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Venus Retrograde 2017

The Venus retrograde is upon us with the dates being from March 4 to April 15 (updated dates). It is in Aries/Pisces. Venus Retrograde will influence your finances, relationships, sensuality, sense of beauty, and artistic abilities. Retrogrades always influence everyone to certain degrees. But this retrograde is going to hit Aries, Pisces, (especially the Venus Signs) Taurus, and Libra the most. Also take into consideration your big influences despite your Venus sign for this retrograde!!! 

Aries Venus during Venus RX: Might impulsively involve past lovers, makes brash financial decisions, reminiscing will be frustrating. Creativity is bold, there is a lot of fiery energy behind acts of love, good or bad. At end of RX beware of disappearing acts from others or disillusion. Facing dependence and learning giving could happen. 

Taurus Venus during Venus RX: Unusually impulsive with purchases, can feel braver in love during start, finances will be hit good or bad. Will easily fall for romance, charm, and illusions. Highly concentrated on their appearance. Old lovers or friends could hold them back during this period. Feeling of loss is stubborn. Charm might feel missing, watch out for awkwardness.

Gemini Venus during Venus RX: A lot of energy and activity in relationships, mind wonders to past relationships easily, more sensitive than usual. Finances and creativity can actually get a boosts in vitality, can easily get carried away by charm or praise. Near end be careful of disappointment, could get in touch with intuition, healing, and emotions.

Cancer Venus during Venus RX: Passion and desire are closer to surface, can be insecure about looks or finances, a lot of brooding during this time. Could let go and heal a lot during end of RX. Imagination and creativity boosted throughout RX. Might learn to spot or avoid disillusion. Intuition is heightened during the end of RX.

Leo Venus during Venus RX: Might have frequent nostalgia, creativity is on fire, easily spends too much money, in the mood to be generous. Emotions and energy can be drained by end of RX. Old lovers or friends can throw them off. Watch your money!

Virgo Venus during Venus RX: Emotions easily confused or won’t make sense, heavily blocks out past lovers or friends, communication is off. Might discover new creativity, a lot of healing during this time, standards reevaluated, easily worries about looks. Can feel unnaturally vocal, aggressive, and competitive towards loved ones.

Libra Venus during Venus RX: A WHOLE lot of nostalgia, reminiscing, and past influences or insecurities coming forward. Can be aggressive towards self, concerned with looks, easily lose track of money or has good luck with new money. Charm might feel missing, watch out for awkwardness.

Scorpio Venus during Venus RX: Can feel vain, might come across very fortunate or draining circumstances financially via loved ones. Lots of vitality at start, finds calm at end or an escape. Opportunities for healing. Be careful of unexpected grudges.

Sagittarius Venus during Venus RX: Easily disillusioned or let down, energy is scattered, highly impulsive with purchases, confidence drains. Can be a good time to discover new talent or niche, emotional sensitivity is heightened, passion is constantly going up and down.

Capricorn Venus during Venus RX: Feeling more aggressive and forward, might let old lovers or friends back into life, watch for bad decisions. Needs space during this time, finds it hard to recharge, but can find some internal understanding near end of RX. 

Aquarius Venus during Venus RX: Creativity boosted as well as aggression, light themes on past lovers/friends haunting them. Could change their idea of beauty or outer appearance, might feel a shift in spirituality at the end.

Pisces Venus during Venus RX: Easily falls for others during this time, head over heels for romance, watch for a lot of disillusion at end of RX. Past will haunt them someway, pain could inspire imagination and outlets, financial threats linger. Healing and large transformations might come at the end of this retrograde.

Solar System: Things to Know This Week

Go for Venus! Fifty-five years ago this week, Mariner 2, the first fully successful mission to explore another planet launched from Cape Canaveral in Florida. Here are 10 things to know about Mariner 2.

1. Interplanetary Cruise 

On August 27, 1962, Mariner 2 launched on a three and a half month journey to Venus. The little spacecraft flew within 22,000 miles (about 35,000 kilometers) of the planet. 

2. Quick Study 

Mariner 2’s scan of Venus lasted only 42 minutes. And, like most of our visits to new places, the mission rewrote the books on what we know about Earth’s sister planet.

3. Hot Planet 

The spacecraft showed that surface temperature on Venus was hot enough to melt lead: at least 797 degrees Fahrenheit (425 degrees Celsius) on both the day and night sides.

