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So, like, I'm a transwoman and I keep hearing about the end result of bottom surgery being an open wound that needs to be "dilated" regularly to stop it from closing. This prospect has really been scaring me and I'm not sure if I'll go through with surgeries if that's even a tiny bit true. Is it?

Charlie says:

hey, I’m really sorry to say this but we don’t answer bottom surgery questions on this blog.  However, i’ll link you to our transfeminine resources page with plenty of information on the topic and blogs that will talk about it.

Things vascular surgeons have discussed with me:

  • strip clubs
  • Law & Order: SVU
  • the hotness of their wives

Things vascular surgeons have not discussed with me:

  • vascular surgery

All trans boys.

Boys who have started T

Boys who don’t want or can’t have T

Boys who love traditionally feminine things

Boys who wear dresses

Boys who are all about masculine things

Boys who have baby faces

Boys who can’t bind or don’t have to

Boys who don’t know what transgender means

Boys who are chubby or fat

Boys who don’t want, don’t need, or don’t care about getting top surgery

Boys with long hair and longer eyelashes

Boys with shapely lips

Boys who have never had an issue passing

Boys who will never pass but are just as important

Mentally Ill boys

Boys who are queer

Boys who just started posting shirtless pics

Boys going stealth

All of you are valid, all of you are important and deserve to be respected.

If anyone ever questions whether or not transgender surgeries are necessary, I will show them this photo. I was pre top surgery on the left and you can see, so easily, just how uncomfortable and downright miserable I was in my skin. I couldn’t even stand up straight. Then you have this photo of myself that was taken less than two weeks ago and I’m an entirely different man. I’m confident and comfortable in my skin. These months counting down to phalloplasty have felt like the longest months of my life. But I know that after this coming surgery my life is going to improve in ways I can’t even imagine.

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I don't know how antis look at these pics of elouno and be like woah they look like a couple cuz they aren't talking to each other, looking at each other and they are just there, walking and talking and looking like they don't even know they are attached by the hand. It's weird.

I walk (and smile) just like that with a girl from my group of friends that I hate hsjsjskslsls we don’t hold hands of course, but that’s body language of people that really dislike each other 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:I still think el is just a means to an end though; it might be overly optimistic of me and in the mean time its so fucking ridiculous that louis still has to be involved in this shit, but I really don’t think this will last past the summer. I think she’ll be gone by the end of the year, and then there will be some major groundwork laid in the press by the nt to ease casual fans and the general public into h&l coming out, and I really think they’ll be out by the end of next year.

I’m hoping, nony 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:ok but honestly /one/ good thing about the return of the original leech is that absolutely no one pays attention or cares about breep no matter how many pap photoshoots she does , not even antis bc they are all worshiping elk ,so small victories i guess 🤷🏻‍♀️ and like that wasn’t the case with danielle even tho they tried to make her be the main focus , so like i wouldnt be surprised they brought her back so they can put bg behind slowly until it just ends

Not her and not the baby. This is something that makes a lil bit pleased because I truly hope she’s fuming seeing this all roll out, especially because she had no clue it was happening lol

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Have you experienced any troubles or off things resulting from your implants? Do you expect to have any inconveniences arise? (I understand that you have only gotten them recently and I'm sorry if I'm bothering you with this question)

No need to apologize, these questions aren’t bothersome. The only issue I’ve had with my erectile device so far (6 days post-op) is a slight pink shade appearing at the head of my penis where the rod ends. It’s important to keep an eye on this as the days/week progress because pink or red pigmentation can indicate the rod is putting too much pressure on the skin. If this were to become extremely severe the skin could turn black (necrotic) and the implant could become visible (extrude). I’ve kept in close communication with Dr. Chen about this and saw him for an early post-op appointment 2 days after surgery when it first appeared and he isn’t concerned due to how minor it is in my phallus. For now I’ve been instructed to point my phallus upwards to take pressure off of the tip and that seems to be solving the issue, at least temporarily. He indicated that it is only worrisome when the degree of pinkness increases or turns red, so for now I just need to be cognizant of positioning my phallus in a way that reduces that tension. Aside from that all has been well.

As for inconveniences, in the short-term having to position my phallus in a more erect state isn’t ideal. This limits my ability to leave the house and I’ve taken to carrying a blanket around inside to cover myself. I’m staying with a friend and their family, so I’m doing what I can to meet my needs while also minimizing their discomfort. I also have to be very aware of how close I stand to tables, counters, etc. so I don’t end up bumping into them. It’s hard for me to comment on potential long-term inconveniences at this point in time. If you’d like, can you ask me this again in a few weeks when I’ve returned to work and my day to day life? That should give me a better perspective to answer this from.


Having a busy week with doctors appointments, dealing with insurance people, prescription refills, and contacting surgeons offices for quotes

That being said: if anyone sees this who’s had RFF Phallo with Dr. Crane and has successfully gone through their insurance for either full/partial coverage or reimbursement and would be down to talk about that please shoot me a message or something?

Sometime between his teen and adult verses, Goten has to undergo heart surgery. It was Bulma’s attempt to see if she could fix the damage to his heart– and while it was somewhat successful, it didn’t stop the disease. A full heart transplant wasn’t possible either, considering his status as a halfbred.

Because of this, he had a fairly prominent surgical scar that runs down the center of his chest, staring at roughly his breastbone and ending at the base of his sternum. Goten could had taken something to prevent the scar from forming, but chose not to, wanting to keep it as an ugly reminder that he was likely to die young.

