the supervixens

Because no one asked for it, here are my favorite movies for every year I’ve been alive! It’s long because I am ancient.

1970: Beyond the Valley of the Dolls
1971: The Abominable Dr. Phibes
1972: Cabaret
1973: The Wicker Man
1974: The Texas Chain Saw Massacre
1975: Supervixens
1976: Taxi Driver
1977: Star Wars / Suspiria (tie)
1978: Dawn of the Dead
1979: Zombie (aka Zombi 2, Zombie Flesh Eaters)
1980: The Shining / The Empire Strikes Back (tie)
1981: The Beyond
1982: The Thing
1983: Videodrome
1984: Repo Man
1985: Brazil
1986: The Fly / Big Trouble in Little China (tie)
1987: The Princess Bride / Evil Dead II (tie)
1988: Cinema Paradiso
1989: Do the Right Thing
1990: Gremlins 2: The New Batch
1991: The Silence of the Lambs
1992: Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me
1993: The Nightmare Before Christmas
1994: Pulp Fiction
1995: Seven / Toy Story (tie)
1996: Fargo
1997: Boogie Nights
1998: Ring (aka Ringu)
1999: Audition / The Blair Witch Project (tie)
2000: Ginger Snaps / Best in Show (tie)
2001: Mulholland Dr
2002: 28 Days Later
2003: Kill Bill, Vol. 1
2004: Shaun of the Dead
2005: The Descent
2006: Children of Men / Pan’s Labyrinth (tie)
2007: Zodiac
2008: Let the Right One In
2009: District 9 / Inglourious Basterds (tie)
2010: Black Swan
2011: The Artist
2012: Django Unchained
2013: Stoker
2014: It Follows
2015: The VVitch
2016: Deadpool / Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (tie)

Americas Suitehearts

Mr Sandman

💀Lying Is The Most Fun… (Panic! At The Disco) 💀 Spider Song (Say Anything) 💀 Tous Les Mêmes (Stromae) 💀 Reanimator (Splendora) 💀 Sleep Together (Garbage) 💀 Lullaby (The Cure) 💀 Black Mambo (Glass Animals) 💀

Mr Benzedrine

💊 The Sound Of Settling (Death Cab For Cutie) 💊 Happy House (Siouxsie & The Banshees) 💊 Buried A Lie (Senses Fail) 💊 Gooey (Glass Animals) 💊 Animal Impulses (IAMX) 💊 Tongues (RAC Remix) (Joywave) 💊 Female Robbery (The Neighbourhood) 💊 Supervixen (Garbage)  💊

Horseshoe Crab

💣 Space Cowboy (Jamiroquai) 💣 Vow (Garbage) 💣 The Good Fight (Dashboard Confessional) 💣 Hollywood (Marina & The Diamonds) 💣 Satin In A Coffin (Modest Mouse) 💣 Beautiful Disaster  (311) 💣 Black Sheep (Metric) 💣 Black Box Remedy (With Knives) 💣

Donnie the Catcher

Anklebiters (Paramore)You’ve Changed (Sia)Chinese New Year (SALES) Best Friend (Foster The People)Doncamatic (Gorillaz)Indoor Living (Motion City Soundtrack)Substitution (Silversun Pickups)Pressure (Youngblood Hawke)

We are working on announcing some more 20th Anniversary shows at which we intend to play our debut record from the very top (SUPERVIXEN)
To the very bottom,(MILK)
We will also be including all the B-sides we released at the time this record came out. ( ALIEN SEX FIEND, GIRL DON’T COME, #1 CRUSH etc etc.)
We know some of you have been asking so now we are telling.
Come join us, you know you wanna.
Love love love,