4. Continuous Clouds 

The clouds that make Venus shine so bright in Earth’s skies are dozens of miles thick and permanent. It’s always cloudy on Venus, and the thick clouds trap heat - contributing to a runaway “greenhouse effect.”

5. Night Light 

Those clouds are why Venus shines so brightly in Earth’s night sky. The clouds reflect and scatter sunlight, making Venus second only to our Moon in celestial brightness.

6. Under Pressure 

Venus’ clouds also create crushing pressure. Mariner 2’s scan revealed pressure on the surface of Venus is equal to pressure thousands of feet under Earth’s deepest oceans.

7. Slow Turn 

Mariner 2 found Venus rotates very slowly, and in the opposite direction of most planets in our solar system.

8. Space Travel Is Tough 

Mariner 2 was a remarkable accomplishment, considering that in 1962 engineers were still in the very early stages of figuring out how operate spacecraft beyond Earth orbit. The first five interplanetary missions launched - by the U.S. and Soviet Union, the only two spacefaring nations at the time - were unsuccessful.

9. Not Ready for Its Close Up 

Mariner 2 carried no cameras. The first close-up pictures of Venus came from NASA’s Mariner 10 in 1974.  

10. Hot Shot 

The first (and still incredibly rare) photo of the surface of Venus was taken by the Soviet Venera 9 lander, which survived for a little more than a minute under the crushing pressure and intense heat on the ground.

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Love Transits

Transits got me thinking about love again, so here you go, a master post on transits that involve love, meeting people, etc etc (Probably only going to include positive ones). Hopefully I don’t miss any.
(keep in mind that these are like, unafflicted aspects so don’t be like “this isnt happening for me” because chances are something is afflicting it or you are literally not taking advantage of the power it’s providing you with)


Mercury Retrograde
Increases likelihood of reconnecting with people from your past (can either be a good or bad thing). Especially effective in houses that deal with relationships (3rd, 5th, 7th, and 11th), but really it can happen in any house, like for example, in the 9th house it might be due to traveling that you meet someone from your past.

Venus Retrograde
Increases likelihood of reconnecting with a past lover. Again like the Mercury Retrograde, it can be bad or good, depends if you wanna see your ex again.

Venus Transiting Specific Houses

Venus transiting your Third House
A good time for confessing love/reassuring your loved one’s that you love them.

Venus transiting your Fifth House
Increases likelihood of finding a love interest while working in your area of creativity. Finding a love interest during this transit without having to surrender who you are means you can be yourself around this person.

Venus transiting your Seventh House
Helps all relationships,  whether it be friends, a lover, or enemies. Expressing love is easier during this time. Increases likelihood of meeting a new love interest as well.

Venus transiting your Eighth House
Relationships that begin in this transit leave big impacts on your life whether they be good or bad. Gives existing relationships closer intimacy and intensity. During this time, you are able to see the whole ocean your relationship represents versus just its surface.

Venus transiting your Ninth House
Attraction for people who are strange or different increases during this time.

Venus transiting your Tenth House
The likelihood of falling in love with someone who’s older or above you increases during this time.

Venus transiting your Eleventh House
Likelihood of falling in love with a friend increases. Existing love relationships may bring in new friendships.

Venus transiting your Twelfth House
Denial of being in love.

Other Planets Transiting the 5th and 7th House

Sun transiting your Seventh House
Likelihood of meeting a new love interest during this time is increased. You will also take relationships some what lightly during this time.

Sun transiting your Seventh House
A time to discuss with your partner about the importance of the relationship, examine your roles in each others lives.

Moon transiting your Fifth house
Emotional experiences with love are brought out during this time. You may also be very protective of your lover during this time.

Moon transiting your Seventh House
Relationships and marriage will be important to you during this time.

Mercury transiting your Seventh House
A good time to discuss any issues in a relationship.

Mars transiting your Fifth House
You’ll be thirsty af. No other way of putting it. Mars transiting the 8th house has this same affect.

Jupiter transiting your Fifth House
Expansion and growth in relationships. New relationships started under this transit may be with a person who is dramatically different from you so you can learn and experience new things from them.

Jupiter transiting your Seventh House
The topic of marriage runs smoothly during this transit. New relationships started under this transit is likely to be with someone who is older (physically or spiritually) and more experienced in life. They may also come from a different background or country than you.

Saturn transiting your Fifth House
A love affair with someone who is either older or younger than you may begin under this transit.

