the surfers tho

It’s Gay™ culture to speak like a surfer boi

Using phrases like

“Uh yaah dude”

“Sweet deal man”


“Yo bro”

“That’s chill man”

“Whas suh dude!”

“Yaaahhh man”

“No problem man”

*note that dude, man, and bro are interchangeable

Basically adding man/dude/bro at the end of common phrases.

An opinion

Fairly Odd Parent’s “School’s Out! The Musical” was one of the highest points of animated series during the early 2000s, rivaled by the aforementioned series’ first movie “Abra-Catastrophe!” as the show’s best episode and beat only by Avatar: The Last Airbender’s debut as the best of Nickelodeon cartoons of 2005.

 [2014.12.24] Happy 32nd birthday Aiba Masaki!!! 
I know your smile will light up the world one day :D love you my sunshine♥♥♥