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I’m really tired of ppl acting like armys being proud of bts accomplishments is the worst thing like they literally came from nothing!! bighit was in debt, the members couldn’t afford food and namjoon and yoongi had to sell songs to eat, both yoongi and namjoon mentioned how hard it was to see the rest of the members coming back from dance practice hungry, they couldn’t afford real actors or props so they used their mangers as extras and their cars in music videos, it took them 2 years to get a win, they were ridiculed for their name, called a nugu group (and some ppl still do to this day), rap line was looked down upon for being idol rappers, many of the members talked about the depression they went through while debuting, and they had to work hard for four years to reach the point they have…y'all are always on about how we should support small groups and appreciate them but when a small group like bts finally makes it everyone calls them overrated and wants to burn their fans at the stake for being excited about how far they’ve come im tired 😴
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i don’t know how likely it is that the video dan was talking about will be a coming out video, but it makes sense considering his views on sexuality, especially in current years. he’s gone on a number of rants about it not being important to self identify and how societies obsession with labels is dumb, but also hasn’t tried to hide his attraction to boys and mentioned how important it is for representation in the media. it makes sense for him to make a video about his experiences with crushes on boys or something like that rather than a serious ‘here’s how i identify’ video. if he decides to do this, i’ll be really proud of him for not only using his name to represent the lgbt+ community, but for just being open with himself too


“수고했어 오늘도 ❤️️ You guys have worked hard”

From little, mini concerts on the rooftop to stadium concerts, I can’t express how proud I am of not only how much the boys have grown but also how much the fandom has grown as well. We all know how hard they’ve worked to achieve all of this success. I can’t think of a better group that deserves all the love and support that they’re getting. Thank you for taking all of us, carats, along with you on the ride. We’ll continue to support you forever!

Group hug guys group hug

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hi. im sorry if this is rather personal but its art related so its fine i guess...? i really dont know where to vent this out. so im really passionate about art and ive always wanted to pursue an art-related career when i grow up but my parents are not supporting my hobby at all--like when i ask for a pentab, i got yelled at instead--so im in a dillema. do you think i should just stop drawing or no? love your arts btw. thanks in advance

Never stop drawing!! If you can’t get digital art equipment now, just use traditional media! You can get very far with that. Keep creating art if it makes you happy :) 

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Long time coming aye? Watch him do amazingdan3 or Truth or dare 3 . Or even better yet, best of internet support group montage

an internet support group montage is the worst thing he could do

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A few days ago I was going through @viria's nsfw account and I saw a Reigisa drawing that was _veryy_ similar to a Phanart I had seen recently.... I think the drawing was retraced. recolored or something, so idk if I should do something about it because it might take some time to find it again.. btw love you so much vic <333333

Yes you should try to contact her if you truly believe it’s traced from your art (but i know I’ve had this happen in the past, and it was just because we’d both used the same reference >.<) Good luck!

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Hey man sorry for all the hate you get! Me and @martziplier98 are the admins of the amys-support-group blog and I don't think we've seen that much hate :( srsly though it's probably just one or two people who send all this hate so don't let it get to ya💖 we love u for what you do and keep up the awesome work❤❤

thank you so much! you’re so sweet 💘 I dont normally let it get to me, but it gets a little frustrating sometimes. I’m just happy that my followers are all so sweet and kind to me like 24/7, so when I do get hate it kinda softens the blow. I love your guys blog btw! 💘

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Do you have daily tips on things i can do to help me overcome my addiction? Thank you.

My tips are this: 

  1. Remove all sources of temptation or even reminders of using. 
  2. Avoid the people you used to use with. 
  3. Avoid the places you used to use.
  4. Do not let yourself get too hungry.
  5. Do not let yourself get too tired.
  6. Do not start romanticizing your addiction.
  7. Get somebody you trust in the loop and then call them when you feel like using again. Find a support group.
  8. Exercise. I mean really wear yourself out if your health permits.
  9. Meditate.
  10. Live the life of the spirit. It doesn’t have to be religion. It can be nothing more than compassion and kindness. 

If you are looking for something inspiring to read daily try 365 Daily Readings of the Wisdom of the Buddha. If you prefer a more recovery centered reading try the AA Daily Reflections book.

Please note: Be aware that the evil of the deviated sect the Khawārij harms the believers first. And the views of extremists bring nothing but suffering and destruction not only to the general Muslims but also to the individual who advocates such twisted beliefs him / herself.

Those who support terrorist groups (ex. the so-called Dawlah of Islām ISIS / ISIL / Daesh, Al-Qaeda, Jabāh An-Nusrah, the Tāliban, Boko Harām, et al.) do not respect nor believe in safeguarding innocent believers from harm, they do not believe in the sanctity of the noble cities of Makkah or Madīnah, they do not uphold the covenant of protection in Western / Non-Muslim lands, and only see their actions as a means to an end. 

May Allāh ﷻ protect the Muslims worldwide, may He guide us to the Straight Path and keep us firm upon Tawheed and the Sunnah of our beloved Messenger of Allāh (ﷺ), and may He destroy the Khawārij, Ameen.

(please ignore my shoddily drawn picture on graph paper, and the unappealing person that is me)

So I’ve been watching Jack  for just about 2.5 years? 3? Eh, not quite important right now. I believe my first video that really had an impact on me was his Undertale series, and that really helped me deal with the multitude of problems I had to deal with at the time.

One of my favourite moments was probably the entire Anti lead up and hype, and the way he interacted with this wonderful community, and all the moments when he treated the community as one giant family

I’ve bonded with and found  a bunch of people off of the community such as @turquoisemagpie, @writeasoph, @anti-support-group, @kinswaya, and @burninglavenders

@therealjacksepticeye, thank you for everything you did for all of us, and stay strong! We’re here for you :)

thank you to everyone sending me their candidature to the BvS support group ahah there were many messages and i couldn’t answer each one individually but you’re all official members of the group 👍🏻