Transiting Venus Aspects

Transiting Venus Conjuncts Natal Sun
Makes you appear more attractive to males.

Transiting Venus Trines Natal Sun
Little to no difficulty showing affection towards people. You are comfortable being yourself around love interests during this time.

Transiting Venus Conjuncts Natal Moon
Dreamy romantic moods. You view romance on an emotional plane today.

Transiting Venus Opposition Natal Moon
Desires between you and your loved one to take care of each other.

Transiting Venus Conjuncts Natal Mercury
Increases chances of making good first impressions, especially towards potential love interests.

Transiting Venus Trines Natal Mercury
A good time to confess love to someone.

Transiting Venus Opposites Natal Mercury
A good time for discussion about the relationship. Communication is important and it will happen during this time.

Transiting Venus Conjuncts Natal Venus
Increases likelihood of meeting a new love interest and making new friends. Also a good time to confess love for someone.

Transiting Venus Sextiles Natal Venus
New relationships made under this transit are beneficial for the future and most of the time very successful.

Transiting Venus Trines Natal Venus
Attraction for considerably beautiful people increases during this time. Lots of unusually romantic encounters during this transit as well.

Transiting Venus Conjuncts Natal Mars
People with lots of masculine energy will be likely more attracted to people with a lot of feminine energy and vice versa during this transit. Symbolizes actually seeking out a love interest. Indicates the likelihood of meeting a new love interest. Relationships are very passionate during this time.

Transiting Venus Sextiles Natal Mars
Attracts the people you actually want to attract into your life.

Transiting Venus Squares Natal Mars
Desires for a more physical relationship is indicated at this time. Not the best for starting a relationship during this time as you will be more attracted to looks than personality.

Transiting Venus Trines Natal Mars
Relationships started under this transit will likely last a long time and be satisfying. During this time it is easier to charm people.

Transiting Venus Opposites Natal Mars
Likelihood of seeking for casual/sexual relationships

Transiting Venus Conjuncts Natal Jupiter
REALLY good for weddings. Love is a celebration when Jupiter is involved.

Transiting Venus Sextiles Natal Jupiter
New relationships started under this transit bring out the best qualities in you. Attraction towards people with a very vast mind is indicated.

Transiting Venus Trine  Natal Jupiter
May attract a new love interest, but might not lead onto anything significant

Transiting Venus Conjunct Natal Saturn
Relationships started under this transit are loyal and long lasting.

Transiting Venus Sextile Natal Saturn
If you have an existing relationship, you may want it to become more serious during this time. Seeking out new relationships during this transit may make you consider deeply about what exactly you are looking for.

Transiting Venus Trines Natal Saturn
Indicates taking relationships seriously at this time. You may seek out someone who is very stable during this time.

Transiting Venus Conjuncts Natal Uranus
Unexpected relationships occur under this transit.

Transiting Venus Sextiles or Trine Natal Uranus
Attracts casual and unconventional relationships.

Transiting Venus Conjuncts Natal Neptune
Sensitive and romantic energy is presented by this transit. Daydreaming or having fantasies about potential relationships in your life. During this time you are willing to sacrifice for your lover.

Transiting Venus Sextiles Natal Neptune
Similar to the conjunction, only more subtle.

Transiting Venus Trines Natal Neptune
Like the sextile, it carries sensitive and romantic energy in subtle, pleasant ways. New relationships started under this transit feel very spiritual. May make you feel as if you’ve found your soul-mate (whether that be true or if it’s Neptune tricking you). If you are in an existing relationship, it may be time to evaluate whether or not you guys are soul-mates.

Transiting Venus Conjuncts Natal Pluto
May make you seek out intense relationships. Meeting new love interests under this transit makes you infatuated and obsessed with them.

Transiting Venus Squares Natal Pluto
Emotional transformations generally happen during a transit like this. Could be for better or for worse.

Transiting Venus Sextiles/Trines Natal Pluto
Brings intensity to existing relationships; overwhelming feelings for your partner. New relationships started under this transit seem to have some sort of magnetism to them. They are intense and magical.

Transiting Venus Conjuncts Midheaven
Good transit for marriage and a good day to confess love to someone.

Transiting Venus Trines Midheaven
A good transit for sorting out difficulties and mending a relationship. Time to put everything out in the open and allow love to heal it.

Transiting Venus Conjuncts Ascendant
The likelihood of meeting a new love interest during this time is great. It is also a good time to mend broken relationships.

