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I might have watched over and over the last DBS ep for like 4 hours or so :3c. I never thought these 5 would team up!! And it’s a dream come true UwU

i finally caved n doodled sniperscout for u, i have never played this, don’t intend to but boi, your art is A+ and that’s what i gathered from you about their relationship LMAO i hope u like this messy lil thing /blows smooch/ ♥



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I’M OFF AGAIN! this time a day longer than usual! AYYY CHICAGO


  • God’n’Gabe vol. 1-3
  • The Swaingels
  • BRAND NEW G’n’G/Swaingel/SPN jewelry!
  • posters!
  • mini figures!

AND HOW! i look forward to seeing everyone!! chicago is probably up there with my absolute favorite cons! i’ll be vending all weekend once more so i won’t be able to get out much, but feel free to drop by and say hey!

i should still be decently active over on my twitter in case you need to get a hold of me fast!

One time I got like tipsy and got really sad because the Sailor Scouts don’t “get what they want”. 

Kino Makoto’s biggest wish is to make a family that’s her own and have people that love her around her all the time. That she wants to bake cookies and make bentos for her kids because that’s how it was for her before she was orphaned.

And I got really sad because she’s essentially immortal and can’t pursue that dream since no one else around her but the other Scouts are and I was like crying to my boyfriend.

Bless him, he started to rub my back and said, “Well, since she’s immortal doesn’t that mean she can adopt almost any child she wants to and make her own family? And just keep making her family bigger and bigger and bigger? So she can be a mother to everyone that she knows?”

And I told him the other girl’s dreams that they couldn’t be solved as easily and he like basically gave me a list. 

  • Since Mercury has all the time in the world she can focus on researching for rare diseases and spend time becoming the world’s best doctor.
  • Music’s changed a lot within the last ten years Venus can keep releasing record after record after record and see how it changes over time and carry over “classics” to future generations. 
  • Mars wants to be the head priestess of her shrine and she can oversee it for all time.

He doesn’t know anything about Sailor Moon but he was able to take a step back and tell me that they can still achieve their dreams and do whatever they want to do and I think about it a lot. 

Just because your path isn’t leading you down the road you expect it doesn’t mean that you can’t reach for what you want.