the sun will set

The Map

The summer before he leaves Hawkins for college, Mike spends hours drawing up a detailed map of the town, marking a tiny x on each of the spots that have a special meaning for he and El—somewhere in the middle of Mirkwood, where they first met on a rainy November night; the movie theatre, where they went on their first date to see Back to the Future; the lake, where he asked her to be his girlfriend; the quarry, where he first whispered a tentative I love you into her ear before kissing her as the sun set. 

On a warm morning in late June, Mike takes an early drive out to the Hopper-Byers’s place and slides the map in through the mail slot. It’s just after dawn so he doesn’t ring the bell—he knows Hopper will find the map soon enough, as soon as he wakes up to make coffee and breakfast for the family. He knows it’ll be in El’s hands as soon as she wakes up. 

Sure enough, an hour later, El pulls the map from an envelope addressed to her in a messy scrawl she immediately recognizes. El beams, brimming with happiness, as her eyes travel across the map and take in all the little markings. She knows, immediately, what each is meant to signify. 

Except for one. 

Right by the edge of the map is another small x, this one with a question mark next to it. It’s a spot that she can’t quite remember having any significance to her and Mike, a spot where Hawkins turns in to open road leading to the next town. When El calls the Wheeler’s house to ask Mike about it, she’s only slightly surprised to find that he’s not home. She asks Jim—dad, these days—if she can borrow his truck just for a little while. 

David Bowie on the radio, El drives with the window down until she reaches the very eastern edge of Hawkins and sees Mike’s car—an ‘87 Chevy in dark blue, pulled over on the side of the road. Mike’s sitting on the hood of the car, stretched out so that his back is resting against the windshield. El parks behind his car and jumps out, her stomach fluttering with what feels like hundreds of tiny butterflies.

Mike waves as she approaches and shifts his body so that she can join him on the hood, which she does without a word, resting her head against his shoulder.

“You got the map,” he says with a grin and El laughs, nodding.

“What’s this all about?” she asks, her hand coming up to play with the piece of hair that was constantly sticking up at the top of his head. 

“Did you know,” Mike begins, gesturing ahead of them, “That a few more feet in that direction and we’re not in Hawkins anymore?” El doesn’t say anything is response. She knows that Mike knows she is more than aware of the eastern border of Hawkins. Each time they visited Steve’s cottage, they drove past the large green sign that read: Now Leaving Hawkins. 

“Mike,” she says quietly after a moment of silence, “Why did you—” Her words get caught in her throat as Mike turns to look at her, the expression on his face one she barely recognizes—anxious, eager, hopeful. His bottom lip is quivering as he intertwines his hand with hers. 

“El, I love you.” He leans forward and presses a soft kiss to her forehead, the smell of peppermint gum filling what little space there is between them. 

“I love you too,” she sighs, eyes closed as she settles closer into the crook of his arm. 

“I thought this spot could become another one of ours,” he says, speaking quietly. 

“Oh?” El chances a glance up at him. She’s unsure what’s going to happen next and she has to consciously stop her knees from shaking.

“Will you come with me, El?” Mike asks, squeezing her hand gently, “Will you move to the city with me?” 

“Is that what you want?” she whispers against his shoulder and hears Mike laugh gently in reply.

“Of course,” he assures her, “But only if you want it to.” 

“I do,” El smiles and pushes herself ever so slightly upwards to kiss his cheek. “Love you, Mike.” 

Morning Routines. (Ignis)

Sets an alarm so early, the sun isn’t even fully out yet. Presentation is an important aspect of his role, which is why he takes it seriously. His showers aren’t as long as Noctis’ but he does believe in pampering himself. Lighting a scented candle or two, using bubble bath. He likes to treat himself where he can. Even his toothpaste isn’t very minty, it’s actually quite sweet. He has a habit of brushing his teeth twice. Partly because he finds it a little off putting to have the smell of food coming from his mouth while conducting official business. The other part being that he actually really likes the way it tastes.