Transiting Venus Trines/Sextiles Ascendant
Like the conjunction, increases your chances in meeting a new love interest, but in order to do so, you will need to put yourself out there. Go out with friends, have a good time and then you will be able to seek a new love interest.

Transiting Venus Opposites Ascendant
A good day to introduce yourself to potential love interests. Indicates the beginning of new love relationships. Very good time to be going out and meeting people.

Other Transiting Planets Aspects

Transiting Sun Conjuncts Natal Venus
You will crave attention during this time and you will do a great effort to get the attention you think you deserve. You may also find a new love interest.

Transiting Sun Sextiles/Trines Natal Venus
During this time you are more open to meeting new people and spending time with friends.

Transiting Sun Opposites Natal Venus
Brings awareness to how much you need your lover in your life.

Transiting Moon Conjuncts/Trines/Sextiles Natal Mercury
A good time to talk about your feelings.

Transiting Moon Conjuncts/Trines/Sextiles Natal Venus
Strengthens existing relationships.

Transiting Mercury Conjuncts/Trines/Sextiles Natal Venus
You or someone will confess their love. Also a good time to talk about your relationship with your lover.

Transiting Mars Trines/Sextiles Natal Moon
Emotions are intense during this time. Indicates love-hate relationships and tension. You can’t decide if you wanna punch a person in the face or kiss them.

Transiting Mars Conjuncts/Trines/Sextiles Natal Venus
Indicates new love interests and physical relationships. Sexual desires run high.

Transiting Jupiter Conjuncts Natal Venus
On the rare occasion that a relationship starts under this transit, it is extremely favourable and successful. Also beneficial to existing relationships.

Transiting Jupiter Trines/Sextiles Natal Venus
You may feel like flirting with and impressing a potential love interest during this time. New relationships started under this transit are often very significant. The sextile symbolizes a longer lasting relationship than the trine, but you should check other transits to see the success in that.

Transiting Saturn Conjuncts Natal Venus
Relationships started under this transit are likely due to fate and bring great significance to your life.

Transiting Saturn Trines/Sextiles Natal Venus
Symbolizes a lover with an age difference (physically or spiritually). Relationships will be looked at more practically and seriously with this transit.

Jealous Boyfriend

request: you can write about shawn and S/O going to her favorite band concert and he gets a little jealous for never seeing her so excited in his concert? something very fluffy and cute? Thank you so much, I love your stories. + So I went to an ed Sheeran concert last night and now I’m totally dying to go to one with Shawn so could you maybe make an imagine of the reader and Shawn going to see him? Thank you!!

You were practically bouncing off of the walls, and it was one of the funniest thins Shawn had ever seen. You were finishing your eyeliner, softly singing along to the John Mayer song that was playing from the Bluetooth speaker.

Making eye contact with your boyfriend, you felt your smile grow. “Hey, hun.”

“Hi, sweetie.” He walked over to you, and pressed a kiss onto your head. “You almost finished?”

“Mhmm, just gonna put on some lipstick, and then we can go.” You two had been planning to get dinner before the show, and it was nearing four in the afternoon.

You debated between a nude color and a darker red, but picked up the pinky-nude instead, and tossed it in your bag.

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Astronomy From 45,000 Feet

What is the Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy, or SOFIA, up to?

SOFIA, the Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy, as our flying telescope is called, is a Boeing 747SP aircraft that carries a 2.5-meter telescope to altitudes as high as 45,000 feet. Researchers use SOFIA to study the solar system and beyond using infrared light. This type of light does not reach the ground, but does reach the altitudes where SOFIA flies.

 Recently, we used SOFIA to study water on Venus, hoping to learn more about how that planet lost its oceans. Our researchers used a powerful instrument on SOFIA, called a spectrograph, to detect water in its normal form and “heavy water,” which has an extra neutron. The heavy water takes longer to evaporate and builds up over time. By measuring how much heavy water is on Venus’ surface now, our team will be able to estimate how much water Venus had when the planet formed.

We are also using SOFIA to create a detailed map of the Whirlpool Galaxy by making multiple observations of the galaxy. This map will help us understand how stars form from clouds in that galaxy. In particular, it will help us to know if the spiral arms in the galaxy trigger clouds to collapse into stars, or if the arms just show up where stars have already formed.