SUPER excited i just emailed Dr. Paul Steinwald to request a consultation for top surgery this is happening this is actually happening

he is one of the two main surgeons i’m currently considering; i’m limited to looking only at surgeons who accept informed consent because i don’t have a therapist letter – if anyone has had any experience with an informed-consent top surgeon, let me know! i want to pick a good one.

i’m looking at Steinwald first because his consultation is free; i’ll also likely try Dr. Hope Sherie. So if anyone has had surgery with either of them in particular, i’d be extremely grateful for any comments on how it went, complaints, pricing info, links to reviews, photos of how you look post-op, etc.

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Do you even KNOW how to care for a baby? Your so... Big and tall and strong... What would make you think you can care for a tiny newborn baby?

What kind of a question is that?!

Every day, I am healing multiple monsters. Most days of the week, I’m doing delicate soul surgeries. 

And yet, you question me about my ability to help with my own child? I cannot believe you Shades. That is low, even for you.

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Sorry if this is inappropriate, but I can't seem to find the answer anywhere. I'm interested in getting phallo some day, so I am wondering, do you need a pump to get hard, or are you able to do it on your own? is it difficult to get hard? are you able to orgasm without being hard, I guess, by feeling the sensation in your buried natal dick? Again, I am very sorry if this is personal. Thank you for all your help.

You can’t get erections after phalloplasty without an erectile device because the penis doesn’t have erectile tissue in it. There’s research currently looking into creating and implanting/replacing erectile tissue in cis men’s penises, so that’s a promising look into what the future could potentially be for us. However that technology isn’t expected to be available for human trials (in cis men) for at least 6 years and use of the technology outside of very controlled studies isn’t expected to be available for at least 15+ years. Once the technology is available you’d have to consider what the cost of it would be and whether or not insurance would cover it. It’s highly likely that insurance would take several more years to begin covering that option. Right now guys who’ve had phalloplasty can become erect through the use of an internal or external erectile device and can penetrate like a cis man. External erectile devices, such as sleeves or the elator, are products designed to go around the outside of the penis to provide rigidity. These don’t require further surgery. Internal devices are devices that are surgically implanted within the shaft of the penis and then anchored to the pubic bone. These are also used by cis men who aren’t able to achieve erections themselves and they exist in 3 primary forms:

  • Semi-regid implants, where a malleable rod is implanted in the penis that can be manually bent up to position the penis in an erect state. A friend who has this implant explained that when the rod is in a flaccid state the phallus moves in a very natural and flexible way, whereas when the rod is in an erect state it is “ready to go and will not move anywhere you don’t want it to”.

  • 2-piece inflatable implants, where a pump is placed in one testicle that can be squeezed to achieve erection. One or two inflatable cylinders are inserted into the shaft of the penis and a reservoir at the base of these rods holds a saline solution. In this system the pump pushes the saline from the reservoir into the cylinders, which then gives the penis an erect look, feel, and functionality.

  • 3-piece inflatable implants, which are similar to the 2-piece system but gives more rigidity to the penis. In this system the inflatable cylinders are in the phallus, the reservoir above the penis (within the abdomen), and the pump inside the scrotum. The reservoir is larger in this system, meaning the erection is more rigid.

If you choose to have an internal erectile device placed then this won’t happen until your last stage of phalloplasty. Depending on what donor site and what surgeon you use this could be anywhere from stage 2 to stage 5, not including any potential operations for complications. I had RFF phalloplasty with Dr. Chen so my erectile device and testicular implants will be placed at stage 2. Until then I’m flaccid unless I use an external erectile device. Erections have absolutely no impact on how much sensation I have or what feels pleasurable. I have sensation in my natal genitalia as well as sensation throughout my penis and can orgasm easily without being erect.

I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised after hearing that part of Cote’s decision to leave was because she felt they weren’t treating Ziva with the respect she deserved that this would happen, and especially given how this season across the network board has treated female characters, but really.

Who kills off a character the audience has loved for eight plus years, who was, in effect NCIS’s leading lady (since Abby is mostly lab bound, while Ziva was in regular forefront positions in episodes) entirely offscreen? Who looks at a character like Ziva and says ‘dramatically, it’s better to have her not face death in the eyes and fight to her last breath’? Who thinks that killing Ziva for the sake of Tony’s character, killing a female character offscreen, shoving Ziva in the fridge like this is acceptable storytelling? How was this a story that was approved?

Because you know something? NOTHING about the actions Tony takes in this episode would have changed had Ziva been critically injured, spent her time in surgery, questioning her survival to the last minute, and ending on the happy note of looping in a line of ‘Tony?’ from an older episode as he and Tali enter her hospital room in Tel Aviv. Except that we wouldn’t have another dead female character, killed to spark a male character’s growth and development.

if you tell a cis person youre trans & they go “can i ask you something? dont get offended though” dont let them ask because its either abt your dead name, an invasive question abt surgery, or abt what genitals you have

Ethics question

My dogs found a family member’s neighbor’s outdoor kitten in their yard, shivering and sick. It was so sick that the vet has to take one eye, and she’ll have less sight in the other. The vet says the infection could have been easily and cheaply treated if she’d been brought in weeks earlier, and the kitten showed other signs of severe neglect. She’s at the vet now having surgery.

So the question is… Can I just take this poor kitten? The police said since she’s an outdoor unregistered cat and we have a leash law here and we paid vet bills, the law is on our side, but are ethics? And should I tell them or let them think she ran off?