the superior human

okay but on a serious note: I bet $1 (as it is all I have in cash rn) that Matsuri will pull some dramatic bull when he appears again

example: Urie is leading his squad through the 24th when he is suddenly kidnapped Tarzan-style

also can we take a moment to think of solok, baby vulcan cadet at Starfleet Academy, who tried to study illogical human bonding rituals and somehow got into a twenty-year academically documented feud with sisko? he was probably doing an assignment for his vulcan professor of xenocultural studies. “go and study human bonding rituals”, they told him. “you will be spending a great deal of time with humans, it is necessary to understand the illogical ways in which they function”. that’s logical, cadet solok thinks. i will go to the human establishment called “bar” and attempt to study human bonding rituals.

the next day he hands in his assignment: “human cadets became hostile when told the goal of our study. they had imbibed large quantities of poisonous psychoactive liquids and had poor coordination and diction. cadet sisko challenged me to a wrestling match. when it was pointed out that i had no cause to fight him, and am physiologically superior to humans, he responded ‘suck it’. request for clarification was met with obscenity. in the interest of cultural understanding, i agreed to fight him, and defeated him fairly. when it was pointed out to him that i had foreseen this result, he responded with uncorroborated insults to my parental units. i believe this was a human bonding ritual. it is possible we are now bonded; further studies to follow.”

solok has been studying sisko for twenty years, he’s written a dozen papers. he probably got a grant from the vulcan science academy to show up at DS9 and piss sisko off as much as possible and document the results. his work is probably mandatory reading for first-year vulcans at starfleet academy. “The Effect of Chemical Intoxicants on Human Hostility: When Avoiding A Bar Fight Becomes Impossible” is the most-accessed study in vulcan psychological literature. “human refused to stop trying to fight me” is a recognized mitigating circumstance in disciplinary hearings for vulcan cadets. solok is considered a xenocultural pioneer. he hopes one day sisko will punch him in the face; what a fascinating data point that would make. 

People who try to play a game of “Not All Muslims” or “Not Real Muslims” in order to spare themselves the discomfort of realizing that an extremist organization like Daesh rose from groups of muslims who felt like they were inherently superior to other human beings by virtue of their faith, do nothing but spit in the face of persecuted religious and ethnic minorities in MENA who have faced persecution long before groups such as these existed.

These groups were able to come into existence in part because there is a culture of persecution within MENA that unfairly targets minorities while privileging the muslim majority, particularly in the case of sunni muslims, which encourages this kind of behavior.

Militant radicals can take things to extremes because it is for the most part already an institutionalized form of bigotry in MENA and there is no point in denying this. All you would be doing is wasting your time when you could be doing something to try and correct the situation by dismantling the institutions that allow this persecution to happen in the first place.

Basically, when people make statements like “Daesh aren’t muslims, no real muslim would do that” you sound like a white denying their white privilege in the face of institutionalized racism by saying “not all white people, i’m not like that,” or a man denying his role in rape culture by saying “not all men, not real men, only boys do that,” or a christian of any background denying the white christian origins of the kkk by saying “not all christians, not real christians,” for the sake of preserving your own comfort with the minimal amount of work. 

daesh doesn’t represent islam, but daesh is muslim.
If you don’t like that reality and want to be an ally to persecuted minorities in MENA, then you got to work at dismantling the institutions and personal prejudices that allows this persecution to happen.
if you don’t like that but don’t want to be an ally to persecuted minorities in MENA, then you are the problem.

Motivated by essentially the same animalistic urges (food, sex, status, neurochemical highs), with a superior brain, humans are far better than simpler animals at fulfilling them. While all apes go for the same primeval funs, this nerdiest of species has obesity, web porn, cathouses, fashion, spirits, music, books. Our high-brow highs still come from the old chimp hormones.
—  Is An Ageing Population Our Natural Fate?

Nguyen Ba Thanh wonders if death by old age is civilisation’s destiny.


an angel is a spiritual being superior to humans in power and intelligence. they are typically described as benevolent, and endowed with wisdom and knowledge of earthly events, but not infallible; for they strive with each other, and god has to make peace between them. angels are usually depicted as having the shape of human beings of extraordinary beauty; they are often identified using the symbols of bird wings, halos, and light. they possess high qualities of goodness, purity, selflessness, intelligence, and beauty.

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Hi! This blog looks so great I'm really excited by it. In a story I'm writing (it's fantasy), there are elves, and as well as being off folklore/mythological elves, they're also based off autistic people but I'm struggling to figure out what an only autistic society would be like, do you have any ideas?

First of all, having a whole, non-human race be autistic can be quite problematic in terms of representation. See Mod Aira’s thoughts on non-human autistic characters here.

