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One time I got like tipsy and got really sad because the Sailor Scouts don’t “get what they want”. 

Kino Makoto’s biggest wish is to make a family that’s her own and have people that love her around her all the time. That she wants to bake cookies and make bentos for her kids because that’s how it was for her before she was orphaned.

And I got really sad because she’s essentially immortal and can’t pursue that dream since no one else around her but the other Scouts are and I was like crying to my boyfriend.

Bless him, he started to rub my back and said, “Well, since she’s immortal doesn’t that mean she can adopt almost any child she wants to and make her own family? And just keep making her family bigger and bigger and bigger? So she can be a mother to everyone that she knows?”

And I told him the other girl’s dreams that they couldn’t be solved as easily and he like basically gave me a list. 

  • Since Mercury has all the time in the world she can focus on researching for rare diseases and spend time becoming the world’s best doctor.
  • Music’s changed a lot within the last ten years Venus can keep releasing record after record after record and see how it changes over time and carry over “classics” to future generations. 
  • Mars wants to be the head priestess of her shrine and she can oversee it for all time.

He doesn’t know anything about Sailor Moon but he was able to take a step back and tell me that they can still achieve their dreams and do whatever they want to do and I think about it a lot. 

Just because your path isn’t leading you down the road you expect it doesn’t mean that you can’t reach for what you want. 

Lance Hiding Injury

Anon: Something where Lance gets injured and doesn’t tell the team (for sooooome reason?) and it gets really bad and everyone’s concerned.

A/N: I’m going to level with you for a second, Anon. I thought I could do this one? Like it seemed really fun to do, but this thing has haunted me for almost a week now. I feel as though I can’t complete it. However, I’ll offer my bullet-point plot as compensation, and if someone feels inspired, they can take the prompt and/or the bullet points and do what they like. I’m sorry I couldn’t write this out, sometimes the muse just says no.

This will go in the “Unfinished Works” category. If you want to finish this fic, use the prompt, modify the prompt, etc., please do! Just tag me so I can see it! My other unfinished works are HERE!

  • Team is out on a mission to take out a galra cargo ship stranded on a planet
    • They set up position with Lance being sniper support and start to raid the ship
    • Both to take out the galra and take the stuff
  • Lance is super focused on scouting and sniping and doesn’t hear a Galra sneaking up behind him
    • Gets the shit kicked out of him
    • Bruised rib
    • Broken armor
    • Broken upper and lower arm
    • He eventually takes him out with a good shot to the head and adrenaline
  • Lance breaks his arm SUPER BAD
    • Like bone sticking out of the skin bad
    • But he can’t see it because it’s mixed with the broken paladin armor
  • Shiro calls in for some sniper assistance
    • Not only is Lance’s vision blurry and he’s feeling woozy, but he literally can’t pull the trigger
    • “Haha guys yeah I’m fine my bayard is just having problems”
  • He tries to shoot with his left hand
    • And almost hits Keith
    • The adrenaline is starting to come down and it’s getting bad
  • Shiro asks if everything is okay
    • “Yeah, I’m fine”
  • Hunk immediately notices and calls for a retreat
    • “He just said he was fine?”
    • “No I know that tone he’s not okay we gotta go NOW”
  • Pidge gets there first
    • And starts calling him out as she’s gathering him up
    • And Lance just takes it
      • Partially because he knows he fucked up by not telling them what happened
      • Partially because he knows she’s just very very worried about him and this helps her
  • Lance starts to panic because it hurts and it’s his shooting arm and it’s super bad
    • He starts to worry about being thrown off the team
    • He has to be carried out because his ribs are bruised as well
  • Pidge stays by his side the entire time
    • She shifts directly from scolding him to giving the best encouragement she can
  • They get him back to the castleship and the healing pod won’t take him with all the bone and armor
    • Everyone is really hesitant to do the nitty gritty and pull the armor off and out and set the bones somewhat back
    • Until Allura comes around
  • Pidge holds his head, Hunk and Shiro take the legs, and Keith takes his other arm.
    • “Break my fucking hand, Lance. I bet you can’t”
  • Allura puts his bones back and she does it without hesitation, but not without guilt
  • They stick him in the healing pod and he heals properly

kajuned  asked:

Hey Scout, do you know the difference between Rob and Rich? They both seem funny, friendly and goofy, but is there anything noticeably different between them? Do you know?


i’ve been watchin them do their thing for like 4 years and have gotten to know them both a little better over that time–these’re the things that’re very loudly distinctive to each that sets them apart from each other, but it might just be to me:

when you have a close friendship with someone you definitely start to mirror them, but their differences are what drove them to that point. they pretty much have the others’ back where their weak areas are!