the supreme leader

My beautiful Rey,

I am so fortunate to have had the opportunity to see you again in such a short time, and what an encounter it was! Racing you to the artifact through the dark forest was so much fun. Those stepstone things and that cliff face were an excellent test of agility, and I must say that your abilities are vastly superior to mine, in that respect. I think it was only your inexperience with the Force that caused you to fall behind in that final stretch, and allowed me to reach the artifact first. I have been training for over a decade, so there is no shame in losing to me. Though I cannot honestly deny some satisfaction at finally beating you at something, if only to show you what I am capable of when I’m not minutes away from bleeding to death.

Supreme Leader will be furious when he finds out that I let you claim the artifact shard anyway. And yet, I find myself strangely indifferent to his potential wrath. Why should I fear his threats when he’s never made good on a single promise? And giving it to you - well, how could I pass up an opportunity to give you something that you actually want? You, who I would never deny anything.

But we really must discuss what happened. You know what I am talking about. You said that you didn’t know what came over you, but I do. I can feel it too, remember? I suppose it might have been the heat of the moment, and it might have been the power of the artifact affecting your behavior, but the fact remains - you kissed me. You kissed me you kissed me you kissed me! Force, I will never get sick of writing those words!

I admit, I have spent most of the last few days obsessing over that beautiful moment, replaying it again and again in my head.The moment I handed you the artifact, you looked at me. You looked at me with something that was not only not-hate, but something pretty far from it. How you smiled at me and said: Have you ever considered giving up being evil? Because you’re not very good at it. And then you kissed me. It was only a moment. But it was a kiss. A kiss you gave to me.

I suppose there is some truth to what you said. I really do feel like I’ve been losing my touch, lately. I will have to talk it over with grandfather.

I know you plan to seek the other half of the artifact next. I look forward to seeing you there :)

Enclosed is something to protect your eyes from the sand and dust. I know, I know, I am mansplaining desert survival to someone who has forgotten more about it than I will ever know, it’s just that - I care.

With devotion as constant as the traffic jams of Coruscant,


PS. It’s pronounced Korriban. Only tourists say “Moriband.”

PPS. Youkissedmeyoukissedmeyoukissedme!!!

A little Reylo positivity. Don’t you dare lose faith. A bit of ambiguous BS about a film that hasn’t yet seen the light of day doesn’t outweigh what we’ve already seen on screen (and in canonical print) with our own eyeballs. It’s right there in TFA.

Jedi is My Religion: Episode VII

When Episode VII: The Force Awakens, came out in 2015, it had been a decade since the last Star Wars film. Fans were ravenous for more of the beloved saga, so the hype was real for the newest film. And even though there were criticisms of the latest entry into the film series, it was generally well-received and was a massive financial success.

It reminds me of the book of Malachi, which historians believe was written around 450 BC. It is the last book of the Old Testament. For nearly 500 years, there would be radio silence from God before a man named John the Baptist came along, out of the wilderness, preaching baptism, repentance, and the coming of the Messiah. I imagine that the Jews were aching for a message from God during that long time of nothingness, much like people were aching for a new Star Wars film.

But even the film itself has a message of revival. The insidious Supreme Leader Snoke says to Kyle Ren, “There has been an awakening…have you felt it?” referring to the Force and the new character of Rey, who is a Force user. In the chronology of the films, 30 years have passed since Luke defeated the Emperor in Episode VI, and now there is a rebirth of sorts among the heroes as a new generation comes forth. Malachi predicted this at the end of the Old Testament, about Jesus coming in the New Testament.

Malachi 3:1-2 - “I will send my messenger, who will prepare the way before me. Then suddenly the Lord you are seeking will come to his temple; the messenger of the covenant,whom you desire, will come,” says the Lord Almighty. But who can endure the day of his coming? Who can stand when he appears? For he will be like a refiner’s fire or a launderer’s soap.

John the baptist was the messenger who cleared the way and Jesus, the messiah, cleared the temple. The prophecy, though it took longer than we may have liked, came true. Often times we feel like God has forgotten us when really he just works on his own time table, and really, God knows best. Just like you may have felt at the end of Episode VII, you are left with more questions and feelings of confusion than you are with hope for the future. But we all know that there will be an Episode VIII (and Episode IX). There is a promise for resolution in the future. Likewise, God has promised that there will be a resolution to all the problems of the day. 

John 14:18 - I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you.

Today, we have the Holy Spirit to guide us and the Word of God to sustain us. While we may be waiting for the newest Star Wars movie to come out, the Bible is already finished. We know how the story ends because of the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. Death has been defeated and our debts are paid for with the blood of Christ. “There has been awakening…” and it is within the hearts of men as we are transformed by the love and mercy of Christ.


My poster for The Last Jedi. 😁 Full resolution here:

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Ouma cries and gets over it
New Danganronpa V3
Ouma cries and gets over it

Rough translation (might be slightly inaccurate so take it with a grain of salt)

eh? that’s so cruel, I was only trying……. to… find the… culprit

*cries* you’re so cruel

ush I feel better after crying

  • Evan: We are throwing a Halloween party at our house! This is gonna be the greatest thing ever -
  • Connor: Someone will die
  • Evan: Of fun!
  • Connor: And of murder
  • Evan: There’s gonna drinks! Pumpkins -
  • Connor: Bloody goblins
  • Evan: Fake ones! It’s gonna be awesome. We have decorations-
  • Connor: Dead people that we just murdered
  • Evan: NOT murdered, but pictures of dead people from tv or movies!
  • Connor: Mutilated bodies
  • Evan: B-But fake ones!
  • Connor: Blood orphans
  • Evan: No blood orphans
  • Evan:
  • Evan: I… I don’t know what that is