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A few years ago, when I was living in the housing co-op and looking for a quick cookie recipe, I came across a blog post for something called “Norwegian Christmas butter squares.” I’d never found anything like it before: it created rich, buttery and chewy cookies, like a vastly superior version of the holiday sugar cookies I’d eaten growing up. About a year ago I went looking for the recipe again, and failed to find it. The blog had been taken down, and it sent me into momentary panic. 

Luckily, I remembered enough to find it on the Wayback Machine, and quickly copied it into a file that I’ve saved ever since. I probably make these cookies about once a month, and they last about five days around my voracious husband - they’re fantastic with a cup of bitter coffee or tea. I’m skeptical that there is something distinctively Norwegian about these cookies, but they do seem like the perfect thing to eat on a cold day. 

Norwegian Christmas Butter Squares

1 cup unsalted butter, softened

1 egg
1 cup sugar
2 cups flour
1 tsp vanilla
½ tsp salt
Turbinado/ Raw Sugar for dusting

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Chill a 9x13″ baking pan in the freezer. Do not grease the pan.

Using a mixer, blend the butter, egg, sugar, and salt together until it is creamy.  Add the flour and vanilla and mix using your hands until the mixture holds together in large clumps. If it seems overly soft, add a little extra flour. 

Using your hands, press the dough out onto the chilled and ungreased baking sheet until it is even and ¼ inch thick.  Dust the top of the cookies evenly with raw sugar.

Bake at 400 degrees until the edges turn a golden brown, about 12-15 minutes. Remove from the oven. Let cool for about five minutes before cutting the cooked dough into squares. Remove the squares from the warm pan using a spatula.


Nirvana - In Bloom (Sub-Pop Version w/ Chad Channing on drums)

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If you saw yourself on the street, would you fuck yourself?

I’d beat the shit out of me so only the superior version would survive.

Nikon D3100 For Beginner

Nikon Butcher shop, a Tokyo based mob has recently afoot and lighthearted its latest SLR digital model Nikon D3100. The beautiful and latest model is an entry dash down Nikon DX format digital SLR camera. The images taken by the camera exhibit excellent quality as this latest adaptation of Nikon are equipped with a new CMOS image sensor and a new image processing sensor. Preeminently importantly, Nikon D3100 high point a guide mode for the beginners.

Gone are the days when people prefer compact numeral cameras, with the release of Nikon D3100 they all at once come in for better choice. Owing to its better indicant quality and and also symptomatic photography, the objective has gained a abysmal popularity among the consumers. Its popular guide figure displays the most indivisible minicam operations for shooting, editing and the pledget of camera settings.

For this latest version Nikon has developed a new CMOS image sensor and also a new image processing engine called EXPEED 2. Expeed 2 enables the SLR transcendental camera to seizure superior kindness images. The additional feature of D3100 is live counsel function. This function helps in framing images in the guide. It en plus has D- Movie officiate cleaned up which one can record movies. Among all the models of the Nikon, digital SLR D3100 is the lightest.

The two basic composition of Nikon D3100 are CMOS and EXPEED 2. The new and superior blood image sensor is enriched by Nikon itself. This front sensor offers a good pixel count of about 14.2 million pixels. The article also enables the camera to capture high definition images inclusive of excellent quality. D3100 has some rampant sensitivity settings and therefore one can shoot in dim light, indoor file in the evenings. It johnny even take the images of rapidly moving objects.

Another remarkable flavor of the model is a new image processing engine expeed 2 which enhances the performance of CMOS image sensor and hence reduces the noises in image and movies. It vet helps in producing vivid colors.

In contemplation of the beginners, a refined guide related into nikon D3100 is there, which makes the camera operations easier. Even a novice, can shoot to image playback and edit to the application referring to camera settings with the help of instructor mode propter hoc even the beginners case wangle this camera and can take airy attribute pictures.

Nikon D3100 has mercurial eye way and by simply rotating live view bear off, the view through the lens is displayed in the scrutinize. It is for those users who have made transition from raintight exponential camera on digital SLR. It displays information such as shooting mode, time remaining and battery indicator. It has anything auxiliary features of detecting up in passage to 35 human faces and is also equipped with Consumer Electronic Control which enables remote control problem play back of images and movies.

With its superb dumb show and excellent features, Nikon D3100 has arise an apple newfashioned consumers’ eyes.


Marvel Legends: Carnage

Amazing! Simply amazing! This one completely blows the older Toy Biz version out of the water. Hasbro absolutely nailed the appearance. This is how Carnage is supposed to look like and it is how I remember him best. I’ve had this one in it’s packaging for quite some time and for everyday that went by, my temptation to open it grew and grew. I’m glad I did. I’ve had other Carnage figures in the past and this is currently the best by far. The Marvel Select version looks superior and I’m tempted to buy that one as well.  For now, this is a must have.

i have this.. idealistic vision of being able to go back to school an just… be there for the younger kids, yknow? like the ids who are just in their first year of high school and are trying to figure themselves out because i’ve been there and i think i could offer more help than the counsellors (who recommended a counsellor that, after three sessions, still couldn’t remember my name) and i don’t even want to be paid or anything but just to be there and be able to offer help to kids who needed it like i needed it - that would be a dream.

i guess it’s one of the reasons i’m making briarhaven, really. i can’t be there for everyone all of the time. the best i can do right now is try to make a place where everyone can find someone who will be there for them. to find at least one reason to not give up. it’s idealistic and unrealistic and someone will probably come up with a superior version as soon as it shows that it can be done, but… if it helps one person, that’s enough for me. 

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I read your tags and yes in fact Everybody loves me is by one republic but "Everybody Loves D" is way funnier omg

I’m glad I was right about the artist damn. That would’ve been slightly embarrassing.

I agree entirely! A vastly superior version of the song, I bet it could sell 10 times as much or more on iTunes.
BabelStone : The Textual History of Sanguo Yanyi : The Mao Zonggang Recension
The Textual History of Sanguo Yanyi : The Mao Zonggang Recension
By Andrew C. West

Everyone who has read Sanguo Yanyi needs to read this too.

I have no problem with people wanting to make up fictional stories based on or inspired by historical records. I do have a problem with people who do so and then try to pass off their fiction as actual history.

I admit that, as a coherent narrative and story, the Mao edited version is superior to the older Sanguozhi Tongsu Yanyi edition in its older form as Luo Ben originally compiled it. I admit that in some ways the Mao edited version is more “historically accurate” in some places.

Mao Lun and Mao Zonggang are frauds and criminal scum all the same.

Mark Channer - Fakie Heel Flip - Milton Keynes

“I shot this back in the early 1990s with a Canon T90, a 17mm Tokina lens (purchased from Matthew ‘Wig’ Worland), a Metz 45 CL4 flashgun and a sketchy off camera slave. The resulting image wasn’t ever run in a skate mag as I think Wig shot a far superior version. Wig taught me pretty much everything I know about skate photography and I owe him a lot.
The spot is a Milton Keynes staple, dubbed ‘The Biege’ by locals due to it’s sandstone colouring. Having grown up skating this spot, it was always a pleasure to see rippers such as Mark Channer destroying the steps that I had only ever ollied. Channer and his mate Matt Fowler would regularly make the train journey up from London to skate with us in Milton Keynes. I remember being blown away at the variety of tricks they could do and how they approached spots differently, even skating things we hadn’t considered to be a ‘spot’.” Leo Sharp