Since elves look a lot like humans, and are usually positively described as a race equal or superior to humans, that might not be that much of a problem, but you should still give this issue some thought and make sure this is really something you want to do. This is not a decision I can make for you.

As for the specifics of an autistic-only society, this is where things get fun !

Here are some ideas in no particular order. Of course I can’t cover everything and other autistic peeps are encouraged to pitch in as always!

  • Everyone is stimming freely and openly. This is seen as a completely normal thing. I don’t know how modern your universe is, but people are allowed to stim in school or in their workplace. Shops have whole “stim toys” aisles. There are sensory rooms available throughout cities for everyone who might get overwhelmed.
  • Social norms are completely different. Making eye contact is seen as rude, people are expected to explain their jokes and sarcasm. Actually, communities might write down and edit regularly their social rules so they are explicit and available to all.
  • Kids are taught in schools strategies to cope with sensory overload or to get stuff done with executive dysfunction. They are encouraged to work on their special interests and it is used as a medium to teach them other things. There is highly individualized teaching and varied teaching styles since all kids have different needs. They would also be taught (either by caretakers or educators) many life skills, such as self-care, taking care of a home, taxes… more explicitely.
  • In our society, there are things that are seen as “basic needs” that everyone shares such as be well-fed, warm enough, not be in pain, have enough time to sleep… In a workplace or school for example, those needs are supposed to be met. The other needs, the ones not everyone has, are seen as “accomodations” when they are met, and are often more begrudgingly met. In an all-autistic society, meeting needs such as sensory needs or break time when you are overloaded wouldn’t be considered as making accomodations, but as meeting basic needs and as a normal thing.
  • Autistic people are very diverse and sometimes our needs are conflicting. For example, some might be hurt by loud noises, while some may need to stim and regulate themselves by making/ listening to loud noises. So it is probable that people with similar needs would gather in communities.
  • Since a lot of autistics are nonverbal at least some of the time, I think all verbal people would also know a nonverbal language such as a sign language they could use to communicate with nonverbal individuals or when they go nonverbal themselves. Communicating via AAC wouldn’t be seen as unusual or surprising.
  • Art and culture would probably be very different. Autistic people are often creative, but they create different things from what allistics create.
  • I feel like emergencies such as fires would be handled differently. I don’t think loud alarms and blinking lights would be the most efficient. I don’t have ideas for an alternative system though.
  • Lots of autistic people have trouble driving and I feel like it would have an impact on the most commonly used means of transportation. Either, for a more primitive setting, horse riding would be a huge thing - since horses are sentient they can take care of some of the “looking around to make sure we don’t run over someone or collide into something” - or, for a modern setting, automatized transportation means would have been developed sooner than in our world.
  • There would be more focus than in our society on precise planning and available information. Navigating administrations wouldn’t be so chaotic, or else no one could deal with it. There would be early on a need to get stuff organized in a very clear, explicit way.

That’s all I can think of for now. I hope this helps!

-Mod Cat

There are some great ideas here and I can think of a million more, but I will restrain myself! I just want to add a couple of things as food for thought:

  • Sign language isn’t speaking, but it is still verbal (the brain still processes it more or less the same as any other language), so many people (including me) are not able to sign when nonverbal despite being fluent in a sign language. However, many autistic people find signing more comfortable than speaking, so I definitely agree that more people would know how to sign, and it would likely be a second language requirement.
  • I have to be honest here… Although I have many autistic friends online, I don’t have many that I see regularly face to face. I think there is a reason that autistic people make up a minority of the human race, rather than the majority. For all our advantages, we often have conflicting needs, and we are not at all specialized for living in large groups the way allistic people are. Even though I like my autistic friends a lot, I don’t like spending a lot of time with them in person because they… get on my nerves. I mean in specific ways - for example, we have completely unrelated special interests, and they infodump about theirs for ages, and I have no interest whatsoever but don’t want to interrupt and seem rude (since I hate it when people do that to me). Or they stim and it bothers me. I’m extremely hypersensitive, including to movement, so if someone (besides me) is rocking back and forth or doing another repetitive motion near me, I can’t even open my eyes or I get overloaded. I love my autistic friends and I love the fact that I’m autistic, but I would not want to live in a completely autistic society - I’d have to hide away from other people and I’d become socially isolated even more than I am in this world. Note that this is my personal point of view and NOT true for all autistic people. But there WOULD be people like me who couldn’t deal with being around other people’s stimming, and we might not all get along as well as you might think.
  • On the positive side: all the things that are considered “disabilities” in this world with regards to autism would be seen as the norm. Not being able to speak some or all of the time would be considered a normal personality trait, like being good or bad at sports or drawing. Suddenly getting up and leaving a conversation due to overstimulation would be perfectly normal. It would be a given that normal respect for other people includes maintaining a quiet and calm environment as much as possible.
  • Another issue regards public spaces. There is something called “selective attention” which allows people to block out background sensory information and focus only on what is relevant to them at the moment (for example, listening to what one person is saying when there are other conversations happening nearby). In autistic people, this is usually very weak or completely nonexistent. It’s not possible for me to filter out background noise. If I need to meet someone for a conversation or work meeting, it MUST be in a quiet place. I am incapable of following a conversation when more than one person in the room is talking. I literally can’t unscramble their words from the words of other people and it just becomes a jumbled mess of gibberish that rapidly becomes painful. So how would things like restaurants work? Cafes? Parties? Assuming many or most people can’t hear what someone is saying when ANYONE else in the room is talking, how could you have spaces like that? Would they exist at all? Would their be some kind of magic (in a fantasy world) or tech (sci-fi) that can block out all sounds outside of the group you’re in? 

