the superior six


In a confrontation between a superhero (Sun Girl), an antihero (Superior Spider-Man) and lots of supervillains (Lightmaster, Masters of Evil, Wrecking Crew and Superior Spider-Man’s Sinister Six), this gets even more awkward when it turns out that the young superhero Sun Girl (Selah Burke) is the daughter of the supervillain, Lightmaster (Edward Lansky). Family Reunions are sometimes awkward in superhero stories. 

- Superior Spider-Man Team-Up v1 #6

Note: I don’t actually know that much about Star Trek as I only recently started watching it, and have been watching more of TNG than TOS, so I apologize for anything I might of gotten wrong.


Soda Pop Bubbly

Besides Shiro Keith had never really had friends. Had never really tried. His early years had been spent living in the middle of nowhere West Texas being homeschooled by his father. There had been no other kids around. There hadn’t been a lot of other people around period. There had been the waitress at the dinner they went to so his father could watch the news, and the grown sons of the owner of the ranch his father had worked on. The waitress had been nice. She had given him free slices of pie regularly. The rancher’s sons had been dumb, mean, or both. His father had been a conspiracy theorist and an incredibly paranoid one at that, so they hadn’t had Wi-Fi,  smart phones, computers, or a television because his father hadn’t wanted to make it easy for the government to spy on them.

After his father…went away when he was nine Keith had been shipped off to a foster home already filled with six other kids and located in the city of Lubbock. The city had been like another world, and the other kids just as alien. He hadn’t known about Transformers, Batman, or any of the other things they talked about, and they hadn’t known about the Barney and Betty Hill abduction, the Roswell crash, or anything else of importance.

His father had once told him that the majority of humanity were blind men who believed they saw all. He had learned in that first foster home just how true those words were. He also learned just how cruel kids could be. After that first home he didn’t bother with the other kids. With anyone really. They all had their heads in the dirt while he was gazing at the stars.

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Superior Foes of Spider-Man Fancast

  • Charlie Day → Fred Meyers aka Boomerang
  • Lyndie Greenwood → Janice Lincoln aka Beetle
  • Alexander Skarsgard → James Sanders aka Speed Demon
  • K.C. Collins → Overdrive
  • Demian Bichir → Herman Schultz aka Shocker

James remembers meeting Steve for the first time and thinking, You’re not gonna last. It was a hell of a disrespectful thing to think, even privately, about a fellow soldier, let alone one’s superior. James was barely six months out of training camp, by far the youngest marine stationed at the colony, and even without the extra stripe Steve would have outranked him by age and experience alone. Nearly ten years later, he still feels shitty about it.

Late at night, James lies awake in his bunk and hears Steve at the weapons bench on the far side of the shuttle bay. “Just going to fix this one rifle scope, Mr. Vega, and then I’ll turn in for the night,” he had said. Three hours ago. If James rolls onto his side and cranes his neck far enough, he can see the distant silhouette of Steve’s back, bent over the disassembled pieces of the rifle. Untouched for the last half hour, as Steve replays Robert’s last message again and again.

James thinks, helplessly, Don’t. Mierda, don’t do this to yourself.

It would take him less than five seconds to get up from his cot and cross the distance between them. He could do it, he should do it. Steve is silent and still but James knows better than to think that means anything good.

He doesn’t get up, weighed down by his own cowardice and guilt.

Long after Steve finally turns off the message and goes to bed, James still lies awake. Remembers meeting Steve for the first time, seeing the kindness in his eyes and thinking, You’re not gonna last out here, not for long.

But Steve is smiling at him the next morning like nothing happened, returns to duty with the energy of someone who had a full night’s rest and laughs at all of James’ half-assed jokes.

Between the two of them, James’ money is on Steve getting out of this alive.

For decades, fans have argued who is the better superhero, Superman or Batman. It recently occurred to me that the best way to determine this is to see how they’d fare if one replaced the other on their comic covers. Will one fare better than the other? This should decide once and for all who's superior! I selected six covers and then created six alternative images.

First up, Superman #32. Superman is being hit by multiple lightning bolts–

–while Batman is screaming multiple obscenities. Winner, Superman.

Next, Action Comics #357, featuring kids with kryptonite. Looks like Superman is in loads of trouble–

–Batman, not so much. Punk kids. Winner, Batman.

Let’s look at a fairly famous cover, Batman #497, where Bane broke Batman’s back–

I always thought this Batman cover should have had a sound effect on it. Otherwise, it merely looks like a visit to the chiropractor. Regardless– Winner, Superman.

Next, Detective Comics #583. Batman is cooler when he’s surrounded by bats!

Superman is not cooler when surrounded by supers. Winner, Batman.

Two wins for Superman. Two wins for Batman. It’s a close race! Let’s take a look at a cover that has both heroes on it, World’s Finest #54

Now, let’s replace Batman with Superman and Superman with Batman.

It appears they are both equally as awesome! Suck it, Robin. Tie!

Lastly, Detective Comics Vol. 2 #37, the deciding image! Batman lives in a mansion and has a butler

Winner, Batman!

MJ’s appearance in today’s ASM #3. 

They’re not subtle about reminding us that MJ “would be better off without Peter” thing. I think this is just purely a tactic to move MJ out the “will they, won’t they?” thing Peter and MJ have had for years. 

Ollie better make MJ happy is all I’m saying.

And on to Black cat….basically she’s lost everything from her street cred to her life of luxury after her tumble with Otto during Superior. And now she’s teaming up with Electro. (Maybe a potential new team of Superior Six is on the horizon?) Her “I will end you” thing does not, at least to me, read Felicia. Like at all. The whole tone of her was just…odd. 

Anna Maria is a champ. 

Something tells me the reporter Phoebe Gold is going to stick around. She was only in two panels but she was given a name so we’ll probably see her more. Just a feeling, but I think she might be the new love interest Dan Slott teased a couple weeks back.