We can also use SOFIA to study methane on Mars. The Curiosity rover has detected methane on the surface of Mars. But the total amount of methane on Mars is unknown and evidence so far indicates that its levels change significantly over time and location. We are using SOFIA to search for evidence of this gas by mapping the Red Planet with an instrument specially tuned to sniff out methane.

Next our team will use SOFIA to study Jupiter’s icy moon Europa, searching for evidence of possible water plumes detected by the Hubble Space Telescope. The plumes, illustrated in the artist’s concept above, were previously seen in images as extensions from the edge of the moon. Using SOFIA, we will search for water and determine if the plumes are eruptions of water from the surface. If the plumes are coming from the surface, they may be erupting through cracks in the ice that covers Europa’s oceans. Members of our SOFIA team recently discussed studying Europa on the NASA in Silicon Valley Podcast.

This is the view of Jupiter and its moons taken with SOFIA’s visible light guide camera that is used to position the telescope.  

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Take in these images. Savor their otherworldly beauty. Think about how common they might seem today and how astounding they would have been a hundred years ago, if not a thousand years ago. 

Quite literally seeing the unseen. 

Top left to bottom right: Sunset on Mars, the surface of Venus, viruses injecting a cell, sperm surrounding an ovum. 

Despite its proximity, Venus remains largely mysterious, thanks to its cloudy atmosphere and incredible harsh conditions. A recent study using data from the Japanese satellite Akatsuki revealed an enormous bow-shaped wave in the Venusian atmosphere. The wave appeared at an altitude of about 65 km and stretched more than 10,000 km long, across both the northern and southern hemispheres. Although surface winds on Venus are believed to be small due to its incredibly slow rotation, winds higher in the atmosphere are much faster – so it was strange to observe this wave sitting essentially stationary for five days of observation. 

When the scientists mapped the location of wave relative to the surface, they found it was sitting over the Aphrodite Terra highlands, suggesting that this structure is a gravity wave generated by winds interacting with the topography. Similar, albeit smaller, gravity waves are often observed on Earth near mountains. The finding raises questions about our understanding of Venusian atmospheric dynamics and exactly how disturbances from surface winds could create enormous structures so high in the atmosphere. (Image credit: T. Fukuhara et al.; h/t to SciShow Space)

i. aphrodite

the foam-born, the wave-kissed,
that most revered of goddesses
among men, yet the most cursed
of gifts, whose name we bellow
hollowly when we are forsaken –

the force to whose senses men
appeal in a clipped, a desperate
bargain, a vain and broken
prayer – whose kind comfort
they seek even in her betrayal.

like the sea she deposits
treasure but to wash it away
in the cloak of nighttime –
her most coveted blessings
rest too far below the surface.

Venus Retrograde in Aries and Pisces 2017

The first Venus retrograde shadow period began on January 30th and will end on March 4th. On March 4th, Venus will station retrograde from 13 degrees 9′ Aries to 26 degrees 55′ Pisces on April 15th. The second shadow period will last from April 15th until May 18th. The shadow period is like a preview (or end credits) of sorts to the kinds of issues you will be dealing with during the actual retrograde despite the planet being direct. 

Everyone will feel it in one way or another. People who are Venus, Taurus, or Libra dominant or have their Venus in Aries or Pisces will be affected the most. Look to the house(s) that the 13 degrees Aries to 27 degrees Pisces sector spans to see which aspects of your life that will be affected by the rx.

So, like, what does this mean??

When planets retrograde their expression gets turned inward and you get to re-assess the themes of that planet and tie up loose ends if necessary. Retrogrades can also bring around people who are fated to be with you or that you have karma to sort out with, whether or not you stay in contact afterwards is up to the nature of the connection that occurs and the two of you. 

Venus rules beauty, everything you find aesthetically pleasing, relationships, love, affection, money, indulgences, your personal style, and even your self-esteem. 

As Venus stations retrograde you might find yourself: questioning relationships or rethinking and revisiting old ones, questioning your appearance and your self-esteem and requiring validation, buying things that you later realize don’t match your aesthetic or sense of style, wanting to change your style, running into money troubles, feeling lonely, seeking attention, or having difficulties expressing your feelings.

As for the retrograde being in Aries to start, you might act carelessly on impulses of lust and passion. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were a lot of one night stands or hook ups with old flames. You might even return to a past creative endeavor that you had abandoned with a new joie de vivre. When Venus enters Pisces the rx might hit a little harder with Neptune (one of the rulers of Pisces) being another octave of Venus. Love could be felt on an incredibly deep level, but be even more confusing and difficult to express. Karmic relationships would most likely surface by this point if they hadn’t already. Be careful with Venus in Pisces to not delude yourself over the reality of a current or past relationship.