At this point, he still hasn’t gotten dressed. Preferring to tidy up a little around the place. That way he doesn’t need to attend to any of it when he comes back. Meaning he can just go straight to sleep if he so wishes. He finds it relieving that he wakes up early because that way he has enough time to be as thorough as possible. He tends to get calls throughout this process, but he’s talented at multitasking so his cleaning speed isn’t held back as such. The calls also tend to be short. It’s all business of course. So there are people double checking details, sharing what tasks need to be done, outlining anything important, catching up on the news. He does find it a little irritating since these people will see him at the Palace so it seems a little pointless to him. That irritation does wear off because all the cleaning just so happens to calm him down. Prompto also tends to send “good morning” texts, which always put a small smile on his face.

Finally getting dressed, he does another once over to see if there’s anything that needs immediate attention. If he has time he’ll look over the newspaper, otherwise he’ll either head to Noctis’ apartment or he’ll run whatever errands he needs to. On days where he heads to Noct’s, he usually feels a little overwhelmed. The hour he spends just waiting for him to finish his shower gives him a type of peace his day usually doesn’t grant him. Plus, if Noctis is still in the middle of his psyche up speech, Ignis won’t need much else to boost his spirits.

To Kiss the Fingers of the Rain
Rated Explicit

(6.5K words - Complete)

The March smut prompt for @a-monthly-rumbelling
Storm, Adultery, Warmth, Loneliness, Rough


Mr. Gold poked sulkily at the dying fire. He needed to put on another log but he barely felt like leaving the chair, his limbs heavy with the bottle of red wine he’d almost polished off entirely.

He eyed the blanket on the back of the nearby sofa, noting with vague disinterest as lightning flashed through the half open blinds behind it. He exhaled loudly and glanced down at the book that lay open in his lap. He’d probably read the same page three times by now but he couldn’t seem to recall what it said. Rain began to patter against the window. Earlier, he’d had half a mind to watch the sun set by the lake but the sky had turned so gray, it hadn’t been worth the effort of getting up.

It was nearly night but he wasn’t sleepy enough to retire to the lonely little bed in the next room. Maybe he’d sleep in front of the fire, if the sofa wouldn’t be hell on his bad leg. Maybe the rain would help, a little soothing ambient noise to drown out the roiling storm in his mind.

He drained the glass beside him and refilled it, noting another flash of lightning and counting the seconds until the roll of thunder to gauge the distance. The raindrops were heavier now, pelting hard. They almost sounded like tapping. Or was that knocking?

“Hello? Can anyone hear me?” A familiar voice was calling on the other side of the door. A female voice. With an accent he wouldn’t soon forget.

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a poem

Somewhere out on itself, a dying dreams dying dreams.
She died entwined in the sun sets, staring at my fangs in a space, a yearling who have patience (every hundredth year, a little poem that corner of whispers her prince is the indication of restless spirits trapped and breast may just be me out, oh yeah he crawled on another, you curse, curse constantly, of sundays in the petals underneath a little poem that they’ve befriended, i will to find.
Our touch, our picture plane is chosen, frozen and recognition forces me out, oh yeah i’m warmed by one, wrung by desire.
Beyond visions of myself.
Nothing’s so lucid as the deafening earthen tones.
Just a slowly constructed crow quilled threnody of my head is just fading scratches in the red, red, red, red, red, your heart whispers in desire, lead the roots that hangs from your lungs.
The pain of a backlit smile so hot-pressed, pristine and my fancy with this tortured, grieving heart of my dear, so it clear the struggle to leave me.
Or so well maybe i am the backwards walk upon is chosen, frozen and it feels to blame.
Pour my shadow yet numbed by the fear i want do it cuts so pure.
Subdivide in time to make sure that beauty.

anonymous asked:

I want to be a grunge, rebellious teenager who goes out and smokes and does stupid shit. Except... I don't have anyone to do it with. My only friends are book nerds, and I'm pretty much shunned by all else (for being "too smart" and "too weird" and shit). I want to be able to live while I'm still young, but... the opportunity's just not there. Should I just forget it? Or should I branch out and try meeting others? Should I just go at it alone?

