the sunglasses are my favorite part of the show

my favorite part about even and isak’s slow mo scenes is that it like totally shows their real selves. like you have even who catches everyone’s attention almost immediately because he naturally has this cool, suave kind of feel. and like he knows that everyone, aka isak who is the only important one, is staring at him, and he doesn’t seem to care at all. but then he puts on his sunglasses because he hides his real self from everyone. it’s like everyone can stare all they want, but they’re never going to see the real even and even is never going to show them. 

and then you have isak. and he’s like walking all cool and he’s getting all this attention, but he’s looking down and not paying attention to everyone else. he knows that he’s getting attention from people but he’s so focused on himself that he kind of loses that big picture. and then some random guy comes and slams into him which is so isak!!! he can look cool he can be charming he can get attention. isak has game!!! but the real him is this clumsy, kind of ditzy, naturally anxious guy who has to get a whole squad in order to text the boy he has a crush on

Masterpost Interviews Shailene and Theo

We made a long list with the best Sheo video’s. We hope that every link will send you to the right video, if not, send us a message and we will make sure you get the right link as fast as possible. I hope you guys will enjoy this! x

Shailene tells a joke and Theo Raps (Chicago)

Jimmy Kimmel Part 1

Jimmy Kimmel Part 2

Moviephone Unscripted (ft Miles Teller)

Interview with the Sunglasses - Shailene: “Oh the paparazzi” (Chicago)

The Virgin Faction

Fandango – The Newly Friend Game

Theo on his favorite line in the movie: “Stop playing with her”

Sugarscape – Advice to other fictional couples

DayBreak (England)

Q&A London Apple Store (ft. Neil Burger)

The Morning Show

Arrival at the Los Angeles Premiere

Shai and Theo greeting Fans

Theo on how he got cast: “I happened to be cleaning the toilets next door”

Shailene on tattoos: “I think Theo’s face would look good on my forearm, or my butt”

The Glamour aptitude test

Shai and Theo’s best moments Part 1

Shai and Theo’s best moments Part 2

Comic con Panel (ft. V-Roth and Neil Burger)

Comic con: Princess Theo (ft. V-Roth and Neil Burger)

Entertainment Weekley – Comic Con (ft. V-Roth and Neil Burger)

Comic Con Uncut - Theo: “I would kill myself to see Harrison Ford”

VMA’s – Shai on Theo’s compliment about her hair: “I paid him to say that”

Today Show – Theo on Shailene’s Photoshoot: “Goddamn”

Guess the tattoo

BT Toronto

HLNtv – Yes, No, Meh

Shailene and Theo on the question if they are dating: “We don’t answer that question”

MTV unlocked – Theo on what kind of tattoo he wants: “A tattoo of a unicorn ridden by Shailene, naked”

Drawing on Ipads – *Theo drawing Shailene* Shai: “Give me a really nice butt”

BuzzFeed’s career aptitude test – Theo: “you’d be a good nun”

Shai: “you have a bit of amity inside you, you are really nice”/Theo: “She has long good legs” / Shai: “his bum is quite impressive”

Sheo on BBC radio – Theo reacts on Shai and Kate signing each other’s boobs

Cine Premiere Part 1 Shailene and Theo reading Allegiant in Spanish

Cine Premiere Part 2 Theo James unbuttoning his shirt during interview

MTV unlocked – Shai: “you pulled down my pants”

MTV unlocked – Theo’s worst fear: “Orca/awkward sex”

Theo on his and Shai’s chemistry: “Hot damn!”

ROWYSO Mansfield

they sang WILAY and SKH
soundcheck highlights

  • Michael said he ran up & down the stairs of the stadium prior to the sc & gave us a step-by-step of how he did it.
  • someone asked what their craziest encounter with australian wildlife was and Ashton talked about a time where a kangaroo forcefully ran into his car & said kangaroos aren’t cute & Calum said wallabies are the cute ones.
  • Michael said there was a “huge fuck off” spider one time then apologized for swearing bc he saw a kid. 
  • Luke sleeps with his arms dangling off the bed!!!!
  • Luke started a rant on people wearing sunglasses inside & how he will never understand why people do that then Ashton joined in saying they met Lenny Kravitz one time & he had sunglasses on & he went to shake his hand & Lenny couldn’t see where his hand was.
  • Calum pointed out a little girl and said “she’s not impressed with any of my answers” & called her sweetie & she was still not having it lol.
  • Ashton said his favorite part of a show is peeing afterwards.
  • they were asked if they could live with someone somewhere who would it be & where? & Michael was like “ok, so who, with, where….. wait”
  • Ashton said he would bring Bob Marley & the wailers & Calum got mad bc he included the wailers. 
  • Luke chose ice cube bc Michael wanted him to then Calum got mad again lmao & said that “they’d have opposite personalities” and it wouldn’t work out.
  • Ashton said he waved to ice cube at the teen choice awards.
  • Michael and Luke made fun of how people from boston say “wicked” a lot.
  • they had to describe the next album in one word.. Luke said dope and Ashton said precipitation.. ???
  • i :-) asked them what was the best prank call they’ve made/received. Ashton started giggling & didn’t wanna share bc it was inappropriate so he whispered into the mic that he called a stripper agency thing when he was 12 with his friend. 
  • Luke said when his number leaked he’d introduce himself as jim the plumber when fans called. & Michael said he prank called a game store once & immediately hung up