the survivor is born

Reparenting Affirmations for Child Abuse Survivors

  1. I am so glad you were born.
  2. You are a good person.
  3. I love who you are and am doing my best to always be on your side.
  4. You can come to me whenever you’re feeling hurt or bad.
  5. You do not have to be perfect to get my love and protection.
  6. All of your feelings are okay with me.
  7. I am always glad to see you.
  8. It is okay for you to be angry and I won’t let you hurt yourself or others when you are.
  9. You can make mistakes. They are your teachers.
  10. You can know what you need and ask for help.
  11. You can have your own preferences and tastes.
  12. You are a delight to my eyes.
  13. You can choose your own values.
  14. You can pick your own friends, and you don’t have to like everyone.
  15. You can sometimes feel confused and ambivalent, and not know all the answers.
  16. I am very proud of you.

I’m not saying Morrigan, Queen of the Court of Nightmares, Queen of the Court of Dreams, runner of Velaris and the Hewn City, Third in Command, member of the Inner Circle, a survivor, referred to as the Morrigan, dreamer born in the Court of Nightmares, and fought full on with Amren and survived, is my wife, but that is exactly what I’m saying.

in the wake of last night–
listen, guys. I’m a poet. Right now, words are the only thing I have to offer. But if I’ve learned anything in the last couple years, it’s that words can keep people alive.

They can also condemn them.

Donald Trump is proof of the damage words can do. Since he began his campaign, hate crimes have spiked. White supremacists have grown even more comfortable and aggressive.

We, right now and for the next for years, have to become the proof of the good words can do. We have to speak out against oppression and violence, reach out to those who are suffering, carry one another through this.

Love each other. Support each other. Protect each other. Because this election has made it very clear, if it wasn’t already, that no one else will.
This is not the time to give up. It’s the time to sing–louder than we ever have before.

We are going to make it.
We were born into a legacy of survivors.
Our ancestors never wanted this for us.
But we’ll make them proud.

Look closely. Such a powerful picture.

Past & Future in our Hands - by Karen Gillerman-Harel

With an extraordinary blend of sensitivity and symbolism she succeeded in bridging the past with the future through the arms of Polish-born Auschwitz survivor Dora Dreiblat, born in 1922, and her great granddaughter Daniela Har-Zvi, born in 2007 in Israel.

The infant’s hand, stretched out towards the number on her great grandmother’s arm, links the future, the present and the past over the flag of Israel, making the photograph a compelling historical document.

We will never forget and we will never again be silent.

Well, wow. A lot of lore going on here.

Beta was created *during* the Rebellion, as a scramble to hurriedly make more troops. So. I think we have a near full timeline of the Rebellion!

1: Poodle and her crew land on Earth. Bismuths construct buildings and warp pads.

2: The Prime Kindergarten is created. Rose Quartz is born and begins the Rebellion.

3: A nebulous web of events happens: Pearl is liberated, Garnet is formed, Lapis is captured, Lion is owned by Rose and Bismuth is hidden away, Beta K is created, and Jasper is born.

4: Homeworld begins the Cluster experiments, orders a mass retreat and three of the four Diamonds unleash corruption from space. Lapis is cracked and left behind, Poodle is corrupted, Rose, Pearl, Garnet and Bismuth are the only survivors.

5: Amethyst is born. Peridot is born.

6: Greg Universe meets Rose Quartz. The show begins.


So, Junkrat is associated to rats due his nickname. You know what? In spirit animal world rats are happy, social, outgoing, extroverted, natural born survivors, who defend themselves fearlessly. They are easy to come along, befriend easily and symbol change (and going after whatever is important to you without any hesitation). They travel a lot and are intelligent yet at times restless.

Rat is also associated with zodiac Sagittarius. Junkrat is basically an embodiment of a stereotypical Sagittarius person; social, happy, befriending easily, always talking, bubbly, enthusiastic, also super stubborn, and black and white with their beliefs. Sagittarius is restless, enjoys traveling and can’t stay still for long, as they get super bored easily. Whatever interests them, they merge themselves into that subject completely and become masters in it.

Inspired by this I had to check also Roadhog, to see if he matches with wild boars. In spirit animal world wild boar represent change NOW. If wild boar as a spirit animal sees something that needs to be corrected and done right, they will do it NOW. Without second guessing. Grounding is one of wild boar’s elements and big bodies ground energetically easier than thin, lithe bodies. Big bodies also contain lots of energy, which can be channeled to strength, and wild boar is an embodiment of physical strength. They also challenge anyone they want - you don’t mess with a wild boar without consequences.

Wild boar also asks person to face the truth, face the results of their actions and decisions (blowing up the omnic core, anyone?). 

Jewish Lesbian

So, I’m not the best storyteller but here goes. 

I come from a conservative household. My da’s grandda was an Orthodox Rabbi. My mother was a first generation American (born to a Shoah survivor). We kept a kosher house and my sister and I grew up in skirts.  When I was in primary school I dreamed about growing up to be a rabbi one day. 

Then I had a a crush in middle school. On a girl. Her name was Michelle. She had a rose tattoo on her foot. I ignore it but start to drift from observing. Stop saying the Shema. Start wearing pants instead of skirts. By the time I graduate middle school, I don’t go to synagogue with my family anymore. 

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Ok, but what if...

Before (or shortly after) Shaun was born, Nate and Nora had divorced. They had joint custody of Shaun and Nate was at Nora’s dropping Shaun off when the bombs started falling and so they made it to the vault together.

Kellogg still kidnapped Shaun, but both Nate and Nora survived the ordeal and woke up, unbeknownst to them, 60-some years after.

At first, they stick together trying to survive the wasteland. But, as you can imagine, an inhospitable environment coupled with the stress of your son being taken would quickly cause two people who already had a tendency to be at each other’s throats, to part ways before they ended up literally actually killing each other (because murder is kind of an acceptable thing now).

When they separate, they only agree on one thing: the Institute needs to burn. They end up on two opposite ends of the spectrum to meet that same end.

Nora finds Maxson.

Nate finds Glory.

Do Nate and Nora’s respective lovers fan the flames of their hatred for each other and their subsequent factions? Or do Maxson and Glory make them indifferent to their ex-spouse?

Do they end up banding together to take down the Institute? Or does the fight with the Institute take the back-burner while the ex-lovers hash out their own differences?

Which companions prefer Nate? Which prefer Nora?

Does only one of them help the Minutemen? Or do they work together to stabilize civilian life in the Commonwealth?

Once the Institute is dealt with, does it give way to a bigger war between the Brotherhood and the Railroad? Or do they manage to initiate a truce between the two groups?

Who takes synth!Shaun? Or does he even survive?