Okay from how you’ve said all this shit you’re young. Smoking isn’t fuckinh cool like WOOOOHOOOO lung cancer bitchesssssss. Like nah dude if you’re intelligent live through that. You don’t gotta hate life to enjoy it. Sober drives to the sun set???? Exploring abandoned places????? Tree houses???? Like stop trying to be someone you aren’t with bad intentions. :/

Music tag thingy

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Band: Amon Amarth

What’s your gender: Blood eagle
Describe yourself: Wanderer 
How do you feel: Abandoned
If you could go anywhere: Valhall awaits me
Favorite mode of transportation: Valkyries ride
If your life was a TV show: A dream that cannot be
Relationship status: Father of the wolf (probably doesn’t make any sense, lol)
Greatest Fear: No fear for the setting sun

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The Most Beautiful Moment in Life pt.1 - Jin

Pairing: Seokjin | Jin- Reader

Rating: G

Summary: AU- you’re relaxing in the park when you notice a strange man taking your photo and decide to investigate



The sun was out in full force this afternoon and you sighed lightly as you leaned in the shade of an old oak tree. The shade brought little comfort from the heat, but still felt a lot better than walking around under the blinding sun. You pulled out your book and set your music to an instrumental playlist- easier to concentrate on the words but still block out the rest of the world. Glancing up, you smiled at the sight of the other park-goers: some teenagers playing Frisbee over there, a couple with their dog, some kids on the play set, before settling back against the tree and focusing on the pages.

Time passed by easily as you were caught up in the brilliant fantasy world depicted on the pages. People moved around you, playing their games, yelling to each other, blurs of motion that your eyes paid no attention to, as you were lost to the world of ink and paper. The afternoon passed quickly, a sore feeling in your neck finally making you look up from your book. Placing a bookmark in between the pages, you set the book down and stretched. Lifting your arms above your head, you stretched out your back, and then twisted from side to side to get the knots out. Rubbing your neck to ease the soreness, you looked around the park. The teenagers had switched to lying out on the grass and the couple with the dog had left. A few kids were still playing on the play set, but there were fewer now. Looking around a little more, you noticed another figure that you hadn’t before. A tall man was bent on one knee and holding a camera to his face. He took a picture of the kids on the grass, looked at the shot before fiddling with his camera a little. You watched him from behind your sunglasses; head turned away so it wouldn’t look like you were really watching him. You picked up your book again and flipped to your spot, reading a few paragraphs before glancing over at the man again. Imagine your surprise to see the camera was pointed towards you this time! Normally, you weren’t overly camera shy, but a random stranger taking your photo from across the park was just creepy.

You continued to pretend to read and watched him as he took more photos, a look of frustration crossing his face. He gave you an almost accusatory stare before turning his camera’s focus elsewhere. An embarrassed anger flared in your chest. Did he really just do that–?! What, were you not good enough to have your picture taken by some random creep. Well sorry mister pervert!!! What right did this guy have to take your picture and then most likely delete it while looking at you like you did something wrong?? Determined to get to the bottom of this (while also maybe trying to mend your wounded ego a little) you set the book down and marched over to the guy.

He didn’t notice you approach him, so lost in his shot as he set up the camera towards the teenagers laughing and pushing each other around on the grass. You stood right behind him as he crouched down to get the perfect angle before loudly clearing your throat.


A shriek left the man as he jumped, losing his balance and falling forward, dramatically turning towards you with a hand raised as if to protect himself from some attack.

You snorted lightly and raised an eyebrow at him. “What are you doing?”

“W-what? I’m- what??! You just- you sc- you scared me!!”

“Yeah, ok, that doesn’t answer my question. What are you doing?” you asked again, an annoyed edge to your words.

“Oh, I’m uh, I’m taking pictures?” he gestured to his camera.

