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I'll personally NEVER get tired of those two. But don't listen to me or others regardless of what they say, only stop drawing them when YOU want to stop, follow your heart and inspiration. Anyway thank you from the bottom of my heart, you're a blessing

Please fix this broken family Game Freak.

  • Weiss: So, I was wondering something about your semblance.
  • Sun: Yeah? What's that?
  • Weiss: How many copies of yourself can you create at once?
  • Sun: Huh... I don't really know. I've only ever done a few at once. But we can find out! *focuses his semblance, creating multiple copies of himself*
  • Weiss: *eyes widen as she becomes surrounded by dozens of Sun clones* Woah. Okay, that's... Too much of you.
  • Sun: Holy smokes! There's like, thirty of me! Awesome! *starts high fiving his clones*
  • Weiss: *groans and rubs her forehead as all the Sun's start cheering and bro-ing out* I REALLY regret asking about this.
Quick Translations for SM. Will Update soon as much as I can.

Hala: All particpants. Line up.
Hala: One… two… huh? We’re one short.
Gladion: I’m here.
Hala: You’re late. Your name?
Gladion: Gladion.
Gladion: My Pokémon, Type Null, discovered a crack in the sky. It started to get concerned.

Burnet: I understand, I understand.
Burnet: No need to cry anymore, Lillie.
Lillie: But I’m being such a hassle.
Burnet: By the way, have you seen my husband?
Lillie: …No, I couldn’t even see him at the festival venue.
Burnet: OK then. It’s cause I’ll be in the living room.
Burnet: Take it easy and sleep well.
Lillie: I’m sorry. I was looking forward to watching the full force battle.
Burnet: Don’t worry!
Burnet: I’ve already hooked it up.
Burnet: Ah! The Royal Mask’s match is starting.
ANNOUNCER: It’s the opening of a fierce match!!
Sun: “Ember”!!
Totally Not Kukui: “Rock Throw”!!