Something to note is that retrogrades aren’t the best for taking action. Take note of your thoughts, feelings, and ideas and come back to them after the rx ends and see if they still strike a chord in you. Don’t chop all your hair off and go bleach blonde on a whim or buy an expensive work of art simply because it strikes you at that moment or suddenly end or begin a relationship. Not only might you come to regret these actions, but they could become difficult to undo resulting in an even stickier situation. Meditate on your ideas and maybe even take a chance to discuss them with someone else if possible.

Questions to ask yourself/partner might be: Do I really need to buy this? How can I develop my art style/aesthetic/personal style? Is this relationship actually healthy and progressing to a place we’d both like it to go? Did I truly get closure on a previous relationship? Am I truly happy in this relationship? Am I being clear and open with my feelings and emotions towards my partner/the people I love? Why did that relationship really end and what can I learn from it? Am I giving myself enough love?

at the end of the day treat urself, give yourself some well deserved me time, and tell someone you love them alright!!!

Venus in Cancer;

Venus in Cancer can be found by the sea, quietly walking by the ocean or sat among rocks where she can place her feet on the cold and fresh water of her feelings. Her white dress seems to dissolve in the sea’s glistening foam, and here she spends hours and hours contemplating her dancing and turbulent reflection upon the water’s sensitive surface.

Loving and gentle, people with Venus in Cancer are deeply connected to their maternal figure, their home and also to their feelings. They excel at producing cozy and welcoming environments for their friends and family, building a musical lighthouse for other people’s ships. Relationships here are emotionally intense and warm, as partners of any kind tend to be embraced and nurtured as if they were part of an ancient, dignified and loving family.

Venus in Cancer finds beauty in playing maternal roles such as nurturing, feeding and protecting, and this clearly shows through these people’s evident ability to love and safeguard. They’re constantly thinking of ways of providing for their friends and family emotionally and materially; they feel responsible for building a safe shelter for these especial people in their lives. In turn, Cancer Venus’ self-esteem highly depends on other people’s well-being; they believe in themselves and they think themselves as worthy of love when they’re able to fulfill their honourable duty to deliver love and nurturing for others, as well as when all their work and attention towards others is sincerely appreciated.

Venus in Cancer embodies the Crab’s carefulness when dealing with the external world, and so people with this placement are generally cautious when first meeting other people. With time, however, they can quickly reveal the fantastic and magical inner world of theirs, which is filled with loving promises of a most faithful love and devotion. Encounters with people tend to create impressive disturbances in Cancer’s waters, and this has its positive and negative consequences; and people with this placement usually produce extreme emotional responses in others too, as if they were flooding other people’s jars with their glistening, kind waters.

Detail: Alphonse Mucha, “Madonna of the lillies”; 1905.


When the Soviets Photographed the Surface of Venus

In the 1970s, the Soviet Union turned its attention to Venus and managed to take the first pictures on the surface of another world with the Venera landers.


Report from under the table: Zarathustra the cat have delicious meat on a glass surface under Botticelli’s Ginger Venus #FatCatArt 😻 Healthy treats is essential for beauty even if you are on diet! #zarathustralive #foodporn #venus

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Venus's turbulent atmosphere

International research team sheds light on Earth’s ‘twin planet’

Venus is often referred to as Earth’s twin because both planets share a similar size and surface composition. Also, they both have atmospheres with complex weather systems. 

But that is about where the similarities end: Venus is one the most hostile places in our solar system. 

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anonymous asked:

Hey! Hi i love your writing from the stories i read so far <3! But i was wondering have you heard the song jumin's voice actor sang for star project being "beautiful chaser"? (I feel like it could relate to his feelings) If so, could you do a story were jumin is secretly a singer? And mc and zen find out by going to some concert that another friend or something recommended :D? You dont have to if you dont wanna ;0;

Aw, thank you!!! Also, I haven’t, I’ve only heard Love Song and that ruined my life and I still cry when I think about it asdkfjsklfjasl

But I’d be more than happy to do the request regardless!! I think it’d be interesting to somehow make singing and Jumin’s character correlate, hopefully, I’ll be put it in the way you’re hoping for!!

