the sunday dump

Oh, look at that...

I’ve had this in my head for two or three days and I just had to write it. Not my best work, I’ll admit but I nneeeeeded to write it and post it so here ya go! Also a(n unintentional) Sunday Ficnic for the Voltron discord I’m a part of.

Huge thanks to these blogs who have been such a great inspiration to me: @taylor-tut,

Y’all are the greatest.​

The castle was no stranger to explosions. Nor was Lance. Lance seemed to have horrible luck when it came to the castle and explosions. Note to self: Next time Pidge wants to show off a new invention, wear armor. He groaned as he sat up slightly, aches making themselves known throughout his body. Coughing from his teammates echoed in the room as the smoke began to clear.

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it’s time for another 

(aka that time Bee dumps all her random sketches from the week and other shit she forgot to post that doesn’t warrant its own post)

So today we’ve got a handful of cat-doodles of my extra fluffy lazy bones cat, Puddin Taters the Space Cat <3, some vampire the masquerade doodle I made for a friend’s stream, and a handful of random ffxiv sketches including some work on that spooky ghost waifu alt I had :B

I’m working on clearing out my asks and tackling some big projects. Got an idea burning a hole through my head right now but it’s a massive undertaking and is gonna need some time to properly plan and plot. More details if I ever get anything pinned down. ^-^; So if I’m slow to respond to stuff, apologies!

Anyway, hope you’re all enjoying your Sunday! <3