Not trying to poke holes, but trying to point out possible issues that you should think about when creating your society. And as Cat mentioned, be very careful about painting a non-human race as “like humans but autistic”. Being autistic is not an inhuman state, and it can be very damaging to describe it as such, even if your intentions are good. I would be much more comfortable with a human all-autistic society than a non-human one. Maybe consider making the humans all autistic and code the elves as allistic. :P

If you keep all this in mind, I’d be interested to see what kind of society you might come up with. Good luck!

-Mod Aira

Okay seriously…. why tf does allkpop needs to make an article about jungkook’s skin ?Like WE GET IT. HE’S HUMAN. HIS SKIN AIN’T PERFECT . DON’T RUB IT ON PPL’S FACE. DOES IT MAKES YOU FEEL THAT GOOD TO MAKE AN ARTICLE ABOUT SUCH A USELESS TOPIC ? Like bruh, you could’ve made an article about how Bts was jamming to Black Pink cause thats the kind of thing fans wants to see.Netizens are assholes for pin pointing this when jeon jungkook is obviously still a 19 y/o teen with hormones a human body like everyone else. He aint no superior specie. HE’S HUMAN. HE BREAKS OUT.HE CRIES.HE SMILES. HE POOPS TOO. SO WHAT???!!!! YOU don’t need to make a useless article about his biggest complex. Skin is hard to maintain and he does not have time on his hands , give him a break.

ADHD Greed

-Says “huh?” constantly and has no idea whats going on half the time

-Nothing is ever enough, needs more and more constant stimulation to reach that sweet emotional high

-no personal space, must touch everything (nuzzling winry,patting bido,touching al)

-likes rubbing the fur collar of his vest with his face

-changing hyperfixations/obsessions “chimeras, wait no, immortality, wait no-”

-says shit impulsively with out thinking first, says its awesome that Al is bound to armor and cant eat or sleep, “I’d let you pierce me with your ultimate spear anytime” talking shit to his family despite the fact that they’re about to kill him, comes off as blunt and rude. “I’m greed the greedy”

-running off with no plan whatsoever. thought it was a good idea to break into the Bradley household and attack the fuher

-can’t express his emotions well

-not having his ultimate shield up all the time because he thinks it makes him ugly,not declaring himself superior to humans = low self esteem

As much as I believe that education, a job and a decent amount of money to survive is important, I also think that the human being is not a machine that you set up to do the things that the modern society wants you to do. The human being is not born to become a slave to another “superior” human being, which sadly is how the world actually works nowadays. The human being should be able to experience life in its full glory, and not spend it entirely on materialistic and industrial things, or to become possessed by them.

What I’m trying to say is that, if you’re making a slow progress in whatever you’re doing, don’t stress yourself out. Your life is so much more than what you think it is right now. Whether it’s about exams or graduation or something else, your life does not depend on it because you weren’t born for that.


The Superior Human?

“The Superior human?” is the first documentary to systematically challenge the common human belief that humans are superior to other life forms. The documentary reveals the absurdity of this belief while exploding human bias.

Featuring Dr Bernard Rollin, Gary Yourofsky Dr Richard Ryder, Dr Steven Best. Narrated by Dr Nick Gylaw.

