the surf hostel


I’ve resolved to try and keep my job. They’ve made me permanent a month early because of my situation. I know this means I’m going to rough it a bit and be afk while I’m bouncing around sofa surfing and being in hostels, but I’m going to try and keep it. It’s the only thing in my life that’s stable and keeping me sane at the moment and if I just give it up now after all I’ve invested into it I’ll feel worse. But I’m going to keep trying and keep at it and try and stay safe while I do it. Wish me luck!

Hi guys! I made a side-blog specifically for this purpose because I don’t want it being seen by the wrong person and my actual blog being found.

About a month ago I ran away from an abusive household and I’ve been in hostels, sofa surfing, and figuring out with my college housing and what the future is for me in regards for money and stuff. As it turns out I’ve managed to get a couple of jobs lined up over the next couple of months working all over the world, and most with accommodation provided. Unfortunately the first job is three months away, and therefore all my money now is going towards housing and food rather than buying clothing and equipment that I need. 

I don’t want to sound greedy, or needy, or anything of the sort, but I’ve made an amazon wishlist of bits of equipment I could use. Nothing is hideously expensive - there’s stuff as little as £3 on there up to about £30, which is a lot when you’re technically homeless. If anyone out there could possibly get anything on that list I’d be eternally grateful - it’d help me to get back on my feet and be given more jobs. 

Even if you can’t get anything I’d be thankful if you could reblog and boost this post! 

I have no idea how to end a post like this. I don’t want to sound greedy but anything you could do would be amazing.

Thank you for your time in reading this and reblogging or supporting me.