If you wish for this to be changed in any way please let me know!! This is your request and I want to be able to comply to it as best as I can!! 

This makes me think of Ron Swanson and his secret jazz career ajfksdlfjaslkfsajk

Anyhow, thank you again and have a fantastic day!! Enjoy!


“Has anyone ever told you that you have a great voice?”

Jumin looked to you curiously, eyes wide, a hint of a grin tugging at his lips.

“Where’d that come from?”

“I just heard you singing quietly, it sounded really nice is all.” You complimented. “I liked it.”

He softened, dipping his head thoughtfully.

“Thank you, that’s kind of you to say.”

“Of course,” You beamed, a question emerging in your head. “But what song was that? I don’t think I’ve ever heard it before.”

“It was a song my great grandmother made for my father when he couldn’t sleep, he passed it onto me when I began having restless nights,” He answered. “It stuck in my head after awhile.”

“You had trouble sleeping when you were little?”

“My home life was…unhealthy to say the least,” He crinkled his nose, frowning. “Sleep was more so a luxury than something one would get on a daily basis, I suppose I can still relate to that now.”

“I’m so sorry about that,” You murmured, reaching out to set a comforting hand on his shoulder. “You shouldn’t have to deal with that.”

He warmed at your assurance, simpering lightly.

“Thank you, you have a beautiful heart,” He muttered. “I’m surprised someone like you is in my life.”

“Aw come on, don’t start with that,” You puffed out your cheek indignantly. “I spend time with you because I want to because I think you’re a good person, I really do.”

“You just might be the only person.”

Yet before you could snap back at him with encouragement, he smiled, something like pink speckling his cheeks.

“But that’s more than enough.”

You hadn’t quite realized the emotion behind the words, but they left a warmth budding in your chest all the same.

Not that you’d ever admit it.

But you found that afterward, he began to hum more around your presence, always adoring how you’d sway slightly from side to side.

His voice simply fit.

Truthfully, someone as initially as stern as Jumin never appeared to be someone you’d think to have such a talent.

Yet as you heard it more and more, you couldn’t see him without associating the gentle fond voice.

You hadn’t thought there could be anyone better.

Until Zen called you, with an invitation.

“You heard of this guy?” You listened to Zen over the phone as he drowned you in messages of articles and photos of the ‘mysterious’ sensation. “My fans kept sending me things about this guy, asking if I was secretly him!”

“Are you?”

“If I added singer onto my already amazing resume I don’t think the world could manage it MC,” He laughed. “Let’s be reasonable here.”

“Right of course.”

“What do you think of him?”

“I don’t know anything about him, what about you, got any details?”

“A lot of my fans called him ‘Songbird’ but he doesn’t have any actual stage name. Songbird is the most widely accepted one I think?”

“He didn’t name himself or anything?”

“Nope, apparently the guy doesn’t even talk much-sounds ungrateful if you ask me.”

“Whether or not you talk often doesn’t determine if you’re a good person,” You scoffed. “I thought that was something pretty clear.”

“Well-I know but he’s getting more and more popular by the second! You’d think he’d be a little more grateful!”

“I’m sure he is, you shouldn’t even be making judgments, I mean you don’t really have any face to face first impression with him.”

“But I will!”

“What do you mean?”

“One of my fantastic fans sent a couple tickets with their letter to me, I was thinking we should go and see if the guy can live up to his reputation,” You knew the corners of his lips were turned upwards as he continued. “you in?”

You smirked.

And nodded.


“Sweet! It starts at eight, so I’ll come get you at six or so, traffic’s going to be a killer,” He withheld a groan. “Be sure to sneak in snacks also, you know how deadly concession prices are.”

“Right, right, I got it covered don’t worry.”

“See you then?”


And soon enough, it came.

You met Zen at the concert, surprised to find it in a much smaller space than expected, an easy, comfortable venue, even with the piles of people spilling in. 

“You know, by the way you hyped this up I thought I’d have to reserve a seat a year in advance.” You joked, finding him amongst the line. 

“No, it’s like a secret thing…?” He pursed his lips, trying to figure what exactly to say. “Like…people know about it but they don’t want to over-popularize it, keeps it nice that way for some.” 

“You have high hopes for this?” 

“I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t at least kind of excited.” 

You snickered weakly, shrugging modestly. 

“Me too.” 

