the super sherman


IDF M50/M51 Super Sherman

An Israeli modernizartion and modification to the WWII vintage M4 Sherman, the M50 and M51 Super Sherman served with the IDF from the mid-1950s up until the 1980s.

The M50 (bottom) was the result of the Israelis deciding while they liked the French AMX-13, they liked its high-power 75mm CN 75-50 gun even more. While the Israelis did eventually purchase some AMX-13s, in a parallel development, it was decided to graft the powerful French gun onto the available, familiar and better-armored hull of the M4 Sherman, then the standard tank of the IDF armored units in the early 1950.

The M51 (top) was an even more powerful version of the M50. Developed in the 1960s, 180 Sherman tanks received the amazing French 105 mm Modèle F1 gun. The barrel length of the gun was reduced from 56 caliber to 44 and equipped with a muzzle brake; ammunition was altered to use a smaller cartridge. M4A1 hulls and the larger T23 turrets (from 76 mm armed Shermans) were used for the conversion.

In combat against the Arab armies, the M-51 proved itself capable of fighting newer, heavier tanks like the Soviet-built T-54/55/T-62. The M-51’s 105 mm gun could penetrate these adversaries using HEAT ammunition. The M-51 served well during its time, and is regarded as an excellent example of how an obsolete tank (the Sherman) can be upgraded beyond the limits of its original capabilities.

By the 1980s the Super Shermans had been replaced by Centurions, though around 75 were gifted to the Israeli-backed Lebanese Christian militias during the Lebanon War.

i feel like this is the only one that would cooperate with tumblr since the others are full length videos but the concert was so fucking amazing and afterwards we met all of them, i repeat, all. of. them. it was totally worth the wait to stand out in the cold for ages to meet them and i really hope we can do it again soon. ps- i’ll post my pics with them later!

marlinspikespeare  asked:

You mentioned that the X-Men usurped Legion fandom. I'm surprised you didn't mention that the Shi'ar Imperial Guard (featured frequently in X-Men space adventurers) were a more-or-less direct translation of the Legion to the Marvel universe. The Wikipedia page for the Imperial Guard even gives the intended Legion equivalents!

You’re absolutely correct! There was a lot of cross-pollination of creative people and ideas between the two comics, which is a major reason that X-Men had a similar approach to Legion (long-form “fan friendly” arc storytelling, love triangles, etc.)

The connections between the X-Men and Legion of Super-Heroes are so numerous that they exceeded the scope of that post, and the main connection is through the “All New, All Different” X-Men’s chief artist, Dave Cockrum, who was also THE Legion artist of the 1970s. Cockrum was also a huge Star Trek fan, which is why the Legion-Future’s starships and technology (transporter rooms, starships with saucers and warp nacelles) suggested Trek. 

Here’s one of the major connections between X-Men and the LSH: Cockrum created Nightcrawler to be a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes (and later was in his Outsiders pitch), but Paul Levitz said he was “too weird looking.” Here’s the original proposal sheet for Nightcrawler:

One of the longest-standing complaints about LSH is that there were never enough alien looking members, so Nightcrawler fit that one to a T. The original concept is that Nightcrawler was from an alien race who resembled devils and are responsible for legends of them, kind of like in Arthur C. Clarke’s Childhood’s End.  The Outsiders pitch also included a villain team designed to fight them (kind of their Masters of Evil or Brotherhood of Evil Mutants), which also featured another character who later appeared in the Legion, the villainous robot-handed, mohawked alien warlord Tyr. By the way, notice the feral bad guy standing behind him. Cockrum named him Wolverine.

Incidentally, the Legion of Super-Heroes eventually did get a spin-off comic, the Wanderers. If LSH is a dead fandom, the Wanderers are in complete oblivion, which is a shame. Their last series started with all of them dying, only to be cloned again to solve the mystery of who killed the originals. 

The start point for the Marvel character we know as Storm was as a character Cockrum created for the Legion universe, the Black Cat. Cockrum liked the costume and look so much he repurposed it into the Storm we know: 

Another sign of the cross-pollination between X-Men and Legion of Super-Heroes is Jim Sherman, a breathtaking artist who never got as much work as he deserved and did maybe the greatest Legion of Super-Heroes story ever told, Earthwar. Sherman also did numerous X-Men arcs that had a disproportionate impact in the comic’s glory days.

I hope with all the fines and penalties they face, players like Marshawn Lynch and Richard Sherman know that they’re making a difference!! Since it’s Super Bowl Sunday I felt like sharing my thoughts on these two. Last yeat they called Richard Sherman a thug for speaking This year they’re calling Marshawn Lynch a thug for not speaking Who is this “they” you ask? Its the major media outlets The interviewers who are upset becuase these two young successful highly intelligent athletes aren’t playing by their rules anymore. How dare these football players not fall into the traps of the media solely set to make them look agressive and unintelligent! How dare these athletes think for themselves, how dare these athletes call the media out on their crap! Who are they to think that their college educations are enough to form an opinion? So what if they aren’t perfect people?! None of us are, but I commend them for standing up for themselves in a career in which they’re not exactly praised for having an opinion!