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Movies to look forward to in 2014

a.k.a This should have been posted at the start of the month not halfway through at the end of the month, but c'est la vie.

1. Belle (June 2014)

What is it about?

Belle is based on the life of a historical character, Dido Elizabeth Belle, the mixed–race daughter of a British Naval officer and an African woman. Dido is taken to England by her father, Captain Sir John Lindsay (Matthew Goode), to be raised by his uncle, the Lord Mansfield (Tom Wilkinson), as an aristocratic Lady, as befits her blood line. 

Source: wikipedia

Why you should watch it?

We have been waiting to see this film since the beginning of 2013. Hello! A story about a girl of mixed heritage in 18th century England…and they said there were no black people in England before the ‘60s.

Also the director, Amma Asante is a Black British woman who has just been picked to direct Unforgettable for Warner Bros. Why is this a big deal? Because how many female directors get to direct major studio films a year? I rest my case.

2. Annie (December 2014, January 2015 in the UK)

Source: Just Jared

What is it about?

An orphan is adopted by a wealthy businessman. Oh and there will be a lot of singing and dancing. Yay! If that’s your thing.

Why you should watch it?

Two words: Quvenzhané. Wallis. She’s like our little sister here at T(w)o Black Girls and she’s awesome and confident and articulate…pretty much the best 10 year old around.

Produced by Jay Z and Will Smith. They said “If you don’t like it, make your own shows!” and so they did. Also Jamie Foxx plays a wealthy businessman who adopts a young black girl. Based on movies/tv shows alone you would think black people never adopt. Lies!

3. Dear White People (TBC)

(The current cast looks different but this is the picture I found on the website.)

What is it about?

“A satire about being a black face in a white place.”

DEAR WHITE PEOPLE follows the stories of four black students at an Ivy League college where a riot breaks out over a popular “African American” themed party thrown by white students. With tongue planted firmly in cheek, the film will explore racial identity in “post-racial” America while weaving a universal story of forging one’s unique path in the world.


Why you should watch it?

So we here at T(w)o Black Girls have been screaming in excitement about this movie since a trailer was made and with the movie at this years Sundance we’re about ready to burst at the seams. This is in independent movie that I feel a lot of us can relate to. Although it focuses on an American college, if you listened to our podcast on being black at university you’ll know that maybe our experiences aren’t so different. 

Also it did really really well at Sundance and considering that, I hope it increases the chances of actually seeing it in a cinema in the UK.

4. Half of a Yellow Sun (2014)

What is it about?

“A drama that brings together the lives of four people during the struggle to establish an independent republic in Nigeria.” IMDB

Why you should watch it?

It is based on the novel written by her “Excellency” Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and thats really all there is to it. Although the fact that it has Anika Noni Rose in it is a massive selling point because she’s fantastic and disgustingly underrated.

Although, we have to remember that it is a book to movie adaptation and as such some of the nuances of the book may be lost in translation (read Z'étoile Imma’s review for Africa Is A Country here. However, I find that sometimes it is best to see for yourself and make your own decision. Plus it was filmed in Nigeria and that is important for many reasons.

5. The Suspect (2014)

What is it about?

“Two African American social scientists pose as bank robbers in an effort to understand the racial dynamics of small-town law enforcement. However, their experiment takes an unplanned, deadly turn.”  (IMDB)

Why you should watch it?

I’m going to admit that when I first read the synopsis I laughed bitterly then shook my head because hellooooo! two black men in America consciously doing something to get arrested in a White town is just MADNESS. But then I watched the trailer and now I am very intrigued. It looks like this movie really questions the existence of a “post-racial America” (let’s be real, it doesn’t exist, ask a POC) in a really compelling way. 

bucky realizes he loves steve in a way that isn’t so brotherly when steve asks sarah rogers how she knew she was in love with his father.

“i looked at your father like he hung the moon and all the stars in the sky,” sarah replies, a small smile on her lips. “he was the only person i wanted to talk to forever and never quit, and whenever i looked at him, it felt like my heart sped up fast enough to beat right out of my chest.”

bucky looks over at steve and realizes that he’s the most beautiful person he’s ever seen in his whole life. he’d spend forever talking to steve and then some, and steve might not have hung the moon and stars, but looking at him is like looking directly into the sun. steve shines so bright that everyone else is dull in comparison. bucky looks at steve, and he realizes all of this, and his heart starts beating so fast he’s afraid he might be having a heart attack at fourteen years old. 

then he looks away so his heartbeat will slow down, and he looks right at sarah, who’s staring right back, lips slightly parted and eyes filled with sadness. she looks at bucky, and then she looks at steve, and then her mouth opens and closes a few times before she says, “…and other people could see it in my eyes that i loved him, and some people didn’t approve. but boys, love is love and all love is beautiful. no matter who it’s between. don’t either of you ever forget that, alright?”

steve says, “’course, ma.” and bucky looks at her and nods, voice broken because she knows, she knows, and she doesn’t hate him. isn’t kicking him out and banning him from seeing steve and telling his parents that he’s broken. she knows, and she loves him all the same. she gives bucky a sad smile and bucky quickly wipes at his eyes before steve notices that he’s crying.

that night, when bucky is about to leave, sarah pulls him in for a hug and whispers in his ear, “there’s nothing wrong with loving him, sweetheart. i still love you, too.” and bucky buries his face in her shoulder and nods, trying to compose himself before letting go. when he finally does, he smiles again and whispers “thank you,” because that’s all he can think to say, before calling a bit louder, “see ya tomorrow, stevie!”

steve shouts back, “bye, buck!” and something inside bucky’s chest loosens even as his heart speeds up thinking of steve, because there’s at least one person in this world that doesn’t think he’s broken for loving steve rogers. and maybe if sarah doesn’t hate him, maybe, just maybe, steve won’t either.


* Toriel sings a beautiful lullaby

* But Chara is already sleeping

If it ever feels like there’s too much joy in your life, just imagine Toriel digging her child’s grave and burying them, alone.

The lullaby Toriel’s singing, if you’re curious.

  • Me, playing SDR2:A traitor? But I don't want to suspect anyone, no one seems like a traitor!