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Hey guys, I’m terribly sorry for the lack of updates lately! I’m moving out of my hometown and everything is a mess, so instead of new art have two old sketches that I posted on twitter and then forgot about lmao

not to start a fight or anything but isn’t Ronan described as pale n Irish n all that so why are ppl insisting on casting a black actor for him ?? but isn’t Adam on the other hand is supposed to have darker tanned skin the colour of dirt/dust so why aren’t ppl fighting for his actor choice instead ?????

Here’s a preview of my contributions to the @blueseyzine!! 

I’m super thankful for the opportunity to participate in this great project and can’t wait for the final result, from what I’ve seen it’s going to be absolutely lit my guys let me tell you ;)


In this silly swap au, Taako would take Ren’s place (since she took his).

After the events of Glamorsprings, Taako was disgraced and attempted to hide himself from the world. He settled in Refuge and when the bubble went up, he was more than relieved to finally be free of consequence. He started up a little bar, only serving drinks and, still incredibly traumatized by what happened, he vowed off magic.

To him, it’s only been months since Glamorsprings, when it’s actually been 6 years.

Ren adores Taako; he’s the sole reason that she finally left the Underdark to live her own life. She considers him her greatest inspiration. You can imagine her shock when she sees him running a bar in a bubbled city.


York, UK (by Sam Fryers)

anemones indicate fading hope and a feeling of having been forsaken

uhh no offense but why does tumblr murder the quality of all my drawings.. i had to crop this to get it to look decent and it still got killed. (also.. hey @picapicae… it’s finished!!) 


Four months ago, Gansey and Ronan kissed.
Four months ago, Ronan almost died.
Now it’s New Year’s Eve, and they’ve run out of ways to not talk about it.

pre-series, 7k words
content warnings in notes
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