All the girls in the world were divided into two classes: one class included all the girls in the world except her, and they had all the usual human feelings and were very ordinary girls; while the other class -herself alone- had no weaknesses and was superior to all humanity.
—  Anna Kerenina, Leo Tolstoy
Can We Stop the Hate

Let’s please stop hating on people because of the things that make people who they are.
Don’t show cruelty to cis people.
Don’t show cruelty to bisexual people.
Don’t show cruelty to gay people.
Don’t show cruelty to asexual people.
Don’t show cruelty to bigender people.
Don’t show cruelty to gender fluid people.
Don’t show cruelty to genderqueer people.
Don’t show cruelty to intersex people.
Don’t show cruelty to pansexual people.
Don’t show cruelty to third gender people.
Don’t show cruelty to transgender people.
Don’t show cruelty to transsexual people.
Don’t show cruelty to transvestite people.
Don’t show cruelty to males.
Don’t show cruelty to females.
Do not show cruelty based on someone’s gender or sexuality no matter the circumstances. It is not right to tell cis people to get over hate if they’ve never experienced how it is to receive hate for how they identify themselves. The point is not to turn the tables, the point is to make everyone viewed as equals. Putting down any identification goes against this, no matter what. It’s about tolerance, even if you may not like what someone else says. So also
Don’t show cruelty to Caucasian people.
Don’t show cruelty to Hispanic/Latino people.
Don’t show cruelty to African Americans/African people.
Don’t show cruelty to Asian people.
Don’t show cruelty to people based on the color of their skin or where they descended from. That does not define who a person is and what they can do. Being Caucasian does not mean they automatically go against any other race and those people should not be shown hate for what other people with their skin color have done. This is not how equality works. Equality is when all people are treated equal regardless of what their race or sexuality is so stop reaching for equality but going after those who are currently viewed as “superior”. That is not the way to equality and neither is the continued oppression of the “non-superior” groups.
(I tried to include everyone in this, so I’m very sorry if I missed anyone and know that I mean this to include all people)

BTS as things my family has said in our group chat

Seokjin: I had chocolate chip cookies for breakfast, a cheeseburger and curly fries for lunch, and a chicken quesadilla and carrot cake for dinner

Yoongi: I’m glad I don’t have many Facebook friends

Hoseok: I’m too happy right now. You can’t hurt me

Namjoon: “The effect is of movement and stillness, human time and geologic time, collapsed” 

Jimin: I love the sky, don’t you just love the sky, cause I just love the sky

Taehyung: Dogs are superior to humans and every other creature on earth

Jungkook: I still have to take two math classes *crying emoji* *skull emoji* *coffin emoji*

I am scared

I am literally too afraid to leave my dorm today. I am scared for my life, for my friend’s lives, and for the live’s of people I don’t even know.

I cannot fathom how we as a country have come to this. Electing a man who is clearly the reincarnation of everything awful about this world.

As a woman, I am scared.
As an LGBTQ+ individual, I am scared.
As a non-Christian individual, I am scared.
As a mentally ill individual, I am scared.
As a fucking liberal individual, I am scared.
I am literally scared to walk around in my own skin, and I should not have to be.

And for anybody who decided it was an excellent idea to write in Harambe:

Fuck you.

Literally fuck you and everyone else like you. You have put your moral superiority over the actual human lives of others. I sincerely hope you’re happy with yourself, since you obviously care more about a dead meme than the lives of people you care about.

I’m not even Christian but I’m praying for everyone to be safe today, tomorrow, and every day after. Your lives mean everything to me, even if I’ve never met you. You are important, strong, kind people who deserve every good thing this world has to offer.

I love you all so much, but I am terrified.

Half Love - Prologue

Prologue |

Genre: Drama/Supernatural

Word Count: 641

They say that vampires are superior to humans. They are tremendously strong and swift, able to punch dents into solid brick walls and silently slip away without a trace. Their eyes are extremely hypnotic, a stare which no human can avoid. The victim to falls for their supernatural stare, fated to be commanded by the undead being. They were also incredibly alluring and charming, a feature which many people could not resist, allowing for easier hunting. Yes, vampires were quite extraordinary. However, they were cursed creatures who could not be exposed to sunlight unless their desire was to turn to dust. They were cursed to constantly feed upon the living, forced to suck the life from others to sustain their immortality.

Humans were free from these restrictions. They could move about at any time they pleased, whether rain or sunshine. They weren’t immortal, but there was no need for them to hunt down prey to ensure their survival. They could eat, drink, taste. Something the undead couldn’t do. They were free. Free to live, free to laugh, free to love. Humans were strong.

Unfortunately, the human body could only take so much. The birthing of a cursed being would have led to consequences that could not be repaired, not even with immortality, for the damage was too great that a transformation would have instantly ended their life. The consequences would continue to torment the human, ultimately leading to their imminent death. Humans were weak.

And the gravestone you stood in front of was a constant reminder.

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