You were lead inside shortly after, seating yourself in the middle of the venue, tapping your fingertips eagerly against the surface of the table, your gaze darting from side to side as though expecting to find something. 

And yet as something did finally happen, you were stone cold.

And you didn’t dare move. 

You watched as people began to softly cheer and greet the musician as he approached the stage, his features hidden and murky beneath the lights, his hair swept back, only a few strands curling about his gaze that kept low to the ground. 

He wore a dark suit, sleeves rolled up to his elbow, the coat buttoned down the middle. 

He reminded you of someone.


Yet that wasn’t what did it.

What made the puzzle pieces connect in her head was something else entirely.

His voice. 

It had taken a moment, sinking into the words as he began, his words soft and warm.

Just as someone else’s was. 


It was just like his, the only thing different now being the smile tugging at the ends of his lips as though memories were now laced with the song.

The tune he had hummed before you.

And like that, the pieces connected.

And your jaw dropped. 

“Oh my goodness…” You murmured, hovering your hand over your mouth. “I can’t-” 

“What?” Zen twisted to meet you, his brow furrowed. “The guy’s good but what’s the matter with-” 

“I know who it is.” 

Zen somehow managed to choke on air, sputtering into coughs as he jerked up to you. 

“Are you some sort of detective?” 

“It’s Jumin!” You exclaimed, unsure of how exactly you were meant to feel. “It’s Jumin…!” 

“Holy-” He held back a curse, scrambling for his phone. “He’s exposed!” 

“What do you mean?”

“Well, you can’t expect me to not confront him about this!” He cried. “I mean by the look of Jumin you’d think he’d stare at paint drying for fun! What does he think he’s doing being a good singer?” 

“Oh leave him alone,” You scrunched up your nose, snatching up Zen’s phone. “I’ll ask him about it afterward, but if this is something important to him, you shouldn’t harass him about it.” 

“It’s Jumin!” He groaned. “He’s practically a brick this won’t matter to him!” 

“You should know better than to think he actually doesn’t have any emotions.” 

“Fine, sure, whatever,” He let out a heavy sigh, as though an annoyed teenager before you gave him back his phone. “I need a drink, tell ‘Songbird’ I loved the ballad.” 

“Bye Zen.” 

“Bye butterfly!” 

You didn’t see him again that night, but a bit of you thought it might be better that way. 

But there was only one way you’d really know.

And that was from confronting him.

You listened to the rest of the concert, finding yourself only growing more and more enamored with the music, a smile clear on your face each time you’d look up at him.

Even as he finished, you could never quite lower the corners of your mouth.

Nor could you muffle the warmth bubbling in your chest. 

You rushed out after him as he stepped down disappearing down a corridor, only stopping briefly to politely thank some for coming, ducking his sight back down the second it was done. 

But you followed.

You burst after him as he came further down the hall, sneaking further away from others before you reached out and snagged onto his sleeve, holding him in place.

“E-Excuse me what’re you-” 

He stopped dead in his tracks as he twisted to see you, eyes wide like dinner plates in surprise. 



“What’re you…what’re you doing here?”

“Came to hear ‘Songbird’, knew he seemed kind of familiar,” You simpered lightly. “Didn’t know you had this sort of hobby.” 

“Not many people would,” He cocked his head from side to side in consideration. “it’s not exactly something that fits my persona is it?” 

“It doesn’t have to fit what other people think you are.” You replied, offering comfort. “In fact, I think you were really good!” 

He lit up, shortly.

“You did?” 

“Of course! I’ve always thought you were a great singer!” You chuckled weakly. “That’s how I knew it was you in the first place.” 

“Oh…” He flushed, wrapping his palm around the back of his neck meekly. “Thank you, it truly does mean a lot coming from you.” 

“Um…you know the first song I sang?” 

“Yeah, it was that lullaby? What about it?” 

“That was the…the first time I performed that at a concert.” 

“How come?” 

“Well, you know how I felt about it beforehand, it didn’t have the best memories with me…” He confessed. “but when you talked about how nice it was…it made me begin to see it differently, when I thought about it, I thought what gave me the courage to do this in the first place, to do the things that made me happy, and to have a chance to feel human.” 

He grinned.

“And that made me adore the melody.” 

“What made you feel that way?” You raised a curious brow, trying to ignore how your heart threatened to eject from your very chest as it screamed out the answer you longed to hear.

And the answer had been just what you received.


And to say the least, you felt yourself soar.

And a song, being in your heart.