“I can see that! But don’t you think it’s kind of rude to take someone’s picture without their consent?”

His eyes grew wide at your words before he suddenly whipped his head around to look back at the teenagers. “I didn’t think of that!! Oh my god, it is rude, I’ve been, oh god, that was so rude of me. I should go ask them if it’s all right, right? Or should I delete the pictures? Oh no, but they were so good!! Arrggg–!”

You stepped back a little in shock, as the man in front of you seemed to be having an internal battle with what to do. Starting to feel a little bad about causing this struggle, you softly called out to him- after all, if he reacted like this maybe he wasn’t just some creep with a camera taking random photos. He cursed lightly and looked down at his camera before hearing your second call and glancing over at you, face streaked with guilt.

“Um, hey, it’s ok. I just- what are you taking picture for anyways?”


“I mean, maybe it’s ok to be taking people’s pictures without them knowing if you have a good reason? What are the pictures for?”

He seemed to brighten at your interest and you gave an internal sigh of relief. Thank goodness, maybe you wouldn’t have to console a sobbing photographer now. “I’m a photography student at the college! For my senior project I wanted to capture people in every day life, just going about their business.”

You raised an eyebrow. “Just…regular life? Regular people? No offense, but that sounds kind of boring…” he deflated, “no, I mean-! It just sounds…why are you interested in that?”

He shrugged and smiled, “everyday things are just so interesting. Things we never notice and take for granted. Like those kids- these weekends spent with friends are moments that are probably taken for granted, like they don’t even think about them, but one day they’re going to look back and miss these carefree times. Or, I took a picture of my mom this morning making breakfast- look look, here- she just looks so calm and happy doing some every day task and I want to remember that look.”

You looked at the photo he presented to you and couldn’t help but agree. She was a beautiful woman, standing at the counter with a mixer in hand. She was slightly bent over the counter with a bowl of something, ready to be mixed, and reading a cookbook. Various ingredients were on the counter and you could see a large skillet on the stovetop behind her. Her face was calm and concentrated on the cookbook, a small smile on her face. You couldn’t help but smile at the photo- he was right, it was so simple, just making breakfast, but it brought a warm feeling to your heart. A picture you could easily relate to as you thought about family breakfasts back home, with your mother making pancakes and your father already seated at the table, newspaper in hand. You could almost smell the bacon and taste the orange juice.

The man watched your expression as you looked at his photo, eyes bright and glittering as he saw you smile, a faraway look in your eyes. After a moment you looked back up at him, “that’s a really good photo.”

“You like it?”

“Yes,” you nodded, smiling at him, convinced he wasn’t just some creep but actually a good guy.

He grinned bashfully before sticking his hand out for you to shake. “My name is Jin, by the way.”

You shook it and gave him your name, before the two of you fell into a silence. Jin pulled up his camera and started fiddling with the settings and you awkwardly watched him, a question on your lips, but too nervous to ask it. He shuffled his feet and cleared his throat, glancing around the park.

“Uh, it was great meeting you, but I should get going. There are a few more places I want to get to before the light runs out. Thank you for you interest in my pictures.” He bowed lightly to you and smiled.

“Oh! Um, yeah, of course. Good luck with the project…”

He gave you a little wave before turning. You bit your lip and let him take a few steps before calling out his name and running up to him. He paused and turned to you, confusion on his face.

“Hey, I just, um, I have a question for you. Did you… did you take any pictures of me?” you fiddled with the hem of your shirt, embarrassed blush on your face.

Jin was silent for a moment before a bright smile lit up his face. “Actually, I did!” he pulled his camera around and started going through the pictures. “It was a little earlier today when you were reading…” He flipped through a few pictures before finding the one he was looking for and passed the camera over to you.

