputation, graceful on water but mean af when provoked, very picky in their faithfulness

Can’t believe it so happy! I was given this old box of bird skulls and eggs by a parents friend who inherited it! Birds I’ve identified: 2 razorbill, guillemot, great black backed gull, teal, gannet, jackdaw, carrion crow, kestrel/sparrowhawk, blackbird, mute swan, shag, pheasant and house sparrow. 
There are loads of beautiful British bird eggs which are over 80 years old with some being even older. Please note I live in the UK where there is no migratory bird act and the age of the eggs makes them fine to own.

  • Emma: Okay kid, let's take that canoeing trip.
  • Henry: Do you really think now is the best time for a canoeing trip?
  • Emma: Of course. I know how important it is to you. That's why we constantly mention our plans to go canoeing. Not a day goes by that we don't curse the newest villain for trying to destroy the town because it delays our chance to canoe.
  • Henry: When have we ever talked about canoeing?
  • Emma: This might be our only chance to go off and do this before Gideon regroups and attacks me again.
  • Henry: Was the canoeing trip even my idea?
  • Emma: Let's go make one last memory as mother and son before the forces of evil attack again and the show remembers that I'm the main character.
  • Henry: Oh! This is a plot dodging trip.
  • Emma: Obviously. And it would work a lot better if you played along.
  • Henry: You're still bringing your gun in case Gideon decides to poof in and attack us on the river though, right?
  • Emma: Of course.
  • Henry: Canoeing is my passion.
  • Emma: There we go.
Dream Lives


• Bedroom forts and everything alight
• Fireflies trapped in jars in summer–then released
• The witch’s son and the scientist’s daughter
• “The concept of wolves will never get old”
• Child from the marsh
• Objects we saved from the burning house
• Dead swan on the riverbank

While we’re talking about Stepford Swan’s wardrobe

What happened to Emma’s ring necklace?

In early seasons she had two signature necklaces, the swan necklace and one with a circle.

(above: How Emma used to react to handsome men  who were abusive assholes to her)

We know what happened to the swan, but when did Emma give up wearing her other piece of distinctive jewelry? (Pretty sure that JMo at one time said that both necklaces had meaning to Emma.)

One of the reason that Stepford Swan’s Amish/Little House outfits are so grim is her lack of jewelry. She doesn’t even wear Killy’s murder ring on a chain anymore.

Did she just drop this necklace with the rest of her personality?