the sun was perfect


happy wednesday! it’s beautiful out! a friend texted me this morning saying it’s the first sunny day since we hiked last week and the first thing she thought of was how excited i must be about it, and when rus woke me up to say goodbye this morning he said, “it’s a really beautiful day!” i am a sun kid for sure. had a blissful run in perfect weather, shakin’ out the pre-interview stress. legs feel good 🌸✨

If Sun/Moon, which takes place on a tropical island, isn’t the perfect time to have another episode dedicated to reminding everyone about James’s backstory, I don’t know what is. Of course his family would have a vacation home in Alola because it’s Alola.

I think the last time we saw Rumika/were reminded that he’s rich and has a fiancée he hates was back in Sinnoh.

I’m just dying for more James episodes… please… I love him. And those episodes always give me so much Rocketshipping fuel. Holy Matrimony is still my favourite Pokemon episode.


Just watch this and your pokemon life will be complete