You gently took it in your hands, mouth falling slightly at the picture. It was from a couple hours before, when you had first gotten to the park and were fully invested in your book. You were sitting up against the trunk of the tree, the book resting on one leg as it was curled under you, the other bent up, your elbow resting on it, your thumbnail in your mouth as you chewed it in concentration. The other hand held the book on your lap; fingers sprawled across the page to hold it down. Your brow was lightly furrowed in concentration, and the wind had drawn your hair up slightly, rustling it around your head, but you couldn’t even be bothered to move it or get it out of the way.

Jin sighed happily from beside you, “I love photos like this. You looked amazing reading like that- like nothing existed besides that book. You were so focused on it, like your entire world was within the pages, and I couldn’t help but want to immortalize it. Is that ok?” He glanced at you with a puppy dog pout.

You chuckled and handed back the camera, a little breathless from his sincerity. “Yeah… that’s ok. It’s a really good picture.”

His bright smile made your heart skip a beat and you were suddenly very keen on not letting this man go so soon. “Hey, your project, what’s it called?”


“The project. Every photo project should have a name, shouldn’t it? What’s yours? I’d really like to come see it when it’s done.”

Jin blushed slightly, “Oh, um, I haven’t really picked one yet. But… I was thinking, the most beautiful moment in life? Because these are all such beautiful little moments, moments you don’t even think about, but they can mean so much.” He glanced over at you for verification on the title.

You smiled, “that’s a perfect name. I can’t wait to see it.” You rummaged around in your bag for a moment before pulling out a small notebook. Writing on it, you tore the page out and handed it to him. “My number- let me know when and where it is, yeah? And if you get any more amazing photos, well, I wouldn’t say no to a pre-show.” You smirked and winked at him.

He grinned, a bright blush on his perfect cheeks, and started off with a skip in his step. When he got a few feet away from you, he suddenly turned, blowing you an exaggerated kiss and laughing as he spun back around and started off at a jog.

You chuckled to yourself, a dusting of pink finding its way across your face as you watched him run out of the park, skipping every couple steps. Turning back to the park, you looked around at the people hanging out. A small smile came to you as you thought about his words. Beautiful moments in life, huh? You glanced back at the park entrance he has disappeared from, and pulled out your phone, spinning it in your hands, wishing for it to ding with a message alert. You certainly wouldn’t mind making some beautiful moments with him.

The Priceless is Free

24th March 2017. Friday

Nature is all about abundance. Galaxies, its millions of stars, its planets and their satellites. Black holes and worm holes and supernovas. A huge ball called earth spinning and rotating around a ball of fire we call the sun. Two thirds of it filled with water and in all of it dwell living creatures. Under the ground, in water, in land on trees and in the air. Millions of flowers and trees and birds.

We don’t even know how big or how many universes like these exist. The Milky Way we are a part of is still growing, expanding. Everything is in motion. Stars and life gets born and they eventually die.

Everyday, the sun rises, the seasons change, the flowers bloom and the trees wither. Have you watched a sun set ? Have you really watched a sun set. Totally, with your full being. Watch it slowly slip into the horizon leaving behind a riot of colours in the sky. Watch the birds go home and the sky turn to a dark canvass in which the stars and the moon waxing and waning put up their brilliant show.

The icy mountains, the craggy peaks, the massive oceans, the fast flowing rivers, the massive waterfalls, the barren desserts, the spring landscape. Nature puts up a brilliant show every moment. A changing, live, moving show.

Thoreau said, it’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see. Isn’t that true? This spectacular show that changes as you travel to different corners of the earth and at different times. All free and all that we look but may or may not really see. It is only when you see with such intensity, focus and sensitivity that it becomes a part of you.

The Starry Night may be Van Gogh’s best work. It maybe one of the most expensive pieces of art. The starry night that is on display each night, which is far more spectacular is so priceless that it is free! Humans, find their joy in ownership but to truly enjoy the beauty of existence, we need a certain sensitivity. A certain appreciation of living.

I will let Osho have the last word on this. Life is such a painting. Such a moving, alive painting but people who don’t know how to see a sunset will purchase a Picasso for millions of dollars