the sunlit square


Sir William Russell Flint - The Black Tarn

Sir William Russell Flint - Argument in Almeria

Sir William Russell Flint - Studio Accessories

Sir William Russell Flint - The letter - 1958

Sir William Russell Flint - A Sunlit Square Languedoc

Sir William Russell Flint - Blustery Day St. Malo

A Thing Most Wanted

It was always going to be the two of them, in the end.

Reylo One-Shot. | Ao3 and

“She said she knew we were safe with you, and always would be, because once, when she asked you to, you’d given up the thing you most wanted.

Archer received this strange communication in silence. His eyes remained unseeingly fixed on the thronged sunlit square below the window. At length he said in a low voice: "She never asked me.”
― Edith Wharton, The Age of Innocence

It had only been a fortnight since she felt Kylo Ren finally kill the master that had held sway over his mind for the past seventeen years. Rey closed her eyes against the memory of him slipping out of her bed that morning, the words they had exchanged, and then the cold feeling of darkness rushing through their bond.

It was a decision he had hidden from her, she realized now; he had known that Rey would’ve demanded he used help, used her. But Kylo had kept his feelings and intentions shuttered from her view, he was still stronger than she was at keeping things hidden from her, despite their force bond.

They had argued many times about killing Snoke; Kylo was always adamant that it was a suicide mission that would prove fruitless in the end - Rey was willing to take that chance. He refused to even talk about it now, shutting the conversation down at the slightest mention of it. And so during their sporadic meetings and force bond conversations, they built a world where the darkness of Snoke didn’t exist. It was his sanctuary, and her wild rebellion.

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